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In the News (Tue 22 May 18)

  Tachometer - Wikicars
A tachometer is a device used for measuring the speed of a moving body or substance (from Greek: tachos = speed, metron = measure).
Tachometers fitted to cars, aircraft, and other vehicles typically have markings indicating a safe range of speeds at which the engine may be operated.
On an analog tachometer this maximum speed is typically indicated by an area of the gauge marked in red, giving rise to the expression of "redlining" an engine - i.e.
wikicars.org /en/Tachometer   (285 words)

On most audio tape recorders, the tachometer (or simply "tach") is a relatively large spindle near the ERP head stack[?], isolated from the feed and take-up spindles by tension idlers.
On many recorders, the tachometer spindle is connected by an axle to a rotating magnet that induces a changing magnetic field upon a hall effect transistor.
Tachometer signals can be used to synchronize several tape machines together, but only if in addition to the tach signal, a directional signal is transmitted, to let the slave machines know no only how fast the master is going, but in which direction.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ta/Tachometer.html   (282 words)

The stock tachometer is designed to trigger from the approximately 100V voltage pulses generated on the (-) side of the coil on a stock point type ignition.
The tachometer adaptor is really just a box with a coil in it which replicates the voltage pulses of a stock coil to trigger the tachometer.
Tachometer ground connects to one of the ground connectors on the ground replicator harness.
www.panteraplace.com /page182.htm   (1591 words)

 What is a Tachometer?
A tachometer is an instrument designed to measure the speed of an object or substance.
The traditional tachometer is laid out as a dial, with a needle indicating the current reading and marking safe and dangerous levels.
In its most familiar form, a tachometer measures the speed at which a mechanical device is rotating.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-a-tachometer.htm   (362 words)

 Tachometer check apparatus - Patent 4575664
In particular, an electrical tachometer is essentially a voltage generator which is interconnected with the shaft of a rotating device and calibrated to produce a voltage output which is related to the speed of the device.
The output voltage at the terminals of the tachometer is indicative of the angular velocity of the motor.
When the tachometer TACH is of the type which produces an AC signal which is related to the speed of the tachometer, the diode D3 is no longer necessary and may be disconnected.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4575664.html   (5747 words)

 Tachometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tachometer showing engine rotations per minute (RPM), and a redline from 6000 RPM.
A tachometer measures the speed of rotation of a shaft or disk (from Greek: tachos = speed, metron = measure), as in a motor or other machine.
The device usually displays the rate of revolutions per minute on a calibrated analog dial, but digital displays are increasingly common.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tachometer   (642 words)

 S10 Tachometer Conversion
The Ebay cluster included the tachometer and the small style gas gauge, which is also needed.
Because the wiring is different, the cluster with a tach is not a direct swap with a non-tach cluster.
Although the E-bay tachometer was in good shape, the integrated circuit on the back of the cluster it came in was not.
users.apex2000.net /whardie/tach.html   (519 words)

 Pelican Technical Article: Converting A Mechanical Tachometer to Electric
In the later years of production, the 356Cs were equipped with an electric tachometer, shown in Figure 1, similar to the type used on the more modern 914, 911 and 912s.
The older mechanical tachometer is a source of much frustration for many 356 owners, as the 40 year old mechanical components often fail.
The actual conversion of the tachometer is not an easy task and requires significant modification to your gauge, as well as many replacement parts from a later-year tachometer.
www.pelicanparts.com /techarticles/356_Electric_Tach/356_Electric_Tach.htm   (1009 words)

 tachometer - Encyclopedia.com
tachometer, instrument that indicates the speed, usually in revolutions per minute, at which an engine shaft is rotating.
Some tachometers, especially those used in automobiles, are similar in construction and operation to automotive speedometers.
Other types, often connected directly to the shaft whose speed they indicate, are small electric generators whose output voltage is proportional to speed.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-tachomet.html   (340 words)

 Tachometer - Wikipedia
Ein Tachometer oder Geschwindigkeitsanzeiger ist ein Messgerät zum Bestimmen der Geschwindigkeit in einem Fahrzeug.
Seit 1844 wurde der Tachometer zur Geschwindigkeitsmessung von Lokomotiven eingesetzt.
Ein Tachometer, der als Indikator für das geschwindigkeitsbedingte Risiko dienen soll, müsste daher eine energieproportionale Anzeige haben (siehe Abbildung).
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tachometer   (678 words)

 The Tachometer
Their purpose was to allow the driver to see when he was approaching the limit of the engine's rev and power range, after which the internal parts were likely to encounter destructive forces.
Mechanical tachometers are simply cable-driven (or any sort of flexible shaft-driven) meters that use a magnet assembly with an attached needle or other indicator.
The only possible downside of electric tachometers is that, since they are connected to the ignition system, a major short circuit in the tachometer can disable the ignition.
www.secondchancegarage.com /public/566.cfm   (787 words)

 Tachometer - Ai-Tek Information and Ordering
AI-Tek is pleased to introduce a new tachometer to meet today's requirements for compact packaging.
The microcomputer-based Tach-Pak 3 tachometer uses adaptive period averaging which permits a combination of fast response and high accuracy not available in other industrial speed instruments.
Typically, a Tach-Pak 3 tachometer is used with magnetic sensors as a signal source.
www.macguireandcrawford.com /tachometer.htm   (432 words)

 V1 remote display installed inside of a Porsche 993 tachometer
Make a small hole on the back of the tachometer casing, it has to be large enough so that all the wires can fit through once the tachometer is assembled.
Place the tachometer unit back into the tachometer casing and run the wire out through the hole you drilled earlier for wire opening on the tachometer casing.
Prior to installing the rest of the tachometer back together now it would be a good time to take the tachometer to the car to make sure everything works.
p-car.com /diy/v1/remote   (1849 words)

 Model 3711-B Tachometer Test Set
A standard GEU-7/A two-pole tachometer generator and an SAE cable adapter are included with the test set for convenient testing of both electrical and cable-driven tachometers.
The 3711-B Tachometer Test Set is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year and King Nutronics will, at its option either repair or replace components that prove to be defective.
Discrete settings throughout the RPM range of the tachometer test set are compared to the values displayed on the frequency counter, and the deviation between the two is calculated to derive a correction factor.
www.kingnutronics.com /m3711-b.htm   (637 words)

 VW Diesel Tachometer
The first is to locate a VW diesel with the real diesel tachometer that takes its input from the "W" terminal on the alternator and use that (this assumes you have an alternator with a "W" terminal).
Another tachometer option is to use a VW gas tachometer and the proper alternator, i.e.
Then the extra wire that the tachometer has is the one that you replace with the output of the tachometer signal generator.
www.4crawler.com /Diesel/CheapTricks/Tachometer/index.shtml   (5918 words)

 DC Tachometer Generators Tachometers
Tachometer Generator brushes and commutators are matched for long life and stability.
The DC Tachometer Generator ripple rms value will not exceed 3% of the dc value at any speed in excess of 40 rpm on standard units; 1.5% on low-ripple models.
Tachometer Generators are designed for continuous operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -55°C to +100°C(-67°F to +212°F).
www.servotek.com /PAGE8.HTM   (663 words)

 Tachometer Manufacturers On B2BChinaSources.Com from China Tachometer Manufacturers & Taiwan Tachometer Suppliers & ...
Tachometer is all hand made, which requires delicate techniq...
Tachometer is all hand made, which requires delicate technique to maintain it's accuracy.
Tachometer made by creditable manufacturers and you are welcome to Add Your Products Here to attract more potential clients if you happen to be doing business in the same field.
www.b2bchinasources.com /China-Manufacturers-15288/Tachometer-Manufacturers.html   (563 words)

 Tachometer vs. Encoder
Some may use the term tachometer to refer to a heavier duty encoder; Avtron uses the terms encoder and tachometer interchangeably.
The original distinction between tachometers and encoders was that tachometers were used for velocity indication and control only, and could not provide position information.
Only the (older) DC/analog tachogenerator style of tachometer (examples: BC-42 or BC-46) had this limitation; all modern tachometers have quadrature outputs which are used for velocity, position, and direction measurements, making them effectively encoders.
www.avtron.com /tachometer_vs_encoder.htm   (160 words)

 Alternator Tachometer Signals
Alternator tachometer signals are derived from the stator windings.
When the regulator switches from the absorption state to the float state, there may be complete loss of tachometer signal during the time that battery voltage decays.
This often results in a tach signal which is too weak to trigger some tachometers.
www.amplepower.com /primer/tach   (536 words)

 Pro-Comp series pedestal mount tachometers with and without shift lite from Autometer
Many factory tachometers are slow to respond due to heavy dampening used for smoothing pointer operation.
If this is the case, it may require a tachometer adapter to make your Autogage tachometer operate with your computer, or you may upgrade to an Auto Meter tachometer.
Because your Auto Meter electronic tachometer counts the number of times you ignition fires in a crankshaft revolution, additional random, false triggering causes erratic and inaccurate tach movement.  Auto Meter tachs are internally protected with circuits that filter out a majority of the "noise associated with racing conditions.
www.tonnocover.com /productline/1117/180/1/autometer_pro-comp_series_pedestal_mount_tachometer.html   (2898 words)

 Digital Tachometer
The Laureate dual-channel digital tachometer is a readout / controller which can measure 1000 Hz signals with 0.01 Hz resolution at up to 25 readings per second or AC line frequency to 50.0000 or 60.0000 Hz with 0.0001 Hz resolution in a few line cycles.
The Laureate digital tachometer can display frequency from 0.005 Hz to 1 MHz, RPM in revolutions per second, rate in engineering units, and period (inverse of frequency).
Each tachometer channel (A or B) may be independently scaled for RPM, frequency, rate or period.
www.laurel-electronics.com /digital-tachometer.html   (294 words)

 MicroSet Tachometer
The tachometer can be used with the standard optical sensor or the optional magnetic sensor.
To access the Tachometer, go to the "auxiliary functions" built into each MicroSet (hold down the BEGIN button when you turn it on).
The Tachometer function is included at no extra cost.
www.bmumford.com /mset/tech/tach   (264 words)

 RSR ORCA Tachometer
Maybe this is what you think about tachometers and you are probably, for the most part, right.
However, you most likely had the wrong tachometer, or maybe you needed something different to help you deal with your sensory overload, your need to win, stay alive, or just come back with some useful information.
The ORCA Tach is a solid state, microprocessor-based tachometer that addresses the human interface issues that other tachometers and shift lights fall short in.
www.rbracing-rsr.com /tachometer.htm   (1345 words)

 Test Set, Tachometer
Internal load banks may be selected to load the generator under test, and, while under load, the phase to phase voltage may be selectively displayed on the panel mounted voltmeter.
A standard aircraft tachometer generator is mounted inside the Tachometer Tester and may be used to test tachometer indicators.
A selector switch is used to select the speed indicator system and the output to indicators under test, to either the internal master generator or to the generator under test.
hydraulictechnology.com /test_set_tachometer.htm   (268 words)

The patented Tachsyn brushless tachometer/commutator is a unique transducer that can be used as a brushless dc tachometer and/or as a brushless dc motor commutator.
The Tachsyn brushless transducer is a magnetic sensing device in which the output windings, field winding, and permanent magnet are all located in the stator, thus maximizing reliability.
Any size may be used when a simple brushless tachometer signal is all that is required.
www.servotek.com /PAGE3.HTM   (256 words)

 Tachometer fitting instructions
A hole is needed in the fascia panel, the diameter of which will depend upon the tachometer purchased, with sufficient clearance behind to accept the body of the tachometer.
The tachometer can now be installed in the fascia panel hole, and clamped against the back of the panel using the fixing clamp, spring washers and knurled nuts supplied.
N.B. if the tachometer is totally inoperative at this point, when tested, and you have an electronic ignition system, it is well worth checking the settings of switches 4 and 5, and determining whether your system is type a or b.
www.caigauge.com /tachofit.htm   (510 words)

 FAA - Activity: Tachometer
Discuss the similarity of its function with the function of an airplane tachometer.
Construct tachometer dials from paper plates and attach hand with a brass paper fastener.
Discuss reasons why automobiles have only one odometer or tachometer, but airplanes may have two or more tachometers.
www.faa.gov /education_research/education/educator_resources/educators_corner/grades_7_8/tachometer   (319 words)

 Contact Tachometer / Length Meter - Features Exceptional Rsolution at Low Speeds
Contact tachometer Model EHT-500 features exceptional resolution at low speeds and is the smallest tachometer of this type.
The tach features four measuring modes: Real time mode displays the current value, Maximum displays the highest value, Minimum displays the lowest value and Mean displays the average value taken during the test.
EHT-500 digital contact tachometer is built with a lightweight, durable metal housing and operates on three standard AA batteries.
www.hoto-instruments.com /tachometer.htm   (212 words)

 Corvette Speedometer & Tachometer Rebuild   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The two instruments that Corvette drivers pay the most attention to are the tachometer and the speedometer.
The symptoms of tachometer problems are: A sticking needle, The tach will not register above a certain RPM, Sometimes the tach works correctly, sometimes it does not, The needle does not return to zero when the ignition is turned on, The needle jumps radically or fluctuates, or the tach just does not work at all.
The tachometer became an electric instrument in 1975 and its function is controlled by this circuit board.
www.corvettemagazine.com /2006/september/75-77_speedometer_tach/speedometer_tach.asp   (1750 words)

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