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Topic: Templars

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A contemporary describes the Templars as "in turn lions of war and lambs at the hearth; rough knights on the battlefield, pious monks in the chapel; formidable to the enemies of Christ, gentleness itself towards His friends." (Jacques de Vitry).
The Templars were accused of spitting upon the Cross, of denying Christ, of permitting sodomy, of worshipping an idol, all in the most impenetrable secrecy.
On the other hand, the Templars who had pleaded guilty before their bishops were to be treated "according to the rigours of justice, tempered by a generous mercy".
www.newadvent.org /cathen/14493a.htm   (3147 words)

 Templars Chronicle
The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant
The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant III
Templars and the Ark of the Covenant VII
groups.msn.com /TemplarsChronicle   (342 words)

 Knights Templars History Provence, History France - Provence Beyond
The Templars rose to higher glory and power, ended in a more spectacular fashion, and their remains were passed on to the Hospitalers.
The Knights Templars were based in Acre for a century: in 1291, Acre fell to the Muslims, with Grand Master William de Beaujue dying in the battle.
The now-ownerless wealth and property of the Templars was officially assigned to the Knights Hospitalers.
www.beyond.fr /history/templars.html   (1369 words)

 A History of the Knights Templar
In 1796 Charles Louis Cadet de Cassicour portrayed the Templars as part of a secret conspiracy which was behind the French Revolution and the execution of Louis XVI, in revenge for the death of James de Molay in 1314.
The Templars were not a bank in the modern sense of the word as their financial operations were merely a sideline, a result of their need to store and move large quantities of cash about Christendom.
Even during the trial of the Templars, when Brothers were being actively encouraged to confess to the practice of sodomy, very few were prepared to do so: of all the testimonies during the trial (over nine hundred in all), I have identified only three confessions of sodomy that I would consider as possibly genuine.
freemasonry.bcy.ca /anti-masonry/templars.html   (4930 words)

 The Knights Templar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Templars were officially recognized and sanctioned by the papacy in 1128 at the Council of Troyes.
References to the Templars are scattered throughout the text, but in the chapter "The King and the Church," Strayer addresses the interaction between Philip, Pope Clement V and the Templars.
This treatise examines how the Templars were a representative vehicle for the social forces of their age and how they were a force for social change.
www.adambennington.com /military_orders/templars.html   (3418 words)

 Knights Templar - Crystalinks
The Templar Knights or 'Poor Knights of Christ' were a monastic order of knights founded in 1112 A.D. to protect the pilgrims along the path from Europe to the Holy Lands (Jerusalem).
Since the Templars kept cash in all their chapter houses and temples, it was natural that in 1135 the Order started lending money to Spanish pilgrims who wanted to travel to the Holy Land.
Another Templar by the name of John de Stoke stated that Jacques de Molay had instructed that he should know that Jesus was but a man, and that he should believe in 'the great omnipotent God, who was the architect of heaven and Earth, and not the crucifixion'.
www.crystalinks.com /templars1.html   (4604 words)

 Who Were The Knights Templar? | The Knights Templar | www.templarhistory.com
While it is true that the Templars were not permitted, by their rule, to own much of anything personally, there was no such restriction on the order as a whole.
It is generally agreed that Philip IV was envious of the Templar's wealth and sought to secure it for himself.
Philip was successful in ridding the Templars of their power and wealth and urged all fellow Christian leaders to do the same thing.
www.templarhistory.com /who.html   (621 words)

 The History of the Mosaic Templars of America
The Mosaic Templars of America is now recognized as one of the great endeavors in the history of the State and Little Rock.
For nearly forty years, the Mosaic Templars' Headquarters Building was the anchor of the thriving fl social and economic district on Ninth Street.
The mission of the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center is to collect, preserve, interpret and celebrate Arkansas's African American history, culture, and community from 1870 to the present, and to inform and educate the public about fl achievement - especially in business, politics, and the arts.
www.mosaictemplarscenter.com /history   (288 words)

 Founding of the Knights Templar
There was no standard form of Templar church: a very few, curricular or polygonal, recalled the shape either of the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem (the 'Temple of God' of the Templar seal) or of the octagon of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at Jerusalem.
Many Templar churches and chapels were build round with this in mind, and in their center, as at the Templar Vera Cruz Church of Segovia in Spain, there was often an actual model of the tomb of Christ, in the form of a two-storied structure with steps leading up.
The shield of the Templars was exactly that of Sir Galahad, the Christianized Grail Hero - a pure white background emblazoned with a large red cross.
www.mystae.com /restricted/streams/masons/templars.html   (5558 words)

 Black Templars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Their mission was two-fold; first to wipe out as much of the Ork infestation deemed possible within the course of the mission, but also to lay the final set of thermics that would tear the hulk in two within a gigantic combined explosion.
Already weakened by the Templar's previous attacks, the Techmarines of the Chapter had predicted the possibility of breaking the hulk apart by the placement of charges in structurally damaged areas.
Highly disciplined, the Black Templars did not let up in their own battles, but each whispered a prayer of courage to their Champion, he who was the best of them all, the very embodiment of their Chapter.
www.armageddon3.com /English/Campaign/Troops/blacktemplars.html   (1377 words)

The immediate arrest of the Knights Templar in October 1307 caught the Pope off guard, and he found himself in the awkward position of having to criticise the sovereign to whom he owed his election: “(…) While we were absent you turned your mind to the Knights Templar and their property.
The Templars were defamed on a massive scale in order to raise a scandal and induce the Pope to issue an immediate condemnation of the Order.
This judgment did not concern the religious sphere of Templar duties, in accordance with the first judgment which has just been found, and was ratified by the Bull “Vox in Excelso” and subsequently the Bull “Ad Providam” of May 1312, which ordered the Templars’ property to be transferred to the Order of St John.
www.gizapyramid.com /adriano_forgione2.htm   (2279 words)

 Fortean Times Reviews - The Templars
That we mythologise the Templars out of a love of mystery - satirised by Umberto Eco in Foucault’s Pendulum as: “the legend with which some frustrated and yearning minds are still obsessed, the myth of a boundless power lying unused, unharnessed” - alters nothing.
William of Nogaret, William of Plaisians and William Imbert (‘William of Paris’, Inquisitor and royal confessor) accused the Templars of being magicians, sodomites and blasphemers.
The Templar trial was to prove the ideal battleground for the political, financial and religious struggles between the Papacy and the French government.
www.forteantimes.com /review/templars.shtml   (790 words)

 Knight Templars and the Holy Grail
At the time, in 1220, the Templars were still around and were probably a famous group of men and Eschenback was trying to tell us that they guarded the precious object.
By 1314 the Templars had transformed themselves into a body of men who were loathed by the church and certainly not admired for their heroic actions.
The main links between the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail are the facts that some knights did attend the cup and that the Templars are supposed to have guarded a great treasure which has never been found.
www.veling.nl /anne/templars/knight.htm   (1116 words)

 Demise of the Templars
In 1306, Philippe IV of France, was acutely anxious to rid his territory of the Templars, who were, at their best, arrogant and unruly.
The fact that this implies the Templars knew about the New World almost two centuries before Columbus is seemingly not a problem in that the Templars also possessed the wisdom of the East (and avoided the willful ignorance of the West).
Knights Templar, the Merovingian dynasty, and the history of the house of Lorraine.
www.halexandria.org /dward222.htm   (1307 words)

 The Templars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Templars were granted lands in Portugal in 1127, and established their headquarters in Tomar in 1169.
They played an active role in fighting the Moors in Portugal, and when the Templars were dissolved, King Dinis preserved their holdings by forming the Order of Christ.
Mysteries of the Templars has an interesting collection of information, mainly on the downfall and subsequent semi-legendary influence of the Templars.
www.thornr.demon.co.uk /kchrist/templars.html   (447 words)

 Black Templars - Lexicanum
Since that time, the Black Templars have been on the greatest and longest crusade the Imperium has ever known to prove their loyalty to the Emperor.
Because of this unending crusade, the Black Templars live on their Crusade Fleets and use the planets they conquer to establish Chapter Keeps which are used for recruitment and staging areas.
This is partly due to the divided nature of the chapter, being spread out everywhere (similar to the Space Wolves) on separate crusades and no one has thus been able to keep track of their exact numbers.
wh40k.lexicanum.com /wiki/Black_Templars   (1255 words)

 Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Military
Church Age: The Knights Templar conquered the Holy Land during the Crusades and sought to rebuild Solomon's Temple.
The Knights Templar occupied Jerusalem for two centuries until, in 1309, the Order was dissolved by the Pope due to its heretical nature and occult practices.
Their adversaries will be the reborn Templars and souls they shall choose to join them in rebuilding a new world order in which the freedom of the individual spirit will find its true place.
watch.pair.com /new-military.html   (13545 words)

 The Mosaic Templars of America
A catastrophic loss, the historic building was slated to become the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center (MTCC), the fourth museum of the Department of Arkansas Heritage (DAH).
The Mosaic Templars of America, a fl fraternal organization founded in Little Rock in 1882 by John E. Bush and Chester W. Keatts, was created primarily to provide insurance and other services to its members.
When the Mosaic Templars of America organization was in its prime, six separate retail tenants occupied the first floor of the Headquarters Building located at Ninth and Broadway Street.
www.arkansasheritage.com /mosaic-templar   (1425 words)

The Templars, seeking to rule this world with the help of the invisible one, came to worship Satan and called on him to dominate the powers of darkness.
The first document in which the Templars appear to be the forefathers of the Masons is a handwritten one from Strasbourg dated 1760 that makes no secret of their inclination to mystical knowledge.
As mentioned the Templars encountered no difficulties in penetrating the workers guilds and in Germany, England and Portugal brought these lodges under their control and with this they had found an ideal front and a new, strong organization suitable to be adapted to their purposes.
www.theunjustmedia.com /from_templars_to_freemasonry.htm   (2509 words)

 Arkansas African Americans Mosaic Templars Building Preservation Society
In response to the fire that leveled the Mosaic Templars of America Headquarters Building, the board of the Mosaic Templars of America Building Preservation Society held an emergency meeting late in the evening on March 16, 2005.
The Society for the Preservation of the Mosaic Templars of America Building ("MTBPS") organized in 1992 for the purpose of securing and rehabilitating the Mosaic Templars Headquarters Building at the corner of Broadway and Ninth Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.
The building housed the Mosaic Templars of America, a fl fraternal organization that by the 1920's had amassed one of the largest concentrations of fl-owned and controlled capital in the United States.
www.mosaictemplarspreservation.org   (376 words)

 Knights Templar | A History And Mythos Of The Knights Templar | templarhistory.com
Learn about the various neo-Templar orders that evolved after the Templars were destroyed in 1307.
Templar History Magazine is a quarterly print magazine on all things related to the history, mystery, myth and legacy of the Knights Templar.
Whether you are interested in our current issue, back issues or becoming a subscriber, we think you will enjoy this glossy digest publication.
www.templarhistory.com   (337 words)

 Alibris: Templars
This is a history of the mysterious Knights Templar, as told in 1842 by a member of the Inner Temple.
Author Addison discusses the origin of the Templars, their popularity in Europe and their rivalry with the Knights of St. John, later to be known as the Knights of Malta.
In "The Templars and the Assassins" occult scholar and secret society member James Wasserman provides compelling evidence that the Knights Templar and the Assassins in the Holy Land transformed the Templars from the Pope's private army into a true occult society.
www.alibris.com /search/books/subject/Templars   (1207 words)

 GW Online : Warhammer 40,000 : Space Marines : Black Templars
The Black Templars have continued in the style of their founder, Sigismund, in preferring close combat to ranged warfare.
Before a battle, it is customary to renew one of these vows, the type of vow made focusing the thoughts of the Initiates on a particular aspect of their duties, encouraging extreme bravery, ruthlessness or sacred revulsion at the foe.
When the Black Templars return to an abandoned keep, they bring with them no mercy for those foolish enough to inhabit it in their absence.
uk.games-workshop.com /spacemarines/blacktemplars   (748 words)

 .:: Templars Barristers & Solicitors ::. The Firm - About Us
With offices in the cosmopolitan cities of Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Uyo, Templars is strategically placed to offer top quality legal services to our clients in the major economic hubs of the country.
At Templars, we pride ourselves on our sector strengths which cover diverse areas of the law including Corporate and Commercial, Energy and Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Foreign Investment, Shipping and Maritime, Aviation, Taxation, Commercial Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Project Finance.
Templars has a reputation for understanding its client's business and operating industry.
www.templars-law.com /about.asp   (322 words)

 Amazon.com: The Templars: Knights of God: Books: Edward Burman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
THE Knights Templars came into existence towards the end of the second decade of the twelfth century, in response to the exigencies of pilgrims in the recently constituted Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.
I KNOW the Templars were more than this book says and that they didn't cease to exist in 1312, I know where they went and where they are now, but I will never be able to prove it.
Despite this shortcoming, the author makes effective use of a number of contemporary chroniclers, both Crusader and anti-Crusader, to bolster his thesis--that the Templars' downfall was brought about through a fundamental lack of political "situational awareness" among their leaders that eventually left them vulnerable to Philip the Fair's probably-spurious accusations of heresy.
www.amazon.com /Templars-Knights-God-Edward-Burman/dp/0892812214   (1578 words)

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