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Topic: Tactical politics

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  Tactical voting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Since then tactical voting has become a real consideration in British politics as is reflected in by-elections and by the growth in sites such as tacticalvoting.com who encourage tactical voting as a way of defusing the two party system and empowering the individual voter.
Tactical voting is fine in theory and as an intellectual discussion in the drawing room or living rooms around the country, but when you actually get to polling day and you have to vote against your principles, then it is much harder to do.
The term "tactical unwind" is used by some political scientists and commentators to refer to the phenomenon when tactical voting takes place in one general election but in subsequent elections voters revert to their normal patterns.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tactical_voting   (2003 words)

 Political science   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Accordingly, political scientists may studysocial institutions such as corporations, unions, churches, or other organizations whose structure and process approach that of government in complexity and interconnection.
The study of political science is complicated by the frequent involvement of political scientists in the political process,since their teachings often provide the frameworks within which other commentators, such as journalists, special interest groups, politicians, and the electorate analyze issues and select options.
The complex interplay of economic and political choices is reflected in the field of political economy, where economics and political scienceoverlap.
www.therfcc.org /political-science-124.html   (349 words)

 Portal:Politics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Politics is the process and method of gaining or maintaining support for public or common action: the conduct of decision-making for groups.
Political science is the field devoted to studying political behavior and examining the acquisition and application of power, or the ability to impose one's will on another.
Political scientists look at elections, public opinion, institutional activities (how legislatures act, the relative importance of various sources of political power), the ideologies behind various politicians and interest groups, how politicians achieve and wield their influence, and so on.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_politics-related_topics   (1604 words)

 Tactical voting - Electowiki
However, the type of tactical voting and the extent to which it affects the timbre of the campaign and the results of the election vary dramatically from one voting system to another.
Since then tactical voting has become a real consideration in British politics as is reflected in by-elections and by the growth in sites such as www.tacticalvoting.com who encourage tactical voting as a way of defusing the two party system and empowering the individual voter.
While most agree that tactical voting is generally a problem, there are some cases when a strictly limited amount of it may bring about an more democratic result.
wiki.electorama.com /wiki/Tactical_voting   (1260 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Politics | Election 2005 | Switching sides: the myths and the reality
Since many voters don't have a clue about the tactical situation in their constituency, it is difficult to vote tactically in such circumstances even if you do happen to live in a marginal seat; a supposedly tactical vote cast in ignorance is likely to be wasted or counterproductive.
Whenever tactical voting is mentioned, someone usually mentions the Observer/Scotland on Sunday polls of marginal seats in 1997, which are credited with helping to defeat a string of Conservative MPs, including Michael Portillo.
Whereas traditional tactical voting is about opponents of a party voting for the best-placed alternative, protest voting is about a party's supporters - in this case, nearly all Labour - deliberately choosing to vote for another party or not to vote at all out of protest at their favoured party's behaviour.
politics.guardian.co.uk /election/story/0,15803,1475025,00.html   (693 words)

 ") newWindow.document.write([Title]) newWindow.document.write(": ") newWindow.document.write([Name]) ...
In the West, performing arts have understood performance politics primarily as an intervention into the form of representation and filled it with a basic skepticism that wholly shatters the ontology of the theatrical event.
The interesting part of this political theatre, of course, is that the madness revealed is not the authentic gesture of the one performing, but that of the one watching.
Here, tactical advantage means that there are parallel modernities which could be combined, where the difference in the politics of performance is not perceived as a crack in time, but as the possibility of different articulations, parrallel resistances, and reactions to contemporary reality.
www.artmargins.com /content/feature/2004_07_18/2004_07_18_kunst.htm   (3440 words)

 General Remarks on the Question of Organisation
Similarly, political organisations have grown up, though not everywhere in exactly the same way, because the political conditions are different in different countries.
Parliamentary democracy is the political form in which the different important interests in a capitalist society exert their influence upon government.
But in ordinary times politics are left to a small group of specialists, politicians, whose work consists just of taking care of these general, political conditions of bourgeois business.
www.geocities.com /~johngray/panorgan.htm   (4430 words)

 The Observer | Comment | Let's have more passion in politics
Tactical voting will again keep the Conservatives in their place, but what this country is crying out for is a fairer electoral system
I have before me lists of constituencies where tactical voting, or the lack of it compared to 1997, could make a difference; these are to be plotted on a giant map for this week's New Statesman.
One is that it is worth voting tactically to persuade the Tories that they have no future under William Hague, and they need to change radically if they are to form an effective opposition.
observer.guardian.co.uk /comment/story/0,6903,476531,00.html   (1362 words)

 Vanguard - Politics : Tactical blunders cost Ladoja his job —Olunloyo
I was critical about the governance of the state and the politics; and I promoted myself into the role of elder statesman, as genuinely, neutral and constructive elder statesman.
It is a game involving strategies like land warfare, major and minor tactics, major and minor logistics and it is both a science and arts.
Just as we have businessmen who haven’t gone to study economics, politicians who haven’t gone to study political science or sociology but are instinctively versed.
www.vanguardngr.com /articles/2002/politics/january06/22012006/p122012006.html   (1912 words)

 A.Broeckmann, D.García, G.Lovink - The GHI of Tactical Media
Tactical media are the field being worked by artists adopting a positive attitude towards contemporary digital technology, in a critical, innovative spirit.
Media activists point to the power of tactics as a means of breaking down the barriers between mainstream values and alternative ones, between professionals and amateurs and even between people who are creative and those that are not.
It is the contexts in which tactical media are made that influence the tactics deployed, and these contexts (and their tactics) are multiple.
www.uoc.edu /artnodes/eng/art/broeckmann0902/broeckmann0902.html   (4205 words)

 Russia, Nuclear Security, Nunn, Ivanov - JRL 6-9-05
In addition, we pledged to remove for centralized storage all tactical nuclear weapons of warships, multirole submarines and naval aircraft, and to liquidate a third of that arsenal.
It is a fact, though, that the U.S. has a tactical nuclear arsenal of 150 B61 free-fall bombs at its nine bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey and Britain (including 90 bombs at the Incirlik base in Turkey close to the Russian border).
They are tactical nuclear weapons for the U.S. But they are a strategic threat to Russia because it takes a F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter, which can carry such bombs, only 15-20 minutes to fly from NATO bases to Smolensk in Central Russia.
www.cdi.org /russia/johnson/9173-30.cfm   (805 words)

 New Mackenzie Universal Canadian Tactical Fund combines active asset allocation and active management : ArriveNet Press ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Tactical asset allocation Tactical asset allocation is an investment technique first pioneered in the late 1970's.
Using tactical asset allocation, a manager determines which asset class, bonds, equities or cash, is most likely to outperform.
Mackenzie Universal Canadian Tactical Fund uses a combination of all three: valuation, macro economic data and technical indicators to determine the asset allocation in the fund.
press.arrivenet.com /business/article.php/268609.html   (640 words)

 SUNY Oswego - Political Science Department: Degree Programs
Political Science courses at SUNY Oswego are organized into five subject fields.
Comparative Politics - The field of comparative politics is based upon the premise that only through the careful understanding and comparison of many political systems can one generate propositions about how governments and politics function.
Political theory is also comprehensive: rather than taking as its focus any one particular historical context or political setting, it includes every historical period in its purview.
www.oswego.edu /academics/colleges_and_departments/departments/political_science/degree_programs   (561 words)

 In Defense of Tactical Voting (Sometimes)
Neither challenges the assumptions of American empire, and politics as usual will be followed by a Washington regime that will be at best agnostic toward the needs of progressive social movements if not hostile to it.
For people living on the edge -- as so many are under modern capitalism -- the differences between having the right to legal abortion or not, an increased minimum wage or not, less arsenic in drinking water or not -- are not at all irrelevant, and may indeed be matters of life and death.
It is presiding over one of the largest upward redistributions of wealth in U.S. history, one of the most serious challenges to civil liberties in half a century, and one of the most aggressive foreign policies in years, made more dangerous by Washington's status as the world's sole superpower.
www.wpunj.edu /newpol/issue37/Shalom37.htm   (6313 words)

 BBC NEWS | Politics | UK deployment raises tactical concerns
While there is a political dimension to the issue, the US request for British troops to move north in Iraq to take over from US marines is probably more connected to operational problems.
So the marines are collecting together their own units to be used in Falluja and the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) of some 2000 men happens to be based not far away in Iskandariya.
Any difference in tactical approach between the British army and the US marines would need to be clearly recognised and allowed for in advance.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/3752750.stm   (862 words)

 News Wales > Politics > New tactical voting guide for Wales
The political watchdog Delyn Democracy has published a tactical voting �guide which they say is for �all those Welsh voters who really want to give Blair a bloody nose whilst still keeping the Tories out of Wales in the 2005 General Election�.
A co-editor of the Delyn Democracy website said: �It is the democratic entitlement of electors in Wales and elsewhere to discuss and be informed about tactical voting strategies, if they so wish, to (a) hold Blair to account for the illegal war in Iraq and (b) ensure Michael Howard�s ugly right-wing campaign is not successful.
This tactical voting guide can be interpreted as a polite reminder to Welsh Secretary and Neath Labour candidate, Peter Hain, that elections are for the electors, not simply the party political machines.�
www.newswales.co.uk /?section=Politics&F=1&id=7715   (317 words)

 Tactical nukes suddenly spark controversy-Blog-Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
A few remarks on tactical nuclear weapons in the interview with Robert Joseph in Arms Control Today all of a sudden sparked a controversy in Moscow.
Russian tactical weapons continue to be the primary destabilising factor, just as Soviet weapons were in the past.
It’s gotten to the point; the distinction between tactical and strategic weapons is also irrelevant.
russianforces.org /blog/2006/06/tactical_nukes_suddenly_spark.shtml   (1896 words)

 GOPUSA - Austin Bay   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Good Cop Colin and Bad Cop Don are both political big shots, but they know their primary mission at the moment is to fight and win The War on Terror.
The smart guys said the president had made a tactical error, he was risking political capital.
The chief political leader had to demonstrate national political will, out of the mishmash of potholes and pocketbooks, and do so despite the doubt and friction of a national media that still in large measure fails to come to grips with the long-haul challenges and consequences of 9/11.
www.gopusa.com /commentary/abay/2002/ab_1113p.shtml   (653 words)

 "Is voting for “electable” a mistake?," wrote John McCrory
In this primary season, ordinary Democratic voters seem obsessed with the kinds of tactical political concerns that used to be the province of party operatives.
There's a time and a place for thinking about political tactics, but that sort of maneuvering is not a substitute for a real campaign message.
This sort of tactical politics distracts us from the real work to be done: articulating a clear and appealing agenda for making our country and our world a better place.
www.johnmccrory.com /wrote.asp?this=221   (552 words)

 New Page 1
There is a clear difference between strategic politics and tactical politics.
Politics is a process of dealing with value conflicts within society.
With an undergirding system of decision making within the organization, politics attempts to address the common good.
web.uccs.edu /nguzman/defpolitics.html   (205 words)

 TAP: Vol 7, Iss. 28. Back from the Dead. E. J. Dionne.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The current political crisis is the crisis of this social democratic bargain.
And there is nothing wrong with bowing to political and practical necessity by pursuing this goal in steps (for example, by pushing first for universal coverage for children).
Nonetheless, what is clear from the turbulence of the last four years is that American voters would be powerfully attracted to a political movement devoted to using government to ease their economic insecurities and to expand their capacity to take advantage of the new era.
www.prospect.org /print/V7/28/dionne-e.html   (5130 words)

 Lean Left » Politics
He further argues that the arguments the most prominent tactics and arguments used against abortion range from irrelevant to disingenuous to patently false (and are often used in combination with one another), and I agree.
I love this: apparently there is a political controversy in Japan over the singing of the national anthem.
Given the political benefits which Bush supporters believe come from this leak, the leak is celebrated — and exploited — rather than condemnend by those who relentlessly claim to detest leaks not for any partisan reason but only out of solemn devotion to the security of the United States.
www.leanleft.com /archives/category/politics   (7899 words)

 Nuclear Arms Race, U.S. & Russia - Johnson's Russia List 6-16-03
In Washington, the Americans are calling their European arsenal "useless from the military point of view" but they are saying that it is a "political" factor of deterrence.
All nuclear warheads for ground-based tactical weapons and nuclear artillery munitions destroyed.
All tactical nuclear weapons, including sea-based nuclear cruise missiles, tactical nuclear weapons from surface ships, including aircraft carriers and similar weapons from assault submarines and naval aircraft removed and placed at central storage bases.
www.cdi.org /russia/Johnson/7224-14.cfm   (914 words)

 Real Men Go Negative - CBS News
It was nothing more or less, he asserted, than "negative politics." He even imported an amen duet of Democratic party heavies - Sen. Tom Daschle and House Majority leader Richard Gephardt - to publicly fret over the "sharp negative turn" of Bradley's campaign.
Federal laws require a candidate who buys any political ad to identify himself, but this legal requirement will be met as anonymously as possible.
In politics, being an "oppo" researcher is regarded as honorable employment.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2000/01/31/politics/main155215.shtml   (853 words)

 Tactical Confusion - Los Angeles Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
By Ethan Rarick, ETHAN RARICK, the acting director of the Center on Politics at the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, is the author of "California Rising: The Life and Times of Pat Brown" (UC Press, 2005)
OF ALL THE SLY tactics commanded by the backroom bosses of initiative campaigns — elicit fear, evoke compassion, pander to greed — one of the simplest is this: sow confusion.
If politics is a rhetorical form of combat, few weapons are more effective than the fog of war.
www.latimes.com /news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-rarick31oct31,0,4477518.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions   (941 words)

 BBC News | UK POLITICS | 'Tactical' phone allegation
One of the main findings against Keith Vaz relates to his allegations that his mother received nuisance telephone calls from a woman making a complaint against him.
This "reckless" allegation was an attempt to interfere with the investigative process into the complaints he faced - headed by parliamentary standards commissioner Elizabeth Filkin.
Mr Gargan continued: "We cannot rule out a tactical motivation for Mr Vaz's contact with Leicestershire Constabulary in this matter, but the evidence does not support further investigation of any attempt to pervert the course of justice.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/uk_politics/1809837.stm   (430 words)

 Monkeyfist.com: Articles about politics
Political satire of the planned missile defense system.
A political, social, economic, and historical look at breastfeeding and strong critique of the formula/medical complex by Gabrielle Palmer.
George Bush's political ambitions, in Texas and nationally, float upon a never-ending tide of scummy money.
monkeyfist.com /Politics   (2118 words)

 TRIZ and Politics
Many of the 73 tactical methods and stratagems, described in his book "Methods of Strategy and Tactics of Election Campaign" (1998), are published for the first time.
Twelve large tactical methods were used by a Yeltsin's team, here are several of them (numbering is taken from the book).
Despite of it, the strong methodology of commodity marketing has penetrated into politics and killed there those important things, which are possible only in the personal struggle.
www.triz-journal.com /archives/1999/11/a/index.htm   (4784 words)

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