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In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

  Tampere Business Campus TBC ry
TBC has been created to encourage businesses to enhance their competence development processes and to convey good practices related to human resource development.
TBC’s activities are highly based on mutual trust and sharing of experiences and knowledge between the member companies.
TBC has created an unique service concept, which provides various developmental programs, training sessions, and benchlearning opportunities for its’ member companies.
www.tbc.fi /en   (133 words)

 SEC Info - TBC Corp - 10-K - For 12/31/00 - EX-10
TBC CORPORATION Distributor Agreement AGREEMENT effective the date last set forth herein between TBC Corporation, a Delaware corporation (hereinafter called "TBC"), P. Box 18342, Memphis, Tennessee, and the distributor (hereinafter called "Distributor") whose name and address are set forth at the end of this Agreement.
TBC is engaged in the business of having manufactured, purchasing, and selling tires, tubes, batteries and other automotive products for all types of vehicles.
TBC may sell Products that are similar or identical to Assigned Products which do not bear any of the TBC trademarks or brand names set forth in Schedule A to third parties for resale in the Territory.
www.secinfo.com /dwtJu.4d.9.htm   (1741 words)

 TBC Corporation - Tire Kingdom, Merchant's Tire, National Tire & Battery, Big O Tires, TBC Private Brands, TBC de Mexico
For nearly 50 years, TBC Corporation has committed itself to being "a tire company ahead of the curve." In large measure, that has meant anticipating key market trends, and successfully capitalizing on them at every turn.
From wholesale to retail, both nationally and internationally, that foresight has allowed TBC to become the industry leader in the private brand tire category.
TBC Corporation is a company of Sumitomo Corporation of America
www.tbccorp.com   (107 words)

 About the Tulsa Bicycle Club ...
TBC is involved in helping to develop bike paths, bike lanes and educate the public and our membership about bicycle safety.
TBC FreeWheel Training Rides are held from March through May each year to help prepare for this cross-state ride.
TBC General Membership Meetings are normally held at 7:00 pm on the first Thursday of each month at Martin East Regional Library located at 26th and Garnett, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
www.tulsabicycleclub.com /about_tbc.php   (406 words)

 TBC Services
On your commitment to a position TBC offers, you are then expected to arrive to the job location on time.
TBC will give you the appropriate information and direction to the job site.
TBC does not tolerate workers who do not show up for scheduled work, who are late or who behave poorly.
www.tbcservices.com   (436 words)

 TBC Racing - Rowing in Washington DC - News and Current Events
TBC Junior Mens raced 2 boats in the Junior Mens 8+ placing 2nd, and 5th; in the Junior Mens 4+ they placed 5th and 6th.
TBC also claimed the Womens Points Trophy, this trophy was last won by the TBC women in 2005.
TBC sent 26 boats to finals, brought home medals in 11 events, and had 6 boats claim the Gold.
www.tbcracing.org   (1472 words)

 [TBC Bank] TBC COSMO Card
TBC COSMO is a joint Visa Card presented by TBC Bank and Cosmopolitan magazine.
TBC COSMO has all functions of visa card and allows safe and comfortable use of your funds werever you are.
TBC Cosmo card holders will be able to enjoy from 3% to15% special discounts at perfumery, clothes, footwear, sportswear, household appliances and other shops, as well as in increasingly growing number of restaurants, beauty parlors, recreational, fitness and medical centers.
www.tbcbank.com.ge /en/private/cards/tbc_cosmo   (197 words)

 About TBC
TBC introduced a unique mix of (a) language training, (b) extensive content courses, (c) immersion experience with Chinese students which included host students, language tutors, roommates and home-stay opportunities, plus (d) extensive educational travel to the far corners of China.
TBC has four levels of Chinese language offered in regular university courses or in intensive study (12 hours in class per week and 4 hours one-on-one study with the tutor).
TBC Research Center specializes in supporting primary source research and helping young Chinese scholars in the doctoral or post-doc years.
www.thebeijingcenter.org /introduction.html   (441 words)

 Videographica: Experiences with the Datavideo TBC-1000
At its most basic, a TBC is a device that continually digitizes frames of video and spits them back out in analog format.
TBCs were invented to correct timing drift in videotape systems; tapes stretch, heads don't spin at exactly the same speed from machine to machine, etc. TBCs have other uses, too.
Second, a capture card with live outputs acts as a kind of TBC: it is constantly digitizing the signal and then sending a new version of that signal back to the outputs.
tangentsoft.net /video/tbc1000.html   (1546 words)

 TBC Net, Inc.
TBC can send one of our trained technicians straight to you.
TBC offers a variety of networking services to keep your business in line with current technologies.
No matter what the make or model, the type or age, TBC is the place to take your computer for repair.
www.tbcnet.com   (191 words)

 TBC Consoles - The Best Consoles - News Archive
TBC is providing consoles for CNN in their new broadcast production facility at the AOL - Time Warner building in NYC.
TBC introduced its "SECURITY CONSOLE" line at the 2001 Government Video Technology Expo held at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center (www.gvexpo.com).
TBC was selected to design, build and install all consoles, equipment enclosures, monitor walls, media storage cabinets and accoustical fabric panels for this new facility.
www.tbcconsoles.com /archive.htm   (467 words)

 About TBC
TBC students are going to visit Shanhaiguan, the east end of Great Wall where it meets the ocean.
TBC welcomes Dr. Peicheng Hu, Professor and the director of the Dept. of Medical Psychology, at the Peking University Health Science Center and the dean of the center's department of medical humanities, and secretary general of China Sexology Association.
TBC, The Ricci Institute for Chinese Chinese-Western Cultural History, and the First Historical Archives of China signed an agreement to publish the fifth volume in their joint series on primary sources from the Imperial Records of the Forbidden City.
www.thebeijingcenter.org /archive.html   (1454 words)

 News & Media: Belmont University/TBC Update
For the past eight months Belmont and the TBC have been engaged in an elaborate mediation process that was suggested by the TBC.
It was rejected by the TBC Executive Board by a vote of 44 to 29 in September 2005.
On October 7, 2005 at a meeting at the TBC headquarters, a new Resolution on Relationship was jointly drafted by Convention and Belmont leaders.
forum.belmont.edu /umac/archives/005880.html   (1799 words)

 www.biketexas.org - Home
TBC has doubled its office space to 3000 square feet from the previous location on East 5th Street.
TBC staff especially enjoy riding with the latter who at times have to put full focus on the effort but feel such pride at the end for having covered a full ten miles.
TBC friends and State Senators Rodney Ellis, Jeff Wentworth and Leticia Van de Putte are very active in NCSL affairs as well as in bicycle issues in Texas.
www.biketexas.org   (989 words)

TBC will be staged in over 150,000 sq feet of the Brewery's prime event space surrounded by bars and cafes on the edge of the city as well as easy transport links from Liverpool Street, Aldgate, Old Street and Whitechapel.
TBC is here to give exhibitors access to the right buyers and offer the right tools to help them differentiate their brand from others on the international trade show circuit.
TBC is here for exhibitors to do business with the right people.
www.2beconfirmed.com   (668 words)

 Welcome | TBC International, Inc.
Gain a clear, unified view of your business with SAP Business One and TBC International, Inc. Click the link above to see how we can help your business overcome micromanagement of day-to-day operations and focus on success.
Just ask Richard Paul Thomas, president and chief executive of TBC International.
Based in Salado, Texas, TBC was honored for outstanding sales performance at the 2006 Open Systems Partners in Profit Conference earlier this month."
www.tbcinternational.com   (177 words)

David and Victoria Beckham strut their stuff for TBC - a line of cosmetics.
TBC also runs a chain of beauty clinics which were promoted in subsequent ads.
At the time of this writing, TBC ads featuring both David and Victoria are still in very heavy rotation and we'll be posting them.
www.japander.com /japander/beckham.htm   (202 words)

 SMART: TBC domain annotation
Identification of a TBC domain in GYP6_YEAST and GYP7_YEAST, which are GTPase activator proteins of yeast Ypt6 and Ypt7, imply that these domains are GTPase activator proteins of Rab-like small GTPases.
There are 1469 TBC domains in 1468 proteins in SMART's nrdb database.
The complete taxonomic breakdown of all proteins with TBC domain is also avaliable.
smart.embl-heidelberg.de /smart/do_annotation.pl?DOMAIN=TBC&BLAST=DUMMY   (923 words)

 Tuberkulosa - Wikipedia Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas berbahasa Indonesia
Tuberkolosis atau TBC adalah infeksi karena bakteri Mycobacterium tuberculosis, yang dapat merusak paru-paru tapi dapat juga mengenai sistem saraf sentral (meningitis, sistem lymphatic, sistem sirkulasi (miliary TB), sistem genitourinary, tulang dan sendi.
Indonesia berada dalam peringkat ketiga terburuk di dunia untuk jumlah penderita TBC.
Gerakan Terpadu Nasional Penanggulangan TBC - Stop TB Partnership Indonesia Sumber informasi penanggulangan TBC di Indonesia.
id.wikipedia.org /wiki/TBC   (413 words)

 Tonbridge Baptist Church | Giving to TBC
The work of TBC is dependent upon the giving of its members.
It is honouring to the Lord to take time to consider and pray about how you give to His work at TBC.
TBC must not reclaim more tax than you have paid.
www.tbc-online.org.uk /GivingtoTBC.php   (413 words)

 TBC Corporation - Private Brands (Multi-Mile, Cordovan, Sigma, Vanderbilt)
TBC Corporation - Private Brands (Multi-Mile, Cordovan, Sigma, Vanderbilt)
Sigma® tires are distributed by TBC's Private Brands Division.
TBC's Private Brands Division is the largest marketer of private brand tires in North America.
www.tbcprivatebrands.com /sigma   (134 words)

 The Breakfast Club
Thank you all TBC members, for without you none of this would be possible.
TBC is now recruiting a few good men (or women) to join our outstanding gaming crew.
TBC is proud to announce a new TBC Jr.
www.clantbc.com   (862 words)

 Tampa Bay Coalition Against & Violence Directory
To focus on the impact of Gay Teen Suicides, TBC has a Tribute and Memorial section to a young man, Bruce, who sadly took his own life because of his struggle to accept his homosexuality.
Posted is an editorial report written by a member of TBC News staff, with-in the report are links to related articles on the reports subject.
TBC News Staff posts news headlines of crimes committed against or by GLBT's and civil lawsuits.
tampabaycoalition.homestead.com /home.html   (2347 words)

 TBC: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
광주민주화운동 당시 TBC 동양방송의 "뉴스 기상도" 나른한 오후의 단상 2007/10/14 16:16 gwangju_jeonil_news.mp3 계엄사령부의 일방적인 뉴스보도....
MSNBC News Services, 7/10/07 [Excerpts]: Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted the universal primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released Tuesday that says Orthodox churches are defective and that other Christian denominations are not true churches.
Blog posts tagged TBC per day for the past 30 days.
technorati.com /tag/TBC   (392 words)

 boxclever TBC
TBC specializes in business to business solutions, with over 20 years of experience.
Customers who already rent and purchase from TBC are The BBC, Lloyds TSB, Tesco Stores, Next PLC, Legal and General and HM Prisons.
With over 20 years of experience, TBC have developed the ultimate school proof groupviewing TV facility, rigidly conforming to the safety requirements of BS7429, therefore making the GROUPVIEWER one of the safest items of school equipment.
www.boxclever.co.uk /existing/businessrentals   (225 words)

 [TBC Bank] News
Any TBC Bank VISA cardholder, who intensively uses VISA card for making purchases at any merchant worldwide, will be given a chance to win a family package tour in Disneyland, Paris.
Upon obtaining TBC Cosmo, Mobile Card or TBC Lukoil card and making even one purchase, you will automatically take part in the raffle with start-up ten points.
13. If TBC Bank Visa plastic cardholder does not wish to become the participant of the New Year promotional event, he/she has to notify TBC Bank about it not later than September 1, 2007.
www.tbcbank.ge /en/about/bank_overview/news/?id=1147   (606 words)

 ETH Zürich / Institute of Hydromechanics and Water Resources Research / Software / PMPATH   (Site not responding. Last check: )
TBC 2.0 is a further development of the numerical model FLOWBIO developed by René Therrien and Wolfgang Schäfer, Kassel University, March 1993.
TBC is able to simulate three-dimensional saturated groundwater flow as well as transport and (bio)chemical reactions of any number of model species.
The flow and transport equations are discretized by using the finite difference method, resulting in a seven-point template, or by using the Garlerkin finite element technique, resulting in a 27-point discretization molecule.
www.baum.ethz.ch /ihw/soft/tbc.html   (296 words)

 TBC Corporation - Tire Kingdom, Merchant's Tire, National Tire & Battery, Big O Tires, TBC Private Brands, TBC Mexico
Ken Dick has served TBC in managerial and executive positions since 1971, and was named President and CEO of the Company's Wholesale Division, which includes TBC Private Brands and Carroll Tire, in November 2003.
Having served as a key member of TBC's management team since 1984, Glen Gravatt became Executive Vice President of Purchasing in November 2003.
Gravatt is responsible for overseeing all the Company's relationships with tire suppliers and for helping ensure that the tires marketed by TBC keep pace with the rapid changes in performance, driving preferences, and automotive trends.
www.tbccorp.com /governance.asp   (378 words)

 TBC Upcoming Events and General Information
TBC Christmas Party is on December 6th at Escargo's at 724 S Main in Tulsa.
TBC may or may not endorse these events and does not guarantee their accuracy.
This is intended for informational use by TBC members and others interested in bicycling in the Tulsa area.
www.tulsabicycleclub.com   (816 words)

 Tulsa Bible Church - Home Page
All of that is available if you go to the TBC website and on the opening page, right column there is a sign-up box.
Lifeline equips saints at TBC to encourage and minister, through regular communication and prayer, to the over forty missionary families supported by TBC.
Please consider and pray about “holding the ropes” for a TBC missionary and becoming a partner in the ministry in which they are serving.
www.tulsabible.org   (1263 words)

 TBC Gaming Community
On behalf of TBC and myself we would like to thank everone for their patience while we got everything straightened out.
We are moving in, so some of the boxes and stuff left by the movers is still left around.
TBC FF is a confoundedly indecent pervert and a flaccid, scruffy-looking odious leach-covered blob of quivering slime.
www.clantbc.com /home   (639 words)

 TBC Color Imaging, Inc. : Welcome
Since Sandy had initially acquired a 50% interest in TBC in November, 2004 volume has more than doubled, and a second Xerox iGen digital press has been installed.
According to Roy Grossman, President & CEO of Sandy Alexander, “Over the past two and a half years, we have been very excited with the growth and new opportunities that have resulted from both the digital and web-to-print solutions that we have provided to our customers.
Our acquiring of the remaining 50% of TBC will allow us to continue to invest in this business and become even more valuable to our customers.
www.tbccolor.com   (394 words)

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