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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

TAFE NSW Institutes have a range of well-equipped and well-maintained modern facilities that are available for hire, depending on availability.
When you apply for a TAFE NSW course you may be given recognition for the skills and knowledge you have already gained from your work, study and life experience.
Each TAFE NSW Institute produces an annual reports and routinely conducts surveys and other benchmarking exercises to make sure that it is working to meet client expectations.
www.tafensw.edu.au /about   (936 words)

  TAFE South Australia: International
TAFE South Australia is a government owned and operated vocational and technical training organisation based in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.
TAFE South Australia has a long history of producing graduates who have gone on to be successful in their chosen industry.
TAFE South Australia qualifications are developed and reviewed in consultation with universities and industry and have clearly defined pathways to further study at university.
www.tafe.sa.edu.au /international   (259 words)

 Australian TAFE article
TAFE training is easily accessible through a national network of institutes, colleges, campuses and centres which reach out to service not only major cities, but also rural communities and special needs groups.
TAFE in Australia is Government-funded and guaranteed, with TAFE authorities in all Australian States and Territories working together to structure network of vocational training which not only meets the needs of industry but also gives people immediately useable skills which will win them jobs.
In overseas countries, TAFE is negotiating with polytechnics, ministries of education, universities, employing authorities and professional associations to ensure that the TAFE qualifications gained by international graduates are officially recognised in their home countries.
www.intstudy.com /study_abroad/livfiles/saww4a13.htm   (698 words)

 TAFE VC Virtual Campus
TAFE VC 3 is now available to all eligible organisations.
Use the administrator user login to access provider administration functions within the TAFEVC virtual campus.
The new student guide provides information on all of the features that the TAFE VC offers and how to use them.
www.tafevc.com.au   (195 words)

TAFE study at RMIT prepares students for a diverse range of careers, from digital design to plumbing, from fashion and textiles to professional writing, from furniture design to electrotechnology, to name only a few.
TAFE students come to understand their area of study, and the theories behind it, through practice, guided by highly skilled and enthusiastic academic staff.
Introductory TAFE programs range in length between five and ten days and are designed to give students an opportunity to find out more about study and the vocations available in a particular industry.
www.rmit.edu.au /programs/types/tafe   (883 words)

 TAFE Courses Directory - Information on TAFEs - Frequently Asked Questions
TAFE Institutes have their own selection procedures and they vary from course to course.
TAFE does not offer full-time VCE studies to school-age students, who should enquire at their local secondary school.
TAFE students are expected to organise their timetables and study programs.
www.tafe.vic.gov.au /usefulinfo/faq.asp   (1129 words)

TAFE Tasmania also needed to improve remote e-mail access for its employees when they were offsite.
TAFE Tasmania also had an issue with the amount of time that IT staff spent on retrieving prematurely or mistakenly deleted e-mails.
TAFE Tasmania's growing number of PDA users can also leverage the mobile device support offered by Novell GroupWise and PortaMail to access e-mail and files when away from their desktops, in the classroom or offsite.
www.novell.com /success/tafe_tasmania.html   (829 words)

 TAFE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
TAFE New South Wales is Australia's largest educational institution (and among the largest in the world).
TAFE NSW courses have flexible delivery options, which means you can design a study schedule to suit your particular needs.
When you apply for a TAFE NSW course you may be given recognition for the skills and knowledge you have gained from previous work, study and life experience.
www.anandinternational.com /nit.htm   (582 words)

 VTAC:Institutions:About TAFE
Type 2 TAFE courses are not subsidised by the government and the student will be liable to pay the tuition fee directly to the institution each semester or year.
Where possible, TAFE institutes and universities may recognise that particular courses, modules or subjects at another institution are equivalent to those it offers, and grant credit to students who have already undertaken such studies.
TAFE courses provide pathways into employment and encourage you to continue to be involved in formal learning allowing you to plan your career and achieve your work and personal goals.
www.vtac.edu.au /institutions/about_tafe.html   (1189 words)

 TAFE NSW - Use of Services
TAFE NSW Internet and Intranet services are provided for the advancement of the work of its staff and the education of its students.
TAFE NSW reserves the right to monitor and record all usage of its computer networks, including its Intranet and Internet services, and to take disciplinary action when breaches of expected behaviour occur.
Using TAFE NSW computer resources to seek out, access or send any material of an offensive, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate nature is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.
www.lg.tafensw.edu.au /conditions.htm   (1199 words)

 AJET 2(2): Holmes (1986) - radio broadcasting in TAFE
The diversity of TAFE is such that, within the tertiary sector, it has developed its own distinctive methodology and ethos, characterised by an innovative and flexible approach to serving the educational needs of its clients.
Thus the way TAFE uses radio to help teach farmers about microcomputers will be very different from the way in which it uses radio to support training initiatives for young people or to encourage the creative use of leisure time by the elderly.
TAFE radio, then, has the potential to serve a vast range of client groups in ways appropriate to their educational needs.
www.ascilite.org.au /ajet/ajet2/holmes.html   (3015 words)

 Tafe - Victoria University - A New School of Thought
The Technical and Further Education (TAFE) of Victoria University provides award-winning vocational education and training relevant to the wide range of skilled occupations emerging in response to rapid technological change.
TAFE operates primarily from the University's 11 campuses across the western region of Melbourne and the CBD.
The amalgamation yielded a large tertiary institution with 55,000 enrolments, and course activity roughly equally divided between TAFE and Higher Education Faculties.
www.vu.edu.au /tafe   (200 words)

 TAFE Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
TAFE services are being strongly linked to Client Service Plans to ensure effective outcomes for clients, both during their time in the JJC and on their release back into the community.
Having TAFE services in JJCs has maximised the ability of young offenders to undertake accredited training, acquire vocational skills, meet their literacy, numeracy and educational needs, and improve their options to gain employment or further education on their release from custody.
TAFE campuses have been established by Kangan Batman Institute of TAFE at Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre and by Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE at Malmsbury Juvenile Justice Centre.
hnb.dhs.vic.gov.au /commcare/ccdnav.nsf/FID/-E32ECFD1D6BAD8DC4A25674D00218E88?OpenDocument   (656 words)

 Facilities Division - TAFE
The state's TAFE network comprises 14 institutes as well as the TAFE component of 5 universities, half of which are located throughout regional Victoria and the other half within the Melbourne metropolitan area.
In relation to adult, community and further education (the "FE" in TAFE), support is provided through TAFE institute facilities and a large number of local community settings.
A structural approach to capital entitlements is contained in Space Guidelines for TAFE Accomodation.
www.sofweb.vic.edu.au /facility/tafe/index.htm   (185 words)

 TAFE Tasmania Act
The purpose of this Act is to establish TAFE Tasmania as an independent statutory authority with body corporate powers.
TAFE Tasmania provides vocational and further education, including adult education, and provides services for students in relation to vocational and further education.
The organisation is required to develop and maintain communication with employees and students and to advise the Minister of any significant development relating to the provision of vocational and further education.
www.tafe.tas.edu.au /institute/act.htm   (463 words)

 TAFE Student Survey - 27/10/1992 - QWN
TAFE completed a survey that elicited responses to a questionnaire that was available to many TAFE students.
In simple terms there is a high level of satisfaction among TAFE students about the nature of their courses, the support they get from their teachers and the relevance of their courses to their vocational aspirations or their present workplace needs.
One thing is clear: those students who are in TAFE find their courses relevant and have a high level of satisfaction with them.
www.parliament.nsw.gov.au /prod/parlment/hansart.nsf/V3Key/LC19921027020   (446 words)

 TAFE LIBRARY - ANNUAL REPORT 1995   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The TAFE Library began the year with a deficit of $87 514 by the end of the year this had been turned around into a surplus of $78 163.
OTFE : In December the TAFE Library was successful in its submission to the Office of Training and Further Education (OTFE) for funding to purchase 14 pcs for the PC lab; $24 500 was received and PCs were purchased for installation in the new library.
TAFE Library staff were responsible for the development of a Flexible Delivery Gopher and an electronic discussion group funded by the National Flexible Delivery Working Party.
www.lib.rmit.edu.au /annual-report/annrpt/artafe.htm   (1187 words)

 TAFE Education in Australia
TAFE education has been regarded by some to be a second or third option when it comes to studying in Australia.
This idea is quickly dispelled when you look at the sheer quality and variety of courses available in Australia's TAFE institutions, whose main objective is to facilitate an environment in which world-class vocational education and training is provided to students with a clear idea of their career path.
Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications: TAFE institutes encourage interaction with local industry to provide their students with the opportunity to tackle real-life problems, equipping them with the required skills for employment.
www.studyoverseas.com /australia/aused/tafe.htm   (585 words)

 Business backs loans scheme for TAFE fees - National - smh.com.au
TAFE colleges have been told to embrace private enterprise and consider introducing university-style fees as they try to encourage more young people back into traditional trades.
A conference of TAFE directors in Adelaide this week is examining the future of the vocational education and training industry, as well as ways to tackle skills shortages constraining the economy.
The federal Minister for Vocational and Technical Education, Gary Hardgrave, called on the states to cut TAFE fees, which he has said are forcing students away from training.
www.smh.com.au /news/national/business-backs-loans-scheme-for-tafe-fees/2006/11/14/1163266550355.html   (508 words)

 Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE - Townsville, North Queensland AUSTRALIA | How Do I Enrol: General   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
QTAC application forms are available at Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE Customer Service Centres or by contacting 1300 1300 84 to request a from to be forwarded to you via mail.
Forms are available at all Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE Customer Service Centres, or by contacting 1300 1300 84 and requesting a form to be forwarded to you via mail or faxed or by downloading the application form.
Application forms are available at all Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE Customer Service Centres, or by contacting 1300 1300 84 and requesting a form to be forwarded to you via mail or faxed or by downloading the application form.
www.barrierreef.tafe.net /index.asp?page=/howdoienrol/enrolment.asp&menu=xc1   (641 words)

TAFE, therefore, made a strategic decision to outsource its entire information technology operations to Unisys to gain some key competitive advantages.
While TAFE focuses on its core competency of providing quality education and training, Unisys will manage TAFE’s central data systems as well as its administration and student-enrollment programs.
The relationship between TAFE Queensland and Unisys is based on a strategic partnership in which we share the risks and rewards.
www.unisys.com /annual/annual97/tafe.html   (380 words)

 Industry: Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE - Townsville, North Queensland AUSTRALIA
TAFE training can bring your company and your staff all the benefits of the vocational education and training system with specially designed programs to meet your needs.
TAFE is continually evolving with new products, new programs, new delivery methods and new systems.
TAFE training can happen in your workplace, in virtual classrooms or in our custom-designed training facilities.
www.barrierreef.tafe.qld.gov.au /Default.asp?Page=Industry&Level2=/industry/default.asp   (160 words)

 TAFE students
TAFE students may be granted credit (excused from doing courses in your program) for studies successfully completed in the last ten years.
The amount of credit you might receive varies but as a general rule, we grant up to 6-8 exemptions for a 1.5 year full-time or equivalent Diploma, and up to 12 exemptions for a two year full-time Advanced Diploma.
A number of TAFE institutions and private providers have relationships with USQ, enabling TAFE students to apply directly to USQ for programs in the business and IT fields.
www.usq.edu.au /futurestudents/tafe/default.htm   (425 words)

 Industrial action looms in TAFE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
QTU Vice-President Steve Ryan said TAFE teachers and tutors were angry the Government would not immediately agree to having a separate enterprise bargaining agreement for TAFE educational staff.
During the previous enterprise bargaining round, the Government insisted TAFE be included in the core public service agreement.
'TAFE teachers and tutors deserve a separate agreement where the specific educational demands and requirements of the job are recognised.
www.qtu.asn.au /mr13-03.htm   (238 words)

 Moreton Institute of TAFE - News and Events   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Moreton TAFE 3rd year fashion student, Erin Lock, today gave a sneak preview of her award winning swimwear designs, prior to the institute’s popular annual fashion parade to be held at the end of this month (31 August, 2005)……
Moreton TAFE is offering a new advanced training program ideal for people working with farming machinery and diesel engines, in a Queensland first…..
Moreton TAFE is calling on staff, students and the local community to donate blood and help save lives.
www.moreton.tafe.net /news/index.asp   (1861 words)

 Big fees a major barrier to TAFE - National - theage.com.au
The TAFE futures inquiry by associate professor Peter Kell, of Wollongong University, found that courses and services were being cut because of a lack of money and wages were low.
TAFE fees, which were as high as $13,000 a year for hairdressing, were regarded as a major barrier to access to TAFE, particularly for those in low-wage jobs or areas of high dependency on social security.
One teacher told the inquiry TAFE had always been an opportunity for poorer students to break the poverty cycle, but this ended after fees were brought in.
www.theage.com.au /news/national/big-fees-a-major-barrier-to-tafe/2006/10/18/1160851002473.html   (690 words)

 TAFE Frequently Asked Questions - TAFE - Technical & Further Education - Beyond School - Department of Education
All TAFE Institutes and Registered Training Organisation are obliged to recognise nationally recognised qualifications that have been issued by another TAFE or Registered Training Organisation.
If you wish to study flexibly and you are considering an accredited TAFE program, the TAFE Virtual Campus allows you to study with TAFE Institutes, universities with TAFE divisions, Adult and Community Education (ACE) providers and many private Registered Training Organisations at a cost similar to on-campus study.
TAFE Institutes offer quality training and education to international students in a wide range of areas.
www.education.vic.gov.au /beyondschool/tafe/tafefaqs.htm   (1526 words)

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