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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

  The University of Edinburgh Tardis Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Tardis Project is a computing facility, run and maintained by students of the University of Edinburgh.
It was one of the first such projects of its kind, founded in 1987 by the School of Informatics (previously Department of Computer Science) and is still held in high regard.
One of the Tardis Project's main aims is to allow students at the university to be involved in running a large computing system, and learn the experience required to design, build and maintain such a system.
www.tardis.ed.ac.uk   (202 words)

  Britain.tv Wikipedia - TARDIS
In The Edge of Destruction (1964), the power source of the TARDIS (referred to as the "heart of the TARDIS") is said to be beneath the central column of the console, with the rise and fall of the column an indication of its functioning.
The TARDIS was already old when the Doctor first took it, but exactly how old is a matter of conjecture; the spin-off media have, on a number of occasions, had the TARDIS wait around for the Doctor for decades and even centuries in relative time.
TARDIS has come to be used for anything surprisingly spacious (appearing in adverts for small cars, for example) and it has been immortalised in space: Asteroid 3325 was named "TARDIS"?title=in its honour.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=TARDIS   (7593 words)

 The Parallax Connection
A TARDIS is the pinnacle of Time Travel technology of the inhabitants of the Planet Gallifrey and is quite possibly the most advanced ship in all of science fiction.
The door of a TARDIS is actually a dimensional bridge which links the outside shell dimensions (which exists in the dimension that humans walk around in) with the pocket dimension that the interior of a TARDIS exists in.
A TARDIS appears to be semi-sentient, being able to communicate with its pilot on a subconscious level through the telepathic circuits as well as possessing a strong self preservation instinct.
members.datafast.net.au /parallax/exam004.html   (1302 words)

The story is in two parts since the TARDIS and the MAME Console were constructed as two separate projects and combined at the end.
The TARDIS had to be built in such a way that it can be assembled and disassembled easily to allow it to be moved and so it can fit through doorways.
However you can shift the whole TARDIS around by tipping it backwards slightly to lift the feet off the ground at which point it can be wheeled around on the castors (a lot like a fridge).
www.asciimation.co.nz /tardis/index.html   (5215 words)

The external appearance of a TARDIS is controlled by a device called a "chameleon circuit." The chameleon circuit changes the external appearance of a TARDIS each time it materializes at a new location in time and space.
The idea that a TARDIS is in some sense alive goes back as early as the third televised story, 1963's "The Edge of Destruction and it is supported as recently as the 2006's "The Impossible Planet" in which the Doctor comments that the TARDIS was grown, not built.
In 1980's "Logopolis," the TARDIS had to resort to ringing an emergency warning system known as the 'cloister bell' when attempting to communicate the much more complex concept that its own deteriation due to extreme age was becoming a severe problem.
scifipedia.scifi.com /index.php/TARDIS   (1171 words)

 BBC - Doctor Who - Classic Series - TARDIS Cam
The interior of the TARDIS occupies a separate set of dimensions to the exterior - so it's a lot bigger on the inside than the outside.
Hence the TARDIS interior shaking when the exterior is attacked.
The idea of the TARDIS was originally mooted by Verity Lambert - the Police Box exterior was invented by Anthony Coburn, writer of 'An Unearthly Child'.
www.bbc.co.uk /doctorwho/classic/tardiscam/intro.shtml   (424 words)

 Doctor Who: The Winds of Time
The TARDIS interior appears to be larger than its exterior due to the fact that the interior is located in a different dimension from that of our ordinary physical universe.
TARDIS machines are constructed by the Block Transfer method due to the nature of the Time/Space vortex.
A TARDIS doesn't actually travel through the normal physical universe when their spacial Co-ordinates are changed, the TARDIS instead withdraws its Real World Interface (Dematerializes.), moves through the Space/Time Vortex to a different location, and then extends the Real World Interface once again (Materializes.).
timewinds.freeservers.com /tardis.html   (950 words)

 TARDIS - Tardis - A Wikia wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
A TARDIS is also capable of "anchoring" itself onto another ship to not only stabilise itself, but also to allow the occupants to escape in the event of terminal instability ("break-up") (Terminus) This is invoked by an automatic safety cut out.
Certainly one of the best-known defense mechanisms a TARDIS possesses is the Chameleon circuit, which allows the outer plasmic shell of the TARDIS to assume any form whatsoever in order to blend in with the surrounding environs.
Before a TARDIS is fully functional, it needs to be primed with the biological imprint from the symbiotic nuclei of a Time Lord's cells.
tardis.wikia.com /wiki/TARDIS   (2168 words)

 The Tardis Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Tardis is a shareware utility for Windows that makes sure your PC’s clock tells the right time.
Tardis 2000 running on a central server can be used as a master time source for the domain by running the appropriate version of Tardis or K9 on the other workstations.
Tardis supports the Kallisto GPS card and other NMEA compliant GPS devices.
www.kaska.demon.co.uk /tardis.htm   (208 words)

 Woodenboat.net.nz Navigator Tardis
It was Sonya's first time crewing and she did very well as Tardis powered through the lumpy water in the harbour.
Tardis on her side, the bottom ready for a layer of glass and the skeg.
Tardis' colour scheme was decided after watching too many episodes of "Changing Rooms" on TV, but we do like it.
www.woodenboat.net.nz /Boats/BoatNavigator/BoatTardis/Tardis.html   (542 words)

 How to Build a Dr. Who TARDIS Console!
His timeship, the TARDIS, was stolen (sorry, "borrowed") from Gallifrey eons ago by the rebellious Doctor, and is a creaking but lovable mess.
The TARDIS Console is about 48" wide, and the main table without base or Time Rotor is 12" tall, which made it just fit the back of my old Horizon hatchback.
The original TARDIS (Type 40, purists will remind you) was built to oscillate up and down per the moving display to your right, but that kind of machinery was far beyond the means of my poor workshop.
my.ohio.voyager.net /~abartmes/console.htm   (1431 words)

 TARDIS Phone Flasher | Cool Stuff | SCI FI Weekly
It is a small, compact version of the TARDIS that nonetheless captures the details of the world-renowned form of the blue police box.
Simply as a model of the new TARDIS (which actually differs from the original—the new designers made it fatter and stubbier and altered certain other details), it scores fairly highly.
And a sticker on the telephone panel of the door has its text unchanged but is now printed in reverse—with fl text on a white background for the first time in the show's history.
www.scifi.com /sfw/cool/sfw12806.html   (756 words)

The TARDIS force fields are multi-dimensional energy screens that protect the crew from the adverse effects of travelling through the vortex.
The TARDIS is semi-sentient (Int 2d6 +4) and it is usually attuned to its owner's thought patterns (limited Telepathy while within the TARDIS).
The Doctor's TARDIS is an old 'Type 40' (also known as a Mark I) built as a mobile research laboratory which would carry its crew of scientists to survey distant galaxies, explore fabulous new worlds, and observe astronomical events.
www.paratime.ca /v_and_v/tardis.html   (481 words)

 TARDIS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A distinctive architectural feature of the TARDIS interior is the "roundel." In the context of the TARDIS, a roundel is a circular decoration that adorns the walls of the rooms and corridors of the TARDIS, including the console room.
The TARDIS also had a "Zero Room" — a chamber that was shielded from the rest of the universe and provided a restful environment for the Fifth Doctor to recover from his regeneration in Castrovalva — but it was among the 25% jettisoned.
TARDIS has come to be used for anything surprisingly spacious (appearing in adverts for small cars, for example) and it has been immortalised in space: Asteroid 3325 was named "TARDIS" in its honour.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tardis   (7630 words)

 Steve Jackson Games Forums - Tardis
The one recurring theme is that the TARDIS seems to be able to plant ideas or concepts into its crew's minds to warn of impending danger.
An earlier season maintained that the TARDIS was in a state of 'Temporal Grace' that would not permit any weapons to fire inside it.
The outside of a Tardis is also somewhat like the antenna on a car, or a periscope on a submarine, though the Payload may be more vulnerable than normal.
forums.sjgames.com /showthread.php?t=8900   (2213 words)

 TARDIS - Home
TARDIS was one of a cluster of complementary projects funded by the UK's Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) as part of the Focus on Access to Institutional Resources Programme (FAIR).
TARDIS built a sustainable multidisciplinary institutional repository – the University of Southampton Research Repository (called, in short, e-Prints Soton at http://eprints.soton.ac.uk) - to leverage the research created within Southampton University, using both author self-archiving and assisted deposit.
While developing the archive, TARDIS was specifically feeding back into the pioneering EPrints software (http://software.eprints.org/) developed within the prestigious Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group in the University of Southampton.
tardis.eprints.org   (487 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Miniature Tardis prop at auction
A 17-inch model of Doctor Who's Tardis first used as a prop in a 1965 episode of the classic BBC science fiction series is being auctioned.
The Tardis returned to screens in a new series of Doctor Who this year and a special episode is on at Christmas.
According to Christie's, one of its last screen appearances as a set-used model was in the first appearance of Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor in 1970.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/4516470.stm   (260 words)

 The TARDIS Library: Doctor Who books, videos, DVDs, CDs and cassettes
Welcome to the TARDIS Library - the Web's most comprehensive guide to the world of Doctor Who books, videos, DVDs, CDs and cassettes!
Also the latest 4 Doctor Who Files books: Martha, The TARDIS, Captain Jack and The Cult of Skaro.
In The Moonbase, the TARDIS lands on the moon, just outside of, well, the moonbase.
www.timelash.com /tardis   (351 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | BBC wins police Tardis case
The time travelling vessel became the subject of a legal wrangle as the Metropolitan Police fought to gain control of the blue box, which was a familiar sight on the streets of London up until the 1960s.
The police objected to the BBC using the image of the Tardis on comics, T-shirts, videos and other merchandise, something it has done since the 1970s.
But the Met claimed it should be trade mark holder of the Tardis, believing it to be commonly known as the police telephone box.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/2352743.stm   (333 words)

As a direct result of collaboration with potential users, perhaps the most significant refinement of visualization and exploration techniques this year has been the development of Tardis, a visualization environment that combines the browsing facilities in both 3DPS and the spatio-temporal cube.
In Tardis, for every dynamic layer with events stored in record files, the data exists to create a spatio-temporal block.
Once the database for a particular simulation is read into Tardis, any of the static layers can be displayed as single layers and any of the dynamic layers can be displayed as a spatio-temporal cube.
www.cs.sfu.ca /research/SEED/tardis.htm   (1905 words)

 What is a TARDIS
A TARDIS is a space-time traveling machine manufactured by the Time Lords of Gallifrey, a race of people featured in the British Broadcasting Corporation's science fiction television series, Doctor Who.
Originally, the TARDIS was just big on the inside, but later on, during the Tom Baker era, the TARDIS interior seemed to grow.
The original Tardis configuration was 4 Sun 3/180 servers, each with 2 Fujitsu Eagle disk drives, and each serving seven or eight diskless Sun 3/50s.
computing.ee.ethz.ch /.doc/tardis/tardis.html   (705 words)

 Doctor Who: Fluid Link: The Ultimate TARDIS Resource
The TARDIS Manual is a work of fiction, based on the BBC's science-fiction television series, "Doctor Who".
The web version only offers information on the Type 40 TARDIS, that is, the early years model used by William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton.
TARDIS: A Brief Overview, at the Parallax Connection.
www.tardis.ed.ac.uk /~abr/drwho/tardis   (448 words)

 Tardis Services
TARDIS Services commenced operation in 1994 and has developed into a significant provider of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure solutions, consulting services and system support.
TARDIS Distribution is an exclusive distributor for the Tarantella suite of products for Australia and New Zealand, including Vision2K.
TARDIS' staff includes accredited technicians who are familiar with Tarantella, SCO and Century Software - TinyTERM products to provide pre- and post-sales support and training, as well as other services necessary to ensure smooth system installation and management.
www.tardis.com.au /about.php   (301 words)

 What's a Tardis?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
A Tardis is a particular brand of mid-20th-century British police call box that was popularized in the television series, Dr. Who.
In that show, the Tardis was the Dr's time-and-space travel machine.
Although it appeared to be an ordinary police call box, it was in reality a portal to any point in the time-space continuum.
www.bell-labs.com /project/MAWL/dr-who.html   (156 words)

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