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Topic: Tabernacle

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

That is, at the present time in ecclesiastical usage it is only the name for the receptacle or case placed upon the table of the high altar or of another altar in which the vessels containing the Blessed Sacrament, as the ciborium, monstrance, custodia, are kept.
tabernacle must either be gilded or covered with white silk (no. 4035, ad 4); but the exterior is to be equipped with a mantle-like hanging, that must be either always white or is to be changed according to the
tabernacle, or in a small cupboard arranged in the reredos or predella of the altar.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14424a.htm   (669 words)

Tabernacle (Exodus 35-36) and that the customary place of the latter was in the very midst of the encampment (Numbers 2:1 sqq.
tabernacle, under the special care of the Levites of the family of Gerson, accompanied the Israelites through their wanderings in the wilderness; during marches, it came after the first six tribes and before the other six (Numbers 2:3-34); in encampments, it occupied the middle of the camp, three tribes being on each side.
BROWN, The Tabernacle (6th ed., 1899); ORR, The Problem of the O.T. (New York, 1906); OTTLEY, Aspects of the O.T. (Oxford, 1897); WELLHAUSEN, Prolegomena (Edinburgh, 1885); WESTCOTT, Essay on the General Significance of the Tabernacle in The Epistle to the Hebrews (New York, 1889), 233 sqq.; B HR, Symbolik des mosaisch.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14424b.htm   (1219 words)

 Tabernacle Model (BiblePlaces.com)
Restoration of the Tabernacle (Israel Today) Illustrates the purpose of the Tabernacle replica by relating the discovery of a Rabbi and his students.
Model of Mishkan (Tabernacle) (Tel Shilo) The community of Shilo has built a smaller model of the Tabernacle to commemorate the Tabernacle's long-standing presence in the ancient city of Shilo.
Tabernacle Model to Make (Amazon.com) A unique presentation of the Tabernacle for children, this book is unfortunately out of print with limited availability.
www.bibleplaces.com /tabernacle.htm   (805 words)

 Mormon Tabernacle Choir | Utah.com
Indeed, it is popularly known as "America's Choir," a worthy title earned by more than a century and a half of singing the sacred hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the great choral works of the masters to the enjoyable of all kinds of audiences.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has appeared at five presidential inaugurations, in several films and performed with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Utah Symphony.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is comprised of 325 men and women, and is led currently by Craig Jessop and assistant director Mack Wilburg.
www.utah.com /mormon/tabernacle_choir.htm   (728 words)

  The Tabernacle, the holy of holies, the holy place, courtyard
The Ark of the Covenant is the most sacred object of Judaism, as it the Christian Tabernacle for the Christians...
The Ark is just a symbol of God, of the Christian Tabernacle to come in the Temple where Jesus is really present, with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity...
In the Christian Temple it is the red humble light always lighted next to the Tabernacle, signaling the presence of Jesus in the Christian Tabernacle...
www.biblia.com /jesusbible/exodus5b.htm   (1485 words)

  Tabernacle, A - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
The tabernacle was built as became such a structure, according to the "pattern" shown to Moses in the mount (25:9,40; 26:30; compare Acts 7:44; Hebrews 8:2,5).
The wooden framework of the tabernacle to be afterward described had 3 coverings--one, the immediate covering of the tabernacle or "dwelling," called by the same name, mishkan (Exodus 26:1,6); a second, the tent" covering of goats' hair; and a third, a protective covering of rams' and seal- (or porpoise-) skins, cast over the whole.
The symbolical significance of the tabernacle and its worship is not, however, confined to the Epistle to the Hebrews.
www.studylight.org /enc/isb/view.cgi?number=T8558   (5037 words)

 welcome to tabernacle   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Tabernacle School District exists to prepare students to meet the challenges of the present and the future by developing an innovative and effective educational environment that provides learning experiences which foster the personal, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth necessary for students to become responsible, productive members of a culturally, economically, technologically diverse society.
Tabernacle Township Public Schools hold high expectations and strive to provide a comprehensive educational experience which will prepare students to become successful, responsible, citizens who will engage in the participation of life-long skills needed to further positive growth and involvement in the communities where they live.
The taxpayers of Tabernacle are to be commended for their support of education of their students in passing the bond referendum that allows us to invest in our children's future.
www.tabernacle.k12.nj.us /aboutus.html   (827 words)

 JewishEncyclopedia.com - TABERNACLE:   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The outer length of the Tabernacle was, then, 20 × 1½ + 1 cubit = 31 cubits; and its outer width was 8 × 1½ cubits.
The argument that the splendor with which the Tabernacle was furnished according to Ex.
It is probable that the characteristic features of the place of worship in the Old Testament bore, in addition to their outward purpose, an inner relationship to religious ideas.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=3&letter=T   (1402 words)

 Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
The tabernacle reserves the blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist, which is taken to the sick and elderly by Eucharistic Ministers during the week.
Along with the arc, many of the elements of the tabernacle were designed to conspire with the architecture to bring the viewer a sense of ascension, of being closer to God.
The bronze and silver tabernacle lamp, designed and fabricated by Max DeMoss, holds a seven-day candle, the purpose of which is to signify the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the nearby tabernacle.
www.olacathedral.org /cathedral/art/tabernacle1.html   (469 words)

 Bible Dictionary: Tabernacle
The tabernacle was divided into two parts by a veil of the same materials as the screen of the court, the inner roof covering of the tabernacle, and the screen of the tent (Ex.
The tabernacle with all its furniture was brought to Moses when complete, and on the first day of the first month of the second year (i.e., one year less 14 days from exodus) he reared it up and finished the work.
The tabernacle accompanied the children of Israel during their wanderings in the desert and in the different stages of the conquest of the land of Canaan.
scriptures.lds.org /bdt/tbrncl   (1237 words)

 Furniture of the Tabernacle - Chapter 7
The perimeter of the court of the tabernacle with its fine linen (white) enclosure/fence is the outside of the body only in the sense that it is the garment or skin of the body.
The largest part of the body is the court of the tabernacle which is an open courtyard extending from the perimeter inward to the tabernacle and enclosing the tabernacle on all sides.
To dwell in the tabernacle of the promised land is all joy for a Christian walking with the light of Jesus Christ and tending the flock.
www.tabernacleofmoses.org /chapter7.html   (6211 words)

 [No title]
Moreover, the "Instruction" recommendation does not prohibit having the tabernacle in the center of the church, stating, "the Blessed Sacrament should be reserved in a solid, inviolable tabernacle in the middle of the main altar or on a side altar, but in a truly prominent place" (No. 54).
The tabernacle can be located in the "center of the church," perhaps on an elevated area behind the altar so as not to diminish the attention to the Eucharistic sacrifice.
From a purely educational perspective, the goodness of having the tabernacle in the body of the church either in the center, or at least to the side, is that it fosters devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.
www.ewtn.com /library/LITURGY/TABERNCL.TXT   (969 words)

 The Tabernacle And The Golden Calf
Thus, although the important precept that there be no image of God was maintained, the Tabernacle and its ritual concretized the people's belief to allow expression for their needs to serve God in a manner analogous to the nations around them.
If Rashi is unwilling to say that the command to build the Tabernacle preceded the episode of the golden calf but nevertheless holds that building the Tabernacle was part of the original Divine plan, we must seek a third way to view this issue.
On the other hand, unlike the Tent of Meeting the Tabernacle was built in the very center of the Jewish camp, intimately involved and central to their lives and personal affairs.
www.jewishmag.com /70mag/goldtabernacle/goldtabernacle.htm   (2878 words)

And he shall put some of the blood on the horns of the altar which is before the LORD, which is in the tabernacle of meeting; and he shall pour the remaining blood at the base of the altar of burnt offering, which is at the door of the tabernacle of meeting.
There shall be no man in the tabernacle of meeting when he goes in to make atonement in the Holy Place, until he comes out, that he may make atonement for himself, for his household, and for all the assembly of Israel.
Outside the veil of the Testimony, in the tabernacle of meeting, Aaron shall be in charge of it from evening until morning before the LORD continually; it shall be a statute forever in your generations.
www.libertypraise.com /tabernacle1.htm   (5965 words)

 Tabernacle Placement
The tabernacle in which the Most Holy Eucharist is reserved should be placed in a part of the church that is prominent, conspicuous, beautifully decorated, and suitable for prayer.
The tabernacle in which the Eucharist is regularly reserved is to be immovable, made of solid and opaque material, and locked so that the danger of profanation may be entirely avoided.
1183 The tabernacle is to be situated "in churches in a most worthy place with the greatest honor." The dignity, placing, and security of the Eucharistic tabernacle should foster adoration before the Lord really present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.
www.ewtn.com /expert/answers/tabernacle_placement.htm   (1128 words)

 Tabernacle. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
In the Book of Numbers, the Tabernacle is referred to as the “Tent of Meeting” when it functioned as the place for divine revelation to Moses.
The Tabernacle rested in Shiloh before it was finally placed in Jerusalem.
During Solomon’s reign, the Tabernacle was replaced by the Temple as a sign that God had given his people rest from their wandering.
www.bartleby.com /65/ta/Tabernac.html   (191 words)

 Exemplariness of tabernacle and pictures
The tabernacle was called also with following names; the tabernacle of the congregation, the tabernacle of testimony, the tabernacle of witness and the tent of the testimony, because the law of the Lord was put to the ark of covenant.
The task of the Levites was to carry the tabernacle and all its instruments.
This is spoken of in Exodus in the last chapter of the book, and this chapter ends with these words: "For the cloud of the LORD was upon the tabernacle by day, and fire was on it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel, throughout all their journeys.
koti.phnet.fi /petripaavola/Tabernacle   (1209 words)

 General Knowledge: Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Exodus relates that at Mount Sinai, Moses was given instructions for a portable tent-like sanctuary that was to be the center of Israel's worship (Exodus 25-30).
The sanctuary was called both the "Tabernacle" ("dwelling") and the "Tent of Meeting." The courtyard of the Tabernacle was 150 feet long and 75 feet wide, and it contained a large wash basin for the priests and an altar for burnt offerings.
The Tabernacle itself was 45 feet long and 15 feet wide, and it was divided into two parts.
demo.lutherproductions.com /bibletutor/level1/program/start/gk/worship/tabern.htm   (160 words)

 Tabernacle of David
One tabernacle dealt with a kingly anointing and one tabernacle dealt with the priestly anointing.
Just as the spoil from Egypt was used to build the Tabernacle of Moses and the spoil David acquired was used to build Solomon's Temple, so shall the wealth of the Gentiles will be used to build the house of God (the Church) today.
It says in 1 Chronicles 15:2, 12, 14 and 15 that the Ark of the Covenant (presence of the Lord) was to be born on the shoulders of the Levites.
www.watchmanministries.org /tabernacle_of_david.htm   (2205 words)

 Welcome to the Tabernacle Home Page
The Tabernacle was a portable construction, made by wise, skilful workmen and transported by one tribe (the Levites) through the 40 years in the desert wilderness and on into the land of Canaan.
Therefore, the Tabernacle is a picture, a foreshadow of the Lord Jesus Christ.
In the book of Exodus, when God dictates to Moses the detailed design of the Tabernacle (some 1450 years before the birth of Jesus), He speaks forth a description of just who and what the coming Messiah (the Christ) would be.
www.domini.org /tabern/tabhome.htm   (295 words)

 The Tabernacle
The tabernacle is a picture of the Lord Jesus and His salvation.
The tabernacle was to be a place for God to dwell among His people.
According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.
www.bibletruth.net /florlane/Tabernacle/tabernac.htm   (479 words)

 [No title]
The entire City of Ocean City with its central Tabernacle was founded by Methodist ministers as a "Christian Seashore Retreat." The center of worship since its beginnings 128 years ago, the vision of those early founders continues in weekly worship and community activities at the Tabernacle.
The Tabernacle ministry provides Sunday School for children age 4 through 5th grade, as well as services for the growing number of small children--in the “Noah’s Ark” nursery facility.
The hard-working and generous Board of Trustees provide leadership to the Tabernacle, meeting regularly and establishing policies for all aspects of the association.
www.octabernacle.org   (626 words)

 The Official Site of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square are delighted to announce that the world-renowned King's Singers will be guest performers for this year's Christmas concerts, to be titled "An Old English Christmas." The performances will be held in the Conference Center on December 13, 14 and 15.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir — accompanied by sixty-five members of the Orchestra at Temple Square and a full complement of Tabernacle Organists — recently returned from their 2007 Canada and the Midwestern United States tour.
Mormon Tabernacle organists John Longhurst, Clay Christiansen, and Richard Elliott perform 23 hymn-based compositions showcasing the majestic Conference Center pipe organ.
www.mormontabernaclechoir.org   (1944 words)

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