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Topic: Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

 FL Dept Rev - Florida Taxpayer Rights
The Florida Taxpayer's Bill of Rights provides protection for taxpayers' privacy and property during their interactions with Department employees.
The Department of Revenue has a Taxpayer Rights Advocate who can help ensure that those rights are protected during the tax assessment, collection, refund denial, and enforcement processes.
Taxpayers who have taken these steps, but still believe that their concerns have not been timely or fairly addressed, should contact the Taxpayer Rights Advocate. /dor/taxes/rights.html

 DFA - Arkansas Taxpayer Bill of Rights
If the taxpayer fails to preserve and maintain records suitable to determine the amount of tax due or to prove accuracy of any return, the Commissioner may make an estimated assessment based upon the best information available as to the amount of tax due by the taxpayer.
When collecting any State tax due from a taxpayer, the Commissioner is authorized to file a certificate of indebtedness with the circuit clerk of any county of this State certifying that the person named therein is indebted to the State for the amount of tax due as established by the Commissioner.
Any court costs or sheriff's fees which result from the Commissioner's attempt to collect delinquent taxes shall be collected from the taxpayer in addition to the tax, interest, and penalties included in the certificate of indebtedness. /dfa/taxes/bor.html

 TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS 2: PASSED In July 1996 your RIGHTS during an IRS audit or collection process were expanded with extra protections
TAXPAYER BILL OF RIGHTS 2: PASSED In July 1996 your RIGHTS during an IRS audit or collection process were expanded with extra protections
TBR2 authorizes the taxpayer to bring a civil damage suit against the United States if any United States officer employee intentionally compromises a tax due from a CPA, attorney or enrolled agent representing that taxpayer in exchange for information conveyed by the taxpayer to the representative for purposes of obtaining advice.
This is intended to require the IRS to remind taxpayers who have been reported as "currently not collectible" that the tax liability still exist and to allow the taxpayer to realize the amount of interest and penalties which are accruing as a result of the tax liability. /TAXPAYER.html

 FL Dept Rev - Florida Taxpayer's Bill of Rights
The right to request assistance from a taxpayers' rights advocate of the department, who shall be responsible for facilitating the resolution of taxpayer complaints and problems not resolved through the normal administrative channels within the department, including any taxpayer complaints regarding unsatisfactory treatment by department employees.
The right to have the department actively investigate and, where appropriate, implement automated or electronic business methods that enable the department to more efficiently and effectively administer the revenue sources of this state at less cost and effort for taxpayers.
The right to seek review, through formal or informal proceedings, of any adverse decisions relating to determinations in the audit or collections processes and the right to seek a reasonable administrative stay of enforcement actions while the taxpayer pursues other administrative remedies available under Florida law (see ss. /dor/taxes/billofrights.html

 Nebraska Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Taxpayers have the right to written notification from the Department at least ten days before the filing of liens, except in the case of jeopardy circumstances.
Taxpayers have a right to demonstrate that the filing of liens would be in error.
Nebraska taxpayers have the right to tax information written in plain language, the right to prompt and accurate responses to all questions, and the right to taxpayer information services at Department offices, through toll free telephone numbers, or the DepartmentÂ’s Internet Web site. /rights.htm

 Your Rights and Obligations Under the Tax Law (Publication 131)
Chapter 770 of the Laws of 1992 includes the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights which requires the department to furnish taxpayers with nontechnical statements that explain taxpayers' rights with respect to audits, protests, the review of adverse decisions, refunds, complaints and enforcement procedures.
Taxpayer awareness of these rights is essential to maintaining the efficiency and fairness of the state and local tax systems.
A major function of the Department of Taxation and Finance is to help taxpayers understand their rights and responsibilities at each step in the administration and collection of New York State and local taxes. /nyshome/billrght.htm

 Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Also in the bill are provisions to make it easier for the IRS to remove liens from taxpayers’ property, require the IRS to notify taxpayers annually of overdue taxes and give taxpayers the right to sue someone who files false tax information on them, such as a phony W-2 or 1099.
In the past, the ombudsman’s powers have been restricted to halting agency actions against a taxpayer; under the bill, the office would have the authority to make the agency do things for the taxpayer as well.
Taxpayers are abut to get an array of new weapons for dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, thanks to a measure recently approved by Congress and headed for President Clinton’s expected signature. /genie11.html

 The Heartland Institute - Wisconsin Barely Passes Lukewarm Taxpayer Bill of Rights Out of Committee - by Rep. Frank Lasee
Under considerable political pressure from a conservative (and substantial) primary challenger, Senate Majority Leader Mary Panzer (R) finally did the right thing and called for the legislature to pass a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
Because I was testifying against their proposed state Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR).
A real Taxpayer Bill of Rights will protect the taxpayer. /Article.cfm?artId=15636

 Taxpayer Rights
The goal of the Taxpayer Rights Corner is to be your one-stop shop for taxpayer rights information during every step of your interaction with the IRS.
Whether you file a Form 1040EZ or a complicated corporate return, you will benefit from knowing your rights as a taxpayer and being familiar with the IRS' obligations to protect them.
The Low Income Tax Clinic grant program is designed to help accredited academic institutions and non-profit organizations provide low to no-cost tax assistance (such as representing the taxpayer during an audit or tax collection effort) and/or tax outreach to taxpayers for whom English is a second language. /advocate/article/0,,id=98206,00.html

 General Revenue Provisions
Taxpayers may claim a refund for any taxes overpaid provided that a claim with proper proof is filed within three years from December 31 of the year in which the payment was made.
Waivers can also be issued in delinquency cases if the taxpayer has a good two-year filing record with the department and no willful disregard of the law or gross negligence is involved.
Petitions for waiver of penalties must be submitted in writing by the taxpayer and will be reviewed by the commissioner or her delegate. /revenue/general.htm

 taxpayer bill of rights
Results for taxpayer bill of rights 1 to 10 of 34 results.
In the United States, the False Claims Act (based on the Federal False Claims Act 31 U.S.C. 3729 et seq.) provides a powerful legal tool to counteract fraudulent billings turned into the Federal Government.
Congressional Porkbusters Coalition - The Porkbusters Coalition is a bipartisan group of U.S. Representatives, Senators, and taxpayer groups dedicated to cutti... /information/taxpayer+bill+of+rights

 The Property Taxpayer's Bill of Rights
The Property TaxpayerÂ’s Bill of Rights was designed to help you better understand the information contained on all your property tax bills.
Assessment-related information included under the Property TaxpayerÂ’s Bill of Rights:
If you pay your property taxes through an escrow account, you will receive receipts, rather than tax bills, with the Bill of Rights information. /pamphlet/taxbrgts.htm

 Liability Exposure - Are you At Risk?
If you are involved in the management of any tax exempt organization, you need to get informed about some new rules in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 that became law last July 30th.
Some background on this matter would be in the 1996 Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2.
Bill Comer recently sent me a copy of a 1996 case in which the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overruled a district court in a case involving the state law relating to a spendthrift trust and the federal law relating to a tax lien. /exposure.htm

 Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 Signed Into Law
Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 Signed Into Law
The Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 (H.R. 2337) became law when President Clinton signed it on July 30.
The AICPA has long supported and actively worked for passage of the taxpayer bill of rights legislation both in 1988, when the first taxpayer bill of rights legislation passed, and now. /pubs/cpaltr/sept96/tporsil.htm

 BBHQ: A Taxpayer Bill of Rights
The patients' bill of rights is actually a lawyers' "kid in a candy store" bill because it allows lawyers to go to the well (the insurance companies - read: us) for an endless supply of money - our money!
The American taxpayers have a right to how much money each congressman and spends on his/her own office and exactly how that money is spent.
Since the American taxpayers pay the salaries of congressmen, taxpayers have a right to know how much of a congressman's official time is spent campaigning for re-election. /tpbor.htm

 Taxpayer Bill of Rights III
The IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, which was signed into Law on July 22, 1998, contains the Taxpayer Bill of Rights 3.
The Taxpayer Bill of Rights 3 preserves the balance between safeguarding the rights of the taxpayers and enabling the Internal Revenue Service to administer the tax laws efficiently, fairly, and with the least amount of burden to the taxpayer.
Under this bill, taxpayer rights have been expanded in several areas: /~smallbus/IRS/sections/section7/understanding-tbor3.htm

 Georgia Department of Revenue-Taxpayer Bill of Rights
Georgia law has provisions which protect your rights and, under the new "Taxpayer Bill of Rights," the law requires that you be notified of your rights and that they be explained fully to you.
As a Georgia taxpayer, you have the right to fair, courteous, and timely service from your Department of Revenue.
This information is designed to help you learn and understand your rights so that you do not pay more taxes than you actually owe. /departments/dor/taxinfo/tpbor.shtml

 Bonita resident starts petition drive for 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights'
Bonita resident starts petition drive for 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights'
The "Bill of Rights" includes three proposed charter amendments:
The group needs nearly 2,000 names of registered Bonita voters by a Dec. 10 deadline to get the items on the ballot four months later, elections officials say. /03/09/bonita/d994619a.htm

 Tennessee Taxpayer Bill of Rights Enacted
The Tennessee Taxpayer Bill of Rights, among other things, requires tax forms and instructions to be written in plain language and assures the taxpayer that no employees will be paid, promoted or rewarded on the basis of tax assessment.
Jackson, Tennessee (March 26, 1993): In 1992 the Tennessee General Assembly enacted legislation to outline and clarify the rights of the taxpayer.
The legislation was entitled the Tennessee Taxpayer Bill of Rights. /tennesse.htm

 Marshfield News Herald - Taxpayer Bill of Rights prompts statewide forum
Why: The Wisconsin Counties Association has organized a statewide forum open to all residents to help people learn more about the proposed Taxpayer Bill of Rights legislation, which would place into the state Constitution a formula limiting annual increases in spending each year for all levels of government.
Area school and government leaders say the Legislature& proposed Taxpayer Bill of Rights will decimate schools and public services if it passes.
While its name sounds appealing - Taxpayer Bill of Rights - the measure puts in jeopardy the services and options state and local residents have come to expect from various units of government, local school districts, the University of Wisconsin System and state technical colleges, DeDeker said. /newsherald/mnhlocal/286796077898330.shtml

 Change the State Budget Game
In several states, CSE is advancing the concept of a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights,” or TABOR.
Any line item from the federal budget that constitutes either $100 or more of the taxpayer's bill, or 1% or more of the federal budget, must be listed.
Politicians and bureaucrats are often rewarded for pleasing narrow special interests and sticking the taxpayer with the bill. /informed/issues_template.php?issue_id=1706

 Springettsbury Township -- Taxpayer Bill of Rights
This Taxpayers Bill of Rights Disclosure Statement as required by Act 50 of 1998 is the Township's commitment that it will keep its obligation.
When the Township initiates an administrative review or audit of a taxpayer's return or tax liability, the taxpayer has certain rights as well as responsibilities.
The taxes to which this Bill of Rights applies are taxes imposed by the Township under the authority of the Local Tax Enabling Act sometimes referred to simply as Act 511. /index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={3E37C8B5-CD55-4FB8-A2BD-EC35FAB6DE31}&DE={E5D4C83B-2A07-4B63-B837-DC53F75EC87E}

 The Tax Rights Reading Room
Although it may often seem as though the Internal Revenue Service is a big, blind, deaf and all-powerful bully against which the lonely taxpayer has no defense, in fact there are many rights and defenses available to taxpayers experiencing seemingly unsolvable delinquent tax problems or other controversies with the IRS or state tax collection agencies.
The offer of settlement may be made on the ground that the taxpayer does not have the financial ability to pay the full liability, or there is doubt about the taxpayer's legal liability to pay the claim, or where under the circumstances it would be unfair to force the taxpayer to pay the claim.
If adverse to the taxpayer, the decision of the appeals officer may be appealed to the U.S. Tax Court or other court of competent jurisdiction. /TaxJustice/readingroom.html

Limits any additional audits of the same taxpayer for the same time period once an audit is completed and written notice has been sent to the taxpayer of the amount due except under limited circumstances.
Requires reimbursement to a taxpayer for the cost of an administrative hearing if the taxpayer prevails at the hearing on the most significant issue or set of issues and the Tax Collector's position was not substantially justified.
Also allows taxpayers to rely on rulings issued by the Department of Revenue on a state statute substantially identical to the tax code provisions, unless a city taxpayer ruling has been issued. /PLT/taxpayer.html

 Minnesota Taxpayer Bill of Rights
The Amendment is modeled after Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights that was enacted in 1992.
The Minnesota Taxpayers Bill of Rights is something all Minnesotans should support.
It's obviously easier to convince a few legislators to give away your taxpayer dollars than it is to convince you the taxpayer that a cause is worthy of your money. /taxpayer.html

 Wisconsin Taxpayer Bill of Rights
United Wisconsin is supporting a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that would limit spending of all government entities with taxing authority to the prior year’s budget plus the rate of inflation and the rate of growth in population or new development.
United Wisconsin will be hosting a series of Informational Seminars throughout the state in the upcoming months to help educate residents on the facts about the Taxpayer Bill of Rights amendment.
Taxpayer Bill of Rights; Bill reinstates the right to vote

 CPA Journal Online
Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 expands on the original Taxpayer Bill of Rights and is intended to empower taxpayers with statutory mandated protection to assure tax laws are administered fairly and consistently.
This bill also provides that a taxpayer's failure to agree to an extension of the statute of limitation can't be taken into account to determine if the taxpayer has exhausted all administrative remedies.
This taxpayer can go after the other responsible persons for their "proportionate right of contribution." The statute and legislation are not clear on how to determine proportionate liability. /cpajournal/1997/0897/aug/F42897.htm

 Taxpayer Bill of Rights
The Department may require financial statements prior to and during the administration of such agreements and may cancel such agreements in the event of default or change in the taxpayer's financial condition.
To have penalties abated for underpayment of tax due to erroneous Department advice in written response to a specific written inquiry, provided that the taxpayer gives the Department complete and accurate information.
To be assured that the Department does not use records of tax enforcement results to evaluate employees directly involved in collection activities or their immediate supervisors and that the Department neither suggests nor imposes production quotas or goals on such employees. /html/dof/html/rights.html

 Title 59. Revenue and Taxation, Chapter 1. General Taxation Policies, Part 10. Taxpayer Bill of Rights
(2) When the commission contacts a taxpayer in writing about the determination or collection of any tax, the commission shall notify the taxpayer of the availability of a written statement of the taxpayer's rights and obligations and of the commission's procedures for appeal, refund claims, and collections.
If a taxpayer requests this information, the commission shall provide it to the taxpayer free of charge.
(a) the commission determines that the financial condition of the taxpayer has substantially changed; /utah/code/03/59-01_p9.htm

 JS Online: Lazich bucks Republicans, opposes taxpayer bill of rights
The Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance, which represents about 30 districts and nearly 225,000 students, says a taxpayer bill of rights in the form of a constitutional amendment is "not sound public policy."
Although she favors some type of property tax controls, state Sen. Mary Lazich says she "flatly refuses" at this time to support enactment of the so-called taxpayer bill of rights.
JS Online: Lazich bucks Republicans, opposes taxpayer bill of rights /news/state/may04/227693.asp

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