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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

 FYI: This week's title
This week we will talk about ancient Egyptian religion in Pharaonic and Greco-Roman times.
It represented the union of Egyptian and Greek religion and the rule of the Greek king as a new Osiris.
This outlines an important story in Egyptian religion. /odyssey/week9/FYI.html   (1150 words)

 Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly . PERSPECTIVES . Bankruptcy Implications for Boston Archdiocese . December 6, 2002 PBS
But then on the larger level, there's a lot of talk about whether the Church needs to change in more fundamental ways in terms of the way power is allocated: who becomes a bishop, who becomes a priest, celibacy, the role of women in the Church.
Michael Paulson is religion writer forthe BOSTON GLOBE.
And for the archdiocese itself, bankruptcy would require turning over control of financial assets and of documents to a federal judge, which is something that no diocese in the country has ever allowed. /wnet/religionandethics/week614/perspectives.html   (711 words)

 Las Vegas Religion Links
Christian Talk Radio : KKVV 1060 AM is celebrating its 14th year of serving Las Vegas.
Sekhmet Temple : Dedicated to an Egyptian goddess, this temple is near Indian Springs, about fifty miles north of Las Vegas on Highway 95.
Las Vegas Mormon Temple : Unofficial but good information /links/Religion.htm   (711 words)

 Waiting for the Unknown God
The citizens who gathered on Mars Hill to listen to Paul talk about "the unknown God" had little reason to be optimistic about the future of religion.
It would have been hard to fault one of Paul's spectators for believing that no religion would ever again dominate the Roman Empire.
The noted socialist Michael Harrington wrote an entire book, The Politics at God's Funeral, to ask the question of how society will hold itself together in the absence of a dominant religion. /dougdeb/Essays/Nextrel/intro.htm   (587 words)

 Irankicks Football Talk - Abu Ali Sina was an Arab?
Abu Ali Sina was 100% Iranian, but in history often after a nation change their religion and names, history wrongly put them in wrong category!
I mean lot of known generals of roman empire army were spanish,Greek,Macedonian decent but histroy books made them roman, just their names changed to roman names!
Irankicks Football Talk - Abu Ali Sina was an Arab? /ikboard/showthread.php?t=28900   (503 words)

 BBC America Discussions
Certainly, the only religion barred by statute is the Roman Catholic faith.
I should stress, however, that the Prince of Wales is a devoted Protestant and, while he holds a well-publicised interest in and respect for all different religions and is a firm believer in ecumenicalism, his own religious convictions are well documented.
I suspect that all talk of the Prince wishing to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy is total heresay. /thread.jspa?messageID=293832   (1184 words)

 Joseph Campbell Audio Collection : Volume 6 : Western Quest at Audiobooks Online - Cassette, CD, MP3 audio books
He discusses the development of the Roman Catholic Church in the Dark Ages, and shows how new conceptions of love, marriage, and worship gave rise to a secular "religion," that of courtly romance.
In this far-reaching talk, Campbell explores the dynamic balance between these universals and their local manifestations by focusing on the central myths of the four ancient centers of high civilization: China, India, the Near East, and Europe.
In this talk, Joseph Campbell explores the causes of this cultural exploration, tracing social, mythological, and cultural clues in the stories back to the prehistoric Celts and to classical China. /shopsite/1565112970.html   (1184 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on The Jew at
The idea of the Inquisition was based on the notion of “heresy” – which is defined as “an opinion or doctrine contrary to church dogma.” After the Roman Catholic Church was established as the official religion of the Roman Empire, heresy became a crime against both civil and canon law.
I have a bit of special interest in Portuguese culture because my wife is of Portuguese ancestry, I’ve studied the genealogy of her family and given a talk on the subject, and Portugal is, thus far, the only European country that I have visited.
The Portuguese Inquisition, established in 1536, was designed to ferret out forced “converts”, called “Marranos,” who were only feigning the practice of Catholicism but privately maintaining their identities and practices as Jews. /content_147301502596   (2045 words)

 The Delphic Oracle
An uncensored NONWICCAN global discussion list for Greek and Roman Reconstructionists, and those whose religions find deep roots in Greek and Roman Reconstructionism.
The same people talk together and make the same decisions, the only difference is who picks up the mail.
My site is about everything concerning about the occult, mythology and mayby later, the religion of the Gods. /hub?ring=greekpagan;id=12;list   (1542 words)

 Acts - Chapter 26 - Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on
Since he is forced to answer for himself, he is glad it is before king Agrippa, who, being himself a proselyte to the Jewish religion, understood all matters relating to it better than the other Roman governors did: I know thee to be expert in all customs and questions which are among the Jews.
Agrippa is so far from thinking him a madman that he thinks he never heard a man argue more strongly, nor talk more to the purpose.
It seems, Agrippa was a scholar, and had been particularly conversant in the Jewish learning, was expert in the customs of the Jewish religion, and knew the nature of them, and that they were not designed to be either universal or perpetual. /com/mhc-com/view.cgi?book=ac&chapter=26&verse=24#Ac26_24   (1542 words)

 Read about Talk:Di indigetes at WorldVillage Encyclopedia. Research Talk:Di indigetes and learn about Talk:Di indigetes here!
Can someone provide evidence that Aradia was worshipped in Classical Roman religion?
Research Talk:Di indigetes and learn about Talk:Di indigetes here! /s/b/Talk:List_of_Di_Indigetes   (56 words)

Mercury is the messenger of the Roman mythology.
Greek mythology is very different to our religion; it is difficult to learn all gods of his mythology.
So last night when she came at 10:00, she couldn't talk with me. I had already been sleeping for two hours. /newspaper.htm   (56 words)

 Harold Bloom, Jesus and Tanakh MetaFilter
Bloom's statement that it is "absurd to talk about a Judeo-Christian tradition" shows that the theological differences are so important to him that he fails to place these religions in larger context.
Bloom is mellowing in his later years, and I'm glad he's found a subject of real worth beyond bashing New Historicists and Feminists, etc. I liked The American Religion, but he seems to have a very broad conception of Gnosticism--one that obfuscates a lot of his central arguments.
Harold Bloom on religion in America, God smoking a cigar, and who really is the King of the Jews. /mefi/47263   (8807 words)

 Antioch the Lost Ancient City
Roman rule continued until 636 when the city was taken by Muslim armies who conquered, in the name of the new religion, much of what is today the Middle East and northern Africa.
The excavators hoped to unearth the famous colonnaded main boulevard and public buildings including the hippodrome, early Christian churches, and the palace that housed Roman emperors during their stays in the city, but most of the structures uncovered by the expedition were private dwellings.
As Libanius wrote, if a man "sits in our marketplace, he will sample every city; there will be so many people from each place with whom he can talk." /news/humanities/2000-07/antioch.html   (1377 words)

 Religion in Former Soviet Republics by James Billington
The Soviet Union has not lived through a civil rights decade of the sixties, has not lived through the various kinds of laboratory experiences of learning to talk first "at" and then "to" and then "with" one another.
Thomas E. Bird is professor of Slavic Studies at Queens College, a member of the Eastern Orthodox/Roman Catholic Theological Consultation (USA) and former president of Pax Romana.
The martyrs of the Soviet era, the so-called "new martyrs," which the church abroad has always venerated and honored, were honored in April with a very moving liturgy in the Cathedral of the Assumption inside the Kremlin. /centers/woodstock/report/r-fea31.htm   (1377 words)

 Arts Unlimited Arts features Stage left
In an era when The Da Vinci Code dominates the bestseller list, it will be fascinating to witness Brenton's take on demythologising religion (the National hopes the play will reopen on Friday).
Her complaint focused on scenes of nudity and attempted buggery, but many believe it was Brenton's political agenda (the Roman invasion in the play is a metaphor for British imperialism during the Troubles) that was the real culprit.
There was talk that Paul might fall foul of the government's new bill on religious hatred. /arts/features/story/0,11710,1588185,00.html   (1647 words)

Because of endemicinternal conflicts within the Mongols' empire, predominance of the Slavic language population,and the Orthodox Christian orientation in religion (the Mongols' language and faith policy wastolerant enough not to destroy the language and religiousness of the Moscovites) the GoldenHorde's doctrine was unacceptable any longer.
There's a larger point here--when we talk about Kievan Rus' in the context of Russian history we are talking about Russia as a state--a multinational political entity--and not as an ethnic nation.
Date: 07 Jul 1998 12:32 PM Nathaniel Knight's protestations notwithstanding, the hisory of Kyivan Rus belongs to Ukraine and not to Russia or Belarus, just as the history of the Roman Empire belongs primarily to Rome and Italy and not to Israel or Tunisia or Spain, nations and lands which the Romans ruled. /netforum/static/faceofrussia/6.html   (5592 words)

Associated spellings/ words: parler ['speak'](Old French)." Parilia - "Definitions: in ancient Roman religion, the festival of the Pales on April 21; a festival of increase and celebration of the day of the founding of Rome in 753 B.C. Associated spellings/words: Palilia." PARLIAMENT - "Definitions: talk, conference; deliberative assembly; Great Council of the realm.
Reportedly, F originated from the Pheonician vavv which was adapted by the Greeks and then dropped from the alphabet in the 7th century B.C. The Etruscans borrowed their F from the Greeks and altered it into a symbol similar to our 8.
Associated spellings/ words: pace." page - "Definitions: boy, lad; youth in training for knighthood; male person of low condition; boy (or man) employed as servant or attendant; a foot-boy or errand-boy at a house, hotel, etc.; one side of a leaf of a book. /p.htm   (13400 words)

 Tom Bethell: If John Kerry becomes the Democratic nominee, how will his liberal views sit with the Catholic Church? --
America's Roman Catholic bishops have begun to talk recently about holding politicians who claim to be Catholics to Catholic doctrine on issues like abortion and marriage.
Today, when abortion is widespread and vigilantly defended, and, thanks to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, same-sex marriage is growing more likely, Kerry's "Catholic problem" may be how little influence his religion may have.
Kerry tends to be a straightforward "Massachusetts liberal" on social issues. /story/139/story_13980_1.html   (565 words)

\par Newsgroups:,alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic,talk.politics.misc, \par Subject: Re: 'Swiss Guards' - are they just ancient decorations?
It opens with the papal anthem, and the swiss \par national anthem, and the unfurling of the papal flag, and the Swiss \par Guard banner (which incorporates the arms of Julius II, the arms of \par the reigning pope, the colours of the corps, and the arms of the \par present commandant.
(Hopefully with the moder- \par ator's permission.) \par \par The Swiss as mercenary troops first rose to prominence in 1494, as part \par of the army of Charles VIII of France during the invasion of the Italian \par peninsula. /files/CULTURES/SwissGuard-msg.rtf   (4229 words)

 Hindutva Series : Hindu History - Christianity : Hindu Customs in the Christian Community in India
Biographers of Jesus talk of the 18 silent years of his life, referring to the time between the incident in the temple when he was 12 years old and his baptism by John at the age of 30.
Jesus was thus held prisoner, he was tried by a Roman Court of law and sentenced to death.
Jesus Christ whose name the religion bears was born in Bethlehem in what is today the state of Israel. /christianity.html   (4229 words)

But the victorious emperor long afterwards declared it to the writer of this history -- when I was honored to meet and talk with him and he even confirmed his statement by an oath.
Up to that time, Christians were heavily persecuted by many of the previous emperors and the religion was outlawed.
The half-century from 235 to 284 A.D. is known as the period of the "Barracks Emperors". /roman.htm   (4229 words)

 :: North America » Blog Archive » Calgary Bishop Fred Henry Defends Religious Freedom
Bishop Henry called on Catholics to talk to their political representatives and express their opposition to legislation to change the definition of marriage to allow persons of same-sex to marry.
Bishop Henry points out that freedom of speech and freedom of religion are important rights too.
In comments to Bishop Henry noted, “If the Human Rights Complaint is successful, it will prevent me from expressing my views and the position of the Roman Catholic Church. /index.php?p=382   (488 words)

 Barbados Religion and Worship
John's Parish Church contains the tomb of the descendant of an ancient Roman emperor.
You will hear it in our music, in the laughter of its people, in their talk and friendly gossip and you will sense it in their spontaneous, natural and happy disposition.
When the first English settlers landed in Holetown in 1627, their chaplain quickly erected a church for his congregation and in a short time an entire vestry system of Anglican parish churches and rectories was built. /churches.htm   (488 words)

 Religion and sexuality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Roman society, sexual morality concentrated more on the social status of those involved, and their taboos concentrated on high-status men committing any kind of sexual act that was thought of as passive or submissive.
In the religion's teachings, the prohibition against sex outside of marriage is largely related to the proscribed life stages Hindus are bound to follow if they are to attain moksha (the same as the Buddhist concept of nirvana, or enlightenment of the soul).
Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page for further details. /wiki/Sexual_morality   (4418 words)

 Americans United: If Best-Selling End-Times Author Tim LaHaye Has His Way, Church-State Separation Will Be...
Four days after signing on to the campaign, LaHaye was forced to resign after information came to light noting that LaHaye had called Roman Catholicism "a false religion" and had on one occasion asserted that the Jews were responsible for Jesus' death.
He and his wife Beverly frequently attack women's rights and the idea of women working outside the home despite the fact that Beverly LaHaye has spent most of her adult years working outside the home, traveling around the nation and appearing on talk shows arguing that women ought to stop working outside the home.
LaHaye noticed that the pilot was wearing a wedding ring and wondered what would happen if the biblical "Rapture" were to occur and the pilot's wife went to Heaven while the pilot was left behind. /site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=5601&abbr=cs_&security=1001&news_iv_ctrl=1072   (4418 words)

 The Twentieth Century - Divining America: Religion and the National Culture - TeacherServe
The Twentieth Century - Divining America: Religion and the National Culture - TeacherServe
When you explore the civil rights movement, take a look at this precursor who blended religion, economics, and politics into a message of black liberation.
Roman Catholics and the American Mainstream in the Twentieth Century /tserve/twenty.htm   (307 words)

 'Sacred Cows' Of Science & Religion Examined In SLU Talk
A member of the Society of Jesus since the age of 18, Coyne completed the licentiate in sacred theology at Woodstock College and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1965.
According to Coyne, "Both science and religion are drawn at times to become 'sacred cows' when faced with such issues as the evolution of life on Earth.
Science at times sees itself as the only source of true and certain knowledge, or it fails to realize that the God of religious faith is not in the first place an explanation of as-yet unanswered human queries. /news/niles.html   (307 words)

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