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Topic: TSCP

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My work focuses on the analysis of TSCP (Traffic Signal Control Program) code in C language, which is one major application installed on the Model 2070 controller.
It is intended to satisfy the high-end needs of the advanced freeway and UTCS (urban traffic control systems), as well as those real transportation applications which requires greater performance and/or flexibility than that is available with the Mode l70 controller.
For example, the primary method to access the TSCP is through the front panel display and keyboard, rather than being controlled by the application directly.
www.cs.ucsb.edu /~almeroth/classes/193/F00-yan   (1480 words)

  TSCP - Transatlantic Secure Collaboration Program
TSCP comprises 7 leading aerospace and defense companies, and 4 governments working together in a federated, trust environment to provide a common language of business for secure collaboration in the aerospace and defense industries.
Without a TSCP working to provide enterprise capabilities for secure collaboration, we would risk, even in our most micro of day-to-day business, be exposed to major risks and costs that stovepipe solutions involve.
TSCP is speaking at the RSA Conference 2007, February 5-9, 2007 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.
www.tscp.org   (222 words)

  Foster Wheeler : Health, Safety and Environmental   (Site not responding. Last check: )
TSCP is a safety awareness process designed to assist in eliminating the unsafe incidents and behavior that can cause accidents, injuries, and illness, while still protecting the environment.
TSCP promotes the use of safe work practices by motivating personnel to plan the tasks they will perform throughout the day, with an eye on recognizing and avoiding hazards.
The TSCP form is used to establish the accomplishment of the TSCP process in the field.
www.fwc.com /hse/tscp.cfm   (977 words)

Ian Osgood's ANS Forth Chess program was released 10/4/01 in a form that runs under Tom Zimmer's win32Forth, as TSCP after the C version.
However Ian's program has diverged enough from the original TSCP to warrant a new name.
FCP.F and FCP.ZIP were posted 9/19/02 and has a null-move heuristic and enhanced check extension.
www.ultratechnology.com /chess.html   (894 words)

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