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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Technical writer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technical writing, a subset of technical communication, is used in fields as diverse as computer hardware and software, chemistry, the aerospace industry, robotics, consumer electronics, and biotechnology.
Technical writing is communication, the primary aim of which is to convey a particular piece of information to a particular reader or group of readers for a particular purpose.
Technical writing is a specialized, structured way of writing, where information is presented in a format and manner that best suits the cognitive and psychological needs of the readers, so they can respond to a document as its author intended and achieve the purpose related to that document.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Technical_writer   (1068 words)

 Technical - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technical is derived from the Greek word tekhnikos, meaning art.
In common usage, it is an adjective relating to a specialisation or a developed use of a technique, or any precise method, or knowledge of that method of operating technology, as opposed to more abstract knowledge of scientific concepts.
Technical (fighting vehicle) - an armored fighting vehicle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Technical   (149 words)

 Writers and editors
Technical writers also may serve as part of a team conducting usability studies to help improve the design of a product that still is in the prototype stage.
Demand for technical writers and writers with expertise in areas such as law, medicine, or economics is expected to increase because of the continuing expansion of scientific and technical information and the need to communicate it to others.
The median annual salary for midlevel nonsupervisory technical writers was $51,500, and for senior nonsupervisory technical writers, $66,000.
stats.bls.gov /oco/ocos089.htm   (2730 words)

 society for technical communication :: home
Perhaps you read a recent article about job opportunities for technical writers or technical communicators and you'd like to learn more.
STC's annual conference is the world's largest gathering of technical communicators.
As technical communicators, we are all aware that change is part of our profession.
www.stc.org   (191 words)

 History of the German Technical University in Brno
The director of the Technical Institute was elected from the professors' staff.
On the 28th October, 1918 the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic evoked the consideration of the abolition of the German Technical University.
On the 18th October, 1945, the German Technical University of Brno was dissolved by a decree of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic (the institutes with their equipment were incorporated into the Czech Technical University).
www.math.muni.cz /~sisma/English/endthde.html   (902 words)

 Taos - Resume Tips
Your technical strengths must stand out clearly at the beginning of your resume.
Ultimately, your resume is going to be read by a thoughtful human being, but before it gets to that point it often has to be categorized by an administrative clerk, and make its way past various sorts of key word searches.
This is by far the biggest mistake of all resumes, technical and otherwise.
www.taos.com /resumetips.html   (542 words)

 Technical Analysis
Technical analysts do not attempt to measure a security's intrinsic value, but instead use charts to identify patterns that can suggest future activity.
Technical analysts believe that the historical performance of stocks and markets are indications of future performance.
Disregarding the intrinsic value of the products in the store, his or her decision would be based on the patterns or activity of people going into each store.
www.investopedia.com /terms/t/technicalanalysis.asp   (374 words)

 Technical Writing Tips, Tutorials, Templates and Downloads
Sometimes it may be beyond a companies or individuals budget to hire a professional writer to address their technical documentation.
Although in an ideal world all technical documentation should be produced by a highly trained expert, unfortunately we do not live in an ideal.
"Although technical communication documents cannot possibly be tailored to exactly match the interest, reading level and many-faceted influences of a reader, they can I believe, take measures to engage the reader to believe that the information he or she is receiving from the document is valuable to their experience in some way.
www.klariti.com /technical-writing/index.shtml   (3045 words)

 Technical Contribution
In the case of a method, specifying technical means for a purely non-technical purpose and/or for processing purely non-technical information does not necessarily confer technical character on any such individual step of use or on the method as a whole.
If no such objective technical problem is found, the claimed subject-matter does not satisfy at least the requirement for an inventive step because there can be no technical contribution to the art, and the claim is to be rejected on this ground.
If computer implementations of non-technical processes were attributed a technical character merely because they display different specific characteristics, such as needing less computing time or less storage space, the consequence of this would be that any computer implementation would have to be deemed to be of technical character.
swpat.ffii.org /papers/eubsa-swpat0202/tech/index.en.html   (5319 words)

 Technical Jobs, Engineering Jobs, IT Jobs, Information Technology Jobs, Scientific Jobs, Aerospace Jobs, Web Design ...
Adecco Technical's recruiters complete a certification program to ensure their ability to locate the most suitable candidates.
Adecco Technical is the leading provider of contract personnel and related staffing services.
Adecco Technical has been supplying contract technical job personnel and related services to a broad spectrum of industries across the U.S. for over 40 years.
www.adeccotechnical.com   (191 words)

 Technical Manuals - A Service for Authoring Product User Manuals and Technical Specifications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Technical Manuals produces technical user manuals and technical documentation in either HTML (for CD ROM and/or online use), or in traditional format for printing.
Technical publications may be authored from scratch, or existing publications may be scanned and re-generated as electronic files.
The creation of technical publications is an interactive process between client and author.
www.technical-manuals.com   (191 words)

 William J Hughes Technical Center Home Page
The FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center is the nation’s premier aviation research and development, and test and evaluation facility.
Technical Center programs include testing and evaluation in air traffic control, communications, navigation, airports, aircraft safety, and security.
The Technical Center not only serves as a cornerstone for aviation advancements, but is also a key focal point for Homeland Security.
www.tc.faa.gov   (184 words)

 WAP Forum Specifications
An Approved WAP Specification is considered a mature and viable technical solution to a well-defined and pressing technical or operational problem.
A Proposed Specification is a technical document under active review and validation by the WAP Forum membership, as well as the general public, but which not yet have passed the final approval by the Membership.
Technical comments and feedback should be addressed to the Technical-Comments mailing list.
www.wapforum.org /what/technical.htm   (979 words)

 ITF Tennis - Technical - Homepage
(12 May 2005) The ITF Technical Centre will commence its testing procedure for the ITF Approval of tennis balls for the calendar year 2006 on 1st June 2005....
The ITF Technical Centre is the world's most advanced tennis specific research facility.
Over a million dollars of equipment allow staff to research all of the technical aspects of tennis.
www.itftennis.com /technical   (172 words)

 Department of Technical and Adult Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
DTAE provides a unified system of technical education, customized business and industry training and adult education with programs that use the best available technology and offer easy access to lifelong education and training for all adult Georgians and corporate citizens.
There are 34 technical colleges, 31 branch campuses, as well as technical programs at four university system institutions that provide a broad range of career opportunities.
The State Board of Technical and Adult Education is responsible for establishing standards, regulations and policies for the operation of the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education.
www.dtae.org   (532 words)

 All About GIF89a   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This is a little technical but it will give users a real understanding of how the GIF works, and what you need to do with it.
Technically that is all that needs to be done with this block.
The technical specification is an exact breakdown of the byte-for-byte structure and rules for interpreting and building this format.
members.aol.com /royalef/gifabout.htm   (2620 words)

 ADA&IT Technical Assistance Centers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When you utilize the expertise of the staff of the ADA and IT Technical Assistance Centers you get just that because the Centers are funded under grants from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research of the U.S. Department of Education.
Funding for the ADA Technical Assistance Program comes from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) within the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services (OSERS), U.S. Department of Education (ED).
For a brochure describing the ADA Technical Assistance Programs, select this link (788 KB, requires Adobe Acrobat to view) or download the plain text version.
www.adata.org   (412 words)

 Technical Writing
This topic is dedicated to exploring the world of a technical writing career.
Shortly after I was offered a job as a technical writer at Best Power in November 1994, I accepted the position.
I interviewed for a position known as “Technical Writer.” Basically, I saw the word “writer” and figured any other training I could pick up.
www.suite101.com /welcome.cfm/technical_writing   (291 words)

 Technical Reports   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The assignment in this unit is to learn about technical reports, their different types, their typical audiences and situations, and then to plan one of your own (due toward the end of the semester).
The major focus of this technical writing course is the technical report.
For many students, the technical report is the longest document they've ever written.
www.io.com /~hcexres/tcm1603/acchtml/techreps.html   (3059 words)

 Technical Communication Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Select "Technical Communication" from the list of titles by clicking the check box to the left and typing your STC membership number in the box to the right of the journal title.
Select "Technical Communication" from the list of titles by clicking the check box to the left and typing your STC subscription number in the box to the right.
Select "Technical Communication" from the list of titles by clicking the check box to the left and typing your membership number in the box to the right of the journal title.
www.techcomm-online.org   (648 words)

Spectrum Technical provides quality products, reliable and effective technical support as well as engineering solutions to the metallurgical, mining and related industries in Kwazulu Natal, RSA and Mozambique.
Spectrum Technical has launched a new Black Empowerment initiative under the banner of Albion Services.
Albion Services is a joint initiative between previously disadvantaged individuals and Spectrum Technical to provide cleaning services to metallurgical equipment at the mining ponds.
www.spectrumtechnical.co.za   (154 words)

 Microsoft Technical Communities
Microsoft technical communities provide opportunities to interact with Microsoft employees, experts, and your peers in order to share knowledge and news about Microsoft products and related technologies.
These technical communities provide a variety of ways to get answers to questions, solutions to problems, and share your own expertise.
Attend a live or on-demand webcast from the convenience of your office and experience how-to technical and business perspectives from a Microsoft or industry host.
www.microsoft.com /communities/default.mspx   (248 words)

 Technical Writing
Everyone doing technical writing should have a copy of an authoritative style manual for units that lists all of the metric prefixes, abbreviations for units, etc. This information is available online from
One of the distressing features of modern academic life in the USA is the fragmentation of disciplines, so that style manuals for scholarly publications diverge in what is consider correct form for citation to books and journals.
Technical writing often contains equations, however the use of equations is not commonly discussed in books on style and composition.
www.rbs0.com /tw.htm   (7948 words)

 Writing Systems and Networking Articles
The technical program chair assigns the paper to one or more technical program committee members, hopefully experts in their field.
The technical program chair then collects the reviews and sorts the papers according to their average review scores.
It has more examples, and was written by an author who edited numerous technical publications, many of which were in computer science.
www.cs.columbia.edu /~hgs/etc/writing-style.html   (3326 words)

 Technical Schools and Computer Training Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
the right technical school or computer training program to meet your educational needs.
Whether you're simply looking to further your career through computer IT certifications or begin a whole new career with a technical degree, we'll help find the right school for you.
Begin your search by selecting either the type of Computer Training or Computer Certification you're interested in from the lists to the left or search by Technical School Location on the right.
www.techtrainingdirectory.com   (381 words)

 Introduction To Technical Analysis
The methods used to analyze and predict the performance of a company's stock fall into two broad categories: fundamental and technical analysis.
Those who use technical analysis look for peaks, bottoms, trends, patterns and other factors affecting a stock's price movement and then make buy/sell decisions based on those factors.
There are literally hundreds of different patterns and indicators that investors claim to have success with.
www.investopedia.com /university/technical   (279 words)

 T13 Technical Committee - AT Attachment
Technical Committee T13 is responsible for all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized as the disk drive interface on most personal and mobile computers today.
The charter of Technical Committee T13 is to provide a public forum for the development and enhancement of storage interface standards for high volume personal computers.
Plenary meetings at which all official decisions are made, and ad hoc meetings (popularly known as working groups) at which assignments of the Plenary are carried out mainly consisting of detailed technical work to develop recommendations for adoption by the Plenary.
www.t13.org   (4562 words)

 Technical Writing -- Writers Write(R)
Here you'll find links to technical writing jobs, resources for technical writers, technical information and a technical writing message board.
Don't miss our large collection of technical writing links to resources, trade publications, organizations, articles, computer book publishers and technical dictionaries.
The ARRL ("National Association of Amateur Radio") Foundation Board of Directors has selected Paul Danzer as the 2004 recipient of the Bill Orr Technical Writing Award.
www.writerswrite.com /technical   (403 words)

 Technical School
That student is a high-tech career in the financial aid officer at the necessary documents for
Oakbridge is a voluntary, non-profit institution administered by the U. Professional truck driving and technical fields.
meet the school to transfer to Whittier Regional Technical School, 115 Amesbury Line Road, Haverhill, MA 01830.
technical-school.fromru.com   (586 words)

 South Carolina Technical College System
Russell, who currently is the president of Midlands Technical College in Columbia, will begin his new position in January 2006.
The Order of the Palmetto is the state's highest civilian honor and is bestowed by the governor for extraordinary lifetime achievement and service to the state and nation.
The SC Technical College System, in conjunction with the University of South Carolina, has established a graduate certificate program to cultivate a new generation of leadership for the state's technical colleges from within its ranks.
www.sctechsystem.com   (486 words)

 UK Technical Support - help, fixes, and support for computer problems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Here you will find a free archive of home computer support help, fixes and solutions for many of the computers available in the UK.
Whether your computer problem lies with hard drives, memory, cpu, video card or just looking for a scanner fix, UK Technical Support may be able to provide that computer support you are searching for.
If you require further help with a computer problem then please post your question on our Message Board.
www.uktsupport.co.uk   (166 words)

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