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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

 Walkie-talkie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
walkie talkies are hard to learn about the person who has this page should make it more clear for kids to research on because that most likely what people are doing here. /wiki/Walkie-talkie   (487 words)

 Air: Talkie Walkie (2004): Reviews
Talkie Walkie is a startling and beautiful record, as curious and timeless as Moon Safari and as intelligent and listenable as any of the year’s best records.
Talkie Walkie is, in many ways, a return to the type of sound featured on Air's first two albums.
Talkie Walkie 's detachment is still, well, pretty -- virgins might commit suicide to it, but most likely they'll just swoon. /music/artists/air/talkiewalkie   (903 words) Talkie Walkie [Limited Edition with Bonus DVD]: Music: Air
Talkie Walkie comes five years after their landmark Moon Safari and Parisian mood-enhancers Air are back doing what they do best.
Talkie Walkie is not only a return to form, but one of the best electronic records I've heard this year.
"Talkie Walkie" is the latest CD from the French duo known as Air, and it's exactly what Air fans look for from their music. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00013PHGS?v=glance   (1850 words)

 Talkie Walkie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Talkie Walkie is the fourth full-length album by Air, released on January 27, 2004 (see 2004 in music).
Note: This album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions. /wiki/Talkie_Walkie   (143 words)

 Walkie Talkie Watches
So, 2 cool looking walkie talkies that cut the mustard in the specs department and can be worn on the wrist.
Every other set of walkie talkie watches that we have seen have been clunky chunks of nasty looking plastic with stubby little aerials poking out of the top.
The technically minded may also be interested to know that the walkie talkie watches also come equipped with 8 channels and CTCSS codes per channel. /gadgets/walkie_talkie_watches   (366 words)

 Walkie Talkie Cell Phone
Squelch 10: ]s the video on "empty" channel s, or when a walkie talkie mutes the audio when no one is calling.
An example of a transceiver would be a walkie -talkie, or a CB Radio.
Motorola 18: tery eliminator for radios, through the first walkie -talkie in the world, defense electronics and /File/41398-Walkie.Talkie.Cell.Phone.Html   (712 words)

 Walkie Talkie Watches - Pair @ Gadget Storm
Walkie Talkie watches are compatible with any other PMR 446 radios.
Introducing a professional Walkie Talkie watch that has a distance of 1km-3km depending on the terrain.
You can also use your Walkie Talkie Watches with earphones - plug any normal jack-plug phones into the side of the watch and carry on the conversation as normal. /product-2391-Walkie_Talkie_Watches___Pair.html   (187 words)

 Walkie Talkie #3 (ADD Review)
Walkie Talkie is the creation of 23-year old Nate Powell, whose previous efforts included titles like The Playground Messiah, Conditions, Frankenbones, and Wonderful Broken Thing, but this is his first big push into conventional comics shop distribution.
It's the third issue of a small-press series called Walkie Talkie, and it is as gorgeous as it is impenetrable.
Powell told me his previous comics were "mostly circulated through the activist/punk rock circuit, sold at shows and through record and zine distributors." It's clear he's been working at his craft for a while, because this offset-printed comic is well-crafted both from the creative and production angles. /comics/addreviews/reviews_archive_020602.php   (373 words)

 Air: Talkie Walkie: Pitchfork Review
Talkie Walkie may mollify Air's overt Frenchness, but should in no way be deemed a sudden opening of the soul.
Being the good Parisians of Waugh's estimation, Air load Talkie Walkie with images of moonbase love and alien encounters that neither mocks the comically misjudged visions of yellowed science fiction, nor longs for some utopian future.
Like the communication devices, Talkie Walkie sounds intimate, yet distant and distorted. /record-reviews/a/air/talkie-walkie.shtml   (558 words)

 Barnes & Music - Talkie Walkie -- Air - CD - Special Edition
Fortunately, Air learned from their mistakes -- or, at least, their limitations -- leading up to the recording of third album Talkie Walkie, and the happy result is a solid middle ground between both of their previous records.
Granted "Talkie Walkie" is no "Moon Safari" but it certainly contains some of the most beautiful music in the realm of techno music.
So I listened to the samples of "Talkie Walkie" and I immediately fell in love with its lush, melodic songs. /search/product.asp?userid=y65hfnz9ok&EAN=724359672403&ITM=1   (1028 words)

 Headset Walkie Talkie
The NFL style headset walkie talkie format incorporates a headset walkie talkie with pieces attached in a form fitting head piece allowing discreet radio conversation.
This impressive headset walkie talkie encompasses a lightweight solution that businesses, coaches and referees can rely on to maintain contact with associates.
A comfortable majority of these headset walkie talkie choices involve the classic design flaunted by professional coaches and referees throughout the athletic landscape of America. /headset-walkie-talkie.htm   (375 words)

 Talkcom Walkie Talkie
Walkie Talkies are also low cost as there are no phone charges for talking as much or as long as you like!
Each Walkie Talkie has the full Morse code printed on the handset so you can send your confidential message easily.
These high performance Talkcom Walkie Talkies can be used for voice or Morse code and make a great gift. /product1206/product_info.html?%E2%88%8F=1206   (274 words)

 Toy Walkie Talkie
Try a set of walkie talkies for the kids, or get a walkie talkie set for the camping trip, a walkie talkie set is perfect for the invalids to communicate between rooms.
Give a set of walkie talkie watches to your child and watch the excitement and fun begin.
Set of 2 Walkie Talkie Watches Even listen to messages in secret with included earbud-style earphones. /gifts/toys/watches.htm   (284 words)

 International Walkie Talkie (tm)
We are the inventors of the World Wide Walkie Talkie, a global third generation (3G) multifunctional wireless invention that provides for global video conferencing, and communications via the internet and which also which eliminates conventional long distance charges.
World Wide Walkie Talkie is a registered trademark of World Wide Walkie Talkie, WWWT is a trademark of WWWT, Inc. Firetide is a trademark of Firetide, Inc. All other trademark used on this website are the trademark of their respective registered trademark owners.
International Walkie Talkie (tm) a/k/a WORLD WIDE WALKIE TALKIE   (530 words)

 Walkie Talkie Radio Sales Centre UK
We are based in the UK, but we can supply walkie talkie radios to most parts of the world.
Walkie Talkie Radio Sales Centre UK Amherst Walkie Talkie Radio Sales Centre UK Our web home page
We can usually send out a couple on a "sale or return" basis so you can try them out - if they are not suitable - return them - it will only cost you the postage cost. /walkietalkie.htm   (441 words) American Personal Communications Page One by Tom Farley
Calling for help on a military walkie talkie converted to use civilian frequencies.
While the 1943 Handie-Talkie somewhat resembles a large radio-telephone of today, it was Motorola's backpack model, the Walkie-Talkie, that heralded a new era in personal, portable communications.
Walkie talkie photograph originally from here: (link now dead) /war/personalcom.html   (1191 words)

Air are still anticipating the future of music a few years on - offering the first single from their new album Talkie Walkie as a download only.
Recorded in Paris and completed in Los Angeles in June with Radiohead and Beck collaborator Nigel Godrich at the controls for the final mixdown, "Talkie Walkie" shows a band very much on a forward path, smashing expectations while still delivering on their every promise.
Legend", Air return to earth with a spine-tingling collection of cinematic pop songs entitled "Talkie Walkie", a reference to Dunckel and Godin’s unspoken communication during the recording process.   (350 words)

 The Yellow Walkie Talkie Home of The Taylight Zone Anthology and The Manchester Trilogy
This is the only place on the web to find all the stories featured on The Yellow Walkie Talkie (formerly known as Streets of Albertane, formerly known as Hanson Manor, formerly known as hansonMATRIX, formerly known as YWT2k, formerly known as The Yellow Walkie Talkie, formerly known as HITZFiction). /ywt-index.html   (167 words)

 Walkie Talkies - Walkie Talkie Manufacturers, Walkie Talkie Factories, Walkie Talkie Suppliers, China Walkie Talkies
"Alibaba Walkie Talkie" connects you directly to prequalified Walkie Talkie manufacturers and exporters from China and around the world.
Start here to find suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of Walkie Talkies from China and around the world.
Walkie Talkies - Walkie Talkie Manufacturers, Walkie Talkie Factories, Walkie Talkie Suppliers, China Walkie Talkies /manufacturers-exporters/Walkie_Talkie.html   (309 words)

 Motorola talkie walkie
motorola talkie walkie ground, meantime, of Tom Hill, and fruites of debate, putting them in mind had appointed the conduct of the war are exercised touch the bottom, where they remembrance by us all.   (61 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does the "walkie-talkie" feature on a Nextel phone work?"
A normal "walkie talkie" style two-way radio will only operate if the radios are within a certain distance of each other.
Systems using the Direct Connect feature can communicate anywhere within the service area specified by Nextel, typically a large urban area or even an entire state.
As you can see, the Direct Connect feature still relies on cellular technology to connect to the recipient(s). /question530.htm   (653 words)

 walkie talkie - Find, Compare, and Buy at
With these adorable Toy Story Walkie Talkies, you can travel to infinity and beyond and still be able to communicate with your friends....
Camouflage Walkie Talkies - Walkie Talkies have a flexible 4 inch antenna and Morse Code key.
Camouflage Walkie TalkiesWalkie talkies have a flexible 4" antenna and morse code key. /xGS-walkie_talkie   (819 words)

 BEST Walkie Talkie Forum
The Walkie Talkie website is maintained to provide the most complete list of service providers in South Africa providing products and services related to radio, mobile radio, security radios, communication and telemetry related products and services.
The Walkie Talkie forum is maintained to support the users and services providers involved in the radio, security, communication and telemetry related industry.
The site also provides news, articles, case studies and reviews about products and services related to this industry as provided by the service providers that supply and service these products. /walkie-talkie/index.shtm   (381 words)

 Walkie Talkie - News
Walkie Talkie's "Something's Wrong" will be used in THE WB'S "One Tree Hill" this Tuesday 4/17 @ 9pm (pst).
"One More Fix" from Walkie Talkie's sessions with Pete Droge was selected for the "Sin City Social Club V.2" sampler cd, released nationally.
The Walkie Talkie show and news blog can be found here:   (518 words)

 Air: Talkie Walkie Review
With Talkie Walkie, Air stakes its claim as the standard bearer of this Type II electronica.
Although it would be easy to nap through Talkie Walkie, it would be a shame to miss such a rewarding, pretty record.
Each of the songs on Talkie Walkie could seamlessly appear on a film soundtrack. /bands/reviews.cfm?f_id=1561   (426 words)

 MintChaos. Again.
Steriogram’s new music video for their current single Walkie Talkie Man was made out of yarn and knited together.
i love the song,walkie talkie man,and i cant wait to get the cd!Steriogram seems like a pretty good group.I first heard and saw the song and video on the n,a teen’s tv channel.The song roadtrip seems cool too! /archives/entries/002653.shtml   (203 words)

 steriogram walkie talkie man lyric
Steriogram, Walkie Talkie Man // by Michel Gondry Madvillain, All Caps // by James Lyrics Born and RJD2, Explosive// by Seven-3.6 and Chris Eichenseer
Misheard lyrics (also known as mondegreens) are Steriogram's, "Walkie Talkie Man".
steriogram - "Walkie talkie man" you guys, this is SO important.   (277 words)

 business walkie talkie information
walkie talkie two way radios mobile phones and accessories walkie talkies, kenwood tk3201, tk3210...
toy and amateur radio walkie talkies A walkie-talkie is a portable, bi-directional radio transceiver...
is the best place to comparison shop for Talkie Walkie - Electronic and Dance Music. /articles/business-walkie-talkie.html   (586 words)

 Search: Motorola Walkie Talkie -
This Motorola radio desktop charger is compatible with the HP and SP series walkie talkies.
Find motorola walkie talkie stores, compare motorola walkie talkie prices.
The first radio receiver/transmitter to be nick-named "Walkie-Talkie" was the backpacked Motorola SCR-300, created by an engineering team in 1940 at the Galvin Manufacturing Company consist... /uk.webfetch/search/web/Motorola+Walkie+Talkie/1/20/1...   (318 words)

 Orange punts mobile walkie talkie service The Register
Orange today became the first major European operator to launch a walkie talkie-style service on mobile phones.
The service, dubbed Talk Now, is similar to existing US Push-To-Talk services from the likes of Nextel but with refinements designed to make the service more attractive to European customers. /2004/01/13/orange_punts_mobile_walkie_talkie   (475 words)

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