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Topic: Sympathy

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Sympathy, on the other hand, determines how strongly affiliated a character is with a given faction or organization.
The player can apply that point of Sympathy to any of the factions with which she interacted positively during the adventure.
When the GM judges that a conflict of interest exists -- for example, the character is negotiating with the Empire to buy weapons, which may or may not be intended for the Rebel Alliance -- apply the appropriate Sympathy as a bonus and the conflicting Sympathy as a penalty.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=starwars/article/sw20030522hero   (1290 words)

People are often uncertain as to the best way to show their sympathy.
Grief therapists agree that the rituals surrounding death are an aid in the grieving process.
Experts say that although the initial outpouring of sympathy is a great comfort to a family that has lost a loved one, many people experiencing such a loss appreciate being thought of in the weeks and months after the funeral.
www.aboutflowers.com /holidays_b4.html   (397 words)

 Crossword Maker
Sympathy helps you create professional quality crosswords for publication in print form or on the web.
Sympathy Crossword Publisher is the 'lite' version for crossword publishers; solvers also find it useful for recreating puzzle grids, either entering answers directly into Sympathy or using its printed output.
TEA Crossword Helper and Sympathy Crossword Construction can be purchased together for a significantly reduced price: select the Sympathy Crossword Construction With TEA Crossword Helper option on the Sympathy order page.
www.crosswordman.com /sympathy.html   (276 words)

  Sympathy Gifts - Words of Sympathy Cards and Poems - Bereavement Gifts - Miscarriage Infant Loss
Words of sympathy do not come easily and comforting sympathy gifts are difficult to find.
With this in mind, we have carefully selected or custom designed a meaningful collection of sympathy poems and cards, bereavement and condolence gift ideas with the hope of bringing comfort and remembrance to those who are grieving.
We hope you enjoy our new look and find it even easier and more pleasant to locate unique bereavement gifts to express your condolence and offer comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.
www.thecomfortcompany.net   (258 words)

 sympathy - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Sympathy, compassion, pity, empathy all denote the tendency, practice, or capacity to share in the feelings of others, especially their distress, sorrow, or unfulfilled desires.
Sympathy is the broadest of these terms, signifying a general kinship with another's feelings, no matter of what kind: in sympathy with her yearning for peace and freedom; to extend sympathy to the bereaved.
Compassion implies a deep sympathy for the sorrows or troubles of another coupled to a powerful urge to alleviate the pain or distress or to remove its source: to show compassion for homeless refugees.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/sympathy   (892 words)

 Florist Dallas, Dallas Flowers, Flower Delviery Dallas, Dr Delphinium Designs & Events
Sympathy flowers have been a part of funeral and memorial traditions in nearly every culture throughout history.
Although very traditional sympathy arrangements are still requested in many parts of the country, most florists today are happy to create a floral tribute that is original, creative, and appropriate.
Many people want to express their sympathy and show respect for the deceased in a variety of ways, including charitable contributions, food donations, a helping hand, and cards and flowers sent to the family’s home or to the funeral service.
www.drdelphinium.com /sympathy.asp   (758 words)

The Unfinished Sympathy is a modern rock band inspired by diverse influences such as emo/indie 90's bands, 80's pop, and classic hard rock, like a combination of Jets To Brazil, The Police and Van Halen.
First album "The unfinished sympathy" in 2001 had such a good response that led them to their first spanish and european tours, including the recording of a John Peel Session at London's BBC, being the first spanish band ever to be invited to the show, by John himself.
After having toured for months, the band stopped playing live for a while to focus on new songs composition, and in summer '06 recorded their new album "We push you pull", to be released by Subterfuge Records in october.
www.myspace.com /theunfinishedsympathy   (1355 words)

 CIAC Sympathy Hoaxes
Sympathy hoaxes describe some person or company that has had something terrible happen to them such as an accident or terminal disease.
Here is another sympathy chain letter similar to the "A Little Girl Dying" chain letter.
This is another example of a sympathy chain letter regarding a little boy's dying wish.
hoaxbusters.ciac.org /HBSympathy.shtml   (6937 words)

 Boksuneun naui geot (2002)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
His signing, though not the American Sign Language that I'm familiar with (it's Korea, for crying out loud), was spot-on, from the way he physically articulated the signs, to his facial expressions per sign.
Chan-wook would have you believe so, but he's more interested in generating sympathy for each character, as everyone is a victim in their own way, even the criminals (hence the title Sympathy For Mr.Vengeance).
Many people become their own Mr.Vengeance, whether it is Ryu kidnapping Dong-jin Park's daughter for money as well as for retribution (Dong-jin fires Ryu from his job early in the film, after all), or the aching father hunting down the kidnappers one by one.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0310775   (1215 words)

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