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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

In Tartuffe, a comedy in five acts, Molière relates the story of an attempt, by an irreclaimable hypocrite, to destroy the domestic happiness of a citizen who, charmed by his seeming piety, has received him as a prominent guest.
By a process of self-revelation, and almost without the aid of dialogue or soliloquy, the heart of a man who could neither desire nor endure any close investigation is discovered and ascertained in all its intricacies, with the certainty of navigators tracing the line and bearings of an unknown shore.
The king at once perceived the genius displayed in Tartuffe, and was also clear-headed enough to see that it was aimed exclusively against hypocrisy; but from the moment it made its appearance in Paris another and heavier storm began to rage over the head of the dramatist.
www.theatrehistory.com /french/tartuffe001.html   (668 words)

 Past Productions: Tartuffe
Tartuffe, an odious hypocrite whose apparent piety has ingratiated him with the credulous Orgon and his mother Mme.
Realizing the futility of reasoning with either Tartuffe or her husband, Elmire devises a way to expose the hypocrite to Orgon.
She persuades Orgon to conceal himself under a table while she speaks to Tartuffe, and her husband is thus a witness to the impostor's advances to her.
www.amrep.org /past/tartuffe.html   (405 words)

 Welcome to the Fallout: Tartuffe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Tartuffe, the title character, is a pseudo-saintly buffoon who "rails at everything" (I.i.51) his acquaintances enjoy in order (purportedly) to save their souls.
Tartuffe is so zealous that "he guides our lives, and to protect my honor / Stays by my wife, and keeps an eye upon her" (I.v.43-44).
Tartuffe is at root a man--a fallen man, susceptible to myriad temptations to wrongdoing.
www.christianlogic.com /chrisalexion/archives/2006/08/tartuffe.html   (675 words)

 Amazon.com: Tartuffe, by Moliere: Books: Moliere,Richard Wilbur   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The central character in "Tartuffe" is not the title character, but Orgon, a reasonably well to do man of Paris who is married to his second wife, Elmire, and has a song, Damis, and a daughter, Mariane, from his first marriage.
Tartuffe is a religious hypocrite who worms his way into Orgon's confidence in order to take him for everything he is worth.
The play "Tartuffe" was banned by the clergy after its first performance because it was seen as a thinly veiled attack against the Jansenists (a rather puritanical Catholic sect), and Moliere literally spent years rewriting it before the King gave his approval.
www.amazon.com /Tartuffe-Moliere/dp/0156881802   (1623 words)

Tartuffe, and soon after it Don Juan, were both accused of advocating atheism and moral decay; the author was accused of subversive writing against the au thority of the state.
Orgon commands Mariane to marry Tartuffe immediately, but Elmire finally convinces her husband to eavesdrop on an arranged meeting between herself and the supposed holy man. Orgon assents, and watches as Tartuffe vigorously attempts to seduce Elmire.
The 1984 Guthrie production of Tartuffe (directed by Lucian Pintilie under the influence of both Planchon and Vitez) was one of the most important recent stagings of the play in the license the director took to reshape Molire--making the text a canvas onto which to paint his personal conceptions and contemporary political sensibilities.
www.courttheatre.org /home/plays/9697/tartuffe/PNtartuffe.shtml   (7968 words)

 Tartuffe Study Guide
When Tartuffe again vows his love for Elmire, trying to lure her into an affair with him, he tells her “secret sinning is no sin at all.” Upon hearing that outrage, Orgon comes out, denounces Tartuffe, and expels him from the house—but not before Tartuffe threatens to get even.
Tartuffe, it seems, is a “known scoundrel” with a long history of crimes that he committed under other names.
Tartuffe is the personification of hypocrisy, pretending to be morally upright and extremely pious when he is really a scoundrel.
www.cummingsstudyguides.net /Guides2/Tartuffe.html   (3181 words)

 Of shamans and charlatans
In the first act, Tartuffe is this sanctimonious, holier-than-thou guy who gets held up by just about everyone as the poster child for religious piety.
By the third act, the jig is up and Tartuffe is exposed as a lecherous fraud, leaving him little choice but to decamp for friendlier environs and leave the truly decent people in peace.
Tartuffe, for instance, is the universal con man whom we still see today in many guises: political (Nixon), religious (televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart) etc. Orgon is the quintessential middle-aged man in mid-life crisis, the man who is losing his power over his family, and to regain power allies himself with a righteous guru."
www.paweekly.com /weekly/morgue/listings/2001_Feb_16.TARTUFFE.html   (897 words)

 [No title]
Tartuffe is an archetypal hypocrite Orgon is an archetypal gullible fool.
In the original version, Tartuffe was clothed as a Catholic Priest and closely aligned with the Priesthood.
Belief in empirical data Orgon is skeptical of testimonial evidence What ultimately convinces him is observation However, Madame Pernelle is not even willing to trust observation--she persists in believing what she wants to believe, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary (354-55)--this is satire.
webpages.shepherd.edu /maustin/engl209/TARTUFF.doc   (589 words)

 Tartuffe Summary & Essays - Moliere
Tartuffe is set in the realm of seventeenth-century Parisian high society during the reign of King Louis XIV.
Tartuffe appears to be an extremely pious and devout man of religion, and Orgon regards him almost as a saint.
All of Orgon's friends and family regard Tartuffe as a con man who only pretends to be of the highest moral authority but who does not practice what he preaches.
www.enotes.com /tartuffe   (373 words)

 Radikal-çevrimiçi / Kültür/Sanat / Tartuffe'ü anlamamışlar
Kazım Akşar, "Tartuffe'ü bir kişiye indirgeyerek onu harcayamam" diyerek, Tartuffe karakterinin Atilla Koç'u simgelediği tespitlerine katılmadığının altını çiziyor.
Mesela Moliere'in dindarlık kisvesi insanları sömürenleri sertçe eleştiren oyunu 'Tartuffe' hem İstanbul Devlet Tiyatrosu hem de Kocaeli Büyükşehir Belediyesi Şehir Tiyatroları tarafından sahneleniyor.
Burada da 'Tartuffe' oynandığı için kapatılmak hevesine kapılabilirler.
www.radikal.com.tr /haber.php?haberno=178109&tarih=09/02/2006   (537 words)

 Tartuffe Cavies - Guinea Pigs of Character and Distinction
Tartuffe Cavies and the Tartuffe Caviary Stud are based in Ipswich Suffolk (England!) and are owned and run by Nicky Reynolds.
Tartuffe Caviary is home to a small stud of several breeds of Rare Variety cavies, currently the Tan in Black, Chocolate and Slate,and the ack Fox in Black, Chocolate and Lilac.
The prefix of 'Tartuffe' belonged at one time to my Mother-In-Law Suzette Reynolds, which she used for many years in breeding and showing her top class Bullmastiffs.
www.freewebs.com /tartuffecavies   (473 words)

 Theater Schmeater
Tartuffe is a cautionary tale of hypocrisy and of false religious zeal told as a timeless and brilliant comedy.
Molière's Tartuffe, a seemingly pious man, infiltrates an upstanding household in the name of righteousness, causing chaos and finally revealing his true predatory, deceptive nature.
Tartuffe is one of the Theater's largest productions this season with over 15 artists participating in the project (including 10 actors, 3 designers, a director, a dramaturge and a stage manager).
www.schmeater.org /season2001/tartuffe.htm   (324 words)

 Tartuffe or the Hypocrite by Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere. Search, Read, Study, Discuss.
Tartuffe or the Hypocrite by Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere.
Many people question whether Tartuffe is really a satire or merely a spoof.
In this play it is quite obvious that Tartuffe is not who he claims to be, which helps the audience immediately focus on the other characters reactions to him.
www.online-literature.com /moliere/tartuffe-or-the-hypocrite   (252 words)

Tartuffe was first performed for King Louis XIV of France in 1664.
The Tartuffe controversy constituted the most intriguing and public scandal of the day, involving the monarchy, the church and the arts.
Tartuffe is considered to be Molière’s masterwork and one of the great dramas of western literature.
www.slu.edu /theatre/tartuffe.html   (275 words)

 West Bay Opera prepares for 'Tartuffe' -- Los Altos Town Crier
She plays along with Tartuffe's advances and he ends up chasing her around the room, while she's coughing frantically and Orgon stays put under the table.
When Tartuffe walks on stage the first time, a phony Gregorian chant plays in the background to highlight his phony piousness.
"Tartuffe" is one of the most-performed American operas, according to Mechem.
latc.com /2001/02/07/special_sect/stepping2.print.html   (540 words)

 Study Questions and Notes for Molière's Tartuffe
Look for the following stock characters as you read Tartuffe: the young lovers whose desires are thwarted by an unreasonable father, the clever servant, the "reasoner," and the impostor or parasite.
They were careful not to attack it at the point that had wounded them: they were too crafty for that and too clever to reveal their true character.
In keeping with their lofty custom, they have used the cause of God to mask their private interests; and Tartuffe, they say, is a play that offends piety: it is filled with abominations from beginning to end, and nowhere is there a line that does not deserve to be burned.
faculty.gvsu.edu /websterm/Tartuffe.htm   (1229 words)

 Tartuffe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As tartuffe first appears on stage in scene 2, he is speaking of a "hair-shirt" and a "scourge." What is the significance of these statements?
In scene 3 what explanation does Orgon give for his failure to believe his own wife when Tartuffe was accused of trying to seduce her.
Scene 5, with Orgon under the table and Tartuffe making his advances toward Elmire is the paramount comic scene in this play.
courses.unt.edu /dvann/2220/Tartuffe.htm   (625 words)

 English 233: Moliere's TARTUFFE as a satire on religious fanaticism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In his introduction to his translation of the play, Richard Wilbur describes how Molière took the tack of insisting that the target of the play's satire is Tartuffe himself, and that Tartuffe is obviously not an example of religious faith but an example of a religious hypocrite.
Wilbur seems to me to miss the point in arguing pointing out (in rejoinder to Molière) that Tartuffe is not an instance of religious hypocrisy, since he (Wilbur) proceeds from the premise that that concept can properly apply only to people who are religious but do not act in accordance with their sincere professions.
Orgon is eager to believe in Tartuffe for a variety of reasons, but one of these is that the religion Tartuffe is peddling is a version of Christianity that Moliere regards as insane.
www-personal.ksu.edu /~lyman/english233/Tartuffe-religion.htm   (715 words)

 Moliere's Tartuffe
Everyone else in the family sees through Tartuffe's pose, and his machinations and hypocrisies are eventually exposed, but is it too late to save the family from eviction and to keep Orgon from being thrown in prison?
Tartuffe was my first attempt at adapting Moliere, and I found myself challenged to make the pious hypocrite's particular philosophical bent understandable to the general public.
This was probably the greatest liberty that I took with the play, having Tartuffe reach beyond his humble state to suggest that he considers himself a great man, and has thereby worked out a special deal with God.
moliere-in-english.com /tartuffe.html   (1629 words)

 Tartuffe - Tom Fulton as Tartuffe - Translation by Wayne Turney - Actor's Summit Theatre
In the classic comedy, saucy maid Dorine (Sally Groth) coins that word to describe how the hypocritical impostor Tartuffe has snowed over his patron, Orgon, and is about to sink his teeth into Orgon's daughter.
...Fulton's Tartuffe is a man of oily desperation -- He's unctuous in both look and manner,from his haphazard, oily comb-over to his lecherous advances on Elmire, Orgon's wife.
Tartuffe wears a huge, oversized cross around his neck and a rosary dangling from his belt.
www.tomfulton.com /tartuffe.htm   (334 words)

 Tartuffe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By the time Tartuffe is exposed and Orgon renounces him, Tartuffe has legal control of his finances and family, and is about to steal all of his wealth and marry his daughter- all at Orgon's own invitation.
Tartuffe even gets Orgon to order that, in revenge of Damis' lie, Tartuffe should be around Elmire more than ever.
Murnau and starred Emil Jannings as Tartuffe, Lil Dagover as Elmire and Werner Krauss as Orgon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tartuffe   (1138 words)

 Playbill News: PHOTO CALL: Tartuffe Takes a Bow
Respected for his interpretations of Moliere, Brian Bedford plays Tartuffe's good-hearted, but clueless victim Orgon opposite Henry Goodman as a religious con man who uses his position to steal and seduce Orgon's wife.
Also in the cast are J. Smith-Cameron as the sharp-tongued maid Dorine, John Bedford Lloyd as Cleante, Jeffrey Carlson as Valere, T.R. Knight as Damis, Bryce Dallas Howard as Mariane, Rosaleen Linehan as Madame Pernelle, Philip Goodwin as Mons.
Loyal and Kathryn Meisle as Elmire, Orgon's wife and the objection of Tartuffe's lust.
www.playbill.com /news/article/77276.html   (364 words)

 Tartuffe - Moviefone
Synopsis: Tartuffe, French playwright Moliere's 16th-century satire of religious quackery, is given right and proper treatment by the Royal Shakespeare Company...
Tartuffe Movie Movie may take several minutes to load.
IMDb: Tartuffe (Herr Tartüff) (1926) Jannings does a marvelous job playing the sly and ultra-devout Tartuffe (we first...
movies.aol.com /movie/tartuffe/1034893/main   (153 words)

A con man by the name of Tartuffe pretends piousness and deceives a well-to-do gentleman named Orgon.
Tartuffe tries to seduce Orgon's wife, Elmire, and gets Orgon to sign over to him all of his property.
Aside from Tartuffe, are any other characters in the play criticized for their vices?
fajardo-acosta.com /worldlit/moliere/tartuffe.htm   (642 words)

 Talkin' Broadway Review: Tartuffe
Goodman's Tartuffe is a completely ordinary man - quiet, humble, and unassuming, like your brother or a coworker who just needs some time off to get his life back in order.
You might spend a few minutes wondering how Tartuffe could possibly fool such a perceptive, intelligent person, then spend the next five minutes wondering how this Orgon managed to achieve the success in life he obviously has.
Cameron and Meisle mask them with their adroit comic skills, but Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeffrey Carlson as the young lovers and T.R. Knight as Meisle's stepson are much less successful, reminiscent of modern college students preparing for an elaborate Halloween party.
www.talkinbroadway.com /world/Tartuffe.html   (885 words)

 Molière, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. 1909–14. Tartuffe. Vol. 26, Part 4. The Harvard Classics
Although I am a pious man, I am not the less a man.
Tartuffe, a religious hypocrite, tries to get title to his friend’s estate by sending him to jail.
So effective was Molière’s satire, that the word tartuffe has become part of the English language.
www.bartleby.com /26/4   (96 words)

 English 233: Study Guide to Moliere's TARTUFFE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
After you finish reading the play, you should work through the remarks on Tartuffe as a political parable and on the play as a critique of religious fanaticism.
For some additional reflections on the theme of authority and reason, see the mini-essay on Tartuffe as a political parable.
What do you notice about the picture of human nature Tartuffe appeals to in the speech by which he gets himself off the hook with Orgon in the face of Damis' accusation?
www-personal.ksu.edu /~lyman/english233/Tartuffe0.htm   (1055 words)

 Get 'Tartuffified'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Fortunately Orgon's second wife, Elmire, is too smart to "get Tartuffified." She knows that like the holy hypocrite he is, Tartuffe will play the fool, too, at the sight of her corseted bosom.
This "Tartuffe" is easier to connect with than a comedia dell'arte farce and more accessible than many operas.
Sylvia Eowyn Bloom's (Mariane) second-act aria, in which she pleads with her father not to force her marriage to Tartuffe, spotlights her beautiful soprano voice and sincere delivery.
www.paloaltoonline.com /weekly/morgue/listings/2001_Feb_23.OPERA.html   (632 words)

 APT American Players Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
His family’s up in arms over Tartuffe, a flimflam man of criminal bent whose current facade of religious fervor has their master totally bamboozled.
Despite their best efforts to warn him, the arrogant Orgon gets taken for all he’s worth by the shifty villain Tartuffe, who’s finally undone by his own irrepressible thrust of lustfulness for Elmire, Orgon’s own wife.
The Merry Wives of Windsor :: Tartuffe :: Candida
www.americanplayers.org /apt2_tartuffe.html   (122 words)

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