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Topic: Taichung City

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  Taichung City Taiwan - Taiwan tourist & travel guide for Taichung City, Taiwan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Taichung City, center of economy, communication and culture in the middle of Taiwan Province, is the third biggest city of the Province as well.
Situated at the center of the Taichung Basin, west part of the Taiwan Island, Taichung City was established in Qing Dynesty, 1886 (the 12th year of Emperor Guangxu's reign), which was once the provincial capital of Taiwan.
The terrain of Taichung City is high in the north and low in the south, the western side of which though facing sea, yet is blocked by mountains, thus scarcely being the victim of typhoon attack.
www.orientaltravel.com /China/Taiwan/Taichung_City.htm   (241 words)

 City of Austin - Austin Sister Cities: Taichung
Taichung City is the third largest city in Taiwan, Republic of China.
Taichung is an ancient city known as a "City of Culture." Among its contemporary attractions are the Provincial Art Museum, Folklore Park and Museum, and National Scientific Museum.
Taichung is the largest city near the epicenter of the major 1999 Taiwan earthquake.
www.ci.austin.tx.us /siscity/taichung_2.htm   (438 words)

 Taichung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Taichung City borders Tanzi Township (潭子鄉) Fengyuan City (豐原市), Xinshe Rural Township (新社鄉), Taiping City (太平市), Dali City (大里市), Wuri Rural Township (烏日鄉), Dadu Township (大肚鄉), Longjing Rural Township (龍井鄉), Shalu Township (沙鹿鎮), and Daya Rural Township (大雅鄉).
Taichung was declared a special municipality in 1949 by the newly arrived KMT government.
Taichung Station lies on the mountain line, which splits from the coastal line from Zhanghua City to the south of Taichung, to Zhunan, near Hsinchu, to the north.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Taichung_City   (4697 words)

 Taichung Agan - BR Bullpen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Taichung Agan (台中金剛), also known as Taichung Robots, were a team in the Taiwan Major League.
Taichung pulled a worst-to-first with a dazzling 43-16-1 record in 2001 and they beat Taipei 4 games to 2 in the finals.
As the TML merged with the Chinese Professional Baseball League after 2002, it was Taichung's last season and they again steamrolled the competition with a 47-24-1 record and toppling the Fala 4 to 1 in the best-of-7 finals.
www.baseball-reference.com /bullpen/Taichung_Agan   (412 words)

 Taiwan's cultural revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Taichung, 95 miles south of Taipei, is Taiwan's third-largest city and has just begun to sprout its first crop of skyscrapers.
The outside world knows this city of 9,00,000 people as a leading warehousing centre, with a rapidly expanding international harbour, which will soon be connected by a north-south high-speed railway.
But Taichung is also known as a city of culture, what with its many universities and colleges, museums, public libraries, a sculpture park (the first on the island) and the famous Donghai Arts Street where art galleries, cafes, teahouses and poetry stores abound.
www.rediff.com /money/2004/sep/17spec.htm   (778 words)

 Taichung Competition, Taichung City, Taiwan 1995, SPF:architects
Taichung City is the main urban area of central Taiwan.
The city has a population of over one million.
The project involved the design of a new city government district and the design of a two 17-storey government buildings.
www.spfa.com /COMP_taichungDESCRIPTION.htm   (39 words)

 Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau Profile'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
For the welfare of the Children in the city, a new children’s hall was built at Hsing An Road.
The Taichung City Cultural Center was recently rechristening the Taichung City Bureau of Cultural Affairs in January 12,2000.
The Taichung City Bureau of Cultural Affairs was recently rechristening the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung in July 15, 2002.
www.tccgc.gov.tw /report/profile/eng-ver.htm   (2069 words)

 Millikin University | International Programs
Taichung, where Tunghai University is located, is the third largest city in Taiwan, an island located about 100 miles off the coast of Mainland China between Japan and Hong Kong, bordering the Taiwan Strait.
The city is an important educational center for Taiwan.
The city itself has placed a major emphasis on maintaining a clean environment by building parks, planting trees and constructing sewer and waste treatment plants.
www.millikin.edu /international/Taichung/taichung.html   (242 words)

 Port of Tacoma - About Us
The Taichung-Tacoma sister city relationship was established in 2000.
Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan, an island located about 100 miles (160 kilometers) off the coast of Mainland China between Japan and Hong Kong.
The city has placed a major emphasis on maintaining a clean environment by building parks, planting trees and constructing sewer and waste treatment plants.
www.portoftacoma.com /aboutus.cfm?sub=38&lsub=113   (175 words)

 City of Austin - Austin Sister Cities: Taichung
Taichung, the (former) provincial capital of Taiwan, is located on the Fatsu River by the western coastal mountains and within driving distance of the famous Sun Moon Lake.
Taichung does enjoy considerable support from the federal government to develop its industrial base, and in 2004 opened a science-based industrial park with a focus on nano-science applications and nanotechnology enterprises.
The Austin-Taichung Sister Cities relationship was formally established in February 1986, by resolution of the Austin City Council.
www.ci.austin.tx.us /siscity/taichung.htm   (985 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Taichung
Situated in an area where rice, sugarcane, and bananas are grown, Taichung is a distribution and processing center for these crops.
Inter-Continental to Open a Hotel in Taichung City, Taiwan; Hotel Inter-Continental Taichung City Will Be the City's First Five-Star Hotel.
Oblivious to the rain, a mother and her son take a look at an abandoned statue in rural Taichung.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Taichung   (259 words)

 Taichung Taiwan Jobs
Taichung is situated between Taipei and Tainan in northwestern Taiwan.
Located on the main north-south highway, Taichung is well-connected by both rail and bus to larger cities such as Taipei and Kaohsiung.
Taichung also has a small airport but service is primarily limited to domestic carriers.
www.jobmonkey.com /teaching/asia/html/taichung.html   (358 words)

 Asia-planet.com. Taiwan hotels in taipei, taichung, taitung, taoyuan, hsinchu...
On the city's outskirts, the Yangmingshan National Park has unique volcanic terrain, a rich variety of forest vegetation, and an extensive network of hiking trails.
Taichung city is known as an educational and cultural center.
Taitung City is located on the delta of the Beinan River, at the southern tip of the rift valley.
www.asia-planet.com /taiwan/index.htm   (435 words)

 Taichung - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The city has textile, machine-building, food-processing, and chemical industries, and was named an export-processing zone after the construction of a new port west of the city.
A noted educational and cultural center, it is the home of the Chinese National Central Museum and Tunghai Univ. A fine park and several scenic spots are in the city.
The city was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1999.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-taichung.html   (256 words)

 yctsou2000's Xanga Site
HSR Taichung Station is located near the midpoint of the railway adjacent to the second largest commercial development area in Taiwan.
Taichung city government officials are often splashed across the newspapers, accused of being involved in graft and corruption, and the city has a reputation for being lawless and in the hands of gangsters, but like the rest of Taiwan it's not a dangerous place unless you go looking.
Social problems in Taichung tend to be associated with teenage girls leaving school to work at betel nut stands making more money than their fathers, or the wives of city councilors being caught in the many (unfortunately straight) gigolo bars in the city, prompting yet another crackdown on prostitution.
www.xanga.com /home.aspx?user=yctsou2000   (1136 words)

Taichung is the city with the highest density of dentists in Taiwan.
However, with the wonderful culture and climate, Taichung has been considered the best choice by many people who therefore situate their residence or business offices here.
It is a very advanced group in comparison with the dental associations in other cities with its advanced concept and thought going ahead of all others in the whole nation.
www.dentistry.com.tw /en/introduction.htm   (213 words)

 Taipei Times - archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The real reason for the project's demise is that the Taichung City Council blocking the scheme which it called a future financial liability, and Hu was unable to persuade the council to change its mind.
City authorities said that Krens did mention in one of the letters that he did not think it was possible to continue the project after Saturday's legislative election.
While the city had originally planned to build the museum in downtown Taichung, the city council proposed building it on the site of Shuinan Airport, which would be relocated.
www.taipeitimes.com /News/front/archives/2004/12/17/2003215426   (992 words)

 Taichung - China-related Topics TA-TD - China-Related Topics
Taichung (台中, Hanyu Pinyin: T?izhōng, Wade-Giles: T'ai-chung, Taiwanese POJ: T?i-tiong) is a city located in west-central Taiwan with a population of just over one million people, making it the third largest city on the island, after Taipei and Kaohsiung.
The city's name is Chinese for "Central Taiwan." Taichung City (台中市) is administratively a Provincial citymunicipality of Taiwan Province of the Republic of China.
Taichung is home to Chung-hsing University (中興大學), Fengchia University (逢甲大學), Providence University (靜宜大學), and Tunghai University (東海大學).
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Taichung   (295 words)

 Chinese (Mandarin) Study Abroad Program in Taiwan. Learn Mandarin Chinese while teaching English in Taiwan.
Chinese Study Abroad Center in Taichung is one of the largest University Language Education centers in Taiwan for students from all over the world wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese.
It is the third largest city and a vibrant cultural, economic and educational center.
Compared to the other two big cities (Taipei in the north and Kaohsiung in the south) Taichung city has a much more moderate climate and is less populated and less polluted.
www.studyabroadinternational.com /Taiwan/Taichung/Taiwan_Taichung.html   (518 words)

 2003 Lantern Festival, Taichung City - Festivals & Feasts in Taiwan pictures on Worldisround
Kaohsiung City's is held around Kaohsiung Harbor and Taichung City's is held in Taichung Park.
This year, Taichung City was given the honor of hosting the Taiwan Lantern Festival.
The Lantern Festival at the Taichung Metropolitan Park is sponsored by the Taichung City Government with the cooperation of the private sector.
www.worldisround.com /articles/19452/text.html   (333 words)

 Taipei Times - archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A Cabinet meeting this week could promote Taichung City to the status of a special municipality, an official from the Ministry of the Interior said yesterday.
The vice minister said there were three good reasons for the upgrade: to balance development of the island as a whole, to raise the efficiency of reconstruction efforts and to define a new set of measures for allocating central government resources.
The Taichung County Government and some local public representatives have demanded the Cabinet promote the county at the same time as the city.
www.taipeitimes.com /News/archives/2000/10/16/0000057451/print   (587 words)

 Toyo Ito - Taichung Metropolitan Opera House :: arcspace.com
This kind of networks, of water and greenery, are similar to a structural model of Taichung City itself.
While a main entrance is strategically placed at the end of the green axis, between the New City Council and Government buildings, the building has more than one front, inviting people from several sides into a labyrinthine network of diverse spaces.
The Taichung Metropolitan Opera House will seat 2,009 in the Grand Theater, 800 in a Playhouse, and 200 in the Black Box.
www.arcspace.com /architects/ito/taichung/taichung.html   (476 words)

 } angsanaspa.com : about us {   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Centrally located in Tiger City, the 5,000 square meter Angsana City Club comprises a 3-level facility (on 7th, 8th and 9th floor) as well as a standalone Glass Tower at the entrance of the shopping mall.
Located at the open rooftop of Tiger City, a new teppanyaki restaurant is where diners can eat, drink and be entertained by superb culinary showmanship of the chefs.
Mr Bodo Klingenberg, General Manager of Angsana City Club Taichung said, "The need to relax and recharge one's spirit is now as important as the need to maintain a good level of fitness for the urban social elites that we are targeting.
www.angsanaspa.com /aboutus/pressreleases/taichung.htm   (820 words)

 Welcome to Taichung
Datong doll exhibition from the early days, held in Taichung City government, is inviting the public to reminisce the old days (2006-10-16)
The city government is adjusting the bus fee, the government will pay for the difference (2006-10-2)
With your opinion,propose the suggestion on the municipal topic of Taichung.
english.tccg.gov.tw   (229 words)

 2410th Tatun Art Exhibition of Taichung City Call for Entries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Taichung Municipal Government and Taiwan's Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan have announced a call for entries for the 10th Tatun Art Exhibition of Taichung City, Taiwan, October 15, 2005 to October 27, 2005.
The purpose of the exhibition is to enhance international cultural exchange, display the characteristics of Tatun Culture and promote the level of art creation for everyday life and internationalization of art.
Application documentation may be obtained from the Taichung Cultural Bureau through correspondence or by downloading the application form from http://www.tccgc.gov.tw.
www.roc-taiwan.org /chicago/press/20050310/2005031001.html   (247 words)

 Taipei Times - archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The campaign promise include the construction of the country's third industrial park in Taichung and the building of the country's third international airport near the city -- as well as upgrading the area into the country's third special municipality.
The president was in Taichung, the nation's third largest city, yesterday to inaugurate the preparatory office of a new science-based industrial park in central Taiwan, when Hu and Huang seized the opportunity to spell out their appeal.
Chen noted that the issue is made more complex by the fact that either Taichung City could be upgraded itself, or both Taichung City and County could be elevated together.
www.taipeitimes.com /News/taiwan/archives/2002/10/17/175987/print   (516 words)

 Taichung hotels and accommodation, hotel reservations in Taiwan, by all-hotels.com
The Splendor Apartment Taichung, a reflection of citys spirit, setting the high and highest standard in elegance, comfort and...
The Splendor Taichung, a reflection of citys spirit, setting the high and highest standard in elegance, comfort and...
The Splendor Taichung extends a rare blend of elegance and home style friendliness to its honored guests.
www.all-hotels.com /east_asia/taiwan/taichung_e1.htm   (678 words)

 Tagging Taichung
Because the city and sky shouldn't both be the color of cement; a brief record of the public service performed by graffiti writers in Taichung, Taiwan.
I noticed last week that there was quite a bit of stuff up back there and I took a minute to ride up a back alley through the freight yard and came across a railroad siding with a mural that was about 50m long.
Four Crew in Taichung, and YIA in Taipei are making Formosa beautiful in spite of the smog and the sprawl.
taichung-graffiti.blogspot.com   (1209 words)

 TAICHUNG CITY > Bourbon: Georgetown Whiskey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Mike Armstrong is a veteran Taiwan-based bartender and owner of Taichung's fM bar and restaurant.
Conventionally, whiskies were named after the town or city that first distilled them but Reverend Craig lived in Georgetown, Kentucky.
With the American Revolution still fresh in many minds, a wise marketing decision was made--to name it after the county, Bourbon, which in turn was named in honor of the French kings who had just helped America shake off the shackles of British colonial rule.
www.taiwanfun.com /central/taichung/nightlife/0610/0610Bourbon.htm   (406 words)

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