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Topic: Tanakh

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

The word Tanakh serves as an acronym for the Old Testament scriptures in their threefold division: the Law, the Prophets and the Writings.
When speaking to Jewish people the Tanakh is a far better expression to use than the term Old Testament because the implication they take from it very often is that it is old in the sense that it should be discarded.
They do not accept the Bible the Old Testament as the Word of God Their attitude to the Tanakh would be much the same as the modernist scholar and they therefore no longer continue the traditional practices derived from the Oral Law.
www.cwi.org.uk /Jewishpeople/Tanakh.htm   (3717 words)

  Judaism 101 - Tanakh - A Glossary of Basic Jewish Terms and Concepts - OU.ORG
Judaism 101 - Tanakh - A Glossary of Basic Jewish Terms and Concepts - OU.ORG
"TANAKH" - an Acronym, based on the letters T (for "Torah"), N (for "Neviim," the Prophets), and K (for "Ketuvim," the Sacred Writings).
It is the compendium of the teachings of G-d to human beings in document form.
www.ou.org /about/judaism/tanakh.htm   (187 words)

  Tanakh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tanakh [תנ״ך] (also Tanach, IPA: [taˈnax] or [təˈnax]) is an acronym that identifies the Hebrew Bible.
The threefold division reflected in the acronym Tanakh is well attested to in documents from the Second Temple period and in Rabbinic literature.
Because the books included in the Tanakh were predominantly written in Hebrew, it may also be called the Hebrew Bible.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tanakh   (1390 words)

 Tanakh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tanakh (also spelt Tanach) is an acronym for the three parts of the Hebrew Bible, based upon the initial Hebrew letters of each part:
The threefold division of the Hebrew Bible reflected in the acronym Tanakh is well attested to in documents from the Second Temple period and in Rabbinic literature.
Tanakh text (and Rambam) Hebrew text of the Bible, with vowel and punctuation marks.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Tanakh.html   (984 words)

 Tanakh: Tanakh: Pitchfork Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tanakh's HQ was called the Pyramid Institute and they made noise with whatever happened to be lying around.
This is a much different Tanakh than we've heard on their past two records, the second of which saw Poe moving increasingly toward a song-oriented direction.
It's easy for such records to devolve into a messy thicket of meaningless noise, but the players in Tanakh are generous with space and have a strong sense of balance, allowing the listener's focus to shift gradually from one detailed and finely rendered element to the next.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /record-reviews/t/tanakh/tanakh.shtml   (486 words)

 Tanakh Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Because the books included in Tanakh were mainly written in Hebrew it may also be called the Hebrew Bible.
The Tanakh consists of the same books as the Protestant Old Testament, but the order of the books is different.
As such, one may draw a technical distinction between the text used within Judaism, the Tanakh, and the similar, but non-identical, text used within Christianity, the Old Testament.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/t/ta/tanakh.html   (619 words)

A name commonly used by Jews for the Old Testament is TANAKH which is formed by the initial letters of the Law or Pentateuch, the Prophets and the Writings, the three divisions of the Hebrew Old Testament.
The rendering of the TANAKH has more modesty than some other English versions such as the KJV and the NIV which give the impression the translators are sure of the meaning when the Hebrew is too concise to give complete certainty.
It is to be expected that a translation frankly Jewish, like the TANAKH, would destroy the effectiveness of passages supportive of Christian doctrine, but it is sad indeed when a translation produced under the auspices of professing Christians and intended to be used in Christian churches does the same thing.
www.alcoholandthebible.org /tanakh.htm   (1668 words)

 Tanakh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tanakh [תנ״ך] (also spelt Tanach) is an acronym for the three parts of the Hebrew Bible, based uponthe initial Hebrew letters of each part:
During thatperiod, however, the acronym Tanakh was not used; rather, the proper term was Mikra ("Reading", also spelt Miqra).
Tanakh is divided into three sections: The Torah (Hebrew for "Teaching"), Nevi'im (Prophets) and Ketuvim(Writings, also hagiographa).
www.therfcc.org /tanakh-6854.html   (761 words)

 BIBLE : Encyclopedia Entry
The Bible (Hebrew תנ״ך tanakh, Greek η Βίβλος [hē biblos]) (sometimes The Holy Bible, The Book, Good Book, Word of God, The Word Scripture), from Greek (τα) βίβλια, (ta) biblia, "(the) books", is the classical name for the Hebrew Bible of Judaism or the combination of the Old Testament and New Testament of Christianity.
Tanakh is an acronym for the three parts of the Hebrew Bible: the Torah (Pentateuch), Nevi'im(Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings).
The Tanakh was mainly written in Biblical Hebrew, with some portions (notably in Daniel and Ezra) in Aramaic.
www.bibleocean.com /OmniDefinition/bible   (4028 words)

 Encyclopedia: Book of Zephaniah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
If the superscription of the book of Zephaniah is a reliable indicator of the time that the bulk of the book was composed, then Zephaniah was a contemporary of the prophet Jeremiah (or Jeremias).
The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible supplies headings for the book as follows: Hebrew is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family spoken by 6 million people mainly in Israel, parts of the Palestinian territories, the United States and by Jewish communities around the world.
The Masoretic Text (MT) is the Hebrew text of the Tanakh approved for general use in Judaism.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Book-of-Zephaniah   (3683 words)

 HSB: The JPS Hebrew-English TANAKH
Thus, the conclusion of the Tanakh leads to the return from exile, the restoration of the people of Israel to the land of promise, and the return of the worship of God to the appointed place, the Temple.
The Tanakh was originally translated and published in three sections, corresponding to the three divisions of the text.
This JPS edition of the Tanakh, composed of the Pentateuch, the Nevi'im (Prophets), and the Kethuvim (Writings), was translated from the original authoritative Hebrew text into the modern idiom of English in three stages, representing the collaboration of academic scholars with rabbis from the three major branches of organized Jewish life in America.
www.ancient-hebrew.org /hebrewstudies/110.html   (2332 words)

 * Dusted Reviews - Tanakh *   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Poe's songs are doubly hard to swallow because of his brooding-baritone delivery and Tanakh's tendency to accompany all of the "actual songs" with rudimentary and clumsy acoustic-guitar strumming-- it's easy to tell which parts were played by the incomparable Turner and which were not.
Tanakh's goal of combining Song with Drone is a noble one, but it's been attempted more convincingly by, for example, Roy Montgomery, Drekka, and Flying Saucer Attack.
Tanakh may find an audience among diehard fans of those artists, but others will be put off by the band's melodramatic and graceless songs.
www.dustedmagazine.com /reviews/166   (568 words)

 Tanakh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It is also the the sixth book in the Hebrew Tanakh.
Prophetic moulds are coded in the Hebrew texts of the Tanakh, now translated as The Old Testament.
The gift he gave to her when he arrived: An elaborate copy of the Tanakh, Judaism's Holy Scriptures.
www.wikiverse.org /tanakh   (917 words)

 The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and the Environment
The Tanakh deems an expanding population as a blessing for all humanity.
The wisdom texts in the Tanakh also indicate that some destruction is part of the normal cycle of life: there is a time for planting and a time for uprooting what has been planted.
Systematic analysis of the Tanakh and its Jewish commentators from the viewpoint of environmental studies is a daunting task which remains to be undertaken.
www.jcpa.org /art/jep3.htm   (5989 words)

 Splendid Magazine reviews Tanakh: Dieu Deuil
Tanakh is the name given to Jesse Poe and the rotating roster of musicians who collaborate with him on each release.
With their mixture of improvised and written passages, and song lengths that typically stretch past the six minute mark, Tanakh are obviously in no kind of hurry.
Lacking an easily identifiable region or genre, Tanakh's sound is as hard to classify as it is easy to love.
www.splendidezine.com /review.html?reviewid=1078831994211392   (555 words)

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