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In the News (Mon 23 Apr 18)

  Tv Guide. TV Guide, Guide to What's on TV, US Gemstar TV Guide.
TV - One of the most influential forces of our time.TV's typical function, is to be an appliance in front of which one sits, the signals of which to perceive.General Information and links to everything TV related...
TV Guide, is the best-selling weekly publication in the US.
In 2000 TV Guide was acquired by video-recording technology maker Gemstar and became a subsidiary of the new Gemstar-TV Guide International.
www.tv-sets.com /Tv_Guide.htm   (349 words)

  Cable Guide 2004
TV Guide Channel’s recently expanded original programming slate works with other on-air elements, including the on-screen program listings information, to provide guidance, entertainment and advertiser messaging.
This summer, TV Guide Channel is partnering with NBC Olympics in an unprecedented alliance that positions the channel as the official viewing destination for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and underscores TV Guide Channel’s unique ability to connect advertisers with today’s viewers.
TV Guide Channel’s original specials cover TV’s biggest events, from music to sports to film premieres to award shows.
www.adage.com /cableguide/2004/38.html   (907 words)

 TV Guide, TV Listings, Online Videos, Entertainment News and Celebrity News | TVGuide.com
TV Guide's podcast discusses the strike as well as the lastest twists on House, The Unit and more!
TV Guide Close Up: Tom Cruise's career was profiled, including the 2007 Lions for Lambs film
TV is just as delicious as DryedMangoez Funny Thursday: Office,...
www.tvguide.com   (359 words)

 | TVGuide.com
TV Guide® licenses its brand and content for the use on a variety of merchandise including books, games, calendars, home furnishings, CDs and DVDs.
If you are interested in becoming a TV Guide licensee, please click here to download a licensing application.
If you are interested in syndicating an article from TV Guide magazine for reprinting in an international publication, click here for more information.
www.tvguide.com /services/Licensing.aspx   (142 words)

 TV Guide vs. Microsoft? | CNET News.com
Indeed, some in the industry believe that these guides will be the equivalent of Web browsers for digital TV because they will allow consumers to navigate an increasingly complicated array of program choices.
However, TCI also owns a significant chunk of TV Guide and appears to be willing to use its properties to ensure that it continues to command viewer attention--in other words, TV Guide could conceivably provide the technological interface for these boxes, not WebTV.
TV Guide, which contracts with Microsoft's WebTV service for program listings, may be looking to partner with high-speed Internet services such as @Home for enhanced viewing features.
news.com.com /2100-1023-220943.html   (662 words)

 Tv Guide St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture - Find Articles
On April 3, 1953,; TV Guide was born and remains the premier listing for television fanatics in the late twentieth century.
The idea had proved to be a good one, and TV Guide went on to become the best-selling weekly in the United States, with a circulation of more than 13 million readers.
In 1988, TV Guide was sold to Rupert Murdoch--a flamboyant Australian entrepreneur associated with sensational journalism--who was accumulating a vast entertainment empire.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419101254   (942 words)

 AAP - Smart Guide to Kids' TV
Smart Guide to Kid's TV Turning Kids on to Smart TV You watch what foods your kids eat, the toys they play with and how much sleep they get.
Your TV diet will be most successful when it includes lots of "family exercises," such as family discussions and activities.
TV programs should be springboards that spur curiosity, discussion and learning.
www.aap.org /family/smarttv.htm   (937 words)

 Amazon.com: TV Guide: Magazines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
TV Guide remains in step with the explosion of cable channels, as television becomes the prime destination for innumerable sporting events, movies, and music.
Hard as it may be to believe, "TV Guide" was once a useful, informative, somewhat entertaining periodical; of course, that was back when it was actually devoted to television.
TV GUIDE can't decide what it wants to be and, therefore, it doesn't do anything well anymore.
www.amazon.com /TV-Guide/dp/B00005NIMZ   (1528 words)

 Making Use Of Your Satellite TV Guide And Direct TV Program Guide!
Like anything else, satellite TV is best enjoyed with a little prior planning and organization, and your satellite TV guide or directv program guide will enable you to do this effectively.
The listings available in your satellite TV guide or direct tv program guide will make it easy to plan your viewing around your day or around the rest of the family.
Packed with information and tips as well as listings, a satellite TV guide is a must for anyone who wants to really enjoy their satellite TV system.
www.1st-4-satellite-dish-tv.com /satellite-tv-guide.html   (382 words)

 Parents Television Council - Because Our Children Are Watching
The PTC's Family Guide to TV is the most comprehensive study of this year's network prime time fare -- from a family-values perspective -- and it is the only content-based guide in existence.
To prepare this Family Guide to TV, we evaluated each series on the basis of its suitability of content for viewers of all ages, not on its artistic merits.
The Family Guide to TV is the culmination of thousands of hours of content analysis conducted by the Parents Television Council.
www.parentstv.org /PTC/familyguide/main.asp   (435 words)

 eBay Guides - Televisions (TV) Buying Guide
TVs with built-in HDTV or an external tuner, along with an antenna, can receive HDTV broadcast content over the air.
Flat-Panel LCD TVs use the same liquid crystal display technology found in LCD computer monitors to create sharp, bright images in all lighting conditions.
Many plasma TVs do not have speakers, which means you'll need to buy the right cables to pump sound through your home theater system or speakers.
pages.ebay.com /buy/guides/tv-television-buying-guide   (2278 words)

 Gold Rush   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Our friends over at TV Guide were nice enough to release the latest clue a little early today.
TV Guide will continue to publish Gold Rush Clues in their weekly ‘Gold Rush Watch’ column.
And be on the lookout for the October 2nd issue of TV Guide for an upcoming clue.
goldrush.aol.com /glog/tag/tv_guide   (824 words)

 TV Guide - TV & Radio - Entertainment - smh.com.au
Heather swept 22 million US TV viewers off their feet in the season opener of Dancing with the Stars.
Three emerging artists are taken to a site in the bush and have two days to paint their interpretation of the area.
The TV series Callan belongs in the pantheon of the slightly tarnished golden age of '60s espionage.
www.smh.com.au /entertainment/tvradio   (371 words)

 eBay Guides - Satellite TV Buying Guide
Sign up for satellite TV service and you'll get access to commercial-free music stations and up to 200 channels of programming (including movies and sporting events) with high-quality picture and sound.
Discover Satellite TV There are a number of options you should consider before choosing a satellite TV provider and satellite TV equipment.
Downlink: Once the TV programs arrive at the satellite, they are bounced back to earth, where your home satellite dish picks up and amplifies the weakened signal.
pages.ebay.com /buy/guides/satellite-tv-buying-guide   (866 words)

 Gemstar - TV Guide International, Inc. > Home
Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. (NASDAQ: GMST) is a leading global media, entertainment, and technology company that develops, licenses, markets and distributes products and services that maximize the video guidance and entertainment experience for consumers.
The Company's businesses include: television, publishing, and new media properties; interactive program guide services and products; and intellectual property licensing.
TV Guide Announces Nominees in 18 Categories For The Online Video Awards 10/16/2007
www.gemstartvguide.com   (122 words)

 TV & Radio - Entertainment - theage.com.au
Andrew Murfett reports on the decline of a US TV icon.
What appears to be trash TV reveals an age-old problem.
Yesteryear's stars are shining again in TV land, reports Paul Kalina.
www.theage.com.au /entertainment/tvradio/index.html   (396 words)

 TV buying guide - CNET reviews
Analog TV broadcast switch-off: In December 2005, the Senate passed a budget bill that calls for over-the-air television stations to cease their analog broadcasts by February 17, 2009.
After that date, TVs and other gear with old-style NTSC tuners would be unable to receive over-the-air broadcasts.
Part of the government's quandary is that the switch-off would cause thousands of TVs to go dark and would deprive many lower-income viewers of their only source of television.
reviews.cnet.com /4520-7608_7-1016109-3.html   (1255 words)

 Breathofair - ASP - Applications - Tv Guide
This FREE Tv Guide application was made as there wasn't many, if any FREE online ASP Tv guides.
This Tv Guide is fast, reliable, and very easy to customize.
Please rate the tv guide on these sites when you have had ago to let others know how good it is
www.breathofair.co.uk /ASP/applications/Tv_guide   (67 words)

 FOXNews.com - Lisa Live: TomKat Meow; 'TV Guide' Goes Big - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And ...
"TV Guide" as we’ve known it for more than 50 years — in its compact digest size —; is over.
I used to be an editor at "TV Guide," but you can trust that I don’t stand to make a cent from that endorsement.
Now, for the cover that almost was … "TV Guide" editors wanted to get Pamela Anderson to pose as Lynda Carter once did — as Wonder Woman.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,171625,00.html   (967 words)

 Australian TV Guide - Australia's Number 1 Online Television Guide
Create feedback directly onsite or contribute to one of the latest TV discussions on the eBlah Forums
The latest overnight TV ratings, news events and media releases from the Australian TV industry is at eNews.
Popular syndicated television blogger 'Terry TV' gives us his daily views on the world of TV.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /tv   (125 words)

 Sympatico / MSN Entertainment : TV : TV Guide
The strike takes its toll on two more top-raters; plus, local TV workers cop it with closures in Vancouver
The mother of reality TV celebrates its 700th episode in true Cops fashion.
Is it a coincidence that my three new favourite TV characters all share the same name?
www.tvguide.ca   (532 words)

 Howstuffworks "TV Buying Guide"
Suddenly you feel like the only thing you're going to leave the store with is questions and a headache.
Compare flat-panel TV prices at Consumer Guide Products before you buy.
This guide will walk you through the basic decisions involved in TV shopping and explain the available features in plain, easy-to-understand language.
electronics.howstuffworks.com /tv-buying-guide.htm   (279 words)

 Ananova TV Listings
Sorry, but Ananova is no longer able to bring you TV listings.
However, you can get a complete seven-day listings guide for terrestrial and satellite TV provided by Radio Times on your Orange phone.
With Orange World you can also keep up with the latest TV news and gossip, buy videos and DVDs of top TV shows and download the ringtone of your favourite theme tune.
www.ananova.com /tv   (91 words)

 TV: TV listings guide, TV shows, cable TV, satellite TV, TV schedules on Zap2it
TV: TV listings guide, TV shows, cable TV, satellite TV, TV schedules on Zap2it
Actress Jenna Mattison blogs her journey to make a TV pilot out of the comic strip redhead "Brenda Starr."
Click on the feeds you're interested in for instructions on adding them to My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other readers.
www.zap2it.com /tv   (122 words)

 PC World - How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV   (Site not responding. Last check: )
How to Buy a Flat-Screen TV Part 1 of a special five-part series.
The sexiest thing going in TV is flat panels--plasma and LCD screens that are only a few inches thick.
But if you're not planning to hang your TV on the wall, is a flat panel the best way to go?
www.pcworld.com /howto/bguide/0,guid,34,00.asp   (353 words)

 Metropolis - TV Guide
In Karei-naru Ichizoku, a TV adaptation of novelist Toyoko Yamazaki’s book of the same name, Kimura (second from right) is Teppei Manpyo, an MIT graduate who becomes executive director of a steel empire in financially turbulent 1970s Japan.
Send a letter to the editor at letters@metropolis.co.jp or discuss it in our forum.
Listen to the Metropolis Podcast, the coolest guide to what goes on this week in Tokyo.
metropolis.japantoday.com /tokyo/recent/tvguide.asp   (279 words)

 GOD TV - Download the GOD TV Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Should you like to help fund the costs of our TV guide production, your donation to GOD TV would be much appreciated, helping us to make this publication available to more people worldwide.
The GOD TV Guide has a circulation of over 100,000 copies and is available in seven different regional variations.
The publication is available free through the support of GOD TV's partners throughout the world.
www.god.tv /Guide   (445 words)

 UK TV Guide — TV Listings For Over 250 Channels
UK TV GuideTV Listings For Over 250 Channels
TV Guide - total online TV guide showing television programme listings for over 250 UK channels.
Unfortunately, UK Net Guide is designed for frames-compatible browsers only, please download the latest Netscape browser from http://home.netscape.com or Microsoft Internet Explorer from http://www.microsoft.com.
www.uknetguide.co.uk /TV   (50 words)

 TV Guide Editors' Blogs in | TVGuide.com
Home > News and Views Home > TV Guide Editors' Blogs
Online Video Guide: Find TV Show and Movie Videos
TV Guide's Lists of Worsts, Bests And All the Rest
community.tvguide.com /category.jspa?categoryID=700000006   (95 words)

 Gemstar-TV Guide buys online properties - Los Angeles Business from bizjournals:
The company said Thursday it has bought TVShowsOnDVD.com, TV-now.com, and FansofRealityTV.com and the certain assets of eVoke TV Inc. Financial terms were not disclosed.
The sites join JumptheShark.com, which Gemstar-TV Guide acquired in June 2006, in broadening the reach of TV Guide Online's network.
TV-now.com is a TV resource site that allows users to find scheduling information by show or celebrity.
losangeles.bizjournals.com /losangeles/stories/2007/02/12/daily37.html   (518 words)

 TV Listings - Find Local TV Shows and Movie Schedules - Listings Grid | TVGuide.com
TV Listings - Find Local TV Shows and Movie Schedules - Listings Grid
Home > TV Shows and Listings > TV Listings
Buy The Bachelor Home Companion: A Practical Guide to Keeping House Like a Pig (O'Rourke, P. J.) from Amazon.com
www.tvguide.com /listings   (99 words)

 TV Guide print shop closes in Wisconsin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The closure of a printing company that printed magazines, including TV Guide, and direct-mail pieces has left 380 people without a job in Mazomanie, a village of 1,400 northwest of Madison.
MAZOMANIE, Wis. — The closure of a printing company that printed magazines, including TV Guide, and direct-mail pieces has left 380 people without a job in Mazomanie, a village of 1,400 northwest of Madison.
Sunny Industries permanently closed its printing presses on Friday, leaving the Dane County community without one of its largest employers.
www.startribune.com /535/story/897284.html   (454 words)

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