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Topic: Tarija Department

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Tarija - LoveToKnow 1911
TARIJA, or Tarixa, a department and town of south-eastern Bolivia.
The department lies on the northern frontier of Argentina, and is bounded W. by Potosi, N. by Chuquisaca, and E. by Paraguay.
The eastern and larger part of the department belongs to the great Chaco region.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Tarija   (228 words)

 Bolivia - Travel Guide - Guia Turistica - Tours
Tarija's department is located to the south of the country, to a height of 1.957 meters on the level of the sea.
The climate in Tarija's department is moderated in the valleys, cold in the zone West and warm in the South-east.
The Tarija's department possesses a population of 403.079 habitants (Estimated 2000 INE) with a density of population of 10.71 habitants per Km2.
www.gbtbolivia.com /en/tarija/index.php?id=1   (129 words)

 Tourism in Tarija city, Hotels List - Bolivia Contact
Tarija, where, on one side lodging of immemorial epochs of dinosaurs and important archeological antecedents mingle, and on the other side, the fertile generous land with its abundant vineyards, with the production of delicious and fine wines shows up.
Tarija is characteristic for having been populated in the ancient times by species of dinosaurs, of which we find evidences in the Pale ontological, Archeological and Historical Museum.
Tarija was selected for the installation of it, for the special conditions of its skies.
www.boliviacontact.com /en/conozca/tarija.php   (683 words)

  Tarija - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-13)
Tarija lies in a fertile valley in the eastern watershed of the Andes near the oil fields of the Chaco.
Tarija department host most of natural gas reserves.
Tarija department to set up thermal power plant.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-tarija.html   (253 words)

 Tarija, Bolivia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tarija is the capital of and largest city within the Tarija Department, with an airport offering regular service to primary Bolivian cities, as well as a regional bus terminal with domestic and international connections.
Its climate is Mediterranean (similar to the Bolivian cities of Cochabamba and Sucre), in contrast to the harsh cold of the Altiplano (ie, La Paz) and humid heat of the Amazon Basin (ie, Santa Cruz de la Sierra).
From Tarija, primary destinations and land routes coincide with the cardinal directions: Paraguay/the Gran Chaco, to the east via Yacuiba; Argentina, to the south via Bermejo, Yacuiba or Villazón; Tupiza/the Salar de Uyuni, to the west via Villazón; and the central cities of Bolivia, to the north via Potosí.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tarija,_Bolivia   (755 words)

 Ciao!: Tarija count finished
The vote counting is finished in the southern, gas-rich department of Tarija.
Surprisingly, MAS won a plurality in the department, w/ 40.78% of the vote.
Tarija's 20 seats, were awarded as follows: 10 for MAS (50%), 8 for the MNR-FRI (40%), 1 for Podemos (5%), and 1 for MIR (5%).
www.centellas.org /miguel/archives/001613.html   (200 words)

 Bolivia’s Strife Intensifies: The Autonomy Being Sought by Santa Cruz Departmental Leaders Threatens Political ...
To counter this, outside observers fear that the natural gas and agriculture-rich departments of Santa Cruz and Tarija could be marching down an irreversible course that may culminate in their seceding from the Bolivian republic.
The department's export-oriented economy, which together with the nearby department of Tarija's resource-laden deposits, makes up 40 percent of Bolivia's underperforming tax-base due to their rich caches of natural gas and agricultural enterprises and attracts most of the incoming foreign investment.
The Guaranis, who live in Santa Cruz, Tarija and Chuquisaca (Sucre) departments are calling for the creation of a tenth national department under their control.
www.globalexchange.org /countries/americas/bolivia/2843.html   (3330 words)

 Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Bolivia’s electricity regulator to launch new tender   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-13)
The two companies that submitted bids in October -- Bolivian construction firm Ingelec and Colombia's state transmission company ISA -- did not comply with the bidding rules in terms of the legal and technical requirements and as a result were not permitted to submit economic bids in the third stage of the tender.
The line will run from the existing Punutuma substation in Potosi to the Camargo and Tarija substations, the construction of which will also be included in the contract, according to a previous report.
"[Tarija] is one of the economic areas of the country that is permanently growing.
www.gasandoil.com /goc/company/cnl61816.htm   (326 words)

 [No title]
The Education Service Department (SEDUCA) depends on the Governor’s Office and it is in charge of the administration of specific regimes, with competence of departmental accomplishments in the area of Formal and Alternative Education.
The containers will be opened in the deposits of the Governor of Tarija; and then they will be distributed to each centre using the transportation services of the Governor’s office until they are delivered to the Principal of the school and the School staff in charge of the representatives of the Parents of the school.
The Department of Service Education together with the careers of Data Processing and Systems of the Universities of Tarija will take care of the elaboration of the contents and the curriculum in accordance to the needs and requirements of the Society.
www.worldcomputerexchange.org /partner_plans/Bolivia-Tarija-Plan.doc   (2556 words)

Instead, it continued on and several minutes later appeared to disintegrate in a tremendous explosion that was heard in Tarija, forty miles to the north, and as far away as Oran in Argentina, eighty-five miles southeast of the mountain.
Tarija is a quiet little city that is the capital of the department, or state, of Tarija.
It turned out that she was one of the more influential people in Tarija, and she never hesitated to approach the colonels then in charge to ask for their cooperation on my behalf.
www.mufon.com /bob_pratt/crashes.html   (6798 words)

 Tarija Department - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The city of Tarija is the capital of the department.
Increased gas revenues and foreign direct investment in gas exploration and distribution are fueling growth and legitimizing Tarija as the next Bolivian industrial hub.
Tarija is also the home of over 20 different Indian tribes (the Guarani tribe being the largest) ranging from 20 persons up to 1500.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tarija_Department   (147 words)

 Print news - IPS Inter Press Service
Dozens of Guaraní, who live in the southern departments of Tarija and Chuquisaca, and in the southeastern Santa Cruz, led a silent mobilisation last week, an event that was far from the mass media spotlight.
During the wars for independence from the Spanish Crown, the Guaraní were able to consolidate their territories in the new republic of Bolivia, but the Europeans who had settled in the country isolated them, relegating the Indians to less fertile lands and, in many cases, subjected them to servitude bordering on slavery.
Expert on indigenous issues Acebey says the Guaraní mobilisation is not connected to the Aymara protests in the west, also characterised by their radical opposition to natural gas exports, although the two indigenous cultures share the ideals of defending natural resources and land to be run by community organisations.
www.ipsnews.net /print.asp?idnews=23700   (1047 words)

 Bolivia Departments
The departmental populations shown in the primary subdivisions table below were calculated by adding up the populations of the provinces in each department.
The departments are divided into 112 provincias (provinces).
In the eventual peace settlement, Bolivia lost most of the disputed territory - parts of Chuquisaca, Santa Cruz, and Tarija departments - to Paraguay.
www.statoids.com /ubo.html   (582 words)

 Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - The international struggle over Bolivia's natural gas
16-09-02 A natural gas pipeline expected to run from Tarija in southern Bolivia to a port on the Pacific ocean is a source of dispute between Peru and Chile, of controversy in Bolivia, and of pressure from five European corporations.
The southern Bolivian department of Tarija has natural gas reserves -- equivalent to an estimated 5 bn barrels of petroleum -- which Bolivia plans to export to the United States and Mexico.
In the southern Bolivian province of Tarija, where the gas fields are located, public opinion and local political leaders are in favour of the Chilean option, arguing that the cost of the pipeline would be lower.
www.gasandoil.com /goc/news/ntl24023.htm   (738 words)

 Ethnologue report for Bolivia
Chuquisaca Department, south to Pilcomayo River, east to Cuevo, north to Monte Agudo.
Eastern Beni and northwestern Santa Cruz Departments, village of Ibiato (Eviato) and along the Río Blanco in farms and ranches.
North central Beni Department at junction of Mamoré and Itenez rivers.
www.ethnologue.com /show_country.asp?name=BO   (684 words)

 USGS Open File Report 99-50-C The Santa Cruz - Tarija Province(Forward)
The Santa Cruz — Tarija Province is a subequant, 400,000-sq-km area, comprising parts of southeastern Bolivia (57% of the province), western Paraguay (33% of the province), northern Argentina (5% of the province), and Brazil (5% of the province) (Figure 2a and Figure 2b).
Maximum north-south extent is 700 km in the western (Andes) mountains, with an east-west dimension averaging 700 km.
Governments of the Santa Cruz — Tarija Province are relatively stable, with current or former national oil companies and a history of international cooperation with industry and academia.
greenwood.cr.usgs.gov /energy/WorldEnergy/OF99-50C/province1.html   (1147 words)

 Bolivia 2003
For the second consecutive year the National Astronomy Observatory organized various activities to celebrate World Space Week with programmes with the participation and collaboration of the Prefecture of the Department of Tarija, the Independent University "Juan Misael Saracho", the House of Cultura of Tarija and the Bolivian Association of Astronomy.
The jury was formed by prestigious teachers of the School of Arts and had the arduous task of describing the interesting and imaginative drawings made by the children using different techniques.
Unfortunately, the tragic events of the country in those dates caused the delegations of the interior to cancel their trip with the exception of Tarija and Santa Cruz which were each represented by a delegate.
www.spaceweek.org /bolivia_2003.html   (570 words)

 Ethnologue: Bolivia
Chuquisaca Department, south to Pilcomayo River, east to Cuevo, north to Monte Agudo.
North central Beni Department at junction of Mamoré and Itenez Rivers.
URU [URE] Department of Oruro, Province of Atahuallpa.
www.christusrex.org /www1/pater/ethno/Boli.html   (1173 words)

 TARIJA, or TARIXA - Online Information article about TARIJA, or TARIXA
Argentine frontier are the less civilized tribes of the Tobas, and in the mountainous districts are remnants of the Quichuas, once masters of an See also:
1900, 698o; 1906, estimate, 7817), is the only town of importance in the department.
It is situated on the Rio Grande de Tarija, about See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /SUS_TAV/TARIJA_or_TARIXA.html   (429 words)

 Bolivia Project Sites
The 20-bed hospital and eight health posts are staffed by auxiliary nurses but they have no medical equipment, supplies or medications.
San Lorenzo is a dusty village of 5,000 people in the department of Tarija in southern Bolivia.
San Lorenzo (Department of Tarija) and Guayaramerin (Department of Beni) were chosen for the two model projects, according to specific criteria developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.
www.csih.org /what/bolivia/siteinfo.htm   (276 words)

 Tourism in Santa Cruz de la Sierra city, Hotels List - Bolivia Contact
The department of Santa Cruz has 15 provinces and 150 cantons.
The department of Santa Cruz with its capital Santa Cruz de la Sierra is located in the Amazon area of Bolivia and it has a natural wealth of extraordinary beauty.
Cotoca is 20 kilometers away from the city and it is an interesting rustic pottery center and it has a regional culinary tasteful offer.
www.boliviacontact.com /en/conozca/santaCruz.php   (896 words)

In Sucre, Chuquisaca department, campesinos protested to demand the constitutional assembly be held before any referendum on regional autonomy; they were also demanding the trial of ex-president Sanchez de Lozada, and rejecting any immunity for US soldiers in Bolivia.
In Santa Cruz department, residents of the city of Camiri blocked the highway to Yacuiba, on the Argentine border, in a protest demanding that their city be the headquarters for the state-owned oil company, YPFB, when it is reformed under the terms of a July 2004 referendum.
In La Paz department, residents of Patacamaya demanded expansion of the local university, while Lahuachaca residents blockaded roads to demand the creation of a teacher training school.
www.ww4report.com /boliviagasbill   (2219 words)

 Bolivian Festivities Guide - Bolivia Contact
This celebration is carried out in several counties of the department.
Easter (mobile dates).- The devotion of the residents is appreciated that represents the soldiers of The Passion during Sacred Friday.
Vallegrande (Santa Cruz), San Ignacio of Moxos (Beni) and Tarija, where the celebrations are prolonged until ends of January.
www.boliviacontact.com /en/informacion/calendario.php   (1884 words)

 Bolivia - Amnesty International
The continuing government policy of forced eradication of coca-leaf crops to fulfil agreements signed with the US government, the militarization in El Chapare region, and the failure of alternative development to replace coca-leaf crops, led to confrontations between peasants and members of the security forces.
Supreme Decree 26415 was suspended, investigations into the killings and complaints of ill-treatment were reportedly initiated, payment of economic compensation to victims of the ongoing conflict in El Chapare was announced, and the jailed union leaders were released.
In October, in further clashes between peasants and members of the security forces in Ichoa, Cochabamba Department, Sabino Toledo, a peasant, was killed and another three peasants were shot and wounded in circumstances which appeared to involve excessive use of force by the security forces.
web.amnesty.org /report2003/Bol-summary-eng   (757 words)

 Bolivia Army - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-13)
RM 3, based in Tarija, consisted of Tarija Department and eastern Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz departments.
Division headquarters were located in Cochabamba (the largest), Camiri (Santa Cruz Department), Oruro, Potosí, Riberalta (Beni Department), Roboré (Santa Cruz Department), Santa Cruz, Trinidad, Viacha (La Paz Department), and Villamontes (Tarija Department).
In 1987, however, the Ninth Division was established in Rurrenabaque in Ballivián Province of Beni Department.
www.photius.com /countries/bolivia/national_security/bolivia_national_security_army.html   (413 words)

 Procurement Notices
Development of the Study for the Final Design of the Integral Pilot Plan for the administration of farms in the Province of Arce, in the Department of Tarija, Republic of Bolivia.
Identification and Design of Replicable Projects for sustainable use of the water in farmers’ communities of the River Basin of the Bermejo river in the Department of Tarija, Republic of Bolivia.
Development of the Study for the Final Design of the Project “Sediment Control in the River Basin of Rió Tolomosa” in the Department of Tarija, Republic of Bolivia.
www.oas.org /OASpage/bid   (878 words)

The campesinos were demanding recognition and titling of their land, the expulsion of large landholders, construction of a road, $5 million for agricultural production and "fulfillment of the mandate" of a July 18 referendum in which Bolivian voters approved national control of gas and other resources.
Late on Aug. 18, some 300 residents of Villamontes in Tarija department stormed the San Antonio gas compression plant, operated by the Transredes company, and shut down its valves, cutting off gas flow to the departmental capital, Tarija, as well as to Argentina and Brazil.
The Villamontes residents are demanding construction of a highway linking Tarija to Paraguay via Villamontes.
www.ww4report.com /node/18/print   (943 words)

 Unasylva - No. 164 - Watershed management - The revolving fund: a means of encouraging smallholders to participate in ...
In a mainly agrarian district of a country like Bolivia, this threatens the very life of the Tarija Valley community, which is unable to compensate for the loss of agricultural capacity with industrial or service activities.
In order to reverse the negative repercussions on the environment and to improve the lives of the peasant families, the Bolivian Government, the Tarija Department's public institutions and FAO are jointly carrying out a technical cooperation project with financial backing from the Norwegian Government.
A further important indication of the RF's achievement is the feeling of confidence with which farmers approach the project for loans and consider them an incentive or reward for the conservation activities that they are carrying out.
www.fao.org /docrep/u1510E/u1510e06.htm   (1982 words)

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