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Topic: Symbian

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  Adobe - Reader: Adobe Reader for Symbian OS
For Nokia Communicator 9500 devices Adobe Reader for Symbian OS is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
For Nokia Communicator 9210/9290 devices Adobe Reader for Symbian OS is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
We invite users to visit the Adobe Reader for Symbian OS user forum to compare notes with other users, or you may provide your feedback on Adobe Reader for Symbian OS software to arfeedback@adobe.com.
www.adobe.com /products/acrobat/readerforsymbian.html   (291 words)

 Symbian OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Symbian is currently owned by Ericsson (15.6%), Nokia (47.9%), Panasonic (10.5%), Samsung (4.5%), Siemens AG (8.4%), and Sony Ericsson (13.1%).
Symbian OS has a microkernel architecture, which means that the minimum necessary is within the kernel.
Symbian OS has been subject to a variety of viruses, the best known of which is Cabir.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Symbian   (3397 words)

 Symbian OS Unit - Home
Symbian OS Unit is a port of the popular C++ unit testing framework CxxUnit.
Symbian OS Unit is open source under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
Symbian OS Unit was developed and is supported by Penrillian.
www.symbianosunit.co.uk /index.php   (197 words)

 PC World - Symbian Updates Smart Phone OS
Symbian is taking its operating software for smart phones downmarket with a new focus on high-volume, low-cost phones for the mass market, and a renewed emphasis on security, the company says.
Symbian's image has been tarnished of late by reports of Trojan horse applications such as Gavno which, if installed on a phone running Symbian software, could stop it from functioning.
Among the other new features in Symbian OS version 9 is support for Bluetooth stereo cordless headphones, and the addition of audio mixing and playback functions--all of which should appeal to music fans--as well as the latest copy prevention systems for commercial music files, which should appease the record labels.
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,119544,00.asp   (793 words)

 RoboForm for Symbian Phones
Symbian OS ver 6.1 or later is required.
Also RoboForm does not fill forms on Symbian, its primary function is to view Passcards, Safenotes and Identities that you accumulated on desktop.
AES decryption may be slow on Symbian, because it requires a lot of arithmetic operations.
www.roboform.com /symbian.html   (653 words)

 Symbian DevZone - Office Software for Symbian OS
I believe they were impressed with what we could do on the Symbian OS and they are no longer planning to update the existing office suite, they are now looking for us to provide office applications in the future.
The Symbian OS was a breath of fresh air, we got true multi threading and a lot of things we did not have on Palm.
With the Quickoffice for Symbian OS forming the basis of the new Palm version of Quickoffice it can certainly be hoped that the Symbian OS software will include all the comprehensive features of the current Quickoffice for Palm.
www.wirelessdevnet.com /symbian/rb_66.html   (2234 words)

 Symbian makes a profit - ZDNet UK
Around 12.3 million Symbian phones were shipped in the second quarter of 2006, which is 58 percent more than the previous quarter, and gives the company an estimated 70 percent of the fast-growing smartphone market.
Symbian's job now is to balance the revenues it brings in against its efforts to keep shipping more phones than the competition, through partners such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson.
Symbian phones are spreading to consumer activities in a new "smartphone lifestyle", said Clifford, pointing to the sport-oriented Nokia 5500 Symbian phone that includes a pedometer for joggers, and the Sky by mobile service that allows more sedentary people to programme their Sky+ video recorder remotely.
news.zdnet.co.uk /0,1000000073,39281582,00.htm   (434 words)

 A Symbian Wizard
Creating a Symbian C++ project, with all its framework, is a fair amount of work.
Symbian only allows a class to have a single concrete class as a parent, in this case that class is CBase.
Symbian programming guidelines are really picky about not creating memory leaks, and being able to recover gracefully even when you run out of memory.
people.csail.mit.edu /kapu/symwiz/symwiz.html   (4131 words)

 WideRay Press Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Symbian OS is the leading open operating system that has been embraced by the largest handset manufacturers in the world.
Symbian's sixth annual Expo is the only event dedicated entirely to the global smartphone industry.
Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS, the global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones.
www.wideray.com /news/pr/10.06.2004.htm   (747 words)

 Developing applications using C++ and Symbian technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Symbian OS is not only an operating system but actually a full software and communications platform.
The Symbian OS is also used in the Series 80 platform.
Symbian OS is also being used in the Nokia 7710 widescreen multimedia smartphone.
www.forum.nokia.com /main/resources/technologies/symbian/index.html   (506 words)

 Symbian Os
Symbian OS provides a suite of productivity tools (spread-sheet, word processor etc.), sync-to-desktop and such, but also, with each new release, is integrating more and more comms protocols over more and more transport technologies (especially wireless protocols), fairly seamlessly.
Symbian is interesting in that the underlying OS is written in object-oriented C++, and the C API wraps the C++.
Series 60 and UIQ are very different beasts, although their capabilities are converging and they will soon both use Symbian OS 7 underneath, but it will be a good long time before it's trivial (or even just "not hard") to port programs between them.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?SymbianOs   (965 words)

 Why is a different operating system needed?
Symbian achieves this by object-oriented design, developing the system at the same time as the primary applications, and by using C++ for all system code, from the kernel upwards.
Symbian OS has a rich set of APIs for independent software developers, partners and licensees to write their applications.
Symbian is dedicated to mobile phones and Symbian OS has been designed to meet the requirements of the mobile phone market.
gizmonaut.net /symbian/why_a_different_os.html   (2543 words)

 Intel Collaborates With Nokia, Symbian To Help Deliver Series 60 Platform-Based 3G Smartphones Using Intel Technology
SYMBIAN EXPO, London, Oct. 5, 2004 - Intel Corporation, Nokia Corporation and Symbian Ltd. announced today a collaboration to bring smartphones based on the Nokia Series 60 Platform to market using Intel technology as part of Intel's recent membership in the Nokia Series 60 Product Creation Community.
Also, Intel and Symbian have agreed to invest in the joint development of a reference platform to enable a new class of 3G devices based on Symbian OS™ and Intel® XScale® Technology.
Symbian Expo - the smartphone show - is Symbian's sixth annual Expo and the only event dedicated entirely to the global smartphone industry.
www.intel.com /pressroom/archive/releases/20041005corp.htm   (811 words)

 Symbian signs on Samsung as it surges to No. 1 spot - ZDNet UK
Symbian said that the slowdown in mobile phone sales in Western countries could actually be just the right environment for Symbian smartphones to succeed.
Symbian's biggest licensees are Nokia, SonyEricsson, Siemens, Samsung and Motorola, which together ship 80 percent of the world's mobile phones, according to Symbian.
Symbian licensees, on the other hand, stick with their own branding along with that of the network operator.
news.zdnet.co.uk /communications/0,1000000085,2124214,00.htm   (739 words)

 All About Symbian - News, Reviews, and Software for Symbian, Series 60 (S60) and UIQ phones
Symbian OS includes phones running on the Series 60 (S60), Series 80 and UIQ platforms, such as the Sony Ericsson P series and the Nokia N and Eseries smartphones, as well as many earlier devices and the Nokia "Communicators".
All About Symbian is part of the All About Group of sites that provide the best news, views and reviews of mobile technology.
Symbian and all Symbian-based marks and logos are trade marks of Symbian Software Limited.
www.allaboutsymbian.com   (1538 words)

 Nokia - Symbian OS - All terms - Technology glossary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Symbian OS (operating system) is an operating system designed specifically for mobile devices.
It is being developed by Symbian Ltd, a software licensing company that supplies the operating system for many data-enabled mobile phones.
Symbian OS technology has been designed with these key points in mind:
www.europe.nokia.com /nokia/0,,63926,00.html   (293 words)

 Boom in Symbian handset shipments | Tech News on ZDNet
This pushed up the amount of money that London-based Symbian received from royalties on the sales of phones that use its software to 10.2 million pounds (about $16 million), up from about $2.4 million for the first half of 2002.
In a statement, Symbian said its performance for the rest of this year would be heavily dependent on the success of several forthcoming handsets that will use its software.
Research earlier this month showed that smart phones are eating into the market for handheld organizers, leading to a second straight year of decline in organizer shipments.
news.zdnet.com /2100-3513_22-5066679.html   (537 words)

 Symbian OS - the mobile operating system
Symbian welcomes the launch of the FOMA SH904i, manufactured by Sharp Corporation.
Symbian OS meets the high standards of handset vendors and network operators in the japanese market.
Symbian fast facts Q1 2007 View all Symbian OS phones Developer tools and downloads Symbian Press books Symbian OS training Careers at Symbian Terms and Conditions of use The Insight series
www.symbian.com   (108 words)

 www.symbian-freak.com :: View topic - Will Nokia dump Symbian?
With most Series 60 applications written in Java, a move away from Symbian would not impact the 4,000 Series 60 programs currently available, and with Nokia looking to payout some $140 million in royalties to Symbian this year, there are clear economic benefits in moving to an Open Source platform.
However, Symbian has strived to assert its independence and to portray itself and being vendor agnostic, and this brought about frequent clashes with Nokia.
But victory was snatched at the last minute when Symbian’s other shareholders decided to exercise their pre-emption rights, leaving Nokia with just 47.9% ownership, instead of 63.3%.
www.symbian-freak.com /forum/viewtopic.php?p=9778   (987 words)

 Symbian Ltd. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Symbian Ltd. is a software development and licensing company that produces Symbian OS, a smartphone operating system.
Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS, an operating system for advanced 2.5G and 3G mobile phones.
Symbian is owned by Ericsson, Nokia, Matsushita (Panasonic), Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Symbian_(company)   (243 words)

 PHONE Magazine @ PhoneMag.com
Symbian OS v9.3 builds on the success of the v9 family as a robust, secure, open and standards-based OS for smartphones.
Symbian today announced that Symbian OS is used in the NTT DoCoMo FOMA SO902i, which was launched on March 21, 2006.
Symbian OS brings higher quality mobile phones with better features quickly to consumers, expanding the 3G cell phone market even further.
www.phonemag.com /index.php/weblog/category/Symbian   (788 words)

 Wireless Email and Data Sync for Symbian Phones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Intellisync Wireless Email supports Symbian OS phones for an “office-on-your-phone” experience through such features as wireless push email and PIM synchronization.
With over fifty percent of the cell phone market, Symbian devices are an ideal platform to bring mobile productivity to the broadest set of enterprise employees, without having to invest in expensive smart devices for every user.
Mobile operators can provide their customers with Symbian OS phones with a range of value-added services, making them more profitable and loyal customers.
www.intellisync.com /pages/Solutions/By-Device/Symbian   (245 words)

 PC World - Symbian Updates Smartphone OS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Symbian has released a new version of the Symbian OS to partners and licensees that enables smart phone designers to build devices that use a single processor for both applications and communications.
Symbian OS version 8.0 will now support those single-core processors, reducing the cost to build a Symbian phone, the company said.
Symbian is a London company founded by several cell phone industry giants, including Nokia, Telefonaktiebolaget Ericsson, and Siemens, to develop an alternative smart phone OS to the Microsoft Windows Smartphone software.
www.pcworld.com /news/article/0,aid,114932,00.asp   (435 words)

 Symbian OS mobile smartphone operating system - News, articles, wireless developer tools for Symbian Series 60, S60, ...
Symbian Limited today welcomes NTT DoCoMo’s launch of the FOMA SH904i which is based on Symbian OS™ and started shipping in Japan today.
Symbian Ltd. has announced that over 20 million Symbian smartphones have shipped in Japan up until the end of March 2007.
Symbian Limited, developer and licensor of Symbian OS™ the market-leading operating system for advanced data-enabled mobile phones known as smartphones, has released its unaudited financial and operational figures for the quarter ended 31 March 2007.
www.symbianone.com   (1854 words)

 All About Symbian - Information on Symbian OS Devices: Sony Ericsson P800 and P802
The Sony Ericsson P800 is the first Symbian OS 7 phone, and looks to be one of the most powerful, feature packed and verstaile smartphones on the market.
Symbian intro: The P800, is an advanced, open, pen-based smartphone that is positioned as the ultimate mobile multimedia experience.
The P800 weighs in at 148g without flip 158g with flip, and it's dimenisons are 117 x 59 x 27 mm.
www.allaboutsymbian.com /devices/p800/index.php   (848 words)

 SymbianOne - The Wireless & Mobile Developer Portal for Symbian OS, series 60, and UIQ device users and developers
If you want to develop applications for Symbian OS but find C++ or Java to daunting and some other option too pricey then OPL could be for you.
At Symbian Expo All About Symbian’s Ewan Spence, yes the one in the kilt, will be presenting an in-depth Training Session for those new to OPL and reviewing the OPL development resources.
Marc Menschenfreund Atelier’s CEO is the first to admit that Atelier’s stand at Symbian Expo may not have the “eye-candy technology” of some other exhibitors.
www.symbianone.com /symbianexpo   (967 words)

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