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Topic: Tamil cinema

  Tamil news - links with news related to tamil & tamilnadu
Tamil is a classical language and one of the major languages belonging to the Dravidian language family.
Tamil tradition dates the oldest works to several millennia ago, but the earliest examples of Tamil writing we have today are in inscriptions from the 3rd century BCE, which are written in an adapted form of the Brahmi script (Mahadevan, 2003).
Tamil dialects are mainly differentiated from each other by the fact that they have undergone different phonological changes and sound shifts in evolving from Old Tamil.
www.nilacharal.com /tamil.html   (751 words)

 Rethinking Transnational Cinema: The Case of Tamil Cinema
In effect, therefore, transnational cinema was mobilised as a response to a shift in the economy of exchange from national to global, coupled with increasing economic globalisation and the acceleration of technological developments.
That is to say Tamil cinema articulates, mobilises and dismantles the hegemonic conception of the postcolonial Indian nation as fostered by the apparatus of the nation-state through an appeal to a sense of Tamil cultural nationalism that is antagonistic to the national imaginary.
The labelling of Tamil cinema as a regional cinema can also be historically connected to the rise of cultural nationalism in South India, articulated in the shadow of the Dravidian ideology during the 1920s when a rigorous push for the importance of Tamil language and culture took hold.
www.sensesofcinema.com /contents/06/41/transnational-tamil-cinema.html   (2876 words)

 II Journal: The Roots of South Indian Cinema
Cinema made its appearance in India at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the country was poised for major social and political changes.
The role of cinema as an agency of modernization is discussed by Daniel Lerner in his book, The Passing of a Traditional Society, a study of mass media in the Middle East.
As cinema was becoming established as a popular entertainment in south India, the Non-Cooperation Movement aimed against British rule brought about a political awakening and Gandhi emerged as a national leader.
www.umich.edu /~iinet/journal/vol9no2/baskaran_cinema.html   (1765 words)

 Politics, Tamil Cinema Eshtyle By S Anand
Cinema at this juncture reflected the developments in the political and social realms.
Cinema thus came to be burdened with the task of attracting a predominantly young, male audience not drawn to TV serials.
Tamil cinema remains an embarrassment confined to Tamil Nadu.
www.countercurrents.org /arts-anand020605.htm   (1356 words)

 Mdeii life: Defining Tamil cinema in the International context with a reference to Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muthamittal
Tamil is one of the four main south Indian languages, and like its more popular cousin from the north, (the Bombay film industry), the Tamil industry boasts of an old homegrown film culture.
Tamil cinema, and the Tamil language itself, as with its long-running political history, has acquired a definition of being in the "minority", culturally in the larger Indian context.
This cinema is patronised primarily by an expatriate Tamil audience, and not by a "crossover" audience.
mdeii.blogspot.com /2005/03/defining-tamil-cinema-in-international.html   (3921 words)

 rediff.com: Sivaji: Actor who revolutionised Tamil cinema
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha, who had starred with Sivaji in such movie hits as Savaale Samali, Sumathi en Sundari and Engirintho Vandal, expressed grief at his death, describing it as an irreparable loss to Tamil cinema, and extended her condolences to his family.
But considering that Tamil has a long history of drama and poetry dating back to the Sangam era more than 2,000 years ago, neither Ganesan nor his generation could really be blamed for this style of acting.
For an entire generation of Tamil movie-goers, Sivaji's portrayal of an advocate in Gowravam was their own image of a lawyer, and his characterisation of Superintendent of Police Chowdhury in Thanga Pathakkam became a role model for aspiring young police officers.
www.rediff.com /news/2001/jul/21siv1.htm   (1008 words)

 The Hindu : Entertainment Chennai : Tamil cinema's new high
Tamil cinema is the second biggest movie industry in India after Bollywood, with a total gross touching $100 millions.
Tamil film producers have realised that a film is like a parachute — if it fails to open, it leaves you dead.
According to a recent study, Tamil cinema is poised to grow globally with bigger movies slated for next year.
www.hindu.com /fr/2005/12/30/stories/2005123001140100.htm   (845 words)

 Tamil National Forum
Tamil Youth in America (146) - a group for Tamil youth who were born and/or raised in America.
Tamil Students Everywhere - (770)-Tamil Students are everywhere.
Tamil Resurgence Forum An English Language forum in the honour of the Eelam Tamil's resilience and the Tamil Eelam Nation's resurgence.
www.tamilnation.org /forum.htm   (1582 words)

 Arts: Building blocks for establishing a Tamil Eelam cinema - TamilCanadian
While opportunities are denied for the development of a cinema indigenous to the Tamils, Sinhala cinema is being developed in the name of national cinema.
Since the Sinhala nation is the oppressor and the Tamils the oppressed, all economic development initiatives and activities are weighted in favour of the economy of the Sinhala areas.
Tamils who have laid their talents and skills for a liberation struggle are now emerging as an independent nation.
www.tamilcanadian.com /page.php?cat=532&id=3726   (1519 words)

 Tamil cinema's lodestar
Sivaji Ganesan's rich and varied contribution to Tamil cinema was recalled by President K.R. Narayanan, Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, Tamil Nadu's acting Governor Dr. C.
First, the principal actors in Tamil films of the 1940s and the 1950s were Telugus, whose talent in acting was not matched by the way they delivered dialogues in Tamil.
Sivaji Ganesan was perhaps the first film personality in Tamil Nadu to be loved and respected in such large measure merely for his excellence in acting.
www.flonnet.com /fl1816/18161140.htm   (1166 words)

 Tamil Cinema Today - Actress
She was first introduced in the Tamil film by director R.K. Selvamani in his film Chembaruthi paired with actor Prasanth.
It was a big super hit film and paved the way for her in Tamil cine industry.
In her initial stages of her career she was acting in Tamil films and other South Indian films.
cinematoday2.itgo.com /Actress.htm   (852 words)

 Kollywood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kollywood (Tamil : கோலிவூட்) is a name often applied to Tamil Cinema, based in Chennai (formerly Madras) in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India.
Kodambakkam is an area in Chennai, in and around which there is a high concentration of film studios, and where many people involved with Tamil cinema live.
Quite often, Tamil movies feature Madras Bashai which is the version of Tamil spoken in Madras.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kollywood   (1163 words)

 Boycott Tamil Mega Star Nite 2003
We are deeply disappointed the Organizers of the Mega Star Night in London are stubbornly persisting in their folly to stage the event despite the mounting criticism by well-meaning individuals and organizations worldwide.
As you may not have heard, media's are working day and night to promote the event "Tamil Mega Star Nite 2003, which annihilates the interest of Tamils around the world.
Vast majority of people elected first UNP Member of Parliament from Jaffna only because of his words and deeds were then by the liberation of Tamils in Ceylon.
www.tamilstar.com /act   (201 words)

In the wake of her death, tabloids jumped to document Simran's reaction, and were pleasantly titillated by the actress's failure to show at her sister's funeral (allegedly Simran received the news after disembarking in Toronto from a twenty hour flight, and chose to stay in Canada to fulfill her shooting schedule).
It is my hope that others will become interested in Tamil cinema and that this will start a dialogue on the films of the south and their contribution to Indian films and film music.
One of the most unique features of Tamil cinema is the way the medium has been used and intelligently exploited to make political commentary and win political elections.
www.bollywhat.com /beyond/tamil.html   (2507 words)

 Kollywood : Latest Kollywood News , Get Tamil Cinema News @ your fingertip - Get Kollywood snippets, Previews, ...
Tamil movie hero Madhavan and Tamil film industry's glam girls Reema Sen and Anushka are now in Malaysia for the shooting of their film Rendu.
Now she is known as the glamour queen of Tamil and Telugu cinema and is one of the busiest actresses in southern India.
Tamil film Producer - Director cum actor S J Surya was arrested by Chennai city police on Tuesday in connection with a case against him for allegedly throwing a mobile phone at a woman censor board official Vanathy Srinivasan after she was denied permission to add a song to Tamil film 'New' because of vulgarity.
www.cinechance.com /kollywoodnews.html   (5844 words)

 Mile Stones in Tamil Cinema
Srinivasa Kalyanam,the first Tamil talkie to be made in South India was released,it was directed by A.Narayanan.
Cinema Ulagam,the first Tamil film journal was launched.It was edited and published by P.S.Chettiar.
Chinthamani, the first Tamil film to run for more than a year in a single cinema house was released.
www.indiafilm.com /ms.htm   (630 words)

 Arts: In quest of an indigenous cinema for Tamil Eelam - TamilCanadian
At a time when Eelam Tamils are increasingly emerging as a nation, there are many who are beginning to speak in terms of an indigenous cinema.
There is a popular misconception that a reason for an indigenous cinema not developing in the Tamil Eelam environment is the impact South Indian cinema had on local filmmaking.
In Sri Lankan Cinema: an Introduction Wimal Dissanayake and Ashley Ratnavibushana say, “During the first decade of Sinhala cinema, there was a contest between fake South Indian Masala films and need for an original domestic cinema.
www.tamilcanadian.com /page.php?cat=528&id=3634   (1252 words)

Film News Anandan, noted film historian and researcher, considered an walking encyclopedia on Tamil Cinema traces the growth of Tamil Cinema from the silent era to the birth of the talkies and beyond.
The year marked the birth of the Silent Film in Tamil Nadu, the precursor to the modern day Tamil Cinema, as we know it.
It was not a pure Tamil talkie, in the sense that the artistes spoke (mainly) both in Tamil and Telugu.
www.indolink.com /tamil/cinema/Memories/98/fna/fna1.htm   (782 words)

 Tamil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tamil language, one of the Dravidian languages primarily spoken in South Asia
The word Tamil is also used as an adjective to qualify something "of or pertaining to the Tamil people, culture, or language."
The phrase Tamil country is used sometimes to refer to: Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India, Ancient Tamil country, or the regions with a significant population of Tamil-speaking people.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tamil   (217 words)

 Tamil Sydney - Home
Tamil National Alliance met Robert.O.Blake, American Ambassador in Sri Lanka, at the Parliamentary complex on Thursday(Dec 14) and appealed to him to recognize the justice in the cause for which the Tamil people are struggling on the basis that America is a country that had fought and won freedom for its people.
Tamil Tigers officials in Kilinochchi announced a 3-day mourning period, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for the death of LTTE's theoretician and political advisor Anton Balasingham.
Balasingham has been associated with the Tamil liberation struggle for more than 30 years and participated as chief negotiator on behalf of the Liberation Tigers in almost all political negotiations, beginning with the Thimpu talks in 1985.
tamilsydney.com   (1340 words)

 Tamil Cinema and Foreign Tamilians - Music India OnLine
Tamilians, even though they had gone to other foreign countries to earn a living, there are many who are very particular about attending family functions and functions related to the temples in their village and native places.
Like wise, there were and are many such Tamilians always have had great interest in producing Tamil Movies.
May be this film will make her realize and come to 'know' many things about Tamil Cinema.
www.musicindiaonline.com /n/i/tamil/999   (290 words)

 TamilBeat.Com - Your Online Source for Quality Tamil Mp3's
Our aim of providing high quality Tamil songs has inspired many people all over the world.
We provide variety of songs which include cinema and devotional songs.
Our goal of providing comfortable atmosphere where all opinions are taken into considerations, we have made our site the most friendliest out of all.
www.tamilbeat.com   (223 words)

 Tamil movies, Tamil Cinema, Tamil films, Kollywood Tamil movies, Tamil movie news, Tamil movie reviews, Tamil movie ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
He is an example of how holding fast to the goal of doing well in Tamil cinema can change a hero.
With her first film in Tamil, 'Chithiram Pesuthadi' turning out to be a hit, she is a busy lady currently with 'Veyil', 'Arya', 'Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai', 'Deepavali' and 'Naan Kadavul'.
There was a time when Tamil cinema was dominated by actresses like Kushboo, Simran, Jyothika, Kiran and Reema Sen from Mumbai.
www.chennaivision.com /cinevision/index.asp   (222 words)

 Briefly: Tamil Cinema   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A film in Hindi and a few films in Tamil, and Meghna is steadily rising up the ladder of stardom.
But while she is being wasted in roles which require her to don clothes that reveal rather than conceal, and in apology of roles, the actress is quite pleased with the audience response to her Malayalam film.
Nandana, who, after a few films in Malayalam, had entered the Tamil field, had met Manoj while working for a film the duo were starring in.
www.tamilguardian.com /article.asp?articleid=997   (1203 words)

 Narain: Tamil cinema's next big thing
When the film, directed by Mishkin, was first released without any publicity, it sank without a trace within a week.
Narain was an unknown in Tamil, but he is a well known name in Malayalam having acted in Adoor Gopalakrishnan's Nizhalkuthu and Jayaraj's 4 the People.
I was heartbroken, until he told me the police officer was the most important person in the film.
ia.rediff.com /movies/2006/mar/17narain.htm   (982 words)

 Tamil Electronic Library - a comprehensive site on Tamil Language, Tamil Culture, Tamil Literature, Carnatic Music, ...
Tamil is one of the major South Indian ("Dravidian") Languages, currently spoken by over 70 million people worldwide.
Tamil Electronic Library is a website designed to provide comprehensive information on nearly all topics of interests to Tamil Diaspora (History, Language, Script, Arts, Dance, Music, Cinema, Literature, major Tamil Portals,...).
Tamil Novels of 20th Century and Their Authors (In english)
tamilelibrary.org   (1015 words)

 tamilonline.nl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
War-torn Sri Lanka came yet another step closer to peace on Thursday when the government and the Tamil guerrillas, known as Tamil Tigers, agreed on "a federal model" as a way of ending their 20-year-old civil war.
"The Tamil film industry is certainly for ahead of Telugu filmdom with a bunch of talented moviemakers and tremendous advances in technical aspects.
It is not that tamil cinema fans have been blind to the recent trend that Kamal has been setting in his films.
www.tamilonline.nl   (1185 words)

 ¤ TamilWire - A real connection between tamil community. - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Close on the heels of E's success in Tamil, the movie is all set for a release in Telugu.
Now three other directors from Tamil are trying their luck in Bollywood.
Quite interestingly all three of them will do the Hindi remake of their successful films in Tamil.
www.tamilwire.com /5/5   (235 words)

 Tamil Movies
The main component of popular culture in Tamil Nadu is cinema.
Because of its ability to tell a story in living color and stero sound, it has a special place in the minds of a people who are so tuned to the storytelling of religion.
Much of the popular music comes from movies, as Tamil movies are musicals.
www.cs.utk.edu /~siddhart/tamilnadu/MOVIES/index.html   (131 words)

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