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Topic: Tchaikovsky

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  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tchaikovsky was interred in Tikhvin Cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Saint Petersburg.
Tchaikovsky is perhaps most well known for his ballets, although it was only in his last years, with his last two ballets, that his contemporaries came to really appreciate his qualities as ballet music composer.
Tchaikovsky's earlier symphonies are generally happy works of nationalistic character, while the later symphonies dwell on fate, turmoil and, particularly in the Sixth, despair.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pyotr_Ilyich_Tchaikovsky   (1687 words)

 MSN Encarta - Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, in the western Ural area of the country.
Although Tchaikovsky's other sources of income were by then adequate to sustain him, he was wounded by the sudden defection of his patron without apparent cause, and he never forgave her.
Tchaikovsky also extended the range of the symphonic poem, and his works in this genre, including Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, are notable for their richly melodic evocation of the moods of the literary works on which they are based.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761577231/Tchaikovsky_Peter_Ilyich.html   (724 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky’s close friend Nikolay Rubinstein asked him to compose a piece for a concert benefiting the victims of this tragedy and the soldiers fighting in the war.
Tchaikovsky adds instruments to the clarinets, until the gradual crescendo reaches its zenith, and the brass repeat "God Preserve the Tsar." At the conclusion, he emphasizes rhythm, and the triplet and sixteenth runs in the strings and the loud, quick notes in the winds drive to the finish.
After Tchaikovsky’s death, the second symphony came to be known as "Little Russian" because of its use of Ukrainian folk tunes, and the arrangement and orchestration of their melodies.
www.gdyo.org /notes10.htm   (1992 words)

 SPECTRUM Biographies - Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky was born on April 25, 1840 (May 7 in the New Style Russian calendar) in Votkinsk.
Tchaikovsky's father was a government bureaucrat, and his mother was French.
Tchaikovsky died two months later, some say from drinking a glass of unboiled water during a cholera epidemic, others say from suicide by poisoning.
www.incwell.com /Biographies/Tchaikovsky.html   (707 words)

 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky wrote 11 operas, four concertos, six symphonies, a great number of songs and short piano pieces, three ballets, three string quartets, suites and symphonic poems, and numerous other works.
In 1877 Tchaikovsky made a disastrous marriage in order to defeat the torment of his homosexuality and to deny the spreading rumors of it.
Tchaikovsky was opposed to the aims of the Russian nationalist composers and used Western European forms and idioms, although his work instinctively reflects the Russian temperament.
www.bartleby.com /65/tc/Tchaikov.html   (461 words)

As a youth Tchaikovsky faced the hardship of losing his mother at age 14 and was forced to deal with the cold atmosphere of a military boarding school.
Tchaikovsky's music was marked by a sensuously rhythmic pulse, and an innate melodic ability that enabled him to create some of the world's greatest ballet music.
Tchaikovsky's inner conflicts perhaps give a clue to his music for he openly adored the style and grace of Mozart, yet gravitated to the revolutionary innovations of Liszt and the Romantics.
www.d-vista.com /OTHER/tchai.html   (944 words)

 - Classical Music Dictionary - Free MP3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky was one of the earlier students of the St. Petersburg Conservatory established by Anton Rubinstein, completing his studies there to become a member of the teaching staff at the similar institution established in Moscow by Anton Rubinstein's brother Nikolay.
Tchaikovsky, a master of the miniature forms necessary for ballet, succeeded in raising the quality of the music provided for an art that had undergone considerable technical development in 19th century Russia under the guidance of the French choreographer Marius Petipa.
Tchaikovsky wrote a considerable quantity of songs and duets, including settings of Goethe's Mignon songs as well as of verses by a number of his contemporaries.
www.karadar.com /Dictionary/tchaikovsky.html   (782 words)

 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky {{AudioRu-Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.ogglisten}} (Russian: Пётр Ильи́ч Чайко́вский, sometimes transliterated as Piotr, Anglicised as Peter Ilich), (May 7, 1840 – November 6, 1893 (N.S. April 25, 1840 – October 25, 1893 (O.S.)) was a Russian composer of the Romantic era.
The couple never saw each other again, although they never divorced and Tchaikovsky died a married man. This episode only served to confirm Tchaikovsky's homosexuality, which he was apparently trying to conceal through the marriage.
Tchaikovsky believed this to be one of his best works.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /tchaikovsky.htm   (1117 words)

 TEMPLE OF PETER TCHAIKOVSKY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich (1840-1893), Russian composer, the foremost of the 19th century.
In 1876 Tchaikovsky became acquainted with Madam Nadejda von Meck, a wealthy widow, whose enthusiasm for the composer's music led her to give him an annual allowance.
Many Tchaikovsky compositions-among them The Nutcracker (ballet and suite, 1891-1892), the Piano Concerto no. 2 in G Major (1880), the String Quartet no. 3 in E-flat Minor (1876), and the Trio in A Minor for Violin, Cello, and Piano (1882)-have remained popular with concertgoers.
sangha.net /messengers/tchaikovsky.htm   (698 words)

 Lesson Tutor: Classical Composer Biography: Peter Tchaikovsky
For a man of Tchaikovsky's extreme sensitivity, and the fact that he was struggling with homosexuality, the union was disastrous.
In this version, Tchaikovsky took arsenic on the instructions of a so-called ‘court of honour' composed of former classmates from the school of jurisprudence.
Tchaikovsky's use of glorious ripe melodies and luscious harmonies creates a sense of yearning and romantic enchantment that has justly made this the most popular of all ballets.
www.lessontutor.com /bf9.html   (1337 words)

 Great Masters: Tchaikovsky—His Life and Music (Detailed Description)
As a man, Tchaikovsky was defined by and indivisible from his music, which became an outlet for all the shifting moods of his turbulent soul.
Tchaikovsky was an unusually sensitive child, with an abnormal dependency on his mother and an obsessive love of music.
Her death was a shattering experience for the 14-year-old Tchaikovsky and it found poignant expression in his later music.
www.teach12.com /ttc/assets/coursedescriptions/753.asp   (1154 words)

 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet
Tchaikovsky weathered the criticism, recognizing that Balakirev was correct: Fatum suffered from a lack of focus.
In proposing this topic, Balakirev likely knew that Tchaikovsky had just emerged from what would be his only infatuation with a member of the opposite sex, a Belgian soprano named Désirée Artôt with whom he had discussed marriage, but who had recently married a Spanish baritone.
Tchaikovsky's deeper emotional struggle, however, was with his homosexuality.
www.barbwired.com /barbweb/programs/tchaikovsky_romeo.html   (778 words)

 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsy Biography
In 1850 Tchaikovsky began attending the St. Petersburg School of Jurisprudence, becoming a clerk in the Ministry of Justice in 1859.
Tchaikovsky attempted suicide by drowning but was saved by his brother, Modeste, only to suffer a nervous breakdown.
Tchaikovsky’s music, imbued with its sweeping lyricism, richness, and danceable qualities is a frequent choice of inspiration for choreographers.
www.balletmet.org /Notes/Tchaikovsky.html   (927 words)

 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky - an overview of the classical composer
Although Tchaikovsky's music is now universally admired across the world, he wasn't always to receive a warm reception in his native Russia and a poor critical reception to his works understandably contributed to his periods of depression.
For a while Tchaikovsky struck up a curious relationship with a woman called Nadezhda van Meck who became his benefactor, and her regular funding and letters of encouragement allowed him to compose without the constant worry of earning a living and he resigned from the Moscow Conservatory to concentrate on composition.
At one stage Tchaikovsky married a female admirer, perhaps to conceal his true nature, but the marriage was a disaster.
www.mfiles.co.uk /composers/Peter-Ilyich-Tchaikovsky.htm   (1174 words)

 Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, Russia, in 1840, the second son of Il’ya and Aleksandra Tchaikovsky.
Tchaikovsky graduated from law school in 1859 and got a job with the government.
Tchaikovsky is well known for his symphonic music, which includes six symphonies, the 1812 Overture, and the overture to Romeo and Juliet.
www.sbgmusic.com /html/teacher/reference/composers/tchaikov.html   (746 words)

 washingtonpost.com: Tcherishing Tchaikovsky: Suicide or Not, A Rich Afterlife   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The central fact is not in dispute: Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky died suddenly, at the height of his powers and fame, in St. Petersburg, on Nov. 6, 1893, at the age of 53.
Tchaikovsky was born on May 7, 1840, in the Russian village of Votkinsk.
Still, even if Tchaikovsky didn't consciously choose to end his own life, drinking what was potentially contaminated water during an epidemic can only be considered a foolhardy, self-destructive act and, as he himself surely knew, tantamount to self-murder.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A19361-2003Nov28?language=printer   (1808 words)

Tchaikovsky remained at the Conservatory as a professor until 1878.
Tchaikovsky was a very nervous person, and nearly suffered nervous breakdowns often during his early career.
In 1890, his patron stopped supporting Tchaikovsky, but by this time, he was financially escure, because of the sales of his own compositions.
www.amphi.com /~mruane/Biographies/Tchaikovsky/tchaikovsky.html   (587 words)

 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky @ Soundbug   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A far more influential woman in Tchaikovsky's life was a wealthy widow, Nadezhda von Meck, with whom he corresponded from 1877 to 1890, although at her insistence they never met.
It is possible that Nadezhda was planning to marry off one her daughters to Tchaikovsky, as she had previously tried unsuccessfully to marry one of them to Debussy, who had lived in Russia for a time and was teacher to her family.
Tchaikovsky was interred in Tikhvin Cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St Petersburg.
www.soundbug.com /artist/28   (942 words)

 CLASSICAL MUSIC ARCHIVES: Tchaikovsky Biography
With Tchaikovsky, his essence is in many ways the idealized fairy tale world of the classic ballet, and this colorful and dramatic spirit pervades much of his music, including the great symphonies.
Tchaikovsky was later rejected by this group for being too conservatory trained, cosmopolitan and not sufficiently Russian.
Tchaikovsky was a hyperemotional, unhappy and secretive homosexual hoping that a respectable marriage with a hero worshipping student would be a workable solution to his plight.
www.classicalarchives.com /bios/tchaikovsky_bio.html   (1206 words)

 Classical Composers: Peter Tchaikovsky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born about 800 miles from Moscow to an unmusical family that wanted him to be a lawyer.
Tchaikovsky has often been criticized for the over sentimentality of his works.
It has been noted by Gammond that Tchaikovsky's had no clear develoment through his lifetime because his melodic inventions were consistently powerful and sublime.
iml.jou.ufl.edu /projects/Spring03/Aguilar/Tchaikovsky.htm   (255 words)

 Great Performances . Educational Resources . Composer Biographies . Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky | PBS
Originally intended for Nikolay Rubinstein, the head of the Moscow Conservatory, who had much encouraged Tchaikovsky, it was dedicated to Hans von Bülow (who gave its première, in Boston) when Rubinstein rejected it as ill-composed and unplayable (he later recanted and became a distinguished interpreter of it).
Tchaikovsky, however, saw marriage as a possible solution to his sexual problems; and when contacted by a young woman who admired his music he offered (after first rejecting her) immediate marriage.
It was a disaster: he escaped from her almost at once, in a state of nervous collapse, attempted suicide and went abroad.
www.pbs.org /wnet/gperf/education/tchaikovsky.html   (639 words)

 The Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Page
Tchaikovsky was a musical genius, a national hero, and a known homosexual.
Tchaikovsky is recognized as one of Russia's greatest composers.
Tchaikovsky was decorated by the Tsar, toured the world, took part in the inaugural ceremonies at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and elected to the prestigious Academie Francaise in France.
www.lambda.net /~maximum/tchaik.html   (455 words)

 Tchaikovsky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky went to boarding school in Moscow, and then, aged ten, he was registered at the School of Jurisprudence in St Petersburg to start the long training leading to a career in law.
Tchaikovsky started to compose seriously while at the conservatory, under the guidance of composer Zaremba, and his talent was recognised by Anton Rubinstein, who recommended him for a post teaching the theory of music at the Moscow Conservatory, which was run on similar lines to the one in St Petersburg by Nikolai Rubinstein, Anton's brother.
Tchaikovsky went to live with Nikolai and through him was introduced to a wider circle of intellectuals, poets, writers and musicians.
www.esosymph.freeserve.co.uk /tchaik.htm   (1377 words)

 New Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major is one of the most celebrated pieces in the violin reparatory.
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky was born in Votkinsk, Russia in the year 1840.
Tchaikovsky was an accomplished and successful composer because several of his ballets are still being performed, and he is still very well known.
www.derbyps.org /music/nhso-04/tchaikovsky_vlnconc_gkirkland.htm   (175 words)

 Tchaikovsky's Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tchaikovsky's talent for music is somewhat surprising given that there is no record of musicians in his family.
Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" debuted in 1877; although the music was good, the performers did a bad job of it.
Tchaikovsky no longer was in need of money by that time, but the loss of Madame von Meck's friendship was devastating.
www.patriciagray.net /Musichtmls/NatDocs/tchaibio.html   (928 words)

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