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Topic: Ted Lyons

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Ted Lyons - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Lyons was such a draw among the fans that, as his career began to wind down in 1939, manager Jimmy Dykes began using him only in Sunday afternoon games, which earned him the nickname "Sunday Teddy".
Lyons made the most of his unusual scheduling, winning 52 of 82 decisions from 1939 until his retirement as a player in 1942, including a stellar 1942 season in which he led the league with a 2.10 ERA and completed every one of his 20 starts.
Lyons rejoined the White Sox in 1946 as a manager but in three years enjoyed no more success as a manager than he had as a player, guiding them to a meager 185-245 record.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/t/e/d/Ted_Lyons_0925.html   (270 words)

  Ted Lyons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lyons was such a draw among the fans that, as his career began to wind down in 1939, manager Jimmy Dykes began using him only in Sunday afternoon games, which earned him the nickname "Sunday Teddy".
Lyons made the most of his unusual scheduling, winning 52 of 82 decisions from 1939 until his retirement as a player in 1942, including a stellar 1942 season in which he led the league with a 2.10 ERA and completed every one of his 20 starts.
Lyons rejoined the White Sox in 1946 as a manager but in three years enjoyed no more success as a manager than he had as a player, guiding them to a meager 185-245 record.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ted_Lyons   (364 words)

 Joseph Lyons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1909 Lyons was elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly.
Lyons became the leading advocate within the government of orthodox finance and deflationary economic policies, and an opponent of the inflationary, proto-Keynesian policies of Treasurer Ted Theodore.
Lyons served as acting Treasurer from August 1930 to January 1931 while Scullin was in Britain for the Imperial Conference.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joseph_Lyons   (1233 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Joseph Lyons
In 1909 Lyons was elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly.
Lyons became an advocate of orthodox finance and conservative policies and an opponent of Treasurer Ted Theodore.
Lyons was one of the most genuinely popular men to hold the office of Prime Minister, and his death caused widespread grief.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Joseph_Lyons   (725 words)

 Eye Weekly - The Lyons King - 06.08.00
Lyons is a Tory activist and prominent fundraiser, rustling up campaign donations for the Ontario and federal Progressive Conservative parties, as well as for Lastman and "a few" city councillors.
Lyons' fundraising prowess will be called upon by Lastman again for this fall's municipal election to help raise the $1 million the mayor needs to run his campaign.
Lyons says he did not register as a lobbyist for Renoir, as he is supposed to do under provincial law, because he was already acting as Renoir's lawyer.
www.eye.net /eye/issue/issue_06.08.00/news/lyons.html   (3509 words)

 Canadian Jewish News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Lyons, 62, is a professor and former head of the department of radiology, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and associate professor of anatomy at the University of Manitoba and its Health Sciences Centre.
Ted Lyons was recruited to join the federation board in 2000 by Neil Duboff.
Lyons says that as federation president he intends to follow up on Duboff’s efforts to strengthen ties with the federation’s beneficiary agencies.
www.cjnews.com /viewarticle.asp?id=8173   (444 words)

 Ted Lyons
Ted Lyons spent his entire 21-year career with the seldom-contending Chicago White Sox of the American League.
In 1925 he led the AL in victories with 21 for a fifth-place team; from 1925 to 1930, he averaged nearly 19 wins a season, although the White Sox never finished in the first division.
The Sunday-only pattern continued for ofur years, and Lyons had a.634 winning percentage (52-30) over that period.
www.baseball-statistics.com /HOF/Lyons.html   (224 words)

 Ted Lyons - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Ted Lyons - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Lyons, Ted (1900-1986), American baseball player, who won 260 games for the Chicago White Sox.
Lyon, also Lyons, city in east central France, capital of Rhône Department, at the confluence of the navigable Rhône and the Saône rivers.
encarta.msn.com /Ted_Lyons.html   (95 words)

 We are all here to talk about what advice these veteran teachers would give to a beginning first year physics teacher
Leanette Burdick and Ted Lyons are experienced master high school teachers, chosen for their success and the high esteem with which they are regarded by those in the science education field.
Ted Lyons: My turn on it, which is a little different, and it seems to be my theme at the moment is that it all seems to come back to again to the networking.
Ted Lyons: One of the problems I struggle with is, "Cool, they get to be with me for a day, two days, a week", but I’m not nearly as thrilled when my colleagues take them somewhere for a day, two days, or a week, and so there are other things than physics class.
earthfuture.tripod.com /mp/focusgroup.html   (7476 words)

 Ted Lyons | The BASEBALL Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ted Lyons was a hard-luck pitcher who won 260 games despite pitching for the Chicago White Sox, who posted a.447 winning percentage when he didn't get the decision.
Lyons began his career as a teammate of Eddie Collins, who started his career in 1906, and ended it as a teammate of Dave Philley, who retired in 1962.
In 1943, the year after Lyons retired for the first time, Orval Grove, a tall young right-hander from Kansas, was inserted into the White Sox rotation.
www.thebaseballpage.com /players/lyonste01.php   (1046 words)

 American Heroes
Ted Lyons had the misfortune of never pitching in a World Series as the Chicago White Sox seldom contended for the pennant during his tenure.
Ted Lyons was ranked as the best fielder of his time and was also a great hitting pitcher.
Ted Lyons managed the White Sox, 1946-48 and his #16 uniform was retired by the White Sox.
www.baseballhistorian.com /html/american_heroes.cfm?page=41   (4155 words)

 Welcome to the Official Ted Williams Website
Ted’s hitting streak came to an end two days after his average reached its high-water mark of.438.
It ended on a warm Sunday afternoon in Chicago, when he was shut down, in both ends of a Sunday doubleheader, by Ted Lyons and Thornton Lee.
Ted was keyed up on the field, too, as he always was for big games, and he was up and down all day screaming across the diamond.
www.tedwilliams.com /index.php?page=1941s_p4&level=1   (829 words)

 TIRR - TIRR Foundation Board   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Lyons was president of Allstate Trucking Co. from 1981 to 1985.
Lyons is a 32° Scottish Rite Mason and past master of Houston Lodge 1189.
Lyons was the first president of TIRR Family and currently serves as immediate past president.
www.tirr.org /about?page=32   (2650 words)

 1942 AL Mathewson Award
Ted was 41 years old this year, and still managed to lead the league in ERA.
Lyons pitched only once a week, to keep his arm fresh; but when on the mound, he was amazing, posting a great won-loss record with Chicago, the worst hitting team in the American League.
Lyons joined the service next year, and tried to make a comeback in 1946, at age 45.
venus.lunarpages.com /~double2/History/400Pages/alcy1942.html   (510 words)

 Ted Lyons | BaseballLibrary.com
Lyons never pitched in the minor leagues and never pitched in a World Series, but 21 seasons of yeoman work for the seldom-contending White Sox earned his 1955 election by the BBWAA to the Hall of Fame.
Lyons tosses four 2/3 inning in the opener and three innings in the nitecap as the White Sox sweep, 6—3 and 7—6.
Lyons hits a two run triple in the 8th to break a 4—4 tie.
www.baseballlibrary.com /baseballlibrary/ballplayers/L/Lyons_Ted.stm   (1793 words)

 Penn Athletic Club Rowing Association
Ted Nash won the Olympic gold in the straight four in 1960 at Rome, the Bronze in the same event in 1964 at Tokyo, plus numerous Nationals, World, Canadian, Pan American Championships.
Ted Nash was also the first President and CO-founder of the national Women's Rowing Association and started a blind rowing program in 1961.
Ted Bielefeld, Mike Still, Jon Bernstein, Ken Detweiler,Jim Neul, Raoul Rodriques, Ken Piree, Jason Honck, Sean Hall, Jonathan Brown, Don Smith, Cheid Jingbluh, Jack Rusher, Laird Reed, Jim Pew Scot Erwin, Tim Evans, John Fish, Alden Zechar, and Pete Cippolone were the Olympic representatives from Penn AC.
www.boathouserow.org /pac/pachist6.html   (5116 words)

 Prof pleads in Beacon || 11.03.05 The Buchtelite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Lyons is a political science professor and director of the Center for Conflict Management.
Lyons directed the letter at Mallo, whom he feels is in a unique position because of his roles at the university.
Lyon said he was hoping to improve the relationship between the faculty and the administration in their desire to move forward.
www.buchtelite.com /2005/1103/news_01.shtml   (751 words)

 Don't ask me about ted lyons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ted Lyons batting, fielding and pitching major league baseball lifetime statistics for each season and his career, and a list of any...
Ted Lyons 1900-1986 RHP 1923-42, 46 White Sox Manager in 1946-48 White Sox Ted Lyons's Teams 1923 Chicago White Sox 1924 Chicago White Sox 1925 Chicago White Sox 1926 Chicago White Sox...
Ted Lyons baseball stats with batting stats, pitching stats and fielding stats, along with uniform numbers, salaries, quotes, career stats and biographical data presented by Baseball.
ted-lyons.boomk.com   (646 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Louis-Jacques-Maurice de Bonald
When the diocese of Puy was re-established (1823) Bonald became its first bishop and remained there for sixteen years, until his promotion to the primatial See of Lyons (1839), and in 1841 Gregory XVI made him cardinal.
He always took great interest in social questions, and never was more eloquent than when appealing for help in behalf of misery, as for instance during the floods of 1840 and 1846 and the destitution of the Spanish refugees (1842).
The closing of silk factories in Lyons gave him an opportunity of showing not only his liberality towards the needy, but also his broad sympathy for the toiling class in general.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02647b.htm   (715 words)

 Ted Lyons : MLB Legends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ted Lyons spent his 21 year career as the lone star on White Sox teams that never finished better than third during his tenure.
Lyons’ career began with the fastball being his “out pitch,” and he used it to great success, winning 20 games or more three times in his first eight seasons.
Lyons, along with Red Faber and Luke Appling, are three White Sox whose careers were hampered by their teammates, and unfortunately, none of those three get the respect they deserve.
www.mlb-legends.com /legends/tedLyons.php   (170 words)

 Ted Lyons Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac
Ted Lyons was born on Friday, December 28, 1900, in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
Lyons was 22 years old when he broke into the big leagues on July 2, 1923, with the Chicago White Sox.
His biographical data, year-by-year hitting stats, fielding stats, pitching stats (where applicable), career totals, uniform numbers, salary data and miscellaneous items-of-interest are presented by Baseball Almanac on this comprehensive Ted Lyons baseball stats page.
www.baseball-almanac.com /players/player.php?p=lyonste01   (280 words)

 Sim Dynasty.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Milwaukee Adjudicators receive Ted Lyons, Lefty Sparks, Scott Hutton, Draft Pick - 1970 Round 3 (CHA), Draft Pick - 1969 Round 3 (CHA) from the Chicago Rage in exchange for Clint Sanchez, Charles Osborne, Chilly Gonzales.
The Chicago Rage have sent Ted Lyons to the minors.
The Chicago smp have sent Ted Lyons to the minors.
www.simdynasty.com /player.jsp?id=4453   (512 words)

 RelishNow | We've Lost a Fine Painter
I doubt that Gatewood ever heard of Winston-Salem artist Ted Lyons, but because I observed her keen sense of humor in operation during that long-ago panel discussion, I think she would probably be amused to be memorialized alongside a mini-review of "Pigduckton," Lyons' small show at Urban Artware.
In sharp contrast to Gatewood, Lyons is a self-taught artist with overtly wacky sensibilities, as is evident in each one of these boldly colored, cartoonish paintings and the narrative premise that underlies them.
Close observation reveals that the spear-wielding hunters painted on Lyons' cave wall are chicken-heads and their prey is a naked pigduck fleeing from them on all fours.
www.journalnow.com /servlet/Satellite?pagename=WSJ/MGArticle/WSJ_RelishArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031779244613   (839 words)

 Quirk Blog: Greasy Bollywood Singer
Little known fact: Ted Lyons used to be “Teeth Rippin Ted” of the Calcutta Mafia before returning to his old first love of music.
Ted put himself through college doing Elvis impersonations, and although his tone is a dead ringer for the late great king, his teeth kept him from hitting the big time.
Ted did well at his new profession until the untimely death of his employer.
surgery-graphics.med.umich.edu /~matt/archives/000025.html   (545 words)

 National Archives of Australia - Fact Sheet 76 - Joseph Aloysius Lyons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A former Labor Premier of Tasmania (1916–19 and 1923–28) Joseph Lyons entered federal parliament in the 1929 elections, becoming Postmaster-General in the Scullin Government that was swept to power by that poll.
Lyons became leader of the UAP, and subsequently Prime Minister and Treasurer when the Party won the election held in December 1931.
The National Archives holds a collection of Lyons’ personal records, and many records about Lyons and the issues he was involved in during his years in government.
www.naa.gov.au /fSheets/FS76.html   (622 words)

 TED LYONS - New York Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ted Lyons, who pitched for the Chicago White Sox for 21 years and was a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, died today at a nursing home here.
Lyons pitched for the White Sox from 1923 through 1946, with a break of three years for service in World War II.
He had a record of 260 victories and 230 losses, pitched a no-hitter and led the American League in victories in 1925 and 1927.
query.nytimes.com /gst/fullpage.html?res=9A0DE1DD1631F935A15754C0A960948260&sec=&pagewanted=print   (101 words)

 Ted Lyons | National Baseball Hall of Fame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ted Lyons, baseball's most consistent pitcher for two decades, won 260 games in his 21 seasons with the moribund Chicago White Sox.
In 1942 the 41-year-old Lyons enjoyed one of the most unusual seasons in baseball history: as the White Sox drawing card, he pitched nearly every Sunday afternoon and went 14-6 with a league leading 2.10 ERA, completing all 20 of his starts.
View the Hall of Fame ballot from the year Ted Lyons was inducted.
www.baseballhalloffame.org /hofers%5Fand%5Fhonorees/hofer_bios/lyons_ted.htm   (226 words)

 Baylor Sports HOF Opens Arms to Four New Members :: Dutch Schroeder, Cody Carlson, George Berry Graves and Michael ...
Someone said Ted Lyons would have to be chosen, and there was unanimous agreement about that.
Lyons had jumped directly from the Baylor campus in the mid-1920s to the pitching staff of the Chicago White Sox, and there he carved out a career that led to his election to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
The selection of Ted Lyons for the Baylor Hall of Fame was a must.
baylorbears.cstv.com /genrel/011501aaa.html   (1324 words)

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