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Topic: Tamar River, Tasmania

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  Tamar River, Tasmania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tamar River in northern Tasmania is formed by the merging of the North Esk River and South Esk Rivers in Launceston.
Named for the River Tamar in Great Britain, the Tamar flows north for approximately 70 km into Bass Strait at Low Head.
The only Tamar bridge crossing is the Batman Bridge, a spectacular bridge in the relatively remote area of Sidmouth, around half way up the river.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tamar_River,_Tasmania   (155 words)

 Tasmania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tasmania was first inhabited by the Tasmanian Aborigines, and evidence indicates their presence in the region, later to become an island, at least 35,000 years ago (rising sea levels cut Tasmania off from mainland Australia about 10,000 years ago).
Tasmania is a rugged island of temperate climate, and was considered so similar in some ways to pre-industrial England that it was referred to by some English colonists as 'a Southern England'.
Tasmania's rail network consists of narrow gauge lines to all four major population centres and to mining or forestry operations on the west coast and in the northwest.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tasmania   (4102 words)

 River Tamar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tamar is a river in south western England, that forms most of the border between Devon (to the east) and Cornwall (to the west).
The river has some 20 road crossings, including the Tamar Bridge, a toll bridge on the A38 trunk road and the world renowned Royal Albert Bridge.
The River Tavy is a tributary to the Tamar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/River_Tamar   (220 words)

 Tamar NRM ~ Sedimentation
Tasmania is the most coastal state in Australia, with the longest coastline length relative to its land area (Zann 1995).
The head of the Tamar River Estuary is at Launceston, formed by the confluence of the South Esk and North Esk Rivers.
The Tamar is a narrow estuary with a deep, well-defined channel, bordered by shallow tidal mud flats and wetlands.
tamar-nrm.org.au /pages/TRNRMWEB2/pages/issue5/intro5.htm   (877 words)

 From Strategy To Reality - APA 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Located in the northern region of the State, the Tamar Valley (the Valley) and its river, the Tamar River (the River), is home to one in five Tasmanians.
The result of that optimism and faith was that all along the river there were community, local and regional actions under way seeking to improve and develop the River to realise its full potential for recreation, tourism, environmental improvement, job creation, and as a place to enjoy, live near and work upon.
The River drains towards the north coast of Tasmania, and with its foreshore environs it supports a diverse range of activities, many of which are complimentary.
www.asu.edu /caed/proceedings00/BROWNLIE/brownl.htm   (2005 words)

 Tamar River Festival
At Rosevears Estate Tasmania Winemaking excellence is realised against a backdrop of spectacular mountains in a winery positioned to capture sweeping views over the Tamar River.
Tamar Island was used as works station fro the dredging crews of the Launceston Marine Board in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Tamar River Cruises operates the luxury catamaran "MV Tamar Odyssey" on scheduled cruises from 1st September to 31st May and is available for private charter all year round.
www.elaunceston.com /tamarfestival/index.php?page=links   (421 words)

 Tamar Island Wetlands Conservation Area
The Tamar Island Wetlands reserve is approximately 60 hectares of mud flats, lagoons and islands.
The Tamar estuary is fed by the largest catchment in Tasmania and, at 70km, is the longest estuary in Australia.
Further details of the ecology of the Tamar River Conservation Area are available for download as a PDF (17 Kb).
www.parks.tas.gov.au /reserves/tamar   (995 words)

 Tasmania Zone - Australian wine regions - Wine Diva Australia
Central to the exploration of the northern vineyard areas of Tasmania the is the city of Launceston located on the banks of the Tamar River.
North west of the city is the Tamar Valley and to the north east is Pipers Brook and Pipers River.
Tasmania is a wine lover's and foodie’s paradise sponsored by a farming culture which values clean, green and genetically unmodified produce.
www.winediva.com.au /regions/tasmania.asp   (1139 words)

 The Tamar River in Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Tamar River in northern Tasmania is Australia's longest navigable estuarine river.
The river once served the City of Launceston as a major shipping and transport 'highway' and remains central to the lifestyle of more than a quarter of Tasmania's population.
Your cruise vessel, the Tamar Odyssey, is a luxury catamaran providing all-weather enjoyment of the Tamar River's sheltered waters.
www.tamarrivercruises.com.au /pages/home.html   (279 words)

 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tamar River Retreat is still known locally as "The Cherry Farm".
Tamar River Retreat is situated on the scenic Tamar Valley Wine Route - just follow the signs to the many vineyards, most with cellar door sales and several with their own restaurants.
Being close to the unique Batman Bridge, which is the only bridge over the River Tamar, you are conveniently located to explore both sides of the beautiful Tamar Valley.
www.tamarriverretreat.com.au /aboutus.html   (208 words)

 ThaiTassie --- Launceston, Tasmania Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Located 199 km north of Hobart on the Tamar River, Launceston, with its population of approximately 65,000 is really nothing more than a large country town with an extraordinary history and a large number of elegant nineteenth century buildings.
The Tamar river was discovered by Europeans when bass and Flinders, during their circumnavigation of Van Diemen's Land in 1798, entered it.
Realistically it is Tasmania's second city and, for most visitors who make the trip across Bass Strait, it is their first port of call after they have arrived at either Devonport or George Town.
i.domaindlx.com /thaitassie   (611 words)

Tasmania is the one and only island state of Australia, encapsulating 67,800 square kilometres and housing over 474,000 people.
The decision to establish a second colony in Australia in the late 1790's led to a settlement being established near the Derwent River in Tasmania.
This was also the year the name was changed to Tasmania in an attempt to lessen it's reputation as being a penal settlement.
www.australianexplorer.com /tasmania.htm   (488 words)

 [No title]
Tasmania, located southeast of mainland Australia, is a major tourist attraction due to its diverse and spectacular scenery, unspoilt wilderness and heritage.
Tasmania's north-west coast is one of the state's most prosperous farming areas and a popular tourist destination.
Launceston, the second-largest city in Tasmania, is on the north coast's Tamar River.
www.tourtasmania.com   (377 words)

 Tamar - TheBestLinks.com - Australia, Devon, England, Tasmania, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tamar - TheBestLinks.com - Australia, Devon, England, Tasmania,...
Tamar, Australia, Devon, England, Tasmania, Tamar of Georgia, Arecaceae, Palm...
Tamar, Slovenia, the end of the Planica valley
www.thebestlinks.com /Tamar.html   (115 words)

 George Town Online Access Centre
The Tamar River was entered and partially explored by Bass and Flinders when they discovered Bass Strait in 1798.
Once past this point the river widens and deepens into a magnificent waterway for several miles, the banks on either side are intensely tempered with tea tree.
The reflections near "Weymouth" are superb, the mirror-like surface being occasionally broken by a leaping fish or a water hen swimming rapidly across the river.
www.tco.asn.au /oac/community_history.cgi?oacID=28   (2829 words)

The "Christiana" arrived in the Derwent River at the settlement of Hobart Town on the 22nd of November, 1822, with 76 passengers aboard and sundry merchandise for the settlement.
Jesse purchased 70 acres on the 29th of September, 1828, from the church, as shown on the Return of Clergy Lands Sold from 31/12/1823 to 31/1/1834, in the Huntingdon Parish, at 2d per acre Quit Rent.
Jesse returned to Tasmania on the 17th of November, 1846, with Sarah, his wife, and young Sarah, on the ship "Louisa", and he was again offered the position of Assistant Superintendent of the Female Prison in Hobart.
homepage.mac.com /venitar/Genealogy/WebCards/PS02/PS02_155.HTM   (1309 words)

 North Coast and Tamar River Valley, Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In all areas except the Tamar River Valley near Launceston it is above 900mm (35ins).
In the Tamar Valley near Launceston rainfall is as low as 700mm (28ins).
The Tamar River valley being away from the coast is slightly warmer.
home.iprimus.com.au /ozthunder/oz/nctas.html   (235 words)

 YourArt.com >> Encyclopedia >> Tamar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tamar Site in Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, reclaimed lands on the basin where HMS ''Tamar'' was based.
Tamar Street near the HMS ''Tamar'' base in Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Tamar Braxton, youngest sister of Toni Braxton and R&B coloratura soprano
www.yourart.com /research/encyclopedia.cgi?subject=/Tamar   (130 words)

 8 Day Tasmanian Tour (single room) by Groups Tasmania • Tours To Go   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Situated in the Tamar Valley, Launceston is a city of contrasts, blending history and scenery with a reputation for quality food and wine.
The Tamar River is Australia’s longest navigable tidal estuary, being 76km long with widths that vary from 400 metres to 4km’s.
Groups Tasmania reserves the right to cancel or alter the itinerary and/or tour without notice as may be found necessary for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, road, weather or traffic conditions, non-performance of suppliers, industrial action, operational conditions and requirements.
www.tourstogo.com /tour.991   (2939 words)

 Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tasmania was joined to the mainland during the last Ice Age.
Covering a range as far south as 43'S latitude, Tasmania's climate is moderated by the Southern Ocean.
Tasmania has both cooler summers and warmer winters than would be the case for and 43'N latitude region in say the USA.
home.iprimus.com.au /ozthunder/oz/tasmania.html   (81 words)

 AusEmade: Tamar River Information and Attractions, Tasmania (TAS), Australia
The majestic Tamar River meanders for 58 kms through the Tamar Valley region of high-yielding vineyard country, orchards, scenic farmland and forests from Launceston through to Port Dalrymple and the sea of Bass Strait.
Fed by the South and North Esk Rivers where they merge at Launceston to become the Tamar River, there are shore access pontoons conveniently located along the riverbanks and offers a great place to cast a line for the variety of saltwater fish.
Following the river north on the east side are: Rocherlea, Dilston, Underwood, Windermere, Lilydale, Swan Bay, Mt Direction, Turners Marsh, Hillwood, Lower Turners Marsh, Bell Bay, Lefroy, George Town, and Low Head.
www.ausemade.com.au /tas/destination/t/tamar-river.htm   (325 words)

 Tamar River Retreat - Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Tamar River Retreat - Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in the Tamar Valley, Tasmania
Enjoy warm hospitality in the tranquil and picturesque Tamar Valley.
Situated 40kms north of Launceston, on the scenic wine route and near the Batman Bridge for easy access to both the East and West Tamar Valley attractions.
www.tamarriverretreat.com.au   (62 words)

The Tamar Valley is located in the centre of Northern Tasmania with Launceston, Tasmania's second largest city, at the southern end of the valley and Bass Strait at the northern end some 40 kilometres away.
The Tamar River is an estuary and can be navigated it's entire length.
The Tamar Valley can be easily accessed by good sealed roads from Launceston as well as Devonport on the North-West Coast and Bridport and Scottsdale in the North East.
www.touringtasmania.info /tamar_valley.htm   (172 words)

 George Town Council - History - Tasmania, Tamar River Valley, Low Head Pilot Station, Maritime Museum, Light Houses, ...
The settlement was renamed George Town in 1811 by Governor Macquarie who had plans for its use as the northern administrative capital.  The first map of the town was produced in 1813, showing streets in the town centre with the same names as those used today.
The George Town Police District was created in 1828 and covered an area incorporating much of the East and West Tamar, the whole of the North East coast as far as George's Bay (now St Helens), and had official control of the Bass Strait Islands (Furneaux Group).
There was at that time no settlement beyond Pipers River to the east and the nearest neighbour to the west was the Van Dieman's Land establishment at Emu Bay (Burnie).  The southeastern boundary was the Police District of Avoca.
www.georgetown.tas.gov.au /site/page.cfm?u=447   (360 words)

 Saving the Tamar River from siltation :: ABC Tasmania   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Drastic action is needed if the Tamar River in Northern Tasmania is to stop its fast decline according to visiting sedimentologist from Wollongong University, Associate Professor Brian Jones.
Having studied the situation over the last year Professor Jones is back in Tasmania and spoke to Tim Cox on the ABC State-wide mornings program from the edge of the riverbank as he took some more mud samples.
Professor Jones suggested that in the long term the natural effect in terms of geology would be for the whole region in the upper Tamar to simply become a river channel and for the whole estuary to migrate downstream over time.
www.abc.net.au /cgi-bin/common/printfriendly.pl?http://www.abc.net.au/tasmania/stories/s1559916.htm   (381 words)

 Invertebrata 6 items
Six specimens of Cymodetta gambosa Bowman and Kuhne, 1974, were collected on the western shore of Tamar Island, in the Tamar River, Tasmania on 12 March 1994, by Dr B.J. Smith et al.
The Tamar River is tidal for its whole length but its upper reaches are brackish due to fresh water received from the North Esk and South Esk Rivers which meet at its head.
Thus the male crab from George Town is not the first of its species found in the Tamar but, with a carapace 72 mm wide, it is a well-grown specimen.
www.qvmag.tas.gov.au /zoology/invertebrata/printarchive/printtext/inv6items.html   (1923 words)

 Tamar River Cruises - Launceston - Discover Tasmania
Tamar River Cruises offers you the chance to cruise the broad and beautiful Tamar River on the luxury catamaran M.V. Tamar Odyssey.
The Tamar River is unique: at 76 kilometres, it is Australia's longest navigable tidal estuary.
We share the River with spectacular wildlife including superb sea eagles, wild duck, fl swans, pelicans, plus many other varieties of water-fowl and occasionally playful seals.
www.discovertasmania.com.au /home/index.cfm?siteid=139&display=product&productid=1193   (368 words)

 Historical Encyclopedia of WA - WA Snapshots
Located on a small peninsula of land at the confluence of the Swan and Helena Rivers, 50 per cent of the total area of the town was flood prone.
The railway of 1881 bisected the town, reducing the importance of river transport and resulting in the development of new commercial centre near the railway station.
It erupted in the spring of 1829 and collapsed spectacularly in 1830.
www.encyclopedia.uwapress.uwa.edu.au /wa_snapshots   (9972 words)

 11 Day Tasmanian Tour (twin share room) by Groups Tasmania • Tours To Go   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This 55 hectare vineyard is set in the picturesque Tamar Valley near the unique Batman Bridge, and is the second largest vineyard in Tasmania.
One of Tasmania’s latest attractions, this ‘World First’ Seahorse farm is located at the mouth of the picturesque Tamar Valley.
Tasmania has a long and proud history of wood chopping and the Hall of Fame is a tribute to some of Tasmania’s finest sportsmen.
www.tourstogo.com /tour.985   (3718 words)

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