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Topic: Technical communication

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Technical Communication Introduction FAQ
Technical communicators organize, interpret, write, and edit scientific and technical material, gathering information of a technical nature and presenting it to those who need it.
Because technical communicators are almost always part of a larger project team, they must possess tact, gentle assertiveness, willingness to help, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.
It goes on to say that demand for technical writers and writers with expertise in specialty areas, such as law, medicine, or economics, is expected to increase because of the continuing expansion of scientific and technical information and the need to communicate it to others.
www.wright.edu /~wilker.16/faq.htm   (1518 words)

  Technical communication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technical communication is the process of conveying information about technology to an intended audience.
Chiefly important in technical communication is the formatting and composition of the written document.
Throughout all aspects of technical communication, formatting is kept to a minimum.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Technical_communication   (340 words)

 SA11: From Technical Writing to Technical Communication
Although technical communicators are not commonly used for writing system error messages, it is a role that primarily requires communication skills and a well-developed understanding of the user.
Technical communicators have for some time contributed to the design of the user interface and the skills they have such as layout of information, and the placement and design of graphics and illustrations, is important in this area.
The technical communicator of the future will need a range of skills, yet they will be skills that are not dissimilar to those they already have.
www.tc-forum.org /topicspe/sa11from.htm   (1442 words)

 Master of Science in Technical Communication   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Technical communication is the field concerned with creating documents (electronic as well as paper) that integrate words and pictures in ways that help people achieve their specific goals for using documents at home, school, or work.
Technical communication is the act of bringing together prose, graphics (including illustration, photography, video, and quantitative displays), typography, and page design for purposes of instruction, explanation, persuasion, and decision making.
Because readers and users rely upon technical documents to make decisions and solve problems that influence their safety, livelihood, health, and education, the highest ethical standards must be brought to bear in making documentation design choices--in deciding what to say and not to say and what to picture and not to picture.
communication.cudenver.edu /~communication/html/mastertechcomm.html   (1757 words)

 Technical Communication Ethics
Technical communication is therefore not an entirely rational, impersonal, and descriptive enterprise, but one that is persuasive in nature.
Any technical communication textbook suggesting that some behavior is ethical or unethical, or that we have an obligation to uphold certain rights or ideals is prescribing value-statements.
When college professors of technical communication say that the individuals who make up a communicator’s audience have certain rights or that we are obligated to treat them in a certain way, they are not simply pointing out facts for students to admire and accept unconditionally.
myweb.cableone.net /chagstrom2/techcom.html   (8626 words)

 Nancy Hoft Consulting: PRESENTATION: A Curriculum for the Research and Practice of International Technical Communication
What is a secret is that technical communicators in every country in the world are untrained to deal with the issues, deadlines, standards, and quality measures necessary to address the needs of global businesses.
To cull this information, technical communicators need to know how to use new information sources: standards bodies, models of culture, and subject matter experts whose language, cultural backgrounds, and physical locations may be different from those of the technical communicators.
Technical communicators also need to possess skills for managing international publications projects, which consist of a complex, schedule- and budget-aware set of processes.
www.world-ready.com /stcintl.htm   (1642 words)

 Technical Writing - Tech & IT Job Resources from Monster.com
Technical communicators write and edit technical manuals, but their work may also include producing online tutorials, Web-based training and other materials for industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.
The mean (average) salary for technical writers and editors in the US was $61,730, according to STC's most recent salary survey.
Budding technical communicators should seek out internships, volunteer work and other opportunities to gain experience and build a portfolio of work in the field.
technology.monster.com /articles/writing   (758 words)

 Technical Communication Certificate and Professional Sequence Summer 2008 - UC Berkeley Extension
Technical communication is one of the fastest growing professions in the country.
Technical communicators play a vital role in bridging the gap between those who create new ideas or who are subject matter experts (such as scientists and engineers) and those who must understand how to implement their ideas.
Technical communicators come from varied backgrounds and are often asked to tackle even more varied projects during their career.
www.unex.berkeley.edu /cert/techcom.html   (901 words)

 Overview of the Technical Communication Industry: Beliefs and Practices
Academically, technical communication emerges from the field of rhetoric, which is ironic, because many people believe that technical communication is objective and strives not to be persuasive (Hamilton, 1996).
Because technical communicators often transfer information from one culture to another, the better we can learn how to learn about other cultures, the more quickly we can understand the cultures between which we are exchanging information and meet the communication needs of both.
The Society for Technical Communication approved a research agenda that identifies of most interest to the profession as a whole and that is intended to guide future research and developments in the field.
saulcarliner.home.att.net /idbusiness/belieftc.htm   (2487 words)

 Teaching Technical Communication. ERIC Digest.
In the early 1900s, technical communication was a burgeoning professional field, represented in academe by service courses taught primarily at engineering institutions.
Chief among the issues of concern to teachers of technical communication is the importance of real-world application and practice.
The Society for Technical Communication (STC), 815 15th St., N.W., Washington, DC 20005, is the largest organization and includes professionals from both industry and education.
www.ericdigests.org /pre-9218/technical.htm   (1301 words)

 What is Technical Communication?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Technical Communicator is a professional communication specialist with a "tool kit" that includes technical knowledge, heightened intuitive and aesthetic sensibilities, and a broad spectrum of skills to employ in creating effective documents, presentations, and communication systems.
A Technical Communicator is expert at entering varied work environments, assessing the kairos (a rhetorical term meaning "situational context") of those environments, gathering and organizing information, and then devising and implementing the most effective communication strategies available, with appropriate, ongoing revision of these strategies in response to changing rhetorical needs.
Technical communicators share in the challenges and responsibilities of moving a product from its development stages to the hands of the customer.
www.msoe.edu /gen_st/tc/what.shtml   (340 words)

 STC Washington DC Chapter What is Communication?
Many species of non-human animals and even insects communicate with each other, and there are many books on the subject of how monkeys warn each other of danger and of how bees tell others from their hive where to find honey by a sort of dance.
Interpersonal communication pertains our ability to connect with other people through a discussion of thoughts and feelings, in which our ability to listen is just as important as our ability to talk.
Communication is the process whereby we attempt to transmit our thoughts, ideas, wishes, or emotions to others.
www.stcwdc.org /communication_answer.shtml   (1920 words)

 MA Technical Communication | University of Portsmouth
Traditionally employed in aerospace engineering, cellular communications, electronics, the pharmaceutical and software industry, there are now increasing opportunities in the banking, financial services, national and local government and health sectors.
Equally, it is aimed at recent graduates in a scientific or technical area who wish to develop their communication skills and recent graduates in humanities and business studies who would like to develop their awareness of, and skills in, computer applications relevant to technical authorship.
Developed with the support of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) and supported by a group of experienced professional authors, the course has a pronounced communication focus and a strong practical orientation.
www.port.ac.uk /courses/coursetypes/postgraduate/MATechnicalCommunication   (234 words)

 Technical Communication at Boise State University
Technical communication is a strong and growing profession, and the development of new communication technologies such as XML and single sourcing suggests that the market for graduates who can think and communicate effectively about technical subjects will continue to grow.
Our certificates in Technical Communication are courses of study for those who are not contemplating becoming technical communicators but who anticipate that their careers will involve a substantial amount of writing and communication.
Both certificates enable students to choose a unified, coherent group of courses in technical communication and related fields from other disciplines that will improve their understanding of the public role of written communication and their on-the-job skills.
www.idbsu.edu /techcomm   (307 words)

 UWTC: The field of TC
The Field of TC The purpose of Technical Communication is to serve as the primary communication line between technology and its users, and between scientists and the users of scientific information.
Technical Communication is one of today's fastest changing and fastest growing fields in academia and industry.
In order to complete this process, a technical communicator must be able to interpret and present complex information in a readable form to various types of audiences.
www.uwtc.washington.edu /about/field.php   (824 words)

 Technical Communication Quarterly: EServer TC Library
Technical Communication Quarterly (TCQ) is a peer-reviewed journal, published four times a year by the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, which publishes research focused on technical communication in academic, scientific, technical, business, governmental, and related organizational or social contexts.
However, only 29% of the jobs for which technical or professional communication was the primary specialization were filled by people with degrees in the field, and an even lower percent (25%) of all jobs, whether advertised for a primary or secondary specialization, were filled by people with degrees in the field.
This article encourages technical and professional communication programs to take on the challenge of educating students to become 'community intellectuals.' The notion of educating future professionals for a career needs to be reconsidered in light of both current research concerning civic rhetoric and past practices in moral humanism courses.
tc.eserver.org /publisher/Technical_Communication_Quarterly   (2413 words)

 Technical Communication
Technical communicators use their language, visual, and analytical skills, as well as training and research in electronic and other media, to create and enhance communication in scientific and technical environments.
Contemporary research in technical communication ranges from controlled empirical research on the processing of text, graphics, and multimedia content to observational research on how meaning is created and negotiated in business environments and virtual communities.
Whatever their professional direction, technical communication students learn the newest communication technologies and practices, the most effective information-design strategies, and the research skills appropriate to their interests.
www.washington.edu /students/gencat/academic/tech_communication.html   (2492 words)

 Communication Skills Department at Columbus State Community College
Technical Communication is the process of translating technical information into forms that different audiences can understand and use.
In this course, students are required to interview with Technical Communication professionals, research the field of Technical Communication, and deliver an oral presentation of the findings.
In this course, students learn the project documentation cycle used by technical communicators in business, industry, and government by selecting an authentic problem-solving project from their technical cognate fields, and writing and formatting a series of reports in support of that project.
www.cscc.edu /comm/technical.htm   (1712 words)

 The Writing and Publishing Program: Certificate in Technical Communication   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Technical communicators play an essential role in the high-tech sector by creating a variety of paper and online documents to support and train people who use software and hardware products.
If you are new to technical communication, the program will provide a structured environment in which you can obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities that will qualify you for an entry-level position as a technical communicator.
Technical Communication Certificate students in their final year of study are eligible to apply for the Julia Broderick Scholarship Award presented by the Society for Technical Communication.
www.sfu.ca /cstudies/wp/techcert.htm   (1017 words)

 Arizona Technical Communication Week
Each year we recognize and celebrate the important contributions made by technical communicators and information designers to the understanding and usability of technology.
Tech Comm Week is a special time of year in which STC members and others not only celebrate the value of technical communications, but also raise the awareness of our profession, our professionalism, and the ethics and creativity we bring to our work.
Technical communicators in the early eighties had the inspiration to create Arizona’s first celebration of our great endeavor.
www.stc-phoenix.com /tcweek.htm   (384 words)

 Technical Writing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Technical Writing Certificate of Completion introduces students to the many aspects of contemporary technical writing practices and helps them develop the skills and confidence to communicate complex technical concepts simply and effectively.
Technical writing plays an extremely important role in the business field and high tech world.
Individuals who are interested in becoming technical communicators, or those who are already in technical writing positions and would like to improve their skills.
www.csudh.edu /extension/tux.htm   (411 words)

 Humanities Department | Scientific & Technical Communication
We're not only one of the largest undergraduate technical communication programs in the United States, but our program was recently recognized as one of only ten writing programs nationally to win the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence.
If you like communicating with others in ways that help them learn and achieve their goals, whether through speaking, writing, or graphic design; if you've always liked math or science and have an affinity for user-centered interface analysis and design, then you'd probably make a great technical communicator.
Technical communicators make scientific, technical, and practical knowledge available to a variety of audiences in various media such as print, video, web, and digital multimedia.
www.hu.mtu.edu /hu_dept/undergraduate/stc/stc.html   (311 words)

 Technical Communication, 9/E - Allyn & Bacon / Longman Catalog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The bestselling text of its kind, Lannon's Technical Communication, is the premier text for introductory technical communication, combining a pragmatic and accessible approach to the subject with attention to the latest developments in the field.
Addressing a wide range of interests for classes in which students from a variety of majors are enrolled, Technical Communication, Ninth Edition, combines practical applications with clear writing and examples.
Coverage of such topics as document design, electronic communication, and oral presentations reflect the realm of technical communication today.
www.ablongman.com /catalog/academic/product/0,1144,0321089790,00.html   (200 words)

 Society for Technical Communication :: Technical Communication
Technical Communication, the Society’s journal, publishes articles about the practical application of technical communication theory and serves as a common arena for discussion by practitioners.
Technical Communication includes both quantitative and qualitative research while showcasing the work of some of the field’s most noteworthy writers.
Select "Technical Communication" from the list of titles by clicking the check box to the left and typing your STC membership number in the box to the right of the journal title.
www.stc.org /pubs/techcommGeneral01.asp   (521 words)

 MA/PgDip/PgCert - Technical Communication - Sheffield Hallam University   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This course is for experienced technical communicators seeking a qualification in the field or to expand knowledge and skills, or graduates seeking to enter the growing field of technical communication.
They must focus on an area of general interest to the technical communication profession but can tailor the theme of the dissertation to reflect career strengths and aspirations.
You need a degree in a relevant area, which might be a technical area, such as computer studies, or a communicative area, such as some humanities subjects, or substantial work experience and/or a relevant professional qualification in technical communication.
www2.shu.ac.uk /prospectus/op_pglookup1.cfm?id_num=CUL012   (511 words)

 Graduate Diploma of Social Science (Technical Communication) at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Technical communicators are specialists who produce clearly written well-structured documents relating to complex concepts and products, including computer software.
The program is designed to develop the understanding and skills of students new to technical communication, as well as to enhance the expertise of people already working in the field.
Are able to apply their knowledge to basic technical communications problems and keep up to date with advances in technical communications
courses.swinburne.edu.au /Courses/ViewCourse.aspx?mi=100&id=19742   (1493 words)

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