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Topic: T Shirt

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 Shirt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
diaper shirt — a shirt for infants which includes a long tail that is wrapped between the legs and buttoned to the front of the shirt.
A shirt is a piece of clothing for the trunk of the body.
Actually called an Aloha shirt, but is often also called a "tropical shirt," hawaiian shirts are often not fitted and are woven from very light fabric.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Shirt   (1059 words)

 DawnPages -- Shirts
Carefully feed the shirt through the sewing machine, with the outside of the collar on top, and sew through all the layers, being sure to catch the inside of the collar.
This is the shirt of Shakespearian plays, swashbuckling pirates, the Three Musketeers, colonial militiamen, Scrooge's nighttime wanderings, and debonair Victorian suitors.
If you have not done it yet, hem the bottom edge of the shirt by folding the fabric up half an inch, then again another half inch so all the raw edges are tucked under, then sewing it down.
www.reddawn.net /costume/shirt.htm   (2190 words)

 T-shirt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A T-shirt (or tee shirt) is a shirt, usually buttonless, collarless and pocketless, with a round neck and short sleeves, pulled on over the head.
In the 1960s, the Ringer T-shirt appeared and became a staple fashion for youth and rock-n-rollers.
People also started to tie-dye and screen-print the basic T-shirt and variants such as the tank top, wife beater, muscle shirt, scoop neck, V-neck etc. became popular.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/T-shirt   (717 words)

 IndyGear - Gear - Shirt
The Indiana Jones shirt is a typical safari-style shirt in a light khaki color.
The shirt is broader in the chest than the Noel Howard version and has buttons on the sleeve.
Noel's shirt has the distinct pleats that are the most identifiable feature of the Indy shirt.
www.indygear.com /gear/shirt.shtml   (1384 words)

 Nuclear Bob's Shirt of the Day
Yet another Diesel Sweeties shirt, my most recent, in fact, and probably the last 2X I'll order (at least from them, possibly in general.) I love the slogan on this, and the pixelated pirate flag is pretty entertaining as well.
This is the similar shirt I mentioned in the June 10 entry.
Luke used to have a Matrix shirt with actual purple letters, but Luke also actually bought his.
www.livejournal.com /users/shirtoftheday   (3403 words)

 :::...Lebowski Fest...:::
The shirts are screen-printed on 100% heavy-weight pre-shrunk cotton and are
You will receive an email when your shirt has shipped.
Shipping will be calculated upon checkout according to your address and order.
www.lebowskifest.com /achievershirt.asp   (143 words)

 diesel sweeties: indie t-shirts (AKA tshirts)
We use 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T shirts, Gildan 100% cotton tees and high-quality Bella baby doll shirts unless otherwise noted.
Diesel Sweeties T-Shirts are lovingly hand-printed by Kurt at Brunetto T-shirts and distributed by R Stevens and his team of highly trained robots.
Light blue shirt with a two-tone brown talking monkey.
www.dieselsweeties.com /shirts   (471 words)

 Getchyer RED-hot Bungie.org Shirts Here!
Shirts are available in Small, XL, and XXL - as we run out of shirts in a particular size, we'll remove it from this list (and from the order form).
It's not a real shirt - it's a wrinkled white shirt, colored the green that the real shirt's gonna be, with some Photoshop magic applied to make the design look like it's part of the whole shebang.
For personal checks, shirts will be sent as soon as the check clears (usually less than 3 business days from receipt).
www.bungie.org /shirt   (530 words)

 No longer available. Click here to learn more
Planned Parenthood extends a special thanks to Jennifer Baumgardner, the creator of this shirt, for bringing such an important conversation out of the shadows and into the forefront of social debate.
Planned Parenthood invites you to visit www.soapboxinc.com to learn more about the activist who created this T-shirt and the project of which it is a part.
We would also like to thank all those who purchased this shirt or expressed gratitude and offered support to Planned Parenthood for making this T-shirt available.
store.ppfastore.org /ihadabt.html   (259 words)

 Fact Shirt
Fact Shirt is a socially responsible business created in response to the declining state of U.S. foreign and domestic policy, and the feeling of helplessness brought on by watching a chorus of corporate-owned media recite the government's lies in unison.
Fact Shirts help educate the public, generate awareness of public policy and motivate people to participate more actively in their own government.
To put it simply, we felt there were some important facts missing from the public policy dialogue in America (come to think of it, the entire dialogue is missing).
www.factshirt.com   (460 words)

 Threadless T-Shirts - Goatse, by zekerags
You wear this shirt to CHURCH and the geezers would have no idea how offensive it is...
Ah, yes, Mable and I will take great pride wearing these shirts on our front porch, bouncing our grandchildren on knee, spinning tales of the Great Old Days of the World Wide Web, where goatse, in one relatively small, but proud website, captured the true spirit of the internet in one simple picture.
I like the idea of a GOATSE shirt, but I don't think this was very well-executed.
www.threadless.com /submission/33582.html   (733 words)

 WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: "The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy", or, "Trade Protectionism for Fun and Profit!"
Purchasing a shirt on a Ft. Lauderdale street, she traced the origins of her t-shirt from a cotton field in West Texas to a factory in Shanghai, a t-shirt printer in Miami, and its likely eventual fate at a textile recycling facility in Brooklyn and a used garment market in Tanzania.
Unblemished khaki pants are worth a local fortune, perhaps $5 a pair; shirts from successful sports teams are worth more than shirts from losers; five matching outfits are worth more, because they can be used as a uniform for a store or a restaurant.
It's the perfect set up for a global road trip, which she documents in her book The Travels of A T-shirt in a Global Economy.
www.worldchanging.com /archives/002337.html   (1841 words)

 OpenBSD T-shirts
Shirts are available in navy blue, camo green, and black.
These shirts can be ordered on the web N.America/International or Europe.
A very classy navy polo shirt with the above image stitched onto it.
www.openbsd.org /tshirts.html   (957 words)

 Busted Tees : You Have Died of Dysentery
The fish on this shirt are all facing the same direction because they're all watching Murder She Wrote.
You bought 1350 lbs of this shirt but you can only carry 200 back to the wagon.
Appreciated by fans of Punk'd and fans of Jesus alike, this shirt is obviously the best one we've got.
www.bustedtees.com /product.php?name=dysentery   (116 words)

 Busted Tees : Your Retarded
I guess this shirt is a booby trap for wannabe grammar police.
Not only is this shirt funny, but it's also factually correct.
At which point you'll shake your head, mutter the words on your shirt, and walk away.
www.bustedtees.com /product.php?name=yourretarded   (120 words)

 Gapingvoid t-shirts by Hugh MacLeod
All t-shirts are the proper, 100% cotton, Real McCoy silk-screens, and come with their own gapingvoid label, and a little card telling you what number out of 200 your shirt is.
Members receive a new shirt automatically, every time a new edition becomes available.
Payment is automatically deducted from your credit card and yes, you can cancel at any time, with just a few clicks of a mouse.
www.indigotshirts.com /gapingvoid   (185 words)

 ThinkGeek :: Tshirts :: Generic Geek
A simple shirt that seems to say one thing but means another...
If you aren't already one, this shirt is guaranteed to enclose you in HTML geekness...
Should you get lost in the Milky Way, this shirt may just help others relocate you....
www.thinkgeek.com /tshirts/generic/5f84   (455 words)

 American Apology Shirt
Version 2 of the Apology shirt is available in Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Gilbertese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Scots Gaelic, Spanish, Swedish, Ukranian, and Zulu.
As the author of the American Apology Shirt, I place all of its text in the public domain.
I was preparing for an international trip, and I thought, "what can I do tell as many people as possible in other countries that many Americans vehemently disagree with the policies of our own government?" So I made this shirt, and various wonderful people translated it into all of the
www.americanapologyshirt.com   (165 words)

 Where cultural pulp comes from. Fashion Boutique Slash Clothing Superstore
Your shirts are made fresh, just like you expect your food to be made when you go into a restaurant.
All of our printed shirts are also available on youth sizes for kids so that you can make your child a mini-you.
All the Different Shirt types available - For all of the different blank (with out printing) t-shirts click here.
store.yque.com   (1009 words)

 PodBrix . 1000 brix in your pocket . buy
Simply place it over the clasp area of the shirt and it locks into place.
A hand signed and numbered garment tag is attached to each shirt.
The Brixwear 1000 shirt uses a patent-pending magnetic clasp system to make your iPod shuffle part of the t-shirt design.
podbrix.com /itemdetails_1237253959.php?PID=1237253959&prodshot=1   (265 words)

All I know is, I prefer this shirt to 95% of the shirts I've seen for sale at the assorted shows I've been to.
So if you couple my obsession with a nice, simple t-shirt design and you already have a shirt which I'd be more than happy to run on the site.
What's more, I also happen to think that pretty much everything else the gang at A Label makes is just as genius.
preshrunk.info   (546 words)

 Halfbakery: +shirt
I think the woman in the illustration has the shirt on inside-out.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/_2bshirt   (338 words)

 Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday
Here's the way shirt orderin' works around here: We place orders to the printer every couple of weeks, which means all shirts are sold on a pre-order basis.
Available in dark blue ink on light blue shirts, yellow ink on red shirts, and white ink on black shirts (not currently pictured but I promise it is fo realz).
The men's shirts are sexy denim-colored Hanes Beefy Ts, the ladies' are adorable lilac Bella babydolls.
www.questionablecontent.net /merch.php   (1706 words)

 Celebrate Diversity gun tshirt
The official shirt of the 113th Engineer Battalion is out.
www.thoseshirts.com /diversitybk.html   (10 words)

 The Shirt
So far it looks kinda 'nifty, and if you know it is supposed to look like a shirt, you get the collar concept.
(Notice that the edge of the bill just meets the word "OF" on the reverse printing.) If you fold too little, the shirt will appear too long in the end.
Now you will fold inward in the same direction, tucking the previous fold under the "collar" created in step 4.
members.cox.net /crandall11/money/shirt   (583 words)

 errorwear: embrace your computer problems
Errorwear shirts are 100% cotton, 6.1 oz (10.1 metric oz.), Gildan Ultra Cotton Ts, (unless otherwise specified).
As you slip the T-shirt over your head, try to contain your girlish shriek, for knowing that you're wearing a bonafide error message on your chest will surely deliver you to a new plane of joy.
Be the envy of anyone who has ever crashed.
www.errorwear.com /errorwear.html   (263 words)

 goats: the store : t-shirts
These ninjas are extremely stealthy, hiding in plain sight, black ink on a black shirt (image contrast enhanced here to allow you to see their stealthiness).
Cardinal red shirt with delicious pink ham and white text.
Please purchase this shirt knowing that no manchurian dwarf gazelles were harmed in its making.
www.goats.com /store/tshirts.html   (755 words)

 SPAMSHIRT - make your own shirt!
simply go to the products section, choose your shirt style (boys or girls) select shirt colour, choose some spam from our extensive list (or enter your own*) make an order and bob's your auntie's live-in lover, you'll have a unique, personalised spamshirt delivered to you in days.
www.spamshirt.com   (179 words)

 First post! ...the t-shirt!
Nitrozac and Snaggy have put this shirt design through grueling tests and have discovered it is readable by the normal naked eye from a distance of 120 feet!
The shirt was first posted on After Y2K, and can soon make an appearance on you!
If standing in one spot and slowly rotating, your shirt could have a readership coverage of over 45,239 sq.
www.geekculture.com /geekculturestore/webstore/firstpost.html   (245 words)

 NTKMart: the revolution will be commodified
For each shirt sold: £2.00 goes to designer Lloyd Wood, to spend on further J Peterman-style flights of fancy.
Front print: A gently mockery of people who wear shirts with Japanese writing on them without knowing what it means - though we are (semi-reliably) informed that the big text means "There exists a requirement for information" (the closest translation we could get for "Need to Know").
For each shirt sold: £2.00 is donated by designer "Violence Through Kittens" to the PC-recycling Redundant Technology Initiative.
www.ntkmart.co.uk   (1515 words)

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