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Topic: Taiwan Province

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Taiwan Province - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Taiwan Province was established in 1887 by the Qing Empire.
When the Kuomintang government fled to Taiwan in 1949, the provincial administration remained in place under the theory that the ROC was still the government of all of China even though the opposition argued that it overlapped inefficiently with the national government.
Taiwan Province is officially represented by the PRC using the borders as they were when the PRC was established in 1949, much in the same way the ROC drew maps depicting mainland borders the way they were in 1949 before the communist takeover.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Taiwan_Province   (1386 words)

 Republic of China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Taiwan has become a major investor in Mainland China, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam; although there are no direct transportation links between China and Taiwan, it is estimated at least some 50,000 Taiwanese businesses and 1,000,000 businesspeople and their dependents are established in Mainland China.
Taiwan's mainstream culture is primarily derived from traditional Chinese culture, with significant influences also from Japanese and American cultures, especially in the areas of politics and architecture.
Taiwan has a high density of convenience stores, which in addition to the usual services, provide services on behalf of financial institutions or government agencies such as collection of the city parking fee, utility bills, traffic violation fines, and credit card payments.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Republic_of_China   (7959 words)

 Taiwan. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The earliest Chinese settlements on Taiwan began in the 7th cent., chiefly from the mainland provinces of Fujian and Guangdong.
Taiwan’s international position continued to weaken in the early 1970s as the United States sought to improve relations with the People’s Republic of China and as more large countries, such as Canada and Japan, moved to recognize the mainland government.
In late 2003 Taiwan passed a law permitting the holding of referendums; the move was stridently criticized by China, which believed the law would be used to obtain a vote for independence, and also criticized by the United States, which regarded such a vote as unnecessarily provocative.
www.bartleby.com /65/ta/Taiwan.html   (2045 words)

 MSN Encarta - Taiwan
Taiwan is bordered on the west by the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from mainland China, on the north by the East China Sea, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, and on the south by the South China Sea.
The government on Taiwan also administers the P’enghu Islands (Pescadores), the Chinmen Islands (Quemoy Islands) offshore from the mainland city of Xiamen, and the Matsu Islands offshore from Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province.
The government on Taiwan recognizes the mainland city of Nanjing (spelled Nanking in Taiwan) as its official capital, and designates Taiwan’s largest city of Taipei as its temporary capital.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761577607/Taiwan.html   (644 words)

 Taiwan - Simple English Wikipedia
It is south-east of China, south of Japan, and north of the Philippines.
This province is made up of the island of Taiwan and the Pescadores islands nearby.
PRC claims control over the island of Taiwan (which is also known as Taiwan province).
simple.wikipedia.org /wiki/Taiwan   (929 words)

 Taiwan Province - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
1 Taiwan Province of the Republic of China
Taiwan Province (Simplified Chinese: 台湾省) is a term used by leaders and people from the People's Republic of China to refer to Taiwan and depending on the context (if referring to the entire Republic of China government as "provincial," as such is often the case) can provoke a bad reaction by most Taiwanese people.
The PRC regards the Republic of China as a defunct (and therefore illegitimate) government replaced by the PRC in the Chinese Civil War and does not recognize the ROC's elevation of Taipei and Kaohsiung into central municipalities.
picorivera.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Taiwan_Province   (1197 words)

 Taiwan (04/06)
Taiwan's culture is a blend of its distinctive Chinese heritage and Western influences.
Taiwan is the United States' eighth-largest trading partner; Taiwan's two-way trade with the United States amounted to $56 billion in 2004 and rose 1% to $57 billion in 2005.
Taiwan's armed forces were reduced as part of a reform initiative from 1997 to 2001, going from about 450,000 to 385,000, with further reductions since then bringing the total force level down to just under 300,000.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/35855.htm   (6811 words)

 ipedia.com: Taiwan Province Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Taiwan Province is an administrative subdivision of the Republic of China that includes most of the Taiwan Island and surrounding islets, and the Pescadores.
The term is also used by persons from the People's Republic of China to refer to Taiwan and depending on the context (if referring to the entire ROC government as "provincial") can provoke a bad reaction by most people from Taiwan.
The state press commonly uses the term "China's Taiwan province" to refer to Taiwan and "the Taiwan authority" to refer to the ROC government.
www.ipedia.com /taiwan_province.html   (891 words)

 Overview - Taiwan Country Guide - World Travel Guide
Taiwan might have been known as one of the ‘tiger’ economies of Asia, but few people, until recently at least, thought of this small island off the southeast coast of China as a potential tourist destination.
For all practical purposes, Taiwan has been Independent for half a century, but the fledgling democracy is still regarded by China as a renegade province that must be reunited with the mainland.
Taiwan certainly has plenty to offer, from truly unique scenery to exciting sporting activities and colourful festivals, not to mention the most varied Chinese food on earth (Taipei is a gourmet’s paradise, boasting cuisine from every region of China).
www.worldtravelguide.net /country/country_guide.ehtml?o=273&NAV_guide_class=CountryGuide&NAV_Region=273   (506 words)

 Common Misconceptions
After Japan's defeat, Taiwan was occupied "on behalf of the allied forces" by the Chinese Nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek, who was fighting a losing Civil War on the Chinese mainland.
The "Taiwan is part of China"-line is a remnant of an outdated fiction kept alive during the past forty years by two repressive regimes, the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Nationalists.
Taiwan independence is as "provocative" as American independence was to the British in 1776.
www.taiwandc.org /nws-ch04.htm   (1088 words)

 Background Notes: Taiwan 11/97
The rest of Taiwan Island and the Penghu Islands are administered together as the Province of Taiwan.
Kinmen and Matsu are administered by Taiwan authorities as counties of Fujian Province.
The DPP generally maintains that Taiwan is an entity separate from mainland China, in contrast to the KMT's position that Taiwan and the mainland are both part of one China.
www.umsl.edu /services/govdocs/backgroundnotes/46.htm   (2874 words)

 Taiwan - Neither 'Renegade Province' Nor 'Tiny'
Taiwan never broke away from the communists in the first place.
The threats prevailed, though, and Taiwan was ceded to Japan, which ruled from 1895 until 1943.
Everything about Taiwan is big, from its ambition and industry to the ren-ching-wei---roughly, the "spirit of the people"---the enthusiasm which fuels everything from hospitality to occasional fistfights in the Legislative Yuan.
www.rense.com /general26/nei.htm   (702 words)

 Taiwan on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Taiwan in Japan's Relations with China and the United States after the Cold War.
Jack Chou, 30, of Taiwan and Stella Yuan, 26, of China, are a cross-strait newlywed couple, a new trend between Taiwan and China.
Taiwan's aim-inhibited quest for identity and the China factor.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/section/taiwan_history.asp   (3078 words)

 Google Earth Calls Taiwan A "Province Of China"... | The Huffington Post
Taiwan was critical to the Japanese effort in the Pacific War because of its industrial and logistical capacity.
Taiwan is still considered independent from China as far as Japanese textbooks and in most countries Taiwan is Taiwan.
Taiwan people on the other hand are outraged at the thought of being called Chinese because for decades they were taught that Taiwanese are in fact genetically and cultually superior compared to Chinese from mainland.
www.huffingtonpost.com /2005/10/04/google-earth-calls-taiwan_n_8330.html   (1544 words)

 Taiwan Provinces
Both of them use "Taiwan, Province of China" as the official name of this area (which is a slight misnomer, as it neglects the ROC part of Fukien).
Taiwan belonged to Japan in 1900, as a spoil of the Sino-Japanese War of 1895.
On a secondary level, the provinces of Taiwan and (the ROC part of) Fukien are subdivided into hsien (counties, districts) and shih (municipalities, cities).
www.statoids.com /utw.html   (642 words)

 CNN In-Depth Specials - Visions of China - Asian Superpower: Relations across the Taiwan Strait
The invective, which compared Lee to a "dog in the water who must be beaten" (lest he re-emerge on land) and "a traitor who will be cursed for a thousand years," was accompanied by hints that military force might be used against the island.
Among other provisions, the act obligates the United States to supply Taiwan with such defensive weapons as are necessary to maintain a balance of power in the Taiwan Strait.
Meanwhile, Taiwan has evolved from an authoritarian regime to a full-fledged democracy whose economic prosperity is the envy of Asia.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/1999/china.50/asian.superpower/view.from.taipei   (1310 words)

 TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA Business Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Following the Communist victory on the mainland in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government using the 1946 constitution drawn up for all of China.
In 2000, Taiwan underwent its first peaceful transfer of power from the Nationalist to the Democratic Progressive Party.
Throughout this period, the island prospered and became one of East Asia's economic "Tigers." The dominant political issues continue to be the relationship between Taiwan and China - specifically the question of eventual unification - as well as domestic political and economic reform.
www.can-wtd.com /dir/TAIWAN__PROVINCE_OF_CHINA   (181 words)

 BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Flying the flag for China - in Taiwan
China and Taiwan have been bitter rivals since their split at the end of the Chinese civil war.
"Taiwan has had an anti communist party for a long time, and many here are anti-Chinese," said Mr Dai, who was born in Taiwan, but whose parents are from Hunan province in China.
Huang Li-hsin, director of civil affairs at the ministry, conceded that the group had not applied to formally register with the authorities, but said it had decided to act because the group was publicly advertising its activities.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/asia-pacific/4168153.stm   (813 words)

 Republic of China (Taiwan)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The red in the flag represents the land of China itself, with reference to the Han race which is the dominant race among the many races of China.
This flag of Taiwan is shown in both the 1919 and 1930 editions of Jane's Fighting Ships and is identified as the Chinese Naval Ensign.
Although the RoC (Taiwan) continued to make claims over the Chinese mainland, it seems now that Taipei's government is seeking for the recognition of its independence as a State.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/tw.html   (659 words)

 CIA - The World Factbook -- Taiwan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Taiwan has a dynamic capitalist economy with gradually decreasing guidance of investment and foreign trade by government authorities.
Taiwan is a major investor throughout Southeast Asia.
Taiwan has benefited from cross-Strait economic integration and a sharp increase in world demand to achieve substantial growth in its export sector and a seven-year-high real GDP growth of 6.1% in 2004.
www.cia.gov /cia/publications/factbook/print/tw.html   (1344 words)

 AsiaMedia :: TAIWAN: Taiwan's province tag follows conventions, says Google
Taipei --- Google, the most-used Internet search engine, said its description of Taiwan as a province of China is consistent with international naming conventions such as those followed by the United Nations.
Google faces protests from Taiwan's government because of the description, which is used on its map service.
Taiwan has repeatedly sought entry to the United Nations, which recognises China's sovereignty over the island.
www.asiamedia.ucla.edu /article-eastasia.asp?parentid=31144   (231 words)

 Google seeks talks with Taiwan over Maps | InfoWorld | News | 2005-10-06 | By Dan Nystedt, IDG News Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
China demands that the world recognize Taiwan as a part of China, its "One-China" policy, and works diligently at ensuring international groups such as the United Nations don't recognize the island as a separate political entity.
On Taiwan's part, the island has distanced itself from China in recent years, in an effort to maintain its self-rule and continue its development as a high tech center and one of the most vibrant democracies in Asia.
People on the island argue that despite China's economic development, it still denies freedoms of speech and of the press, denies the right to establish new political parties, and is often named as an abuser of human rights.
www.infoworld.com /article/05/10/06/HNgoogleseekstalks_1.html   (1482 words)

Taipei was also the capital of the province of Taiwan until 1967 when is was moved to Jhongsing.
For the same reason, the ROC was not allowed to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention that entered into force in 1997 and has not been permitted to join the Australia Group or other non-proliferation organizations.
The People's Republic of China replaced Taiwan in the UN on 15 Nov 1971; the U.S. switched recognition from Taiwan to the People's Republic on 1 Jan 1979.
www.worldstatesmen.org /Taiwan.html   (1467 words)

 WHO | World Health Organization changes travel recommendation for Taiwan province, China
The recommendation to consider postponing all but essential travel to Taiwan province, China was issued on 21 May, 2003 in order to minimize the international spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
Improvements in case detection, infection control, and the tracing and follow-up of contacts have led to a steep drop in the daily number of new cases.
“The SARS crisis in Taiwan has been taken very seriously at all levels,” said Dr Cathy Roth, a WHO virologist who was in Taiwan in May to assess the need for a strengthened response.
www.who.int /mediacentre/notes/2003/np17/en   (415 words)

 Search Engine Journal » Google Maps Says Taiwan is Province of China, Sparks Protest
The Nationalists of Taiwan were recognized as the true Chinese government by the United States until Kissinger, and then Nixon visited Mao on Mainland China and then recognized the Peoples’ Republic of China as the official Chinese government but still kept relations with Taiwan under the One China Policy.
The only country in the world that thinks that Taiwan is a province of China is China,’ the TSU said in its protest letter.
Taiwan may not be a contry, but it sure is not a province of China,either.
www.searchenginejournal.com /index.php?p=2288   (1699 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Taiwan protests over Google map
Taiwan has asked the internet search engine Google to stop referring to the island as a province of China on its map web site.
The foreign ministry is demanding a correction, saying it has had no response to an earlier call for an amendment nearly a month ago.
Legislators from the pro-independence Taiwan Solidarity Union are urging the public to e-mail Google in protest.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4308678.stm   (264 words)

 OT: Air Canada - Taiwan a Province of China
Various names are used for Taiwan to get around this technicality, I believe the Americans and others prefer "Chinese Taipei".
"Taiwan - Province of China" is a good one because it doesn't say "Taiwan - Province of PRC".
However, Taiwan is somewhat discouraged for use on its own because it implies a separate country.
www.flyertalk.com /forum/showthread.php?t=457477   (708 words)

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