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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

 TRS-80 Color Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Indeed the "80" in "TRS-80" stood for "Z-80".
The Color Computer was a radical departure from the Z80-based TRS-80 Models I/II/III/4/4p with its Motorola MC6809E processor.
Text display with real lowercase at 32, 40, 64, or 80 characters per line and between 16 and 24 lines per screen. /wiki/TRS-80_Color_Computer   (7105 words) - Encyclopedia TRS-80 -
The Tandy 2000 system was similar to the Texas Instrument PC-Clone in that it offered better graphics, a faster processor (80186) and higher capacity disk drives (80 track double sided 800k 5.25 drives).
Originally, Tandy offered computers manufactured by Tandon Corporation, and then started producing their own line of systems. /encyclopedia-wiki/tr/TRS-80   (1309 words)

 Technorati Tag: TRS-80
Freezepop, Livesexact, TRS 80 and the dude wi...
Trs 80 at Find, compare and buy Trs 80 and other Office Machines products.
Trs 80 Find Deals on trs 80 and other Office at DealTime. /tag/TRS-80   (367 words)

The Tandy TRS 80 model 1 was the first member of one of the most famous computer family.
The Model1 was followed by the TRS 80 model II (a business computer) and model III which had almost the same characteristics as the model I. Tandy Radio Shack
When it was connected to a floppy disk unit, the TRS-80 uses the TRS DOS operating system, it was pretty bugged and most of the TRS-80 users prefered NEW DOS, it was an operating system done by a third-party company called Apparat. /museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=409   (313 words)

 Duane's TRS 80 Model 100 Home Page
The TRS 80 Model 100 is very easy to use.
I have 2 TRS 80 Model 100 file transfer programs to use for your MODEL 100 and HOME PC.
TRS 80 Model 100 Owners Manual for Download /dc/trs80model100   (133 words)

The little TRS Model 100 was one of the most important computers in the history of the industry.
It was the first truly practical, portable laptop computer, and it became the prototype for an entire industry. /tandymod3.htm   (1301 words)

 System 80 Microcomputer Archive Site
Although in terms of software, the System 80 was a (near-) TRS-80 Model 1 clone, it's appearance, interfaces and idiosyncrasies were unique enough to justify it's own place in the sun in terms of microcomputer history.
This site is dedicated to the System 80, a TRS-80 Model 1 clone, popular in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1980's.
Rather, these pages focus on the System 80 (aka Video Genie/PCM-80/81) and its culture in Australia and New Zealand, largely from my own memory, the assistance of other contributors, System-80 literature and the pages of Micro-80. /system-80   (407 words)

 Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site: Model I Page
Variable character widths (20, 40 or 80 characters per line), automatic underlining and an audible signal are all fully software controllable.
Prints 80 characters at 10 pitch, 132 characters at 16.7 on an 8" line.
Produces upper/lower case characters approaching "letter quality" Prints 80 or 132 columns on 8 lines, or high-density proportionally-spaced Nx9 dot matrix characters under software control. /trs80-1.htm   (13916 words)

 System 80 - Origins
The System 80 was a TRS-80 Model 1 clone, but it also had some evolutionary features which showed improvements over the Tandy computer.
On every System 80 Machine (at least the four or five I have seen) there is a sticker on the bottom saying "BASIC Interpreter, Copyright (C) by Microsoft 1980, All Rights Reserved".
The System 80 was announced as a product by DSE on September 1st, 1979. /system-80/hardware_s80_origins.htm   (1375 words)

 panopticist: My Sixth-Grade TRS-80 Speech, 1980
The TRS-80 was an attempt by Tandy, Radio Shack's parent company, to enter the burgeoning home-computer market.
It was a rickety, cheaply made little thing that totally earned its derisive nickname, "Trash 80." But I was fascinated by what it could do.
Those were the days of Asteroids and Space Invaders; my friends and I were part of the first generation of children to grow up obsessed with videogames. /archives/179.html   (552 words)

 Ah, TRS-80: Thanks for the memory
He is Rick Hanson, and his vocation -- nay, obsession -- is the Tandy TRS- 80 Model 100 laptop, circa 1983.
You could drop the so-called Trash 80, kick it around, spill scalding coffee on the keyboard, bang it with a closed fist when the journalistic muse wasn't cooperating, and it still would pop back on and do its very basic word processing.
There's this guy in Pleasant Hill who has made a nice little niche and a name for himself in the wired world by almost single-handly keeping alive a dinosaur of a laptop that should be deep in the scrap heap of computer history by now. /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2002/02/15/CC120145.DTL   (1182 words)

 TRS-80 Model I w/Numeric Keypad
In addition- my TRS 80 is the one piece model- with monitor & keyboard together.
I have a Trash 80 Model I w/expansion interface, LII Basic and 48K, monitor and Siemens floppy.
Has some kind of I/O problem - won't read or write to floppy, but is functional otherwise. /trs80mod1nk.shtml   (443 words)

 TRS-80? - AtariAge Forums
The TRS 80 used a z80 processor andteh CoCo used a motorola of some sort.
Its a TRS 80 Color Computer, 64K, has the manual, and I think Math Bingo with it.
From: OKC, OK Despite being badged as a TRS 80, the CoCo isnt quite the same as a real TRS 80. /forums/index.php?showtopic=76984   (582 words)

 Jeff Vavasour's TRS-80 EMULATION Page
Computer News 80 Blog/Forum - CN80 has also set up a blog and forum online, mainly targeting support of TRS-80 Model 4 users.
Computer News 80 - a great source for TRS-80 Model III/4 hardware, repairs, upgrades, and software.
Software Library has the same philosophy as the 80's computer hobbiest magazines like SoftSide, 80 Micro, etc. /jeff/trs80.html#simulator   (2607 words)

 The Great TRS-80
The biggest and best was 80 Micro, owned by one of the TRS-80’s legendary characters, Wayne Green, and published from Peterborough New Hampshire.
The TRS-80 “community” was not located in one physical place and there was no cyberspace yet -- but we did have magazines that held us together.
There were other TRS-80 publications too, mainly small black and white pubs like 80 US. /words/trash80.htm   (1671 words)

 TRS-80 / System 80
----- Original Message ----- From: "Alan Greenstreet" To: Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 10:52 PM Subject: TRS-80 / System 80 > Hi All > > I have just acquired a System 80 MkII (distributed in Australasia by > Dick Smith Electronics).
Hi Alan (and the rest of the list), I have the technical manual for the Dick Smith System 80 Mk I and II.
If you can't resurrect it and/or get bored of it, let me know, I'd be interested in this machine, it'd be an interesting challenge to repair it. /pipermail/cctalk/2003-May/021889.html   (321 words)

TRS DOS (other OSes were available : New DOS, LDOS, MultiDOS,...)
The model 3 is generally regarded as the successor to the Model 1. /museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=18   (249 words)

 Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 model PC-3 portable computer
Since the TRS-80 pocket computers are really re-badged Sharp pocket computers, the TRS-80 units work well with the Sharp peripherals.
As the successor to the PC-1 and PC-2, the PC-3 is the smallest and lightest of the early TRS-80 pocket computers.
It has a 24 characters-per-line thermal printer, a cassette input/output interface, and internal rechargeable batteries which also supply power to the computer, extending the life of the PC-3 batteries. /trs80pc3.html   (249 words)

TRS 80 MICRO COLOR COMPUTER - model MC-10 great looking and works great.
All Systems have been tested,cleaned and are in great shape!!! /trs80.html   (147 words)

 The TRS-80 Home Page - The Model 1
Perhaps you could also mention the LNW-80, LNW-Team and Lobo-Max 80 which I think were TRS-80 compatible...
There was a colour version planned, designed, beta versions made but it never was marketed. /trs80/model1info.html   (3264 words)

TRS 80 - 'Shake Hands With Danger' CD Phantom Power
Fans of DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada and many more will be delighted by TRS-80’s best album yet.
No tour dates are scheduled at the moment. /artists/artist.php3?id=trs80   (380 words)

 Links to Other TRS-80 Resources
A Tribute to the Dick Smith System 80 — Terry Stewart created this site dedicated to the System 80, a TRS-80 clone popular in New Zealand and Australia. /mkr/trs_links.html   (610 words)

 Additional TRS-80 Resources
Tony Duell has written utilities for formatting TRS-80 disks in an Intel Linux PC with a standard PC disk controller and copying.dsk images to them.
Right now the utilities work only for standard double-density LDOS5/TRSDOS6/LS-DOS6 formats, 18 sectors/track, 256 bytes/sector, 40 or 80 tracks/side, and 1 or 2 sides.
They are handy if you can't run xtrs (perhaps you don't have X on your Linux box) or you haven't gotten around to setting it up. /trs80resources.html   (994 words)

 TRS-80 Color Computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Color Computer was a radical departure from the Z80-based TRS-80 Models I/II/III/4/4p with its Motorola MC6809E processor.
The original version of the Color Computer shipped in a large silver-gray case with a calculator-like "chiclet keyboard," and was available with a memory sizes of 4K (26-3001), 16K (26-3002), or 32K (26-3003).
This new model of the Color Computer line was meant to better compete with the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST systems. /wiki/TRS-80_Color_Computer   (7280 words)

 The TRS-80 Model II
There was a thin bimonthly magazine, the Twelve/Sixteen, and the 80 Micro magazine had a Model II/12/16 column, and with every BASIC program it published there was a list of changes needed to get it to work on the Model II.
RACET Computes sold a number of utilities for the Model II, so you had almost all the features of NewDOS/80 added to the Model II DOS. /users/pb0aia/cm/modelii.html   (1357 words)

 TRS-80 Model III/4/4P Emulator Page
- 80 by 24 screen with double-wide mode /~dmkeil/trs80/model4.htm   (660 words)

 Bedlam - An Interactive Fiction Text Adventure Game for the TRS-80 and TRS-80 Color Computer
BD60 20 80 11 00 43 01 00 3D ED B0 C3 00 43
21 00 43 11 20 80 01 00 3D ED B0 C3 00 00
If there are any errors, go back to Modify (MBD30, MBD40, MBD50, or MBD60) and make any changes. /bedlam   (4941 words)

 TRS-80 Pocket Computer
Pocket computer user's guide for the TRS-80 PC-1 and Sharp 1211 (Micropower series)
The TRS-80 name was also used for a pocket computer manufactured by Sharp Corporation for Tandy besides being the name of the TRS-80 personal computer.
The TRS-80 Pocket Computer was programmable in BASIC, with a capacity of 1424 "program steps". /TRS-80_Pocket_Computer   (4941 words)

TRS-80 was also used for a line of Pocket Computers which were manufactured by Sharp or Casio, depending on the model.
The Tandy 2000 system was similar to the Texas Instruments Professional Computer in that it offered better graphics, a faster processor (80186) and higher capacity disk drives (80 track double sided 800k 5.25 drives).
Because the business systems were designed for work and not for home use, there is a lot less affection and nostalgia directed at them than at the Z-80 and Color Computer (Coco) systems. /encyclopedia/trs_80   (4941 words)

 Home computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TRS-80 Color Computer II The home computer is a consumer-friendly word for the second generation of microcomputers (the technical term that was previously used), entering the market in 1977 and becoming common during the 1980s.
Home computers were mostly based on 8-bit microprocessor technology, typically the MOS Technology 6502 or the Zilog Z80.
A plethora of home computers came out during this period, but most failed to have a significant impact on the market or the history of home computing and as such are not mentioned (this includes machines not sold/known outside its home market). /wiki/Home_computer   (1497 words)

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