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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

 TVR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TVR was founded in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson, who used three consonants of his first name for the company name.
TVR is also the acronym for Televiziunea Română, the government-funded television network of Romania.
TVR Chimaera 400 S A load of pictures of a car I fell in love with. /wiki/TVR   (381 words)

 TVR Tuscan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TVR rejects the notion that these features, along with airbags, are "safety devices" and believes that, based on testing and experience, their cars are safer without these things than with them.
In the 2001 film Swordfish, the TVR Tuscan had a major role; it was the car that characters played by John Travolta and Hugh Jackman used to evade a gang of hit men.
TVR's design philosophy holds that such features do not improve either the performance or safety of their vehicles and thus they are not so equipped. /wiki/TVR_Tuscan   (415 words)

 TVR Chimaera - Review
As with most modern TVRs the dashboard is a lesson to the purveyors of plastic that a stylish interior is always possible from simple age old British recipe.
TVR is still tarnished with questions over built quality but the Chimaera is showing the benefits of a long production life.
The range of cars on offer now from TVR is admirable for a low volume manufacturer. /tvr/chimaera/review.htm   (1016 words)

 Sports Vehicle Encyclopedia: tvr tamora
TVR styling cues, the Tamora has been designed to be less extreme and indeed simpler in some aspects than the Tuscan.
The engine is a 3.6 litre version of TVR's own straight six, pushing out 350 bhp at 7200 rpm giving the car extremely brisk performance.
For example, the car is a full convertible with the roof mechanism being the acclaimed stowable hard-top design from the Griffith and Chimaera. /encyclopedia/vehicles/road/cars/tvr_tamora.html   (228 words)

 TVR Hire - from Tangent Performance - TVR and Ferrari Hire - wedding and special occasion hire, TVR Tuscan Ferrari F355.
The whole philosophy at TVR is that the shape of the car comes first so the constraints of conventional industry thinking have not been an issue.
It has TVR’s own straight six engine and has a novel roof design whereby, despite looking like a fixed head coupé, it is able to stow its roof and rear window in the boot, while still leaving room for luggage.
The other advantage of basing the chassis on that of TVR’s one make race series car is that there is probably no chassis anywhere in the world that has been so often and so comprehensively crash tested. /cars/abouttuscan.htm   (1891 words)

Step inside a carefully hand-crafted TVR and drive it, however, and one knows immediately the real truth: that there is much more to these British-bred beasts than first meets the eye, that they are paradoxical and that the truth goes far deeper than the cars' antecedent notoriety perhaps implies.
But none of TVR's character, flair or soulfulness has been compromised in making the cars more pragmatic; in fact, it is precisely because of the latest models' profound capabilities and luxuriousness that the experience is enriched even more than ever before.
Today, TVR's prodigious power and performance is married to a new, real-world sophistication.   (216 words)

 CarNetGuide - TVR Chimaera
Unfortunately TVR do not have a reputation for the highest reliability although fundamentally the cars are quite sound and very well priced considering their shattering performance.
The interior is one of TVR's strong points presented in leather and walnut but with refreshingly modern style.
To own and run a TVR you do need to be an enthusiast. /guide/tvrchimaera.html   (221 words)

 ::::: GSR International Slot Racing Magazine :::::
TVR’s sporting career began with the development of the Speed 12, which was fitted with a V12 engine of 7,700 cm3 and 800 HP.
TVR also develops its own range of engines, based on 6, 8 and 12 cylinder blocks.
The car participates in the TVR championship in the UK, and made its first appearance at the 24 hours of Le Mans, with the DeWALT Race sports Salisbury team. /empreses/gsr/3/index/333.htm   (431 words)

 New and Used TVR Tuscan
Cerbera - Chimaera- Griffith 500 - Sagaris - T350 - Tamora - Tuscan - Typhon
Peculiar frontal styling is striking and hints at the massive power from either the 4.0-litre straight-six 390bhp engine in the Tuscan S or the 350bhp 3.6-litre unit in the standard Tuscan.
Outrageous as ever, the Tuscan range has been extended with the addition of a new engine to the line-up. /tuscan.htm   (197 words)

 TVR Tuscan Speed 6 - Mole Valley TVR
Mole Valley TVR were on their way to collect their new Tuscan Demonstrator car.
Monday 24th January saw another dealer venture up the M6 to the TVR factory at Blackpool.
One impressive area was where the New Tuscan main instrument panel was being tested and assembled. /tvr/tuscans6/mv.htm   (1249 words)

 TVR Chimaera, problems
TVRs are not perfect but in the majority of cases it appears that problems encountered are not drastic and can be easily rectified.
Often replies can come from very experienced TVR enthusiasts who are known through the TVR car club and the monthly magazine, Sprint.
Like all cars, TVRs do definitely respond to regular use, scheduled servicing from a TVR specialist and regular owner checks. /problems.htm   (431 words)

The TVR Cerbera first appeared at the London motorshow in 1994 and was in full production by 1996.
It was the first hard top TVR to be made since the Tasmin finished production in 1985.
Powered by a 4.5 V8, 4.2 V8 or a 4.0 straight 6 (all engines made by TVR) this car is devastatingly quick.   (162 words)

 Talking TVR - The online guide to the sportscar manufactures TVR
TVR Tuscan R. Very limited numbers of this 4 seater 200+ mph car are going to be built and is designed to be available in different variations from very fast roadgoing 2+2 through to full race GT car.
TVR Tuscan R. These amazing sketches of the new TVR Tuscan R were drawn by Graham Browme, TVR stylist and employee.
The turn out was the best yet and the TVR Owners were showing off their pride and joys, even the local police couldn'nt help but turn up to see the vast array of different models on show. /talkingtvr   (449 words)

 Racing Green TVR - Main TVR dealer for South East England
It is propelled by the legendary TVR Power development of the Rover V8 which in its current 4.5 litre form is sufficient to propel the car from a standing start to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and 100 mph in 11.2 seconds on its way to a top speed of 160 mph.
The TVR Chimaera is not currently available new as it has not been in production at Blackpool since 2001.
Racing Green TVR always tries to hold Chimeara's in stock so have a look at our stock list or speak to John in TVR sales on +44 (0) 1252 894840. /models/chimaera.asp   (459 words)

 TVR Chimaera -
The TVR Chimaera is a two-seater convertible, with a removable roof panel and a folding rear header rail.
The interior for the TVR Chimaera is made from the highest quality materials and combines comfort with sophistication using leather interiors and a walnut veneered dashboard.
If your TVR Chimaera needs any maintenance or modifications you can be assured that we are the people to bring it to, all work that we do is fully covered by our comprehensive guarantee and also our customer satisfaction policy. /tvr-chimaera.htm   (243 words)

 SUPERCARS.NET - 1995 TVR Chimaera
It takes TVR's craftsmen 450 man hours to build every Chimaera and the attention to detail is immediately obvious from the hand-stitching of the leather seats to the shine of the burr walnut dashboard.
The TVR Chimaera was introduced at the 1992 Birmingham Motor Show and was instantly hailed a success.
For 2001, the car had a revised front end again with covered headlights as well as having Cerbera seats fitted and the full complement of TVR's much praised aluminium switchgear. /cars/1843.html   (350 words)

 2 Reviews for TVR Tuscan Speed 6
If Lamborghini had not already named a car after the devil, the TVR Tuscan Speed 6 would be an excellent candidate.
The TVR Tuscan Speed 6 is a good car - fast.
It goes like a bat out of hell, stops as if Old Scratch himself had suddenly appeared in the road in front of you and is so seductive to the eye and ear you may want to sell your soul... /reviews-all-3968.html   (72 words)

 TVR Tuscan Road Racer
Some of the newer conversions feature AJP engines from crashed Cerberas (TVR lease the engines to the racers) whilst this particular model has a Rover 4.5 litre V8 chucking out 420 bhp and 350 lb/ft of torque.
Originally used in the Tuscan Challenge it was then taken out of the series and used for sprinting and hillclimbing.
Quite a number of race Tuscans have been made road legal now, although generally you still find them on racetracks, but for track days rather than racing. /tvr/tuscanracer/conversion.htm   (271 words)

 Inside Line: TVR's New Convertible Designed With U.S. Sales in Mind -
TVR is one of the three companies bidding to buy the MG brand from the ashes of Rover; if it succeeds, it could relocate all TVR production to the MG site in Birmingham.
British sports carmaker TVR, which was bought last year by Russian entrepreneur Nicolai Smolensky, claims it has designed the interior with ease of conversion to left-hand drive as a key consideration, as the company plans to expand into Europe and America.
TVR also says it has set up the suspension geometry for comfort, although it is obviously still sporting. /insideline/do/News/articleId=106267   (291 words)

 TVR Tuscan
The TVR Tuscan is in essence a convertible in which two people and their luggage could go on holiday for a month with creature comforts but without the car weighing much more than 1000kg.
It has TVR's own straight six engine and has a novel roof design whereby, despite looking like a fixed head coupé, it is able to stow its roof and rear window in the boot, while still leaving room for luggage.
Go and take a look at these excellent 3D virtual models, or, Click here to see a fantastic 3D movie of the Virtual Tuscan, it's worth the wait. /tvr/index.htm   (464 words)

 TVR WebMart - TVR Links
TVR WebMart does not guarantee as to the contents of these sites, and does not necessarily endorse the views of the authors.
Project M - TVR 3000M restoration - Following the complete home strip down and rebuild of a 76 3000M.
Talking TVR - Photos and info on most TVR's including Prototypes and pictures of the latest models. /tvr_info_links.html   (285 words)

 TVR Car Club
The TVR Car Club is always represented at the major national classic car shows, such as the Bristol Classic Car Show, the Bromley Pageant, the Classic and Sportscar show at the NEC and the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
We have always argued that with the performance available in any TVR, it cannot be fully exploited on the public highway so we give our members the opportunity to drive on the race circuit at our various track days.
We support TVRs in Motorsport and a large TVR Car Club gathering always makes the annual pilgrimage to Le Mans in France every June for the '24 Heures du Mans'. /about_tvrcc.asp   (1786 words)

 TVR Chimaera
There are various TVR specialists around the country and I have used a few (see Links section) who charge very reasonable prices and did a very good job.
The 4.0 HC engine is a tweaked version of the 4.0, with different cam, duplex timing chains and some additional head work TVR quote the engine as developing 275bhp and 305lb/ft, although these figures are known to be a bit of a myth - normal outputs seem to be around 30bhp down on these figures.
I spent a lot of time researching TVR ownership and running costs and found the Pistonheads website an invalable resource. /cars/tvr.html   (284 words)

 TVR Chimaera 4.5 GT
TVR Chimaera 4.5 GT TVR Chimaera 4.5 GT /cars/chimae45.html   (8 words)

 Reviews on TVR Chimaera Look at tests, reports and read reviews:
I guess I'm lucky as I use the TVR as a second car; to be honest I think it would be a real handful to drive every day.
My Blue Chimaera 450 is a 99 model, 1 owner can with full TVR history.
Been looking for a TVR for about 9 months, searching t'internet, M.O.D., Autotrader et al and managed to find the perfect car (touch wood) 8 miles away. /cars/tvr-chimaera/reviews   (535 words)

 TVR Chimaera (1992-2002) - 4Car Road Test from Channel 4 - Owner Reports.Report[2]
As we approach the end of my second week with a TVR Chimaera, my feelings towards this mechanical animal have somewhat mellowed.
Introduction TVR's renaissance in recent years is largely down to th...
Many people think of TVR drivers as obsessive petrolheads experienced in all things mechanical and comfortable with all things powerful. /4car/road-tests/T/tvr/chimaera92-02/chimaera92-02-ownerreport-3.html   (534 words)

 TVR Sagaris : News & Reports : Motoring : Web Wombat
The TVR Sagaris costs about £50,000 (€75,000) or $122,000 in Australian dollars and, even if you tack on another $20K for compliance and exportation costs, the $150,000 total will still be enough to trounce a Ferrari 360 Modena, the asking price for which is more than double: $369,500.
TVR's Sagaris is based on the T350, which was itself a well-disguised road-going racecar.
Because of its smaller clientele, TVR can go to town with its vehicle design, and the latest model to roll off the marque's Blackpool production line is one such example of vehicle design that adheres to no guidelines, letting aerodynamics and artistic flair dictate its form. /motoring/news_reports/tvr-sagaris.htm   (534 words)

 TVR Sagaris Coupe 4.0 2dr - Autocar Online
New owner Nikolai Smolenski took over TVR roughly one year ago: since then his company has produced a revised Tuscan and now the Sagaris; the former is a much better car than its predecessor, the latter is the most accomplished and best TVR in history.
TVR unveiled a prototype Sagaris in December 2003, but it’s taken a year and a half and a change of chairman before the car has made it to production.
Considering TVR got some of the best names in the business to help fine-tune the car’s dampers, it will be interesting to experience the results. /RoadTest_Summary_pf.asp?RT=215253   (534 words)

 TVR Sagaris Car Reviews - Road Tests evo
Sagaris production was due to start in the middle of last year, but when Nikolai Smolenski took over TVR he stalled the car's launch to embark on a more thorough quality programme than had previously been the norm at Blackpool.
TVR's line-up is a little confusing these days but the Sagaris is intended to be the 'hero road- racer' of the T350 series, a line-up that includes the Tamora convertible, T350C coupe and T350T targa.
Underneath all this gappy glassfibre is the traditional TVR spaceframe, a double-deck ladder backbone structure made of large- diameter tubes with outriggers onto which the body is mounted. /evo/roadtest/55962/slash_burn.html   (534 words)

 TVR Sagaris Car Previews - Premiere Auto Express
TVR has made quite a song and dance about the Sagaris being its ultimate road and track car.
Unless TVR wants to end up in court, it had better bolt the thing in place, instead of the velcro arrangement.
Still, TVR claims 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, 0-100mph in 8.1 seconds and a full whack of 195mph. /premiere/1353/tvr_sagaris.html   (534 words)

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