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Topic: Tariff

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  Tariff (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many tariffs have legal standing with regulatory agencies and may require approval by them.
For example, "A $127 tariff is levied on students residing at Fenner Hall".
tariff (criminal law) is a recommendation for the length of a prison sentence to be served before the prisoner is eligible for parole in British criminal law
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tariff_(disambiguation)   (214 words)

 Tariff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A tariff on coffee imports, for example (by a country that does not grow coffee) raises a steady flow of revenue.
Tax, tariff and trade rules in modern times are usually set together because of their common impact on industrial policy, investment policy, and agricultural policy.
A trade bloc is a group of allied countries agreeing to minimize or eliminate tariffs against trade with each other, and possibly to impose protective tariffs on imports from outside the bloc.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tariff   (1517 words)

 Taussig, Essay on Tariffs from the Encyclopedia Britannica: Library of Economics and Liberty
Where tariff duties are imposed solely for revenue, an equivalent excise tax is imposed within the country, so as to put the domestic producer precisely on the footing of his foreign competitor; and tariffs so maintained are in complete conformity with the principle of free trade.
The tariff of 1828 was affected by some political manipulation, which caused it to contain objectionable provisions, and to be dubbed "the tariff of abominations." But the so-called abominations were removed in 1832, when the protective system was deliberately and carefully rearranged.
Efforts were made also to reduce the tariff duties, but these naturally came last: they met with strong opposition, and in the end they were almost completely frustrated, thus leaving as the basis of the tariff the rates which had been levied in the course of the war.
www.econlib.org /library/Taussig/tsgEnc1.html   (6146 words)

 International Economics Glossary: T
The level of tariff that would be the same, in terms of its effect, usually on the quantity of imports, as a given NTB.
In a country's tariff schedule, the tendency for tariffs to be higher on processed goods than on the raw materials from which they are produced.
In a tariff schedule, a single tariff or a small group of tariffs that are particularly high, often defined as greater than three times the average nominal tariff.
www-personal.umich.edu /~alandear/glossary/t.html   (3707 words)

 1816-1860: The Second American Party System and the Tariff
A House bill to increase the entire tariff schedule by 5 percent — with even higher duties on cotton and wool cloth, finished clothing, iron, and hemp — passed the House but was not enacted.
The marked upward revision of the tariff rates enacted by the Tariff of 1828, dubbed the Tariff of Abominations by its southern opponents, formed the basis for the nullification crisis.
The party platform endorsed revenue tariffs designed to generate significant funds, part of which were to be distributed to the states to pay for internal improvements (roads and canals), another component of the American System.
www.tax.org /Museum/1816-1860.htm   (2719 words)

If the survey of tariff treatment were to be broadened to still other countries, like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, it could be shown that in these markets as well, dimension lumber would face no discrimination on a species basis, but would have a single tariff applied to it.
Even in the Japanese tariff, SPF and all other species of dimension lumber were classified in the same general tariff sub-heading (HS 4407.10) and had the same unbound status.
Tariff concessions, however, should be, and had been negotiated, and concessions, distinguished by species, had been exchanged, and upheld, in successive GATT tariff negotiations.
www.sice.oas.org /dispute/gatt/88lumber.asp   (6554 words)

 tariff articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tariffs may be distinguished from other taxes in that their predominant purpose is not financial but economic—not to increase a nation's revenue but to protect domestic industries from foreign
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act HAWLEY-SMOOT TARIFF ACT [Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act] 1930, passed by the U.S. Congress; it brought the U.S. tariff to the highest protective level yet in the history of the United States.
It was the first change in tariff laws since the Dingley Act of 1897; the issue had been ignored by President Theodore Roosevelt.
www.encyclopedia.com /articles/12644.html   (417 words)

 WTO | Understanding the WTO - Tariffs: more bindings and closer to zero   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There is also a significant increase in the number of “bound” tariffs duty rates that are committed in the WTO and are difficult to raise.
Developed countries increased the number of imports whose tariff rates are “bound” (committed and difficult to increase) from 78% of product lines to 99%.
The first step in “tariffication” was to replace these restrictions with tariffs that represented about the same level of protection.
www.wto.org /english/thewto_e/whatis_e/tif_e/agrm2_e.htm   (656 words)

 Khaleej Times Online - Nepra approves tariff for new IPPs
The new tariff is a combination of many parameters and varies for different technologies of power plants and different fuel mix but lowest tariff for gas based projects comes to 5.9 cents per unit while maximum tariff for diesel based projects comes to about 13.8 cents per unit.
The Nepra has determined the new upfront tariff on the guidelines of the federal government that wanted to meet looming power shortfall in 2007 in the wake of economic growth in specific areas where shortages are very clear.
The Nepra sources said the new tariff was a slight departure from the 2002 power policy and revival of 1994 policy but it was bound under the government's policy directive to give upfront tariff.
www.khaleejtimes.com /DisplayArticle.asp?xfile=data/business/2006/March/business_March455.xml§ion=business&col=   (612 words)

Some countries argue that developing countries should give up recourse to the flexibilities in exchange for a formula coefficient that would leave them with tariff levels higher than those of developed countries after reduction (this would not necessarily entail a smaller percentage reduction than industrialised countries, since their NAMA tariffs are generally much higher).
Sources report that the NAMA simulation indicated that granting these 'Paragraph 8' flexibilities to developing countries would have a fairly mild effect on the final average tariff rates after the application of the reduction formula -- of the order of a couple of percentage points, and likely to be even lower.
The simulations in both negotiating areas made separate calculations for the different proposals' effects on all tariff lines and those for 'dutiable' product categories, i.e., the lines for which tariffs are not bound at zero.
www.ictsd.org /weekly/06-03-15/story2.htm   (718 words)

 Country Tariff Information
TARIFF: The basic ad valorem tariff rate is 35 percent tariff.
TARIFF: There is a 5 percent duty on basic necessities, 10 percent on raw materials and capital goods, 20 percent on intermediate and miscellaneous goods, and 30 percent on consumer goods.
El Salvador's Tariff Schedule Type the first four or six digits of the HS Number in the box labeled "codigo".
www.ita.doc.gov /td/tic/tariff/country_tariff_info.htm   (3390 words)

 Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Calls for increased protection flooded in from industrial sector special interest groups and soon a bill meant to provide relief for farmers became a means to raise tariffs in all sectors of the economy.
When the dust had settled, Congress had agreed to tariff levels that exceeded the already high rates established by the 1922 Fordney-McCumber Act and represented among the most protectionist tariffs in U.S. history.
The Smoot-Hawley tariff represents the high-water mark of U.S. protectionism in the twentieth century.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ho/time/id/17606.htm   (580 words)

 WTO | Agriculture - tariff reduction methods
In practice it is mainly used in regional free trade agreements where the final tariff rate is zero, or a low tariff, for trade within the group.
For example, no cuts for tariffs between 0 and 10%, 25% cuts for tariffs between 11% and 50%, 50% cuts for tariffs above that, etc. A variation could include scrapping all tariffs below 5% which are sometimes seen as a nuisance with little benefit.
Only when the starting tariffs are low do the final tariffs have rates close to the Swiss formula (as in the example): if the tariffs start at 10% and 25%, the rates in year 6 are 6.4% and 16%.
www.wto.org /english/tratop_e/agric_e/agnegs_swissformula_e.htm   (899 words)

 SBC TIPToP Tariff
It is a new tariff filed by SBC on November 24th, 2004, for 11 of its states and it quickly raised a firestorm of concern from VoIP providers and from the FCC.
The tariff itself is reminiscent of those credit card “offers” which promise 0.5% interest over the life of a loan, but in the small print say that the interest may go as high as 25% if one payment is missed.
The TIPToP tariff takes advantage of the recent FCC ruling that all Internet-originated voice traffic is inter-state in nature and that there are four rates per state for a MOU irrespective of whether or not the originating and terminating number are in the same state.
www.htlt.com /articles/20041130.asp   (1767 words)

 Customs Tariff
“for use in”, wherever it appears in a tariff item, in respect of goods classified in the tariff item, means that the goods must be wrought or incorporated into, or attached to, other goods referred to in that tariff item.
“tariff rate quota” means a limitation on the quantity of goods that are entitled to a specified tariff treatment that may be imported in a specified period.
Goods of Chapter 99 of the List of Tariff Provisions are entitled to the rate of customs duty set out for those goods in the column entitled “Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff” or “Preferential Tariff” in that Chapter, according to the tariff treatment applicable to their country of origin.
laws.justice.gc.ca /en/C-54.011/text.html   (6398 words)

 Lincoln's Tariff War - Mises Institute
At the Republican National Convention in Chicago, the protectionist tariff was a key plank.
At the time, Taussig says, the import-dependent South was paying as much as 80 percent of the tariff, while complaining bitterly that most of the revenues were being spent in the North.
He was not about to back down to the South Carolina tariff nullifiers, as Andrew Jackson had done, and was willing to launch an invasion that would ultimately cost the lives of 620,000 Americans to prove his point.
www.mises.org /fullstory.asp?control=952   (1071 words)

 NECA - AccessDevSupport - What is Tariff No. 5?
Tariff No. 5 contains the rates and regulations applicable to interstate access services offered by those local telephone companies participating in the tariff.
The tariff is on file with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is the regulatory agency charged with regulating interstate access services, among other services.
An ILEC is a company that as of February 8, 1996 provided telephone exchange services to the area in which it was authorized to provide service and was permitted to participate as a member of the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA).
www.neca.org /source/NECA_AccessSupport_208.asp   (304 words)

 Welcome to the APEC Tariff Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tariff schedules, concessions, prohibitions, and much more is just a click away.
Tariff Data in this Database is reproduced by permission of the World Customs Organization and APEC Member Economies.
Users are advised to refer to the official version of the Tariff in use in the country of dealing.
www.apectariff.org   (237 words)

 PPA -> Drug Tariff Guidance
It's a tariff outlining what will be paid to contractors for NHS services provided, be they for reimbursement (the cost of the drugs, appliances etc which you have supplied against an NHS prescription form) or for remuneration (what you are paid as part of your dispensing contract with your Health Authority e.g.
What possibly makes the Drug Tariff slightly off-putting is that it is primarily a legal document, split into 19 Parts (some of which are subdivided) which are identified in roman numerals.
Drug Tariff Part II Clause 9 C refers to where there are no Part VIII preparations available to contractors at the appropriate price.
www.ppa.org.uk /ppa/drug_tariff_guidance.htm   (1862 words)

 The UCAS Tariff
Qualifications are benchmarked against an existing qualification in the Tariff by an Expert Group using a protocol designed specifically for this purpose by the University of Oxford Department of Educational Studies.
Reports written by the Expert Groups considering qualifications for inclusion in the Tariff, which give details of both the qualification seeking inclusion and the qualification against which it has been benchmarked, the process involved, and the recommendations reached, can be accessed through the title of the qualification appearing in the UCAS tariff points tables below.
However, UCAS gives details of new developments in the Tariff well in advance, and HEIs may choose to use Tariff points scores informally in advance of their official introduction.
www.ucas.com /candq/tariff   (866 words)

 JAXPORT - Services - Tariff Schedule   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tariff No. 31-A is effective beginning Feb. 12, 2006 and cancels Terminal Tariff No. 31
This document contains references from the previous tariff's rule numbers to the new tariff's rule numbers.
Send Deborah Lofberg an email to be added to the tariff email list.
www.jaxport.com /sea/tariff.cfm   (72 words)

 SOCAN Tariffs
Some tariffs date as far back as 1997, because the applicable tariff has not been approved since that date.
However, under the Copyright Act, SOCAN may collect licence fees in accordance with the previous tariff until the new one is approved.
Simply select the interactive "calculator" button to the right of the appropriate tariff, enter your information, then select the "calculate" button to determine your fee.
www.socan.ca /jsp/en/resources/tariffs.jsp   (1182 words)

 Tariff (Linktionary term)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A tariff is a record that is posted with regulatory commissions such as the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) or state regulatory commission describing the prices, terms, and conditions of a telecommunications service offering.
An example of a tariff service is basic telephone service.
Regulated utilities are required to post tariffs that are approved by an appropriate regulatory agency.
www.linktionary.com /t/tariff.html   (134 words)

 Tariff Table
First protective tariff; Clay and Calhoun supported as part of American System; Southern cotton growers opposed; (Madison administration).
President received authority to negotiate tariff reductions up to 50 percent; aimed primarily at European Economic Community (later European Union); (Kennedy administration).
Memorabilia related to Tariff Table is at auction on eBay.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h963.html   (467 words)

 Palace on Wheels Tariff - Luxury Trains India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Tariff is inclusive of travel/ catering/ conducted sightseeing/ entrance fee at monuments/ parks/ palaces/ cultural programs/ camel ride at Jaisalmer/ boat ride at Udaipur/ rickshaw ride at Bharatpur and for still cameras.
Guest has to pay for video cameras, liquor, laundry and other items of personal nature.
Assistance for travel arrangements on completion of the tour.
www.theluxurytrains.com /palace_on_wheels/palace_on_wheels_tariff.html   (398 words)

 Customs Tariff
The Customs Tariff 2006 is the Canada Border Services Agency’s loose-leaf departmental consolidation of Canada’s import duty rates effective January 1, 2006.
The Tariff is valid only for the calendar year for which it is issued, and it is amended periodically over the course of the year.
If you are registered on a standing order to automatically receive Tariff updates, you will receive these same pages when Ottawa releases the first update to the 2006 Tariff main volume.
www.fedpubs.com /subject/customs/tariff.htm   (268 words)

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