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Topic: Telenovela

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For example, telenovelas in most Latin American countries are aired in prime-time six days a week, attract a broad audience across age and gender lines, and command the highest advertising rates.
Telenovelas generally vary from 180 to 200 hundred episodes, but sometimes specific telenovelas might be extended for a longer period due to successful ratings.
The roots of the Latin American telenovelas go back to the radio soap operas produced in the United States, but they were also influenced by the serialized novels published in the local press.
www.museum.tv /archives/etv/T/htmlT/telenovela/telenovela.htm   (1016 words)

 Telenovelas in Latin America
Telenovelas are much more important in Latin American than in the United States, due to structural differences in the entertainment industry.
A typical telenovela is shown five or six days a week in the evening, and has about 75 to 150 chapters over the course of 3 to 6 months.
It is too easy to dismiss telenovelas as crass commercial opiates that are designed to reach the largest possible audiences with the most mind-numbing content for the financial benefits of their corporate advertisers.
www.zonalatina.com /Zldata70.htm   (1938 words)

 Syllabus: La Telenovela en América Latina
Since the beginnings of television in the early 1950s, the telenovela, or soap opera, has evolved as a major social, cultural, political, and economic force in Latin America.
The telenovela that we will all be viewing this semester is La Vida en el Espejo, KVDA-60 (cable 17) from 7-8 p.m.
On your assigned week, you should come prepared to show a 3-5 minute segment of the telenovela under examination (this means you must videotape the Monday episode of the telenovela for your assigned week and identify a 3-5 minute segment that you find worthy of class discussion) and to lead a 10-15 minute class discussion.
www.trinity.edu /rhuesca/rh3111-2.html   (1025 words)

 HotBot Web Search for telenovela
Forums for the discussion of dozens of telenovelas, in English and Spanish.
telenovela [ˌtelenoˈβela], das heißt Fernsehroman - in Brasilien "Novela", vereinzelt auch "Teleseria") ist eine...
If you choose to continue with the use of your current browser however, all of our content will continue to be accessible to all versions of every browser.
www.hotbot.com /inderelated6index.php?query=telenovela   (252 words)

 A Telenovela With Technical Difficulties - October 4, 2006 - The New York Sun
A Telenovela With Technical Difficulties - October 4, 2006 - The New York Sun
After a brief English-language prologue (the rest of "¡El Conquistador!" is performed in Spanish with English supertitles) and an even briefer sequence set on a farm, Polonio heads to Bogota, intending to work on telenovelas, the country's enormously popular nighttime soap operas.
Before long, he is involved with shady drug deliveries, bungled assassinations, and a long list of unlikely romantic dalliances.
www.nysun.com /article/40832   (513 words)

 subinev blog: Telenovela Star
For reasons I'll never understand, there isn't much press about local band Telenovela Star.
The female trio has been around for a while but managed to keep fairly quiet while recording and playing infrequent shows - they even scored by getting one of their songs used as the theme song for the surfer girl show, Beyond the Break.
Listen to Telenovela Star on their Myspace page, which is apparently their only official web page now.
subinev.com /newblog/archives/000603.php   (248 words)

  Telenovela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A telenovela is the term used to describe limited-run television serials and is derived from the terms tele short for television and novela ("novel").
Another type of telenovelas in Mexico are "era telenovela" and based on the early 20th century or before, during the colonial period (Martín Garatuza), the independence (El carruaje), the late 1800s (El vuelo del águila) and the revolution (Bodas de odio).
A third type of telenovelas started with (Quinceañera) in the late 1980s, this is the "teen telenovela" which portrays the lives of high-school teenagers and their issues with sex, drugs and other coming-of age topics.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Telenovela   (1947 words)

 Telenovela at AllExperts
A telenovela is the term used to describe Spanish and Portuguese television serials derived from the terms tele short for television and novela ("novel").
Another type of telenovelas in Mexico are "era telenovela" and based on the early 20th century or before, during the colonial period (Martín Garatuza), the independence (El carruaje), the late 1800s (El vuelo del águila) and the revolution (Bodas de odio).
A third type of telenovelas started with (Quinceañera) in the late 1980s, this is the "teen telenovela" which portrays the lives of high-school teenagers and their issues with sex, drugs and other coming-of age topics.
en.allexperts.com /e/t/te/telenovela.htm   (2035 words)

 Ibsen Martinez, Global Soap, Poverty Bears a Woman's Face: Library of Economics and Liberty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Almost all telenovelas recount the twists and turns in the lives of a mother and child in the big city and of their right to a big inheritance that has been usurped from them.
As a rule, the telenovela depicts women and their place in a society plagued by poverty and social discrimination in ways that are false and misleading, hence extremely appealing.
If the telenovela manages to more or less depict the kind of problem which troubles the narrative's society of origin, the "solutions" that it offers are as false as the redistributive heaven that populism promises.
www.econlib.org /library/Columns/y2005/Martinezsoap.html   (1697 words)

 Mirada de mujer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mirada de mujer (English: The Gaze of a Woman) is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcasted on TV Azteca in 1997.
It came after a year after TV Azteca's first telenovela Nada personal and was the first telenovela in that TV station for its five stars, who had been working with Televisa prior to this production.
The telenovela also gave rise to the song Dime written by Armado Manzanero, and sung by Aranza, which became a great hit in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America, and which peaked at #22 in the U.S. Hot Latin Songs Chart.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mirada_de_mujer   (279 words)

 School Masters The Telenovela | theledger.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The unusual school, which grooms aspiring actors specifically for telenovelas, underscores a recent boom in U.S.-made Spanish soaps as producers and advertisers seek to tap into the more than $6 billion in purchasing power of the nation's growing Hispanic market.
Telenovelas, which are broadcast in the United States on television networks geared toward Hispanics, are even being adapted for general American audiences.
The upsurge is due in large part to Telemundo's decision in 2003 to produce telenovelas in the United States to better compete with Spanish-language powerhouse Univision Communications Inc., which has long dominated the United States.
www.theledger.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060102/NEWS/601020327/1004/RSS&source=RSS   (874 words)

 Dori Media - What is Telenovela
The Telenovela is a TV drama genre that attracts vast audiences both in developing and developed countries.
A typical telenovela is shown five or six days a week in prime time or day time, and has about 120 to 320 episodes over the course of 6 to 15 months.
Telenovela are known for their ability to form strong emotional links with the viewers.
www.dorimedia.com /content.asp?page=whatis   (231 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | How telenovelas conquered the world
Carla Estrada, one of the foremost telenovela producers in the world, said that a good script is the most important aspect of a successful telenovela.
And beyond the world of dreams, some telenovelas, it seems, have began to push the envelope a bit further and deal with issues that before were considered taboo.
For decades, the main telenovelas producers in Mexico and Brazil were often criticised for being aligned with the political powers of the moment and not allowing any criticism of the government.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/4842220.stm   (919 words)

 Soaps with a Latin scent.
The telenovela, says Colombian scriptwriter Fernando Gaitán, has become “the continent’s main channel of communication, drawing larger audiences than the cinema, novels or the theatre.” But as well as being a firmly-established regional craze which has now spread all over the world, it is also a multi-million-dollar industry.
The TV Globo telenovelas are screened from six in the evening on and their 160 or so episodes cost between $50,000 and $60,000 each to make.
All telenovelas are built around topics which “have existed since the beginning of human society,” says Arquímides Rivero, one of the founders of the genre in Venezuela.
www.unesco.org /courier/1999_05/uk/connex/txt1.htm   (1900 words)

 Stay Tuned For The Telenovela, Staple Of Latin TV Comes To U.S. - The ShowBuzz
He was touting his company's upcoming telenovela series, "Desire," at a convention of television programmers in Las Vegas when word came that the WB and UPN networks would join forces.
The first story in the "Desire" telenovela series is scheduled to begin June 19 and Cook said he has commitments from broadcasters representing 70 percent of the country, and is negotiating with stations that would cover 20 percent more.
Unlike American daytime soaps, some of which have been on the air for decades, the telenovela is like an extended miniseries that comes to a conclusion.
www.showbuzz.cbsnews.com /stories/2006/03/22/tv/main1430675.shtml   (1023 words)

 Third of world transfixed by TV soap operas | Business | Money | Telegraph
Telenovela, drama series that go on for hundreds of episodes but, unlike many soaps, do actually come to an end, are now watched by a staggering 2bn people worldwide, nearly one-third of the global population.
Marimar, a Mexican telenovela, was apparently so gripping that mosques in the Ivory Coast issued the call to prayer early so that the nation wouldn't miss an episode.
Telenovela deal with all the problems of teenagers like the first kiss, the first sex, relationships with parents, relationships with teachers, the fat guy in the class, the extraordinary guy in the class.
www.telegraph.co.uk /money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2006/10/02/ccprof02.xml   (1321 words)

 Telenovela - The TV IV
A telenovela originated as a Spanish-language soap opera, but have moved on to be popular in other markets.
Unlike their English counterparts, telenovelas tend to run for a limited number of episodes, and air in prime time.
Due to their extreme popularity throughout the world (and because of their popularity on Univision), the telenovela idea was picked up by MyNetworkTV to run in their primetime slots when the network premieres in September 2006.
tviv.org /Telenovela   (117 words)

 Lack of funds shelves Macapagal 'telenovela' - Jan. 14, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A telenovela of that title on the life and times of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has been shelved for lack of funding, according to a member of the production team.
The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Tuesday told the Inquirer that the telenovela was to have been shown in 40 30-minute episodes with teen idol Jolina Magdangal and superstar Nora Aunor playing the subject in her youth and in her prime, respectively.
The plan also included compressing the telenovela into a movie to be shown from roving vans in the provinces, the source said.
www.inq7.net /ent/2004/jan/14/ent_5-1.htm   (606 words)

 ABC News: Telenovelas Coming to a TV Near You   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Galan is betting on the popularity of the telenovelas, and so are all the American networks.
One week last summer, the telenovela "La Madrastra" was the most-watched primetime TV show in Los Angeles.
Telenovelas are not exactly soap operas because they don't last for years and years.
www.abcnews.go.com /GMA/Entertainment/story?id=1963157&page=1   (387 words)

 Networks jump on telenovela trend | TheNewsTribune.com | Tacoma, WA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
At least two telenovelas – a definite story arc that ends like a novel after only a few months –; will debut this summer from CBS and Twentieth Television.
The new franchise from Twentieth, “Desire,”; is expected to air five nights a week, with an hourlong weekend summary, for 13 weeks at a time on UPN starting in June.
Telenovelas are hugely popular worldwide, and not just in places where Spanish is spoken.
www.thenewstribune.com /ae/story/5531570p-4981906c.html   (514 words)

 Floridian: Networks concocting telenovela experiment
Telenovelas as they are produced for Latin American television, full of morality tales and veiled social commentaries, would look very strange to American viewers - at least to those who aren't already seeing them on Telemundo, the Spanish-language network that is a corporate parner of NBC.
In parts of South and Central America, telenovelas are must-see TV, providing watercooler conversation during the workday, said Robert Huesca, who teaches a course on telenovelas at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.
But, although Latin American audiences may enjoy snickering at a taboo jab at the government, buried inside a telenovela plot, U.S. viewers are used to open criticism of the government.
www.sptimes.com /2006/02/21/Floridian/Networks_concocting_t.shtml   (892 words)

 Salon.com Life | The ugly truth about "Betty La Fea"
Like their English-language counterparts, Spanish-language filmmakers and advertisers had begun to learn that women are so eager to see realistic portrayals of themselves in the media that they are willing to throw their support behind any show that promises even the slightest hint of reality.
Telenovelas, however, have stubbornly maintained a traditional view of women's aspirations, one that equates female success with being beautiful and married.
While there have been a few exceptions, most recently the Mexican telenovela "Mirada de Mujer," which told the story of a middle-aged woman who confronts life on her own after discovering her husband is having an affair, soaps have mostly remained faithful to a single plot involving a beautiful ingénue's search for love.
archive.salon.com /mwt/feature/2001/06/01/betty   (856 words)

 Communication at CDC: Entertainment Education: Resources for TV Writers and Producers: Healthstyles Surveys: 2002
Since telenovelas are broadcast in Spanish, viewing frequency and impact are projected to be substantially higher among Spanish-language dominant households/viewers.
In addition, the daily format of telenovelas allows audiences to identify with characters since they see them so frequently and may relate to their situations.
Five percent (n=216) of all respondents are telenovela viewers who watch telenovelas (like Amigas y rivales, La intrusa, El derrecho de nacer, Pedro el escamoso, or Corazón salvaje) at least a few times a month (27% of Hispanics, 6% of Blacks, and 2% of Whites).
www.cdc.gov /communication/surveys/surv2002.htm   (1400 words)

 Crutch Interview - Telenovela
It may be that Telenovela have found their voice in a mere one year they’ve been together – yes, a year.
In a year, Telenovela has played some of the best venues in Chicago and are releasing their debut album – by themselves.
It’s not as easy at it seems, but when a band like Telenovela comes around, it lifts a heavy weight off my supposedly responsible shoulders – it allows me to simply present something informative about a band that deserves attention – your attention.
www.thecrutch.net /interviews/telenovelainterview.html   (514 words)

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