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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

 The American Baby Contest! Most popular National Child and Baby Photo Contest! Baby Photo Contest! Baby Picture Contest!
Winners appear in such national magazines as : "Parenting", "Baby Talk", "American Baby" and more!
Mother baby fashion, parenting sites, parenting info, child care
Babies (ages younger than 2 years old) there are usually two sets of Top Winners, one for Girls and one for Boys (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places) each.

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Baby Talk at
Baby Talk focuses specifically on pregnancy and infants while Parenting takes a more generalized view of parenthood, with some articles geared for teenagers.
Baby Talk is published by the same folks who put out Parenting.
Baby Talk is published 10 times a year and is free to expectant parents and parents of children under 18 months old. /content_80117337732

 Parenting Discussion Forums - Chat and Talk about Parent Challenges
Talk with others about parenting the children of your significant other.
Talk about experiences and recommendations, adoption counseling and adoption lawyers.
Discusss being a TRIPLET or TWINS and being the parent or siblings of the same.   (405 words)

 Parenting advice, child development and family reference at
Sign up for one (or more) of our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice, solutions, and information on parenting and enjoying family life.
Parenting advice, child development and family reference at
Welcome to FamilyEducation, where millions of parents find school solutions, homework help, parenting tips, and expert advice. /home   (317 words)

 Parents' Common Sense Encylopedia
The definitions and answers are not meant to be definitive, textbook style discussions - it's "news you can use." The style reflects the way I talk to my patients - I try to keep explanations simple, direct and useful.
The purpose of this project is to give short, easily understood answers to common questions that come up in my everyday pediatric practice - in the office, or on the phone with parents. /EncyMaster/index.html   (432 words)

 FNF Press Release
The need is to share parenting better between the parents and the wider family and to ensure that, if the parents separate, the children keep the love and care of both parents and members of their wider family both sides of the divide.
The most important set of 'family practices' concern parenting.
The reframing is not to take a naïve view about 'the family' but to talk about supporting parents instead. /news/press_release/041111.htm   (642 words)

 cnvc:: “Compassionate Connection: Attachment Parenting and Nonviolent Communication(sm)“ by Inbal Kashtan
In the first year of my son’s life, the conviction that by practicing attachment parenting my partner and I were creating the foundation for a lifetime of trust and connection was deeply sustaining.
Instead of focusing on authority and discipline, attachment parenting and NVC provide theoretical and practical grounds for nurturing compassionate, powerful, and creative children who will have resources to contribute to a peaceful society.
With babies, NVC may look essentially like attachment parenting, with verbal expression of our own and our babies’ feelings and needs. /motherin.htm   (2409 words)

 Parenting Tips and Information on Baby Care and Pregnancy.
Babies are very particular and may not like the certain types so try to buy one of each and see which one your baby takes too.
The primary reason and theory for baby crying is to communicate needs and discomforts that require outside intervention.
The human body, while amazingly adaptable, is only willing to go so far: getting pregnant is often a matter of helping things along by working in a planful way to bring ovulation, active sperm, and a welcoming environment conducive to implantation together at the same time.   (2409 words)

 About Girl Talk
Girl talk activities and topics include: video-making, poetry, conflict resolution, teen health, sexuality, mural making, quilting, womenís history, media literacy, body image, decision-making, African dance, parenting, career choices, yoga, stress management, aromatherapy, and moreÖ
There is a Girl Talk Advisory Board and many individuals who volunteer with Girl Talk and assist with weekly programming and resource identification.
Girl Talk provides the girls with the opportunity to: /girltalk/mission.html   (2409 words) My life. My community.
He just put one arm around my shoulder and said with the reassuring tone of James Earl Jones, "Listen, whatever it is, we'll talk about it later.
I was fiddling with a bottle opener when Sexist walked up to rinse a beer mug.
He left, I went back inside and feigned looking for something by the kitchen counter to regroup from the spat. /love/articles/1063182480   (616 words)

 Babysitter Alert - Articles on parenting by Alison Miller
Pedophiles choose children who are lonely, lack self-esteem, can't talk to their parents, and can't stand up for themselves; children who might tolerate abuse for attention or apparent love.
Your parenting must focus on teaching your child to do the right thing rather than teaching her to obey adults unquestioningly.
They may, however, have inadequate parenting skills, and may need instruction in how you want your children treated, and how to handle misbehaviors. /askalison/9611.asp   (1035 words)

 Letter to M.C.F.
is the fact that you talk from the Children's point of view, from the Parents' point of view as well
"PARENTING TECHNIQUE; A parent should encourage independence but still set limits
Not only is it almost impossible for a non-custodial Parent and its side of the Family to /letter_to_m_c_f_.htm   (789 words)

 Parenting and Self-Help Books
The Dance of Connection: How to Talk to Someone When You're Mad, Hurt, Scared, Frustrated, Insulted, Betrayed, or Desperate
With the same profound insight, simplicity, and practical wisdom that have already reached tens of millions of readers, Covey demonstrates how the principles he introduced in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People can be used to build the kind of strong, loving family that lasts for generations.
Young people face a kaleidoscope of emotions and situations that challenge their sense of self and ability to cope. /Books.html   (1715 words)

 SELF HELP RECOVERY.COM© : The Accelerated Recovery Process™
Same with the "parenting Tapes", The Idea is to instantly recognize them as they POP UP and don't listen to them and / or react to them...
Hopefully you will have done some new self parenting and are "looking out" for your self...
When the intellect begins to develop through interaction with adult figures we also adopt their personality traits through not only what is said but also mannerisms and body talk. /phaseiii.htm   (2149 words)

 Parenting and Parenthood Information C-Sections Breastfeeding -
After three or four sentences of "Oh, just wook at hims itty bitty feetsies!" and the like, Sarah turned to my aunt and stated, "Talk right, Aunt Kathleen, or he won't be able to understand you." Such a plain truth can only come from the mouth of a child.
For example: "Does dat widdle baby wants a baf?", "Is him hungry?" I have told them that it is O.K. to use varying tone/inflection/and prodody, but it is not O.K. to substitute sounds in words and use incorrect language.
My mother and mother-in-law insist on using horrible speech and language around my baby, and I am worried about the effects that it could have on him. /articles/phw498.htm   (2149 words)

 FindArticles in Baby Talk
Baby Talk is a publication providing coverage and analysis of the field of parenting.
Baby Talk 08-01-2004 Publication: Baby Talk Issue: August 2004 Vol.
Teresa Harris Baby Talk 08-01-2004 Byline: Teresa Harris Publication: Baby Talk Issue: August 2004 Vol. /p/articles/mi_hb3398   (2149 words)

 HBO: Sex and the City - 'Baby, Talk is Cheap', Episode 54
However, when she invites over a couple with three kids, the reality of parenting looks a little less appealing and Charlotte and Trey take a break from their attempts to procreate.
Samantha, who has been sleeping with MBA man, Warren, is turned off by his baby talk in bed.
When she suggests he stop, Warren takes offense and storms out like the big baby he is. Speaking of babies, Charlotte and Trey decide that one baby will be okay and get back to work. /city/episode/season4/episode54.shtml   (422 words)

 Bilingual parenting tips on peer pressure, self-esteem, parenting style at Hablemos en Confianza
The materials provide step-by-step tips on listening to, observing, and talking with children in a way that increases effective communication and decreases barriers to communication.
SAMHSA/CSAP developed an online version of the Spanish-language communication materials called Hablemos en Confianza to help parents talk with their children about the dangers of substance abuse.
Listening, observing, and talking with your child (Communication) /parenting/default.aspx   (146 words)

 HBO: Sex and the City - 'Baby, Talk is Cheap', Episode 54
However, when she invites over a couple with three kids, the reality of parenting looks a little less appealing and Charlotte and Trey take a break from their attempts to procreate.
Samantha, who has been sleeping with MBA man, Warren, is turned off by his baby talk in bed.
When she suggests he stop, Warren takes offense and storms out like the big baby he is. Speaking of babies, Charlotte and Trey decide that one baby will be okay and get back to work. /city/episode/season4/episode54.shtml   (146 words)

 iParenting Media Awards
Results were compiled and submitted to the iParenting Media Executive Committee for final approval.
Here is the list of all the iParenting Media Award winners:
iParenting's Editor-in-Chief Elisa Ast All, MSJ, writes a syndicated monthly newspaper column and hosts an A.I.R.-nominated radio show, Points on Parenting. /press/080304.php   (688 words)

 The Ultimate ALF Page's Dreambook
I believe that ALF was one of the finest shows on TV that was geared to supporting good parenting, develop positive values and ethics in coexisting with others.
I have been an ALF fan for over 15 yrs and have just about 80 items of his and the only thing I cant find is his movies i`d love more than ever.
ALF is the best alien there is. I wish they would bring him back. /alfpage/alfpage.html   (2951 words)

 Authors and Experts - Member Detail
She can talk about breaking news stories and parenting, educational, and psychological issues.
She is the author of Birth Order Blues (Henry Holt & Co., May 1999) and of Keys to Parenting Your Four Year Old (Barron’s Educational Series, August 1997).
Wallace appeared on sixteen parenting segments for Channel 7 Eyewitness News, six segments on Good Day New York (Fox Channel Five), and was on The Early Show, Fox and Friends, BBC, Pure Oxygen, MSNBC, the Fox Family Channel, the Hallmark Channel, WRNN and The Debra Duncan Show. /search_detail.php?recordid=636   (2951 words)

 JS Online: There's no one way to explain attack
"Parenting Through Crisis" (Quill, $14) by Barbara Coloroso, which doesn't mention terrorism but can easily be applied to it, "When Nothing Makes Sense" (Fairview, $12.95) by Gerald Deskin and Greg Steckler, and "Trauma in the Lives of Children" (Hunter House, $19.95) by Kendall Johnson, Ph.D., will help this child work through her feelings.
When the dam breaks, she will need to talk and talk and talk.
So will two Web sites,, produced by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and, put up by the New York University's Child Study Center. /lifestyle/advice/sep01/kellcol28092701a.asp?format=print   (2951 words)

 Worksite-Based Parenting Programs to Promote Healthy Adolescent Sexual Development: A Qualitative Study of Feasibility and Potential Content
Adolescents' comments on general problems communicating with parents focused on four themes: difficulties talking to parents; parents' tendency to focus on the negative; parents' not listening or understanding; and parents' degree of involvement in their lives.
Four themes emerged from adolescents' comments about talking to their parents about sex: Parents do not talk about sex, adolescents do not want to talk about sex with their parents, parents make assumptions, and parents' statements about teenagers' having sex are brief or threatening.
They could also be taught how to get past roadblocks—things adolescents say and do that make it hard to talk about sex—by using communication skills such as active listening and asking questions. /pubs/journals/3706205.html   (5585 words)

 Press Release - Media Campaign
Other parenting tips are available at the multi-lingual ONDCP Web site, which is devoted exclusively to parents who want to learn how to talk with youth about illicit drugs.
The site allows parents to subscribe to receive biweekly parenting tips by email or download English or Spanish brochures called "Parenting Skills: 21 Tips and Ideas to Help You Make a Difference." The brochure can also be ordered online or by phone at 800-788-2800.
In 1998, with bipartisan support of the Congress and the President, ONDCP created the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, an effort designed to educate and empower all youth to reject illicit drugs. /newsroom/press00/061200.html   (5585 words)

 July - Family Time with God - Parenting
Now that you've discussed each fruit of the Spirit, talk about the ways you've seen the fruits in each other this month.
Talk about how much easier it is to tell which tree is which when you can see the fruit from each tree.
Have your child list several fruits in one column and the fruits of the Spirit in another. /cpt/2000/004/23.54.html   (806 words)

 Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples - Parenting Books
Different Mothers: Sons and daughters of lesbians talk about their lives edited by Louise Rafkin (1990), $9.95, OUT OF PRINT, Cleis Press, PO Box 14684, SF, CA 94114; 800-780-2279;
Whose Child Cries: Children of gay parents talk about their lives by Joe Gantz (1983), OUT OF PRINT, Jalmar Press, CA.
Lesbian & Gay Parenting Handbook: Creating and raising our families by April Martin, Ph.D. (1993), $15, Harper Collins 10 East 53rd St., New York, NY 10022. /bo-paren.html   (806 words)

In his talk, Dr. Tompkins describes the nature of childhood anxiety and describes several strategies for parenting the anxious child.
Parenting an anxious child is not easy, but anxious children can be helped to overcome their fears, and parents play an important part in the solution.
Tompkins, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 13822) and the Director ofProfessional Training at the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy, Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. /tompkins.htm   (806 words)

Larry has established the Larry Elder Charities, a non-profit organization that will contribute to groups and individuals offering non-government, self-help solutions to problems of poverty, crime, poor parenting, dependency, and education.
The "Sage" engages political and cultural leaders in meaningful debates over race, government, personal responsibility and education that have elevated the talk radio genre.
A "firebrand libertarian" according to "Daily Variety," best-selling author and radio talk-show host Larry Elder has a take-no-prisoners style, using such old-fashioned things as evidence and logic.   (806 words)

 SINGLE PARENTS MINGLE: Personals for Single Parents to Meet other Parents without Partners - 2005-07-15
Success Story : I initially joined SPM to talk with other single parents and discuss parenting issues.
Online personals site for parents without partners who know how tough single parenting can be.
If you are a single mom or dad join today to find friendship, understanding, love, and romance.   (806 words)

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