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Topic: Talent Identification Program

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Duke Talent Identification Program
States have different rules and regulations regarding the identification of gifted students and the types of educational programming available to them.
Since 1980, the Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) has been a world leader in identifying academically talented students and providing innovative programs to support the development of their optimal potential.
The mission of the Duke TIP Alumni Association is to promote active communication and relationships among alumni and the larger Duke TIP community and to support the mission of Duke TIP.
www.tip.duke.edu   (193 words)

  ACTAS Talent Identification Program
Talent Search, an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission, is the national talent identification and development program, and works in cooperation with the Australian Olympic Committee, national and state sporting organisations, state institutes and academies of sport as well as the state departments of sport and recreation.
Talent Search is designed to assist sports identify talented young athletes and prepare them for future participation in the highest level of sport, such as the Olympic Games and World Championships.
To understand how Talent Search works as well as information on state programs, results and achievements, athlete profiles and their thoughts about the program, and what it is to be an elite athlete, visit the National Talent Search program website.
www.sport.act.gov.au /actas/programs/talentsch.html   (329 words)

  UALR Center for Gifted Education   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tip’s educational programs are open to all qualified students in grades 7 though 11 regardless of where they live.
Building on a rich history dating back to 1980, the Duke University Talent Identification Program is dedicated to being a national leader in identifying academically talented students and providing innovative programs to support the development of their optimal educational potential.
Programs for students, families, and educators will be of such excellence that they will become models for the education of academically talented students worldwide.
www.ualr.edu /giftedctr/tip/tip.asp   (332 words)

 Academics at Saint Bernard Academy in Nashville, TN - An Independant, Co-educational Elementary School
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) is the largest program of its kind in the nation, representing participation from over 6,150 junior high and middle school in a 16 state region.
The Talent Search identifies academically talented 7th graders based on standardized test scores at the 95th percentile or better in the area of language, reading, math, science, social studies or the composite score from their sixth grade test.
Through the sharing of information, programming, recognition ceremonies, and the special attention that is inherent in the Talent Search identification process, TIP offers supplementation of local efforts to motivate, enrich, and academically challenge some of our community's brightest young people.
www.stbernard.org /inside/duketalent.php   (394 words)

 talent identification program - Web Links
talent identification, which was not the case during the past quadrennial plan.
It is used in talent identification programmes in Australia and the UK and many club coaches use it to determine whether their fitness...
This field test for aerobic endurance is used in talent identification programmes across the globe, in schools and clubs as well as by the emergency services and a...
www.product-launch.co.uk /search.php?ass=1237&qry=talent+identification+program   (473 words)

 Duke TIP - 7th Grade Talent Search Overview
The Talent Search is now beginning its twenty-eighth year and is the largest program of its kind in the nation, representing participation from 6,000 junior high and middle schools in the Duke TIP 16-state region.
Duke TIP then provides the participants with comparative information concerning their academic abilities and resources for unique educational opportunities.
Students are provided with information about their abilities and introduced to a network of services and programs.
www.tip.duke.edu /talent_searches/grade_7   (286 words)

 Duke University Alumni Magazine
The closing ceremony on the program's final Saturday morning is designed to be informal and allow for the tears that are always present, especially when the fourth-year students say their adieus.
TIP is still much whiter than the student population at large, but less white than it used to be.
Pfeiffer says the program responds to a long-standing complaint of TIPsters' parents: If they had known earlier that their child was being under-challenged, they would have done more to nurture him or her.
www.dukemagazine.duke.edu /alumni/dm30/tip.html   (3577 words)

 Australian Institute of Sport - National Talent Search Program
In essence, the aim of the NTID program is to identify and subsequently fast track the development of potential elite athletes to an Olympic and World Championship level of competition.
Given the targeted approach to the delivery of programs, it is not possible for the NTID program to work with every sport and in every state.
Research – the NTID program is undertaking significant investigations across a number of areas to assist in refining practices and ensuring the maximised success of all projects.
www.ais.org.au /talent   (337 words)

 duke university talent identification program at Lets Fix Our Schools - duke university talent identification program ...
> duke university > duke university talent identification program
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) is seeking candidates for the...
qualify for the Duke University Talent Identification program: To be eligible for the Duke University Talent Identification Program, seventh grade students...
university.letsfixourschools.com /directoryunv/duke_university/duke_university_talent_identification_program   (280 words)

 Duke Talent Search - Presbyterian School
Presbyterian School is proud to announce that a third of its seventh grade class achieved eligibility for the Duke University Talent Identification Program.
Students qualified to the Duke Talent Search by scoring at the 95th percentile or higher on a grade level standardized achievement, aptitude, mental ability test or approved state criterion-referenced test.
The 7th grade Talent Search is now beginning its 24th year and is the largest program of its kind in the nation.
www.pshouston.org /fw/main/Duke_Talent_Search-189.html   (220 words)

 FCSD3 - OEC Gifted and Talented
The South Carolina Junior Scholars Program was developed by the State Department of Education during the 1985-86 school year to identify eighth-grade students with exceptional academic talent and to determine strategies for their inclusion in special programs.
The program includes a process for screening a potential talent pool of students, identifying and recognizing those students with exceptionally high scholastic achievement and intellectual ability, and sponsoring summer opportunities in collaboration with participating South Carolina colleges and universities.
Identification Criteria: (1) Eligible students who score greater than or equal to 50 on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) in verbal, math, or writing will be identified as South Carolina Junior Scholars.
www.florence3.k12.sc.us /OEC/OECGifted&Talented.htm   (444 words)

 Talent Identification: What makes a champion swimmer?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The utility of talent identification programs for predicting swimming performance is assessed using data gathered in recent research studies.
The research also supports the notion that an effective talent identification program may be formulated for the sport of swimming.
Of the many parameters available for use in a talent identification battery, several may be considered mostly inherited traits that cannot be easily modified with training.
www.coachesinfo.com /article/166   (2669 words)

 Duke University Talent Identification Program
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) is seeking candidates for the position of Outreach Educational Specialist.
The Outreach Specialist reports directly to TIP’s Executive Director for general supervision in the administration of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation grant program in support of outreach to financially needy gifted youth within the 16 state region of the Duke TIP Talent Search and other educational programs.
grade students in the TIP Talent Search/Educational Programs pool for the outreach program using established screening criteria.
education.uncc.edu /sagallag/nashrockymt.htm   (402 words)

 Extracurricular Programs for K-12 students and Educators
Duke's Talent Identification Program which identifies talented youth and encourages them throughout the rest of their school careers.
This program allows high school students to participate in summer research internships at the Rosenstiel School with faculty mentors, their research staffs, and their graduate students.
The program seminars are similar to upper-level college classes, and Telluride Association Summer Programs are free (students pay only the costs of transportation and incidental expenses (participants with demonstrated need may request financial aid to cover reasonable travel costs).
www.ibiblio.org /cisco/summerprograms.html   (1220 words)

 Talent Identification program
Since 1987, I've been spending at least part of each summer teaching in the Talent Identification Program at Duke University.
Visit this site to find out more about this program.
This site contains links to some of the web resources that were used to accompany my Macroeconomics course at TIP.
www.oswego.edu /~kane/tip.htm   (77 words)

 ASPIRE goes for gold with the next generation of potential sporting heroes | ASPIRE
Through the talent identification process, ASPIRE has examined the physical, emotional and intellectual readiness of students, with the objective of assessing who has the potential to become tomorrow's sporting champions.
ASPIRE's talent identification is the most far-reaching program of its kind in the Middle East, and data from the study has provided a strong insight into the levels of health and fitness among the youth of Qatar.
The talent identification process is an annual event in Qatar, as part of ASPIRE's ongoing mission to unearth new talent in the region.
www.ameinfo.com /58212.html   (876 words)

 NJPEP: Virtual Academy
The Advanced Placement Program is a cooperative educational endeavor between secondary schools and colleges and universities.
The Center for Talented Youth is a comprehensive, university-based initiative that promotes the academic ability of children and youth throughout the world.
The Duke University Talent Identification Program is dedicated to being a national leader in identifying academically talented students and providing innovative programs to support the development of their optimal educational potential.
www.state.nj.us /njded/njpep/classroom/classroom_resources/gt_summer_local_programs.html   (459 words)

 Addional Opportunities for GT
The goal of the program is to provide early intervention with strategies that might lead to eventual placement in the PACE program.
The Duke Talent Identification programs are private for-profit programs operated by Duke University.
Duke Talent Identification distributes a mailing list of honorees to many private educational groups and businesses, so some honorees may receive additional literature through the mails.
k-12.pisd.edu /currinst/pace/pace_additional_ops.html   (659 words)

 Martha Putallaz to Direct Duke's Talent Identification Program
Duke TIP is a national leader in identifying academically talented students and providing innovative programs to support the development of their optimal educational potential.
She serves on advisory boards for Duke's Program in Education and is a member of the Spencer Foundation Faculty, a group of interdisciplinary educational research scholars at Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Founded by former Provost William Bevan in 1980, and soon to be celebrating its 25th anniversary, Duke TIP recently named its newly remodeled home on Buchanan Boulevard the William Bevan Building.
www.dukenews.duke.edu /2004/03/putallaz_0304_print.htm   (269 words)

 Program Options
The program opportunities described below are designed to meet the assessed needs of able learners who have been identified as gifted according to our school’s policy criteria.
The gifted program at the elementary level is basically an enrichment program that provides a differentiated curriculum for each child identified gifted.
The Middle School Program is an honors program with classes in literature and math.
members.cox.net /scarsellmeyer/program_options.htm   (274 words)

 NESA - New England Sports Academy
The Future Stars National Championship is the cornerstone of the Future Stars program, USA Gymnastics' talent identification program for men's gymnastics that focuses on education and preparation for the future.
In 1996 the talent identification and development program, then called the Olympic Development Program, was reorganized and changed to the Future Stars Program.
The goal of the Future Stars Program is to identify talented athletes, their coaches and clubs and to provide them with educational and training support.
www.nesacademy.com /clips/201106.asp   (519 words)

 NEA: Gifted & Talented Resources
This Johns Hopkins University program identifies America's top academic students in grades two through eight and provides challenging educational programs through their tenth grade year.
The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) identifies gifted children and provides resources to nurture the development of these exceptionally bright youngsters.
Programs are available for students, families, and educators.
www.nea.org /webresources/giftedlinks.html   (480 words)

 Competitive Program
Athletes are chosen between the ages of 5 to 6 to enter a TIP class: Talent Identification Program.
This is a time not only for the children to test out the team, but also for the staff to determine if the children are ready.
The Pre-Team program continues to stress basic strength and flexibility, while introducing dance and new, more difficult skills.
www.enagym.com /pompton/compete.htm   (308 words)

 Talent Identification Program
TIP is an educational program for academically gifted middle-to-high school students.
As a participant in TIP as a child, I was challenged in a way that I had never been in the past.
As an adult, I continue to be involved with TIP in various ways.
www.corston-oliver.com /Mo/TIP.htm   (155 words)

 Gifted Education
The Center for Talented Youth has been using “talent searches” since the 1970s as a way to identify and reward academically exceptional young students.
The “talent search” idea was originated by Dr. Julian Stanley, a psychology professor at the Johns Hopkins University in 1972.
The program is looking for bright kids, but also kids who have a passion and desire to pursue their interest at a high level.” Some of the students asked to participate will be identified through achievement rather than raw test scores.
www.templeton.org /capabilities_2006/hs/gifted/talented_youth_02.html   (292 words)

 Appalachian State University News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BOONE--In cooperation with Duke University, a Talent Identification Program (TIP) Scholar Weekend will be held Nov. 8-9 at Appalachian State University.
The program is open to all 7th-12th grade students who have participated in a TIP search or been identified as academically gifted through local school criteria.
Students enrolling in the program take one class, exploring material not typically included in the school curricula.
www.appstate.edu /www_docs/news/releases/100703talent.html   (136 words)

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