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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

More importantly, the practice of Tantra will help you to see the divinity within your lover and develop the capacity to be more fully present in all of your interactions.
Tantra is a spiritual science and is a current in many religions, particularly Hinduism and Buddhism.
Tantra is non-dogmatic and honors the truth of experience rather than abstract faith.
www.tantrapm.com   (881 words)

  Tantra Yoga : What is Tantra Yoga - reprogramming the mind
Tantra Yoga is a holistic approach to the study of the universal from the point of view of the individual: the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm.
Tantra Yoga draws on all the sciences - astronomy, astrology, numerology, physiognomy, physics, chemistry, alchemy, Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India), psychology, mathematics, geometry, and so on - to provide a practical means of realizing the highest ideals of philosophy in daily life.
Tantra Yoga believes that as long as the phenomenal world exists, it is the Universal Mother who is the creator, preserver and destroyer.
www.sanatansociety.org /yoga_and_meditation/tantra_yoga.htm   (1210 words)

Tantra, (especially its disciplines prescribed in the ‘left-hand’ path, to be explained later) shows the way to change the outgoing current into the return current, transforming what operates as a bond for the jiva into a ‘releaser’ or ‘liberator’.
Tantra discusses the qualifications of the teacher and the student, and also mantras or sacred words, diagrams, deities, rituals, and mental dispositions, all of which are important in the practice of its disciplines.
Tantra insists that mantras are efficacious, that the diagrams used in the worship are potent, that the deities, or devatas, are conscious entities, that supernatural powers are attained, and that the earnest aspirant experiences the rise of the Kundalini through the different spinal centres (Chakras) and finally realises his identity with Satchidananda.
www.hinduism.co.za /tantra.htm   (6658 words)

 Occult Sciences - Tantra,Methodology And Their Use
Tantra is composed of two words, i.e.tan and tra which implies that through sadhana and pooja one can mould nature and God according to one's desires.
Tantra is not a religion but is a sadhana, a shastra, consisting of religion's treatise compiled by Lord Shiva containing mystical formulae for the attainment of supernatural powers.
Tantra is a shastra which indicates ways to bring people and situations under one's control through sadhana.
www.aryabhatt.com /occult/yantraTantraMantra/tantra.htm   (2429 words)

 Tantra - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In Hindu Tantra, practice is graded into three types, corresponding to three classes of devotees: the animal, i.e., those in whom the guna, or quality, of tamas (darkness) predominates; the heroic, those in whom the guna of rajas (activity) predominates; and the divine, those in whom sattva (goodness) predominates (see Hindu philosophy).
In Buddhist Tantra, or Vajrayana, in contrast to the Hindu, the female principle of "wisdom" (prajna) is seen as static, whereas the male, or "means" (upaya), is active.
Learn to have better sex (in public!); welcome to the hot new trend in sex education: tantra workshops, where you learn how to breathe, meditate, massage, and move sensually with (naked!) classmates.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/t/tantra.asp   (477 words)

Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit word, meaning "to weave or to expand." It is a form of yoga, which is another Sanskrit word, meaning "to join." To join and expand, to come together, weaving our energies, for the purpose of opening up to the entire universe.
Tantra is a spiritual path that embraces the physical universe as a manifestation of the divine.
Tantra involves learning to sense, recognize and respect the flow of sexual energy, to open to that energy, to receive it and deliberately nurture its upward movement as it is transformed into an experience of blissful oneness.
www.intimacyretreats.com /abouttantra.htm   (2416 words)

Tantra (a Sanskrit word which means "woven together") is a term loosely applied to several divergent and even contradictory schools of Hindu yoga in which the sexual union of male and female is worshipped either in principle or in human practice.
Allied to non-sexual meditative schools of yoga, such as hatha yoga (the yoga of body posture) and bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion), this contemplative school of teaching advocates a fairly non-sexual approach to sex religion, in which visualization of a deity, chanting of a mantra, and concentrating on iconographic symbols are the foremost activities.
Some Hindu tantra yoga teachers recommend practices that may include meditation but also share elements with kundalini yoga, in which subtle streams of energy of thought to be "raised" in the body by means of conscious posture and strenuous breath control.
fraktali.849pm.com /text/tantra/kareza.html   (850 words)

 Realization.org: Tantra
Tantra is both a kind of yoga and an element that's found to some extent in many other kinds of yoga.
Tantra is radically positive insanity; the commitment, based on the experience of emptiness, to disappear without a trace into every moment.
Tantra is the hot blood of kindness -- the commitment, based on the fleeting apparitions we name reality, to be totally identified with outrageous expressions of what we essentially are.
www.realization.org /page/topics/tantra.htm   (1493 words)

 Real Tantra
Tantra recognizes all this, The student of Tantra should bear in mind the psychological aspect of the process of the rise of the Kundalini, which is more of an unfoldment, expansion, and elevation of consciousness than a mechanical accession to an increased and higher power.
Tantra claims that mantras are efficacious, that the diagrams used in the worship are potent, that the deities, or devatis, are conscious entities, that supernatural powers are attained, and that the earnest aspirant experiences the rise of the Kundalini through the different spinal centers and finally realizes his identity with Satchidananda.
Tantra claims that its disciplines have a universal application; it admits the validity of the rituals of the Vedas, the discrimination and renunciation of the Upanishads, the purifying disciplines of raja-yoga, and the passionate love for the Deity described in the Puranas.
www.iloveulove.com /spirituality/hindu/realtantra.htm   (4899 words)

 Tantra Healing - Crystalinks
Tantra is a spiritual science, which means it is also mystical, in its interconnectedness, the holistic wisdom link between ourselves and the universe we inhabit.
Tantra has been well tested over thousands of years, not in worldly laboratories but in the laboratories of the human body, by Yogi scientists and Tibetan Lamas who were not driven by commerce but by the earnest desire for spiritual knowledge and liberation.
Tantra is a school of many courses in which there are many levels of study and an unlimited degree of potential for spiritual gain, for sexual delight, and for worldly success.
www.crystalinks.com /tantra.html   (2962 words)

 Tantra kundalini
According to the philosophy of Tantra, the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness.
Shakti is the Great Mother of the universe, for it is from her that all form is born.
According to Tantra, the human being is a miniature universe.
www.tantra-kundalini.com   (280 words)

 SivaSakti.COM - General Introduction to Tantra Yoga - Part 1
KALI YUGA is often connected with the "iron age" of the Greek mythology, and with the "age of the wolf", of the Northern Edda, deemed to have exactly the same meaning.
TANTRA recognizes, and expounds mundane aims besides spiritual emancipation, as a lawful goal for a practiser.
TANTRA emphasizes the metaphysical, and operative importance of the feminine principle.
sivasakti.com /articles/tantra/introduction-to-tantra-art01.html   (862 words)

 Tantra the Light of Eternal Happiness
Tantra is a holistic approach to understanding the Universal from the stand point of an individual.
Tantra is a means to connect with the self and understand the way of the Universe, and live in total harmony with it.
Tantra is a global way of life, not particularly for the Hindus, but a teaching for all mankind.
uk.geocities.com /tantraifc/Tantra.html   (1334 words)

 Tantra and Tantric Massage in Los Angeles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tantra can be either very relaxing or very energizing, and while many people seek it for simply "better sex," many others seek it for spiritual attainment.
If you simply want to ask questions about the art and science of Tantra and get them answered, to receive some Tantric knowledge, or to be told of some techniques and exercises, this type of informative session is available to you.
These Tantra sessions can be easily and effectively combined with Emotional Release sessions.
www.wholepersonhealings.com /services/tantra.htm   (427 words)

Tantra exists for spiritual seekers in the age of Kaliyuga, when Vedic practices no longer apply to the current state of morality and Tantra is the most direct means to realization.
Tantra was personality specific and insisted that those with pashu-bhava (animal disposition), which are people of dishonest, promiscuous, greedy or violent natures who ate meat and indulged in intoxication, would only incur bad karma by following Tantric paths without the aid of a Guru who could instruct them on the correct path.
Tantra is used in the West, as a general term which relates to sexual practice as a spiritual evolutionary scheme.
www.thaiexotictreasures.com /tantra.html   (3005 words)

 AstrologyMantra - Indian mantra for health, wealth and happiness in new millenium.
Tantra is a method, a technique or a path of worship thru’ the use of various materials and natural substances in specified forms, under set rules and regulations.
Tantra can be performed by a person from any religion or belief, since it is only a means, and hence, can be used to pray to the Deity/ God in which one has more faith.
Tantra is not a religion or a cult, and it is definitely not magic, mysticism or ‘Jadoo Toona’, as it is often misunderstood.
www.astrologymantra.com /spirituality/tantra.htm   (265 words)

 Tantra Yesterday Today & Tomorrow
Today translation of several major Tantras are readily available in book form, and many formerly secret practices are now, in the language of the texts, "like common harlots." This gives would-be Tantrics the opportunity to concoct their own idiosyncratic ceremonies and philosophies, which they can then promote as Tantra.
Tantra in particular awakens latent abilities that must he managed wisely and in the spirit of compassion and kindness toward others.
If Tantra can recruit enough authentic Western practitioners, it could have an important role to play in the birthing of a civilization that is dedicated to the welfare of all people, whatever their nationality or ethnic background may be.
www.tantra.uk.com /page8.html   (1870 words)

 The secrets of Tantra - cultivating the love from within
This tools are used to help you discover a deeper connection in your relationship to yourself and your reflections by awakening the Kundalini energy within you and to Kindle Aliveness in all aspects of your life.
Tantra is said to have been expounded by Lord Siva to his Divine Spouse Parvati.
Tantra is a science that was given to us so that we could reconnect with the self.
www.geocities.com /tantraifc/tantra.html   (699 words)

 Tantra Yoga
The word tantra literally means "expansion." A tantra yogi concentrates on expanding all levels of his or her consciousness to unveil and realize the Supreme Reality.
Tantra yoga is not concerned with sexuality, but with the creative force and transmuting this energy into higher channels.
Rather, the goal of tantra yoga is to awaken and harmonize the male and female aspects within each person in order to spiritually awaken and realize the whole universe as an expression of the Cosmic Mother, the divine life force, or Spirit.
www.yogaworld.org /tantra.htm   (163 words)

 Discovery Health :: Tantra
Tantra, like yoga or Zen, is a path to enlightenment, which has its roots in India.
The path of Tantra is a spiritual one, which includes and appreciates the experience of our sexuality and sensuality as a conscious meditation, as a flowing together of the physical, erotic and cosmic energies.
The spiritual part of tantra is to use your sexual energy to merge ecstatically with your partner and through him or her to become one with the cosmos or god.
health.discovery.com /centers/sex/sexpedia/tantra.html   (379 words)

TANTRA is part of a broad evolutionary process in consciousness, which is moving toward an integration with the Natural World, the physical body and the many sexual expressions of human behavior.
Tantra isn’t part of the adolescent male’s quest for dissolving the body in a ball of light, or seeking to conquer physical mortality.
It doesn’t seek physical immortality by turning away from death, because it also recognizes that birth and death are the complimentary sides of the same continuum.
www.tantra.co.nz /tantrahome/index.htm   (549 words)

 A Short Definition of Sacred Sex
Some Indian tantra yoga teachers recommend practices that may include meditation but also share elements with kundalini yoga, in which subtle streams of energy are thought to be "raised" in the body by means of conscious posture and strenuous breath control.
Going still farther afield, the term "tantra" or "tantric sex" is frequently -- for the sake of convenience -- applied in error to Western religious or spiritual practices in which slow, mindful sexual union (or masturbation) creates a path to the experience of spiritual ecstasy.
The sexual rites found in tantra yoga, Taoist sexual alchemy, karezza, neo-tantra et al form the basis for orthodox religious worship services and are also at the core of the personal spiritual paths of countless individuals.
www.luckymojo.com /tktantradefinition.html   (1313 words)

 Tantra   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In essence, Tantra provides a path for those so inclined to experience aspects of the divine through experiences that may be sexual in nature (although there are purists who will argue that the essence of Tantra is non-sexual).
Philip Rawson states “Tantra’s world of interpenetrating and interacting systems of vibration and resonance accords well with the world our Western mathematical sciences presents to us”.
“Tantra is meant to set the mind in a position from which it can assimilate forms extended in time ….
home.comcast.net /~esotericspirit/Tantra/Tantra.htm   (901 words)

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