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Topic: Tarn (lake)

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Lake Titicaca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Titicaca is fed by rainfall and meltwater from glaciers on the sierras that abut the Altiplano.
It is drained by the Desaguadero River, which flows south through Bolivia to Lake Poopó; however, this effluent accounts for less than five per cent of the water loss, the rest being accounted for by evaporation as a result of the strong winds and intense sunlight at this altitude.
The partly-salt Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is bigger that Titicaca, at about 13,000 square kilometres, but some say it should be classified as a sea because it is connected to the ocean.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lake_Titicaca   (550 words)

 Tarn (lake) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A tarn (or corrie loch) is a mountain lake or pool, formed in a valley excavated by a glacier or corrie.
A tarn can often be found in a cirque that was once occupied by a glacier.
The word is derived from the Old Norse word tjörn meaning pond as such is often found in names of both glacial and non-glacial small upland lakes in the English Lake District and Pennines.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tarn_(lake)   (125 words)

 Talkin Tarn - Hallowe'en Ghost Hunt 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Talkin Tarn is a lake covering sixty acres, it is situated in Talkin in Cumbria only a short distance from Brampton.
Another legend is that the lake in the result of a flooded village and that if you row out into the centre of the lake on a clear day you can see the ruined buildings at the bottom of the lake.
We headed clockwise around the lake, the distance is almost 1½ miles and the majority of it involves walking through the dense woodland that surrounds the lake.
ghostsofthenortheast.150m.com /Talkin_Tarn.htm   (2120 words)

The presence of montmorillonite and of neo-formed salts as calcite and gypsum differentiate the sediments of the lake Vanda from its surrounding soils (hereafter referred to as regoliths).
Mössbauer parameters at room temperature for the nine layers of the sediment of the lake of Tarn Flat and for a typical regolith of its border.
In comparison with the lake sediment, the regolith is generally depleted in ions of smaller radius and relatively enriched in ions of large radius.
venus.unive.it /termo/Preprints/Pallanzanewweb.html   (4325 words)

 Rogers Creek expedition 2003 — bud.ca
We snack by the lake, pleased by the relative absence of mosquitoes.
This one provides for a great photo opportunity, as the end of the tarn extends right to the edge of the ridge, and provides the illusion that the end of the lake is hanging in the sky.
Caltha Lake and grassy meadow at the outflow.
bud.ca /Members/kteague/trips/rogerscreek03   (5184 words)

 Malham Tarn
The Malham Tarn estate is a dramatic limestone area comprising 4,300 acres of farmland, woodland and the Malham Tarn, situated between Ribblesdale and Wharfdale.
Malham Tarn is the only limestone lake in the country and is the highest freshwater lake of its size in England.
The Tarn and the surrounding wetlands are of internationally important scientific interest with a National Nature Reserve, a Ramsar site and three SSSI's.
www.geocities.com /davidseaford/malham_tarn.html   (376 words)

 Pacific Tarn Trip Report
The goal of the expedition was to visit the lake, verify that it still exists, measure it accurately, and gather enough information to substantiate our claim that it is the highest lake in the country.
Although the surface of the lake was mostly clear of ice and snow, the snowfields along the southwest quadrant of the lake still extended down into the water.
Don't pollute the lake or the surrounding rocky meadows.
www.highestlake.com /pacific-tarn.html   (5141 words)

 The Highest Lake in the USA
Lake Muriel is a subterranean lake heated by fumarole vents within the summit crater of Mt. Rainier.
It appears that the highest lake in the chain is not actually named, according to the placement of the label on the topo map.
Summit Lake is on the north side of Mt. Evans, along the road that leads almost to the summit of Mt. Evans.
www.highestlake.com /highest-lake-usa.html   (3623 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Cumbria | Lake's alien fish to be poisoned
A small Cumbrian lake is to be intentionally poisoned in an effort to rid it of an unwanted species of fish.
Agency officials were netting the lake's native carp, bream and tench, before moving them to a fish farm before the poison was introduced.
He said: "The closure of the tarn for a summer period would be a great loss to local and visiting anglers and also cause serious financial difficulties for the association.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/cumbria/4283919.stm   (381 words)

 Encyclopedia: Valley
Glacial valleys, which are usually U- rather than V-shaped, were formed tens of thousands of years ago (most likely during the last Ice Age) by the massive erosive power of glaciers.
Several glacial valleys can be found in the English Lake District and many can be found in Alpine countries.
Rift valleys, such as the Great Rift Valley, are formed by the expansion of the Earth's crust due to tectonic activity beneath the Earth's surface.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Valley   (1152 words)

 Washington Trails Association
North Lake is one of those over-looked surprises of a lake.
It's a spectacular blue gem of a lake surrounded by steep, difficult and rocky terrain.
The route to North Lake is a continuation of the trail to Independence Lake.
www.wta.org /~wta/cgi-bin/wtaweb.pl?3+tg+fetch+english+1077   (501 words)

 tarn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Grisedale Tarn, like other tarns, is a body of water in the hills of the picturesque English Lake District, which is located in the northwestern corner of England, just south of Scotland.
Grisedale Tarn is located in the vicinity of Grasmere, the home village of William and Dorothy Wordsworth from 1800 to 1813, and--because of the poetry Wordsworth wrote while living there--a geographical center for the Romantic Movement in England.
There is a biographical relevance to Grisedale Tarn in that Wordsworth and his brother John would fish there and parted at the Tarn forever, it turned out, after John's drowning at sea.
www.holycross.edu /departments/english/rmatlak/tarn.htm   (167 words)

 Golden Gate Photo - Trip to Mount Morrison Gallery
A little further south, along the top of the glacial moraine, are several tarn lakes formed in depressions on the top of the moraine.
The mound on the far side of the lake is part of the moraine.
This is a south-facing view at the beginning of the westward ascent from the tarn lake to the peak.
www.goldengatephoto.com /westus/mtmorrison.html   (776 words)

 Another misty stroll, Grasmere '98   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In the summer, it is highly desirable to walk into the tarn, though its water (even then) is incredibly cold.
After the tarn, the trail dips slightly and twists back and forth till reaching the end of the valley.
Progress in the Lake District continues, and there are any number of conveniently placed rocks to avoid the deeper muck.
www.lookoutnow.com /places/bleamist.htm   (250 words)

 Chester Lake   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
After a short break at Chester Lake, we headed up to the popular "Elephant Rocks" and had a lot of fun scrambling among the numerous boulders there.
We eventually continued up to the first tarn in Three Lakes Valley before turning around for the day.
This is the first tarn in Three Lakes Valley.
free.hostdepartment.com /s/ssbou/ssbou2005/chesterlake.html   (170 words)

 Alan Rolfe's walks: Easedale Tarn & Tarn Crag, Lake District
After pausing at the tarn, continue now heading generally W, fairly level at first and then climbing very steeply after passing the inflow to the tarn.
Head just E of N and make for the heights of Tarn Crag off to the R. Do not be tempted to take the apparently easier option of skirting Tarn Crag of its L as there is only a precipitous drop back down to Easedale Tarn.
It can be quite boggy after leaving the tarn as you head towards Tarn Crag but this some passes and firmer ground is reached.
www.alan.rolfe.easynet.co.uk /easedale.html   (929 words)

 OneDayHikes.com - Hikes and Hiking Trails
The final climb to the top is a steep, easy scramble, followed by a short walk to the right along the crest to the actual summit.
Now the main descent begins, on a long, steep, rocky path to the tarn (lake).
The path climbs, thankfully only for a short time, to Lanty's Tarn, which you pass to the left as you continue on the path.
www.onedayhikes.com /PrintFriendlyHikes.asp?HikesId=4   (1232 words)

 Styhead Tarn & Seathwaite Fell - a Lake District walk - Walking Britain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The latter stream needs to be crossed so pick your spot as there is not the luxury of a bridge.
This is a lovely place to rest awhile as you are surrounded by fine mountain scenery including Great Gable, Scafell Pike and Great End.
Cross the bridge and head north along the track used for the first section of the walk to reach the start.
www.walkingbritain.co.uk /walks/walks4/w236.shtml   (431 words)

 Lingmoor Fell from Blea Tarn - a Lake District Walk - Walking Britain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Parking in the small car park by Blea Tarn the intention was to climb Pike o' Blisco.
From the car park walk along the southern and western shores of the tarn to reach the road down into Great Langdale beneath the imposing crags of Side Pike.
This wonderful miniature "mountain" can also be included in the walk although on this occasion we skirted beneath it and climbed steeply up to the col beneath its eastern face.
www.walkingbritain.co.uk /walks/walks1/w144.shtml   (456 words)

 Lake District National Park Authority - Home page
The Lake District National Park is the largest English National Park, established in 1951.
Its 2,292 square kilometres cover fells, dales, lakes, villages, towns, beaches and tidepools.
We look after this unique area in England's north-west, encouraging people to enjoy and understand its beauty and helping those who live and work here.
www.lake-district.gov.uk   (132 words)

 Summit Lake State Recreation Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Summit Lake is a small cirque lake, or tarn, reaching a depth of 20 feet.
North of the lake, the uneven ground is caused, not by boulders, but by frost action in combination ground moisture and soil type.
There is a trail around Summit Lake, and along the bluff above, and west, of the lake.
www.dnr.state.ak.us /parks/units/summit.htm   (284 words)

 Tarn Flatt: Cottage Holidays Cumbria, Cumbrian Cottages, St Bees Self Catering, Lake District Cottage, Nr Whitehaven
Tarn Flatt Farm offers the ideal west coast location for their cumbria cottage accommodation.
Tarn Flatt cottage is on a working farm over looking the Scottish borders and hills.
Situated in the tranquil countryside of Sandwith, which is very close to St Bees and the historic harbour town of Whitehaven.
www.tarnflattfarm.co.uk   (222 words)

 Lake District Log Cabin - Luxury 4 star self catering accommodation
Lake District Log Cabin - Luxury 4 star self catering accommodation
Deep in Cumbria's National Park, overlooking the famous Langdale Valley within a secluded and tranquil woodland estate.
Close to Lake Windermere, Ambleside, Wordsworth, Ruskin and Beatrix Potter.
www.logcabin.bz   (153 words)

 sell.com classifieds : TARN DR : Property in Deep Creek Lake, MD for sale (2WJQQ)
TARN DR : Property in Deep Creek Lake, MD View more property details...
Lot features lake access, wooded setting, and a great neighborhood.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.sell.com /2WJQQ   (78 words)

 Tarn Hows Guest House, in Keswick, Cumbria, The Lake District
Tarn Hows is a beautifully appointed and decorated traditional Victorian residence.
We are a Non Smoking establishment and have gained a reputation for warm hospitality and a genuine concern for the success and comfort of your stay in the Lake District.
As a special facility for walkers we have the Anquet Route Planning software and a computer dedicated for guest use which offers Internet Access.
www.tarnhows.co.uk /home.htm   (122 words)

 Tarn Rigg guest house accommodation windermere cumbria, the Lake District
Tarn Rigg guest house accommodation windermere cumbria, the Lake District
Welcome to Tarn Rigg guest house, situated in Windermere the heart of the Lake District, in a quiet secluded setting with unbeatable views of the surrounding fells.
The guest house offers easy access to all local amenities and is an ideal base for your holiday in the English Lake District.
www.tarnrigg-guesthouse.co.uk   (69 words)

 3 Tarn Cottages - A Quality Self-Catering Holiday Cottage At Grasmere In The English Lake District   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
3 Tarn Cottages - A Quality Self-Catering Holiday Cottage At Grasmere In The English Lake District
Tarn Cottages are superbly located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, next to the tiny White Moss Tarn, on the bridleway between Grasmere and Rydal Mount.
There are beautiful views to Loughrigg fells and Rydal from the garden.
www.tarncottage.co.uk   (84 words)

 Buy Tarn Online or Sell Tarn Online - eBay   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Tarn "Greeks in Bactria and India" ancient history
of the village of Caylus in Tarn -et-Garonne.
Overall there was a 17% increase from summer 2005 with the most popular routes in Grizedale, Coniston and Tarn Hows.
www.low-priced-hobbies-crafts.com /tarn.htm   (665 words)

 The English Lake District
KEY to March photos: Derwentwater - 3 on Crag Fell - Haweswater from Harter Fell - and from Rough Crag - Bassenthwaite Lake - Blencathra from Tewit Tarn - Sharp Edge
KEY to April photos: 4 in Newlands Valley - Bassenthwaite Lake from Dodd - Borrowdale from Eagle Crag - Langstrath - Causey Pike - Coniston Water - Coniston Old Man
KEY to October photos: Ullswater from Heughscar Hill - Derwentwater from Grange Fell - Newlands Valley/Keswick/Bassenthwaite Lake from Swinside - Newlands Valley from Catbells - 2 on Catbells - Catbells from Derwentwater - 2 in Caiston Glen - Rydal Water from Nab Scar - 3 of Derwentwater
www.geocities.com /Yosemite/1015/ldarc.htm   (378 words)

 Ice Patterns On Alpine Tarn, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair NP, Tasmania, Australia Photographic Print by Grant Dixon at ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Ice Patterns On Alpine Tarn, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair NP, Tasmania, Australia Photographic Print by Grant Dixon at Art.com
Digitally Printed on Archival Photographic Paper resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display
Ice Patterns On Alpine Tarn, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair NP, Tasmania, Australia
www.art.com /asp/sp.asp?PD=10258532&RFID=346898&engine=sitematch   (90 words)

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