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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

 Mr. Personality News. Watch TV online, free. Monica Lewinsky
Personality Talk for news, gossip, headlines and more on Mr.
Mr Personality Talk the eligible bachelors, the mansion, the costumes, the clueness men, and more will be discussed by BananaTV hosts Benj Daddarrio and Kylie Watson.
Personality Talk has now come to an end. /mr-personality

 World Martial Arts Community - Karate Judo Kenpo Ju tae kwon do - Chuck Norris Bob Wall
The only TV personality Hart would not talk to was Dennis Miller from ABC’s Monday Night Football.
“All of the TV announcers wanted to talk to me, guys like James Brown from CBS and John Madden and Howie Long from Fox.
“I have been appearing in TV commercials and local theater in St. Louis for years,” said Hart, “and I keep hearing that Hollywood is looking for an African American action hero, well look no further here I am,” said Hart with a soft chuckle. /pages/iom_hart.asp?SID=2XM2B3SXOKY6A6H   (1150 words)

 Talk Soup
Talk Soup is a show that takes on the personality of each host that dons the "soup chair".
Talk Soup was interesting and funny through all the different hosts and hostess but they started out using a lot of different talk show clips and ended showing almost exclusively using Jerry Springer clips.
And her jokes only seem funny on Talk Soup because the crew is probably forced to laugh at them or else be replaced by other men who are willing to endure her as long as they can look at her ample.. /t/talksoup.htm   (6822 words)

 Talk Radio 101 "THE FM TALK STATION"
Voted "Talk Personality of the Year" in 2001, Sean Hannity is the hottest commodity in talk radio.
Talk Radio 101.1 is Panama City's home for FSU Football.
Consumer talk and advice you can use in today's world.   (161 words)

 Mr. Personality Links
Reality TV Talk 5/20/03 Mr Personality Season Finale Recap "Unmasked!"
Personality: Let the Games Begin and End
Personalitys Chris Plays the Game of Love to Win /mrpersonality.html   (161 words)

 Verizon Wireless Lets Customers TXT The Talk (Verizon Wireless) -
The craze that is silently taking the nation by storm lets customers send TXT Messages, meet new people and chat with friends, have fun and get info, plus give their wireless phone personality.
For a limited time, sending a TXT Message overseas is the same price as sending a TXT Message in the U.S. At Verizon Wireless' TXT Messaging companion site,, customers can also sign up for more than one hundred TXT Alerts to get the latest facts, sports scores, info and news.
Verizon Wireless TXT Messaging customers can pay as they go for $0.02 for each message received and $0.10 for each message sent, or select from bundled plans for $2.99 monthly access for 100 messages, $3.99 monthly access for 200 messages and $7.99 monthly access for 600 messages sent or received. /int/release/61191.html   (161 words)

 Memphis blacks knock on her door&kill beautiful young radio personality Rebecca Glahn - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
And if the staff of the station were really upset about they would've used those 8 hours of silence to talk about the blacks that murdered her, the judge that let them go, their former crimes and allowed people to call in and voice their opinion.
I see that my previous post was removed, but that's ok. I am going to PM Todd what I said, because I think it is disgusting that someone can actually all but support something like this, just because they work for the media and are not racist.
The poor lemming was probably convinced of multiracial harmony up until the moment of her death. /forum/showthread.php?p=1000113   (1103 words)

 Talk Radio DVD at Video Universe
TALK RADIO was based loosely on the murder of controversial Denver radio personality Alan Berg, who was killed on June 18, 1984, by white supremacists.
TALK RADIO was adapted from the stage play of the same name.
A compelling take on the dynamics of hate radio and the wages of narcissism, Oliver Stone's film is exceptionally well shot and acted, directed with claustrophobic concentration. /search/xx/movie/pid/1282559/a/Talk+Radio.htm   (493 words)

 Welcome To Girl Talk Foundation Inc.
Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in February 2003 by WPEG radio personality Janine Davis.
We're kicking off the Girl Talk GET FIT Campaign, plus tips on taking care of your skin with manicures and facials.
Girl Talk is “MAKING NEW STRIDES IN 2005”. /home.htm   (493 words)

 We Talk - Txt wrtng is annyng
He expresses his personality indirectly through concentrating upon a task which is a task in the same sense as the making of an efficient engine or the turning of a jug or a table-leg.
Michael Stipe recently admitted that he wrote most of his songs on his mobile phone in txt language.
Michael Stipre recently admitted that he wrote most of his songs on his mobile phone in txt language. /talk/showthread.php?t=88307&page=3   (493 words)

 Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder
Dissociative disorders are highly responsive to individual psychotherapy, or "talk therapy," as well as to a range of other treatment modalities, including medications, hypnotherapy, and adjunctive therapies such as art or movement therapy.
For example, during a traumatic experience, a person may dissociate the memory of the place and circumstances of the trauma from his ongoing memory, resulting in a temporary mental escape from the fear and pain of the trauma and, in some cases, a memory gap surrounding the experience.
The personalities may be an exaggeration or an escalation of the normal conflicts and role variations that all of us experience; It's as if the person gradually separates two or more kinds of conflicting desires, develops complex roles around each one, and engages them separately, so that they do not conflict. /nj/Dissociative   (1865 words)

 Chip Talk Preview of PopUp Cop - "Pop Up Cop puts the cuffs on!"
Radio personality Dave Ross previewed PopUpCop on his popular Chip Talk radio program.
Chip Talk Preview of PopUp Cop - "Pop Up Cop puts the cuffs on!"
This program is broadcast over the AP radio network. /promo/chiptalk.html   (1865 words)

 Young brothers have personality - and some special needs - 10/31/00
Deandre, 8, and Xzavier, 6, young survivors who share a special sibling bond, are always ready to talk, laugh and play.
Young brothers have personality - and some special needs - 10/31/00
Young brothers have personality - and some special needs /2000/features/0010/31/c02-141670.htm   (264 words)

 Stalin and the "Cult of Personality"
So when we talk about "the cult of personality," we should not be too hasty in accusing all those who, one way or another, were involved in it, debasing themselves with their flattery.
The result was the "cult of personality," the deliberate fixation of individual dedication and loyalty on the all-powerful leader, whose personality exemplified the challenge of creating socialist man and socialist woman.
To begin with, Stalin was a strong and vivid personality. /europe/cult.html   (1193 words)

 Big Five personality traits - Psychology Central
Although many personality researchers have built their own models, when they talk to each other they usually translate their model into the one proposed by Norman in 1963.
In unpublished research, Goldberg (the researcher who coined the term "Big Five") found that Cattell's 16 factor solution has greater predictive power than five factors, even when the number of predictors is controlled by using a cross-validation sample to assess the prediction of competing regression models (16 versus 5 variables).
The Big Five personality traits are empirical observations, not a theory; the observations of personality research remain to be explained. /psypsych/Big_five_personality_traits   (2755 words)

 Talk Radio Fan
Most critics of conservative talk radio hosts have only listened to certain hosts for a very, very short time anyway and have not grasped the host's personality.
Their shortwave talk radio program can be heard on Friday nights at 10pm on WWCR 3.215 MhZ.
Since you mentioned conservative talk radio hosts having an "I'm right and you're an idiot" attitude I will comment - while I can only defend hosts that I listen to I will say that none of them have that attitude at all.   (1175 words)

 Talk Radio Movie: Talk Radio DVD is available from
TALK RADIO was based loosely on the murder of controversial Denver radio personality Alan Berg, who was killed on June 18, 1984, by white supremacists.
TALK RADIO was adapted from the stage play of the same name.
A compelling take on the dynamics of hate radio and the wages of narcissism, Oliver Stone's film is exceptionally well shot and acted, directed with claustrophobic concentration. /cgi-bin/vlink/025192090820IE.html   (1175 words) - Movie review: Talk Radio Deseret Morning News Web edition
To some degree "Talk Radio" is based on the life of Alan Berg, a Denver radio personality who treated his audience similarly, and who was gunned down as a result.
It is Eric Bogosian's spellbinding performance as a "shock radio" talk show host who is self-destructing live on the air that virtually carries the film.
Bogosian plays Barry Champlain, a wild-eyed, loud-mouthed, insulting late-night Houston "Talk Radio" host who tells his callers how stupid they are for their narrow-minded beliefs. /movies/view/0,1257,1800,00.html   (1175 words) : Movies : Movie : Talk Radio : Plot
In co-adapting the play for the screen, Oliver Stone interweaves elements of Steven Singular's factual book Talked to Death, the story of a liberal Denver radio personality who was murdered at the behest of a militant right-wing hate group.
Talk Radio was the indirect inspiration for the 1990 TV series Night Caller.
Monologist Eric Bogosian's one-man theatre piece Talk Radio, co-written by Bogosian and Ted Savinar, is searingly brought to the screen by Oliver Stone. /movies/movie/34469/plot.jhtml   (1175 words)

 Avoidant personality disorder
People with this disorder experience such an intense fear that they do not talk to people from outside their family.
However, not all people who have this disorder display all these characteristics, and not all people have these characteristics to the same degree.
People with this disorder have an intense fear of being left alone. /stoornis/en-vermijd.htm   (163 words)

 TV ACRES: Broadcast Firsts - Talk Shows (Late Night)
Heir to Tom Snyder's late night time slot was LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN/NBC/1982-93 starring David Letterman, a wise-cracking, irreverent personality popular with the college crowd for his crazy late night stunts including, "Stupid Pet Tricks" and "Stupid People Tricks." Once a viewer asked to see a human head squashed in a hydraulic press.
- BROADWAY OPEN HOUSE was the first televised late night talk show broadcast from 11:00-12:00 A.M. Monday through Fridays on NBC in 1950-51 and hosted by Jerry Lester, Morey Amsterdam, and Jack E. Leonard.
TV ACRES: Broadcast Firsts - Talk Shows (Late Night) /broad_talk.htm   (415 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Never Talk to Strangers at
Sarah was friends with Cliff Raddison, a man who lived in her building.
There was a subplot going on related to something that happened when Sarah was a child and her current relationship with her father.
Sarah Taylor - Doctor who had a troubled relationship with her father. /content_113814048388   (1238 words)

Samson Spade says, "A bug that I have noticed is voices when people are waiting for that long ER ride" Elise Evans asks, "How about ways to talk about what level you are, or how close to your next level, but stay IC?" Miranda Myles chuckles.
Samson Spade says, "I kinda get itchy talking to ghosts, capiche" Samson Spade says, "its not a IC thing" Samson Spade nods to Rebekah Taylor.
Sarah Ninesling says, "It is somewhat odd when I see a 40 year old cop wearing latex pants and wearing black nail polish and wearing a baby tee that says cutie patootie or something" Ryan Archam grins. /aubreymcm/videos/ooc000506.txt   (3534 words)

 Movie Reviews by Edwin Jahiel
As a stand-up practitioner, actor and talk show host, Miller is too coarse, questionable and smug.
Sarah is visited by her estranged and -- it's hinted broadly -- once abusive father.
Cast: Rebecca De Mornay (Sarah Taylor), Antonio Banderas (Tony Ramirez), Dennis Miller (Cliff Raddison), Len Cariou (Henry Taylor), Beau Starr, Tim Kelleher, Eugene Lipinski, Philip Jarrett, and Harry Dean Stanton as "Max Cheski." Distributed by Tri-Star. /ejahiel/nevetalk.htm   (694 words)

 antisocial personality disorder - Prison Talk
Personality disorders are thought to be developed by the time one is 5 years old and is often a result of familial, social and cultural components.
Personality disorders are not like other mental health problems such as bi-polar illness, depression or schizophrenia where there is bonafide chemical imbalances that cause the symptoms.
Personality disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder, are deeply entrenched into one's psyche. /forums/showthread.php?t=41905   (2261 words)

 Libertarians on the Air! Index
THE Most Listened-To Libertarian Talk Show Host -- named Talk Radio "Personality of the Year"!
He not only knows and talks with the world's cutting edge scientists and thinkers, but he has a terrific knack for putting everything from space exploration to nutrition to political science and the value of liberty in terms understandable to everybody.
The hosts of the talk shows and other programs on the mushrooming lists indexed here are significant because: They're either self-proclaimed as "libertarian" or "Libertarian", or, if they're marked with an asterisk (*), they've simply been known to advocate more libertarian ideas than most or support libertarian candidates for elective offices. /radio.htm   (816 words)

 Radio Usenet Groups
Talk radio (call-in) programmes in the British Isles.
Fans of the abrasive radio and TV personality. a whole bunch of new radio newsgroups run from Ireland including groups for 'daft DJ names', 'anorak fashion tips', 'where are they now' and 'most overplayed artists on the radio' /radio.htm   (816 words)

 Air America Radio
With his co-host, veteran radio personality Katherine Lanpher, Franken will deliver three hours a day of fearlessly irreverent commentary, comedy, and interviews.
A best-selling author with a decade in radio, Thom Hartmann is a brilliant, well-informed, liberal who's outrageously and relentlessly entertaining on the air.
After debunking right-wing propaganda in his bestselling books Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, Al Franken is taking the fight to America's airwaves--and he's doing it drug-free.   (816 words)

Since Talk Radio is based on the late radio show host Alan Berg, Stone and Bogosian went to great lengths to preserve the personality of the original character.
In James Riordan’s discussion of Talk Radio, a strong emphasis was placed on the relationship between Eric Bogosian and Oliver Stone, and how each contributed to the making of the plot of Talk Radio and it’s main character Barry Champlain.
“ Barry Champlain, Stone's protagonist in Talk Radio is more than just a ‘calculated provocateur’ bent on shocking his audience; he is a lightning rod for our ‘national psychosis’, a prophet for the; ‘raw-nerved, solipsistic paranoid 80’s.’” /~ineng/stone/trarticles.htm   (816 words)

 Good Food, Good Meat, Good God, Good Eats
The strength of cooking shows, though, is also their main problem: they are about personalities -- personalities who are trained to be chefs, not TelePrompTer readers, not emotive talk show hosts, and not, it must be said with all respect, very interesting people.
Funny that a cooking show should finally get itself a real TV personality -- and is free thereby to be about cooking.
In the years since then the guttering flame of culinary TV was kept alight by the stalwart and frugal Jeff Smith, whose main flaw as a cook was a tendency to find the weirdest ingredients imaginable and eat them. /ABFP/ABArticles/GoodFoodGoodEats.htm   (894 words)

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