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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Tattoo Symbols & Designs - The Tattoo Encyclopedia: A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo
Tattoos continue to move into the mainstream and grow in popularity with each passing day.
A comprehensive, informative exploration of the colorful world of tattoos, The Tattoo Encyclopedia presents concise descriptions of symbols both common and unusual and sheds light on their historic, religious, and cultural significance.
For example, a hammer suggests "might, activity, and brute force." The book also explains more obscure tattoos, such as the number 13, which stands for the thirteenth letter of the alphabet (M) and is sometimes used in lieu of a marijuana leaf; and a sunflower, which represents constancy.
www.tattoosymbol.com /books/book-te.html   (477 words)

 Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia
Once upon a time, before the advent of the indie rocker and the alternative chick, before primitivism became a style trend and tattoo parlors set up shop on the good avenues, tattoos were the secret language of a restricted world, a world of criminals.
The photographs, drawings and texts published here are part of a collection of 3,600 tattoos accumulated over a lifetime by prison attendant Danzig Baldayev.
Tattoos were his entrance into a secret world, a world in which he acted as an ethnographer, recording the rituals of a closed society.
www.artbook.com /3882439203.html   (233 words)

 The Tattoo Encyclopedia : A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo by Fireside
However, if you're the typical college kid interested in skimming the surface of this art and searching for inspiration other than the ubiquitous butterfly on your lower back or "tribal" design (being that most tribal designs are not, in fact, truly tribal) around your bicep, this book may indeed help you out a little.
I posit a great tattoo book has not yet been written, but at least this author gives modest blurbs (we'll not discuss the butchering of the English language) regarding some of the images rather than throwing yet another book chock-full of uninspired flash with nary a word to read.
You can find classic tattoo symbols like the Crawling Panther but it also has stuff like Om and lots of variations on a theme (different kinds of crosses, animals, etc.).
www.negative-procreative.biz /stuff-0743223292.html   (762 words)

 mumblage | mumblog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Indeed, it's difficult to say what is most offensive to the civilized sensibility: a textual rant that begins with the assertion that "We Russians made you ugly non-Russian gits...into people..." and just goes on from there; or the accompanying art showing an bearded Slavic woodsman and uniformed Soviet subjecting a foreigner to...acts.
And the personal stories of the tattoos' bearers are themselves a mini-encyclopedia of degraded existence: "The wearer [of a rather imaginatively pornographic racist tattoo], who had three convictions for theft and robbery, was arrested in a brothel at 44 Ligovsky Prospect, where he was living with a prostitute."
These tattoos are often repulsive and almost always totally inexcusable in their content.
www.mumblage.com /mumblog/archives/45-RUSSIAN-CRIMINAL-TATTOO-ENCYCLOP...   (5920 words)

 The Tattoo Encyclopedia : A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Tattoo Encyclopedia : A Guide to Choosing Your Tattoo
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