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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Płatnerstwo -Broń Biała - szable, miecze, topory, tarcze, hełmy...
Możliwoœć zamówienia dedykacji na szabli orla Szabla polska - szabla ozdobna z głowniš stalowš kutš,szlifowanš,polerowanš oraz grawerowanš napisami i dekoracjš.
Możliwoœć zamówienia dedykacji na szabli Szabla polska- szabla oficerska wz.1921/22 była najpopularniejszš szablš regulaminowš okresu międzywojennego.
Szabla z głowniš stalowš kutš,szlifowanš,polerowanš oraz grawerowanš napisami i dekoracjš jak również bez grawerunku.
szable.com.pl   (883 words)

  Szabla v. City of Brooklyn Park, Mn.
Szabla settled in to a shelter for portable toilets that was partly empty, which gave him room to lie down on the concrete within the shelter.
Szabla himself estimated that he was in handcuffs for about "two minutes, if that." Szabla heard one of the officers say, "I gave the dog too much leash." Szabla was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated for the bites.
Szabla admits in his brief that "all of the wrongful and illegal acts performed [by] the officers were discretionary." Because he has admitted the first element of the official immunity defense, the only question is whether the officers acted with malice.
www.animallaw.info /cases/causfd2005wl3209151.htm   (4010 words)

 Amazon.com: Szabla
Szabla zardzewiala-- by Jerzy Urbankiewicz (Unknown Binding - 1991)
Historia szabla pisana, czyli, Szable znanych polakow I i II Rzeczpospolitej by Wlodzimierz Kwasniewicz (Unknown Binding - 1997)
Nie tylko szabla i piorem-- by Boleslaw Orlowski (Unknown Binding - 1985)
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Szabla&index=blended&page=1   (582 words)

 Elfwood: Anne H. Szabla ~*Nhaar*~, Anne H. Szabla ~*Nhaar*~, SF&F Art
The cool part is is that i want to be an illustrator when i get older!:) love your art.
I reached your web site by searching for szabla on the google search engine.
I also searched for randy szabla on google and was astonished at all the information listed about me. You might want to try that with your name.
www.elfwood.com /art/s/e/senna/senna.html   (602 words)

 Szabla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Szabla in general is the Polish generic term for a sabre.
The first type of szabla, the Hungarian-Polish (węgiersko-polska), was popularized among the szlachta during the reign of the Transylvanian-Hungarian King of Poland Stefan Batory in the late 16th century.
Szabla wz.34 ("model 34 szabla"), a 20th-century variant produced from 1934 in the Second Polish Republic for Polish cavarly; about 10,000 were made.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Szabla   (1568 words)

 From Sun Newspapers . . .
Charles Szabla's hobby took root in 1971 with his love for singer/songwriter Carole King, but it took his mother's bent for neatness to really spur him on.
The cover artwork frequently captured the essence of the eras in which they were released, and the fun of discovering something new eventually got to Szabla.
Szabla's habit, of course, began when he was single and his money was all his own.
www.sunnews.com /news/1998/1126/esleeves.htm   (838 words)

 StarBulletin.com | News | /2006/03/01/
Sam Szabla, owner and operator of Hawaiian House, which also has stores on Kauai, is accused in an October 2005 federal indictment of devising a scheme to defraud First Insurance Co. of at least $250,000.
Szabla notified First Insurance of the fire the next day and filed a claim in December for $544,659, an amount he later amended to $596,000.
Osborne had argued earlier that Szabla agreed to return from Europe to face the charges but failed to return on the date he agreed.
starbulletin.com /2006/03/01/news/story12.html   (554 words)

 Big Chill (8/6/97)
Just off Shook Road in Clinton Township, 22 people, three dogs and three cats are frozen in liquid nitrogen, in the hope that medical technology will someday be able to safely thaw them, raise them from the dead and cure the disease that killed them.
Some of the Szablas' friends and relatives find their plans interesting, she says -- but others find it hard to believe.
But cryonics supporters, such as Randy Szabla, put their faith in the idea that medical science will someday be able to do almost anything.
www.metrotimes.com /news/stories/cul/17/45/cryo.html   (1163 words)

 Szabla Joins Feiwel at Holtzbrinck - 2/22/2006 - Publishers Weekly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Liz Szabla has been named v-p and editor-in-chief of the new children’s unit at Holtzbrinck, reporting to senior v-p and publisher Jean Feiwel.
Szabla has been editorial director of Scholastic Press since 1998, and previously was editor-in-chief of Lee and Low Books.
She will be working with Feiwel, who left Scholastic last year and was hired by Holtzbrinck in January, to build an as-yet-unnamed children’s imprint as well as develop a children’s paperback program.
www.publishersweekly.com /article/CA6309520.html   (175 words)

 The Agonist: Flash XXIX
Posted by: Chris Szabla on March 22, 2003 07:50 PM from the analysts that i have heard say that the american/british forces will meet the first real resistance at basra and an nairiyah (sp?).
Posted by: Chris Szabla on March 22, 2003 08:52 PM The forum trolls are going NUTSO over on freerepublic.com right now saying that the grenade/small arms attack at Camp Penn. was carried out at least in part by a US soldier who is a muslim, possibly a Black Muslim, apparently this is on FOX too.
Posted by: Chris Szabla on March 22, 2003 11:28 PM What I would consider most "propagandistic" about your posts Andrew is the blithe assertion that the Iraqi people like getting the hell bombed out of them.
www.agonist.org /archives/000804.html   (4872 words)

 A Resource for Grieving Children - 10/20/2005 - Publishers Weekly
The project came about after Hughes was approached by Liz Szabla, editorial director of Scholastic Press, who had also lost her father at age 12.
From the beginning of the process, Hughes knew that she wanted the children’s voices to be an integral part of the book.
Szabla attended the camp a few times herself, as a counselor, in order to learn more about what the kids are going through and she came out of the experience extremely impressed by Hughes.
www.publishersweekly.com /article/CA6276051.html   (522 words)

 HonoluluAdvertiser.com - Wireless
"While our products tend to appeal to the younger urban set, you'll find that we are popular with consumers in a wide age range," said co-owner Sam Szabla, who was in the middle of setting up the store last week.
While Szabla describes the items as "casual luxury," its prices are reasonable, he said: bath towels for $19, lingerie starting at $8.95, halter tops and margarita sets for $39 each, rings starting at $18, and a complete cabana furniture set for $599.
Rounding out the selection is an array of bath and beauty products, gourmet foods, bar accessories, books, and CDs, which customers can sample at a music listening station.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /palm/2005/Aug/15/il/508150303.html   (294 words)

 Sam Szabla: ZoomInfo Business People Information
This automatically-generated summary was created using 3 references found on the Internet.
"The furniture will be different from anything you will find in Hawaii, so we'll help to provide new options to island residents," says owner Sam Szabla.
Urban Rejuvenation's clothing will also help to pull together the entire "lifestyle" look that their customers strive for.
www.zoominfo.com /people/Szabla_Sam_820172542.aspx   (545 words)

 urbanphoto.org - Urban Photo Page
Included will be an opinion piece by Michael McKenna on the Montreal amalgamation, a camera review (for all you aspiring urban photographers) by Brian Schmidt, columns by myself and Chris Szabla, and the usual urban news and Guess the City (if it fits).
This issue will contain urban news as usual, columns by myself and Chris Szabla, a field test of a new Nikon camera as used for urban photographing, and a piece on the amalgamation of Montreal and its suburbs.
Speaking of Metropolis, Chris Szabla has spent the past few days showering me with great urban articles from their archives, so here are a few that are exceptionally interesting.
www.urbanphoto.net /29-03-01_to_17-07-01.htm   (5757 words)

 Polish Officer Sabre 1921/22 Szabla Polska Oficerska, Swords & Weapons at Poland by Mail
Polish Officer Sabre 1921/22 Szabla Polska Oficerska, Swords & Weapons at Poland by Mail
Szabla polska z unikalna ozdobna rekojescia wzor z 1921/22 roku.Glowica rekojesci ma ksztalt stylizowanej glowy orla a kapturek pokryty rzezba w formie pior.
You are currently viewing Polish Officer Sabre 1921/22 Szabla Polska Oficerska
www.polandbymail.com /item.asp?n=db13&d=367&b=1   (252 words)

 Polish Cavalry Sabre 1917 Szabla Kawalerii Polskiej 1917, Swords & Weapons at Poland by Mail
Polish Cavalry Sabre 1917 Szabla Kawalerii Polskiej 1917, Swords & Weapons at Poland by Mail
Polish Cavalry Sabre 1917 Szabla Kawalerii Polskiej 1917
You are currently viewing Polish Cavalry Sabre 1917 Szabla Kawalerii Polskiej 1917
www.polandbymail.com /item.asp?n=db15&d=367&b=1   (229 words)

 David Szabla: ZoomInfo Business People Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
This automatically-generated summary was created using 1 reference found on the Internet.
David Szabla is CEO of Trigram Consulting, a Boston and Ann Arbor-based human resource and organizational development consulting firm.
Drawing on extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies, David's expertise includes learning systems design, team development, change management, process reengineering, and strategic communication design.
www.zoominfo.com /people/szabla_david_11246247.aspx   (244 words)

 pbase Artist Chris Szabla
View Galleries : Chris Szabla has 61 galleries and 2065 images online.
These pages have been viewed a total of 553507 times.
I crave constructive criticism that allows me to improve my photographic skill.
www.pbase.com /czsz/profile   (34 words)

 Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Polska szabla husarska - special for Radu
In the one of the previous threads, our Transylvanian friend — Radu, asked me about my avatar, which is a picture of Polish hussar sabre (polska szabla husarska - in Polish).
I promised him to send some pictures of this beautiful weapon, but I decided to do that by the post for a few reasons:
It was also called “czarna szabla” — “fl sabre” because of the fl shagreen at the sheath and hilt.
www.vikingsword.com /vb/showthread.php?p=762   (3161 words)

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