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Topic: Tap dance

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  All About Tap Dance | TheatreDance.com
The tapping out of complex rhythmic passages was developed, and a subtle, intricate and vital physical code of expression was born.
Tap dancing started with the Africans in early America who would beat out rhythms in their dances with brushing and shuffling movements of the feet.
The Irish clog dance all but disappeared by the end of the 19th century because of the mixing of the Clog and the African-American tap dances.
www.theatredance.com /tap   (1503 words)

 Tap dance
Tap was brought onto film but it was heavily choreographed and the technique of adding the taps after the dance was filmed removed the "what you see is what you hear" aspect.
In the 1950's Tap lost is popularity, due to many reasons some of which were the changing style of music and the trend towards classical balletic dances in films.
As the popularity increased in Tap, there was a call for in to be recognized and this was done by a vote of Congress in 1989, and National Tap Dance day May 25th was born.
www.simplytaty.com /history/tapdance.htm   (1030 words)

 :: Charlotte Klein Dance Centers ::
With Tap dance, they continue to develop rhythm and musicality and they are also introduced to the fun of Jazz dance.
At the Jazz Dance World Congress of 1996 held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the CKDC Dance Company competed against international dance troupes and was recognized for its performance of "The Red Shoes", choreographed by Laura Klein-Weiner.
Also, at the 2001 Dance Masters of American National Convention in New York City, the CKDC Dance Company was selected to perform at their Grand national Finals Competition and were the High Score Winner in the Large Group Category for the entire competition.
www.ckdance.com   (1114 words)

 Tap dance instruction video. At any age, learning to tap dance is lots of fun and great exercise, but for children 7 & ...
At any age, learning to tap dance is lots of fun and great exercise, but for children 7 & up, it's also a wonderful way to develop balance rhythm and speed.
She began teaching at the age of 12 and went on to a versatile dance and acting career which includes many stage and screen roles, the most notable being the national hit TV series One Day at a Time, which ran for nine years on network television.
The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories 1900-1955," I have always had a great love and interest of the history of tap and especially those individuals who brought it all to life.
www.shopmountainlaurel.com /tap_dance   (2085 words)

 Tap Dance Instructional Videos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Tot Tap with teacher Rosemary Boross is a fun-filled introduction to the world of tap dance for children.
Bonnie Franklin has tapped since she was 9 and began teaching at the age of 12.
In this program, celebrity choreographer and children's dance specialist, Christy Curtis, joined by a group of talented young dancers, covers the basic moves and techniques of tap dance: rhythm steps, flaps, shuffles and many other exciting moves.
securesearch.org /tap_dance/index.html   (3145 words)

 American Tap Dance Foundation
Tap City is a mesmerizing celebration of tap dance that promotes the virtues of community, individuality, and diversity, regardless of age, race, culture, gender, social and economic background.
Tap City is the preeminent tap dance festival of the world and is the quintessential celebration of our collective American heritage – virtues that are certainly evident in tap’s hometown, New York City.
Tap City offers hundreds of master classes and courses with internationally renowned teachers, expansive adult, pre-professional, teen and youth training programs, awards and a slew of diverse premiere performances and city-wide events.
www.atdf.org /tapcity.html   (175 words)

 Tap Reference Page
Tap has a long history of "stealing steps" and "challenges." In reading any tap history performers will speak of dancing on street corners or outside clubs trying to outdo other dancers.
This didn't keep Lane from declaring himself "King." He also is known to have toured with white dancers dancing as a solo act (something that wasn't easily accomplished by fl dancers in the early years of tap's explosive growth in the 1920s.) "Juba" Lane died in 1852 at the age of 27.
It was a flat footed step dance where the foot of the free leg would rise and arc to the side while the elbows moved outward in "wing" pattern.
www.tapdance.org /tap/referenc.htm   (1377 words)

 Tap Dance Videos and DVD
It pairs the teaching of classic tap dancing skills with a Rhythm and Blues sound for an updated, and contemporary spin on this timeless art form.
The Land Of Sweet Taps is a beginner’s tap class filled with sweets and fun for children ages 4 thru 8.
This beginner’s tap dancing class, taught by Rosemary Boross, is a delight for children which introduces them to the joy of dance in a unique way.
www.centralhome.com /ballroomcountry/tap_dance_videos.htm   (3485 words)

 Tap Dance Videos and DVD 2
Charles Kelley has taught dance in New York City for over 30 years and has an international reputation as a "teacher's teacher." His students, who number in the thousands, have gone to careers in Films, TV, Broadway Musicals and as teachers of Dance.
He has produced articles, records and videos on tap, jazz and acrobatic technique and is the only teacher to have been recognized for his contributions to the art of teaching dance by every major dance teacher association in America.
Lyn demonstrates 3 full dances: A beginner routine with a stool; an intermediate routine with an umbrella; and an advanced routine with a skirt and fan.
www.iefit.com /dance/tap-dance-2.htm   (1410 words)

 Tap Dance Lessons Louisville Kentucky
Tap dancing started with slaves who would beat out rhythms and dance on river boats.
In Clog dancing, no thought is given to facial, line expressions and the arms are kept motionless.
The Clog dance almost came to oblivion because of the mixing of the Clog and
www.allthatdancelouisville.com /descriptions/tapdancelessons.html   (805 words)

 Tap Dance
Tap Dance at UK plays host to the latest tap dance sites composed entirely by UK authors and tap dancers.
Although tap dancing is an American art form it has many Irish and old English roots.
In spite of very low levels of funding, America's national tap dance company has been performing an average of over 200 concert and educational programs per season, with total audiences exceeding 300,000 since 1989.
www.shambles.net /pages/learning/performing/dancetap   (169 words)

 Dance Spirit Magazine - Tinseltown's Tap Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
She marked the rhythm for the conductor by tap dancing in ballet slippers on a mattress.
The young tap dancer possibly did more for the popularization of tap dancing than anyone else; it’s reported that whenever one of her films was released, enrollment in tap dance classes across the country skyrocketed.
Her tap dancing and acting talents led to more than 40 appearances on the silver screen.
www.dancespirit.com /backissues/nov02/ontap.shtml   (807 words)

 Tap Dance - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Tap Dance, style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork, that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.
Revitalizing General Motors is like teaching an elephant to tap dance.
- perform tap dance: to perform a dance or dances wearing shoes with metal tips at the toes and heels to make a rhythmic sound
encarta.msn.com /Tap_Dance.html   (200 words)

 Dance Classes Toronto: Tap classes/lessons/instruction
Dance Classes Toronto ™ caters to beginner dancers who want to experience the joy of dancing in a fun and friendly environment.
Dance Classes Toronto is a dance school that specializes in beginner lessons so we excel in teaching absolute beginners.
Tap Beginner 1: This is a beginner class for anyone who wants to learn the basics
www.dance-classes.ca /classes_tap.html   (367 words)

 Tap dance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flying swing outs and flying circles are Lindy Hop moves with tap footwork.
Dancers like Fred Astaire provided a more ballroom look to tap dancing, while Gene Kelly used his extensive ballet training to make tap dancing incorporate all the parts of the ballet.
Tap has been brought into the new millenium by the indie-pop band Tilly and the Wall who features a tap dancer, Jamie Williams taping out their only percussion part.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tap_dance   (923 words)

 Nevada Tap and Dance Page
Then there are the 'tap jams' - where we 'get down and dirty i.e., the 'got-shoes?-bring-'em' kind where they close a street and just ANYONE can jump in; and then there are the more formal kinds of presentations at local theatres where entire dance groups from dance studios perform with all the
Tap Dance Day is being planned for 2005 by several enthusiasts.
When you see the intricate steps of a repertory dancer or flamenco dance it is the result of very, very hard work.
www.geocities.com /tap23skid/Tap4fun.html   (396 words)

 About Tap Dance Seattle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
are tap dance artists with national and international credits who are based in Seattle.
Their creations feature the art of tap dance with live music.
In addition to freelance choreography and performing, they operate the Johnson & Peters Tap Dance Studio in Seattle and teach workshops throughout the Northwest and are on the faculty of the University of Washington Dance Department.
www.tapdanceseattle.com /aboutjp2.html   (294 words)

 pasta and vinegar » Tap dance performance
It is basically an improvised tap dance performance where the sounds of wired-up tap shoes are picked-up by piezo contact microphones and remixed live, resulting in drum-n-bass-inspired music.
In Tap-n-bass, we aimed at making a tap dance performance that would produce booming bass and fast syncopated rhythms reminiscent of drum-n-bass, while staying true to the genre of tradition of tap dancing and its characteristic sound.
The Tap-n-bass performance is improvised and collaborative, in terms of the dialogue established between the laptop remixer and the tap dancers.
tecfa.unige.ch /perso/staf/nova/blog/2006/07/24/tap-dance-performance   (222 words)

 Vance's Fantastic Tap Dance Dictionary
history and nature of percussive dance in America.
The purely American art form of Tap Dance was originally associated with the names Thomas Rice, Barney Fagan and Master Juba.
William Henry Lane was known as Master Juba and the "Juba dance" also known as "Pattin' Juba" was a mix of European Jig, Reel Steps, Clog and African Rhythms and became popular around 1845.
www.theatredance.com /dictionary.html   (171 words)

 tapdance.info :: Welcome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
We are a group of tap enthusiasts who are trying to create a high-quality forum for the discussion of ideas, events, and news about tap.
Tap Connections posted on 23 May 2006 The mission of Tap Connections is to inform, educate, and promote interest in Tap by creating a variety of quality learning and experimental opportunities.
Ben Tap Soul posted on 23 May 2006 A band whose members attend the University of Massachusetts.
www.tapdance.info   (455 words)

 UK Tap Dance Sites
Tap dancing is an art appreciated the world over and it's participants, many who just practice it for the love and fun of it, may find answers to unanswered questions they have about some of the historical and technical aspects of style and interpretation.
In this compilation of tap sites some of the history and style variations are explained and it is hoped that the sites will be both educational and entertaining.
For any one really interested in tap, The Hoofers Club should be one of the subjects that has popped up from time to time in countless articles.
www.ukjtd.force9.co.uk   (365 words)

 Tap Dance Festival, Vancouver Tap Dance Workshops, World Class Tap Dancing Performances, Dance Classes and Programs - ...
This year’s festival has been inspired by dancers who have taken the time to suggest a workshop focus and some conversations with this amazing faculty on what would they be inspired to teach.
The Vancouver Tap Dance Society is thrilled to have Peter Ford, son of tap legend Eleanor as our special guest.
The five days will explore different ways to put steps and rhythms together, creating your own time step, some improve techniques-finding your own voice in the circle and at the same time exploring different music styles- jazz, funk and hip.
www.vantapdance.bc.ca   (423 words)

 Tap Dance Videos and CD 3
Learn to tap dance from Charles Goddertz as well as original music for tap on CD.
More tap dance videos on tap 1 and tap 2.
Bob Rizzo's Tap and Groove CD Tap instructor Mark Santoro has compiled terrific, hip tunes for Tap class, choreography and routines.
www.iefit.com /dance/tap-dance-3.htm   (576 words)

 Tap Dance Bulletin
It's not just for tappers though, as subscribers include aficionados of tap dance, related American vernacular dance (swing, Lindy Hop, jazz) and all other forms of percussive dance and music (flamenco, African, clogging, Irish, step, hand drumming, etc.) from around the world.
The Tap Dance Bulletin is only delivered via email and is by far the most widely read publication on Tap Dance worldwide.
The Tap Dance Bulletin has over forty five hundred (4,500) subscribers worldwide and is regularly read by many more.
www.usatap.org /bulletin.htm   (524 words)

 thewinger: Tap dance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
I also reached the conclusion that tap is not the best dance to take photos of...
THE WINGER is a community oriented dance website that shows the lives, insights, and personalities of professionals, students, experts and pioneers in the dance world.
Hi Ondine the purpose of the film was to capture the story of the journey of the Company's life o...
www.phontographer.com /winger/archives/2006/07/tap_dance.html   (369 words)

 National Tap Dance Company, Home Page
In spite of very low levels of funding, America's national tap dance company has been performing an average of over 200 concert and educational programs per season, with total live audiences exceeding 375,000 since 1989.
It's tap, and the National Tap Ensemble is its conservator.
While King Rastus Brown turned a slave-invented, still quite raw form of percussive dance into the more structured and yet extraordinarily creative form that became known as tap dance, Fayard took it into a totally new direction and elevated it.
www.usatap.org   (2251 words)

 Tap dance honeys
This is a place for those (as one recently joined member remarked) who have "an incurable love affair with all adult ladies who practice the art of percussive dancing." This community started as an offshoot of a similiar Yahoo!
Feel free to post as many messages and photos as you wish, and over time I will be sharing the best parts of my extensive collection.
This site is ran by a woman named Tammy and she has video clips of her tapping.
groups.msn.com /Tapdancehoneys   (283 words)

 Tap Dance in Cinema
Eleanor Powell, known for her high kicks and fast, intricate footwork, was described by one critic as a “disciplined hurricane.” Though her first appearance on film went uncredited, her appearance in George White’s 1935 Scandals made her an instant celebrity.
Keeler is said to have worn wooden-soled shoes instead of metal taps.
Making his film debut in 1942 in For Me And My Gal before tapping in 1943’s Thousands Cheer, the athletic and energetic **Gene Kelly later appeared in such films as An American In Paris, and Singin’ In The Rain, from which the title number became a tap dance classic.
people.smu.edu /mcrichto/tapdanceincinema.htm   (417 words)

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