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 Rethinking Schools Online - Let's Talk About Sex
Religious fundamentalists successfully pushed stealth legislation aimed at gutting sex-education curricula in 1997, during the Clinton administration.
A look at how religious fundamentalists successfully pushed stealth legislation aimed at gutting sex-education curricula.
There is clear evidence that comprehensive sex education prevents pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. /sex

We are honored that many radio talk show hosts use our Web Portal for their "show prep." We would appreciate your occasional mention of our site to your audience.
With gas prices above $3 a gallon in many places, Congress should pass legislation by Memorial Day to make price-gouging a federal crime, Sen. Maria Cantwell said Saturday in the Democrats' weekly radio address.
Gulf Arabs are also worried about the possible environmental effects of a U.S. attack on Iran's nuclear plant at Bushehr on the opposite side of the Gulf, or of leakage from unmonitored Iranian sites.   (2097 words)

 News Talk 930 KLUP - Where Your Opinion Counts
But, I do not support the proposed Seat Belt Legislation for a number of reasons, not the least of which are principles of liberty and the right to pursue happiness.
He actually affirms that the revenue derived, even from good seat belt legislation, is another way for the government to tax the people.
How is seat belt legislation not government edict? /weblogs/dean/1314006.aspx?view=print   (2097 words)

 talk ::
My AEI talk on instituionalizing the war on terror through legislation
Talk is Cheap Until you hire a lawyer Large Bumper Sticker
IMPEACHMENT TALK Above the Level of Idle Chatter... /d/talk   (483 words)

 Security Feed - Home Page - Blog - CSO Magazine
But Congress has yet to pass legislation to make room for them on the spectrum, which is already crowded by cell phones, broadcasters and the military.
Tell us what you think at CSO’s Talk Back.
However, some VOIP providers had raised concerns that E911 would be hard to implement with VOIP phones that keep their telephone numbers wherever they are plugged into the Internet. /news/index.cfm   (15098 words)

Michael wanted to bring in a live, call in talk show to the radio that dealt with these contracting issues and introduce awareness and legislation to regulate these unlicensed, uninsured contractors.
The original format was for consumers looking for solutions to current home problems and advice and ideas on home improvement projects to call in and talk to Michael King for straight answers to their home improvement problems.
His keen insight, vast experience, willingness to share what he knows to be true, and flush out the falsehoods, and his unwavering disdain for political correctness make for one of the freshest, most exciting presentations in talk radio.   (416 words)

 Chicago Public Radio - Audio Library: Eight Forty-Eight
We talk with him about the practical effects of the proposed legislation, which would seal certain criminal records of ex-offenders in Illinois.
Contributor David Greising joins us to talk about the continuing showdown over Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's proposed state budget and President Bush's visit to southwest Michigan to tout a turnaround in the nation's manufacturing sector.
At the same time, the Illinois General Assembly approved legislation to cap property taxes. /audio_library/848_ramay04.asp   (5888 words)

 CITES BY TOPIC: Natural Law Defined
And to talk of either adding to, or taking from, it, by legislation, is just as false, absurd, and ridiculous as it would be to talk of adding to, or taking away from, mathematics, chemistry, or any other science, by legislation.
We believe that persons of any religion should be free exercise their rights to follow their religion and to talk freely in public settings about what God& law says about the sins of abortion, homosexuality, and fornication.
Natural law is the origin of the concept and science of justice. /TaxFreedom/CitesByTopic/NaturalLaw.htm   (10702 words)

 :: ::
Furthermore, the government must be forced to preserve the only honor left of the original legislation that created this travesty in the first place - the talk of protected property rights and restitution for genocide that initially swayed the cooperation of Native Americans already so mistrustful of the American government, and rightly so.
The author of the legislation, Henry Dawes, seemed to see it as a means to civilize the American Indian, while his contemporary, Senator Henry M. Teller of Colorado, said the legislation was nothing more than a new scheme to remove American Indians from their land to allow resettlement by White Americans.
That's really what is at issue, especially in light of the fact that Henry Teller's perception of the original legislation that has produced the present situation proved correct. /articles.asp?ID=568   (2110 words)

Congressman Tom Brinkman (R), District 34 (Cincinatti) will be calling in to talk about pending legislation in the Ohio Congress that would ban all abortion in Ohio.
Tom Calloway & Chuck Poage of the Toledo area chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (Christian Cruisers) will be in to talk about the "Blessing of the Bikes" event, happening this Saturday, 11am at International Park in Downtown Toledo.
Pro-lifers hope to have this legislation pass, so that the issue can go before the U.S. Supreme Court eventually, (a Supreme Court that may have new Justices), for a chance to overturn Roe vs. Wade. /GrooveHouse.asp?DT=5/1/2005   (423 words)

 Tech Learns Give-and-Take in Bill on Expensing
He points to talk among FASB board members of a delay in implementing options expensing, and to talk during public discussions in Palo Alto and Norwalk, Conn., about formulas besides the "fair value" method (also known as Black Scholes) for evaluating the ways in which options are expensed.
That's a big concession on the part of most tech companies that used to like to show up in Washington, wave tattered copies of their civics textbooks and talk about having dinner with President Bill Clinton.
If the Senate doesn't act before it adjourns—and in this election year, no one is willing to predict when Congress will close up shop and go home—tech interests might have to start all over again on the legislation next year. /article2/0,1895,1681691,00.asp   (1373 words)

 BBC NEWS England Kent Anger at council's 'anti-gay' stance
Kent County Council's policy, which effectively retains the legislation by still preventing pupils from being taught about homosexuality as an alternative to heterosexual relationships, was introduced in 2000.
The House of Lords had previously attempted to block the government's attempts to repeal the legislation.
Section 28, the legislation which has prevented intentional promotion of such relationships in schools, is being abolished across England and Wales on Tuesday. /1/hi/england/kent/3277499.stm   (1373 words)

 Hugh Hewitt
This is a great issue for talk radio because there are passionate, passionate people on both sides.
Senate offices know revolts when they happen, as do talk show hosts.
One of the advantages of being a talk radio host is that I do travel to my markets and I do meet with audiences, and I get to ask them questions. /#postid1076   (13829 words)

 Debates (Hansard) -- Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
We had that meeting with the Minister of Justice of Canada to talk about the gun legislation and how it can be improved for Nunavut, for example filling out of forms that are just in English for those Inuit who don’t write the English language.
The Federal Government, through the use of the RCMP is working on the gun control legislation and they had a community tour but I had no opportunity to meet with that person.
My question, which I brought up in October, will be directed again to Minister of Justice in regards to the gun legislation. /old/english/hansard/final3/20000222.html   (13677 words)

 Wisconsin State Journal article
So there was Galanter, speaking into the microphone on a sunny afternoon, beginning her speech by saying "I will talk about some legislation because Vic said I had to.".
That a lot of politicians in Wisconsin are now aware of those statistics is a credit to McMurray and her allies in child-care activist groups fighting for legislation, such as the Working Family Child Care Tax Credit that the Legislature is currently considering.
Victoria (Vic) McMurray makes it all look so easy--bending down to wipe crumbs off a child's mouth, then turning to a state senator to offer advice regarding a new piece of legislation, and one second later stepping up to a microphone to stir a great throng of activists to chant for change. /advocacy/noise.htm   (13677 words)

 A Guide to Tax Policy Analysis: Problems with Distributional Tax Tables
Members of Congress, students of tax analysis, the media and ordinary citizens seeking to understand the economic effects of proposed tax legislation are inundated with revenue estimates and distribution tables that often obscure the economic issues and hinder the policy process.
The analysis of tax policy and tax legislation is more art than science.
Distribution tables that purport to show the estimated income and tax distribution among groups of individuals and how these groups will bear the economic burden resulting from changes due to proposed tax legislation are a source of confusion for policymakers and the public. /jec/tax/table.htm   (13677 words)

 Northern Territory Property News
Lobbying is continuing on new retail and commercial lease legislation introduced into the Territory Parliament.
The Property Council has already notched up several important wins on the Retail Tenancy Bill, including the retention of a ratchet clause, dropping plans to set up a new bureaucracy to administer the legislation and shelving proposals to fund the legislation from the Agents Fidelity Fund.
However, the Property Council and its retail arm the Shopping Centre Council of Australia still need to talk to the NT Government over the fine details. /nt/newsletter/040122/040122_article3.htm   (122 words)

 Democrats For Life of America - Home
OKLAHOMA CITY (June 1, 2005) Oklahoma Pro Life Democrat Legislators, an organization founded by four Democrat lawmakers a year ago, is celebrating the successes they achieved this year including passage by two of the group’s members of HB 1686, the most significant pro life legislation in 25 years.
While both Democrats and Republicans talk about reducing the number of abortions, Democrats for Life of America offers real solutions to make this goal a reality.
“We said that we intended to pass meaningful pro life legislation and we kept our word,” said Senator Daisy Lawler.   (122 words)

 Can Prince William marry a Catholic?
If William did wish to marry a Catholic then he, Prince Charles or Queen Elizabeth would talk with the prime minister who would agree to amend the law by introducing legislation in parliament.
The series of Protestant and Catholic monarchs and their persecutions of Christians belonging to the alternative church eventually led to the supremacy of one of the divisions in Britain - the Protestant Church - and the anti-Catholic legislation of which the Act of Settlement was a part.
The Act of Settlement means that if William marries a Catholic - see paragraphs 1 and 3 where Catholics are referred to as papists - he could not then succeed to the British throne to become king. /william/succession2.html   (470 words)

 The Other Armstrong Williams Scandal - Center for Media and Democracy
In 1995 Williams Washington D.C. local talk radio program was syndicated to 60 stations around the country via the Talk America Radio Network.
The Democrats, Williams complained, "have no qualms about imposing their tastes and preferences on America through legislation or the regulatory force of the Food and Drug Administration.
Williams had been B&C’s vice president for governmental and international affairs until he established his own PR company, the Graham Williams Group. /node/3185   (1176 words)

 Yale Bulletin and Calendar - News
Browner's talk focused on the importance of sustaining public awareness of environmental issues and the need for a bipartisan effort on the part of Congress to enact environmental legislation.
Carol Browner (right) discusses issues with members of her audience after her talk.
Browner said that it is much easier to get the public to pay attention to environmental problems when it can see actual images of damage. /opa/v28.n31/story2.html   (1349 words)

 Cincinnati Enquirer, The (OH)
Feinberg, the man granted full power by Congress to repay the families of 9/11 victims, came into their lives one year ago, a result of legislation created in the same lurching haze as the leaflets and the funerals, legislation born of the reflex to act.
Talk of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon roils already raw emotions in Brookwood.
In addition, the widows of the miners are receiving $549 a week in workers' compensation for their husbands, and some, whose husbands were near retirement age, are entitled to a partial pension. /courses/pps55/Readings/fund911.htm   (6886 words)

 TvRadioWorld - Cyprus - Radio and Television
PIO participates in the Radiobroadcasting and the Television Consultative Committee, following the approval of legislation concerning private broadcasting.
Nationwide commercial broadcaster offering news, movies, music, comedies, talk shows and serials.
Nationwide commercial broadcaster offering movies, news, serials, comedies, talk shows and sports. /region2/cyp   (6886 words)

 UK Rocketry & Pyro forums > liquid fuel rockets
Liquid fuel rockets are not affected by explosives law legislation as the fuel and oxidising agent only meet at the point of combustion.
Liquid fuel rockets are not affected by explosives law legislation as the fuel and oxidising agent only meet at the point of combustion.>
The lockwood hiller engine you talk about is a valveless design that was proven to be incredibly ineffcient, low power and with such high fuel consumption and heat output (as you can see by the glowing exahust) totally useless in practical aplications..other than crop spraying! /forum/lofiversion/index.php/t283.html   (1588 words)

 Dar Al Hayat
The committee members probably selected a vague formula that mentions Islamic legislation or statutes, while the result is that a majority wants an Iranian-style state.
Therefore, the debate was over whether Islam would be a, or the, source of legislation.
Thus, there was talk about four religious judges making up the nine-member Constitutional Court. /opinion/OPED/08-2005/Article-20050817-c4eeb458-c0a8-10ed-00c7-49e4d5325a5e/story.html   (1758 words)

 Let's Talk Taxes - Unequal Parallel
By having a piece of legislation that targets one segment of Canadian society, the Act segregates native Canadians from other Canadian citizens by their placement on reserves; thus the Act limits their ability to fully participate in the economy.
This legislation merely props up the oppressive Indian Act, thereby limiting economic growth.
Native bands will collectively guarantee each other's credit using future revenue from the federal government, natural resources and from funds raised through property taxes. /main/news.php?news_id=473   (607 words)

 CourierPress: News
He said he will remove $100 million each for two regional development authorities, one in northeastern Indiana and one in northwestern Indiana, from the legislation.
Appropriations Committee Chairman Robert Meeks, R-LaGrange, said he still is considering the idea of removing the general enabling language but needed to talk with Indiana Department of Transportation officials.
The legislation, dubbed "Major Moves," would allow the administration to lease the Indiana Toll Road and to enter into other public-private partnerships for road and bridge projects. /ecp/news/article/0,1626,ECP_734_4455835,00.html   (737 words)

 SAMH - One-in-Four raising mental health awareness in Scotland
Mental health and medical experts will also be on hand to talk about the range of services, including homeopathy, stress management courses, conventional approaches, and Reiki, which can be of assistance to those experiencing mental distress.
At a SAMH members conference accompanying the launch, a mix of people, including alternative treatment practitioners, politicians and journalists, will talk about their own experiences of mental health and how they achieved recovery.
Praising initiatives like the See Me 'anti-stigma' Campaign, David Denton, SAMH Acting Chair, notes in the report that ".new legislation, policy initiatives and service provision are just some of the things which lead to better provision for those with mental health problems. /news_annualreport04.html   (341 words)

 Do Not Call Prospects
Weinberger said the Do Not Call legislation will have the greatest impact on small call center operations that are relying on outbound calling for 80 to 100 percent of their activities.
The company has nonetheless made sure it's in compliance with Do Not Call—scrubbing its contact lists of those who've signed up as well as upgrading its predictive dialing equipment to ensure that customers who answer calls talk to a person or hear a recorded explanation of who is calling them and why.
But legislation has since been passed to strengthen the FTC, while the Federal Communications Commission has pledged to enforce compliance with the list. /article2/0,1759,1504550,00.asp   (341 words)

It is unusual for legislation like HR 818 to be enacted as a free-standing bill; usually, changes to Medicare and FEHB are made in large omnibus packages that combine provisions from dozens of individual bills.
Talk to your local media about acupuncture and HR 818.
Schedule a meeting with your representative or his staff, in his home state office or in Washington, to talk about acupuncture and the need for HR 818. /newsroom/press_releases/HR818_facts.htm   (341 words)

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