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Topic: Tenor (linguistics)

  Metaphor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The tenor is the subject to which attributes are ascribed.
In this case, the world is the tenor and the stage is the vehicle.
The tension of the metaphor consists of the dissimilarities between the tenor and the vehicle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Metaphor   (2121 words)

The Aztec themselves, according to definite tribal tradition, reached the valley of Mexico from the far North, and linguistic evidence established their connection with the great Shoshonian linguistic stock whose tribes extend almost continuously along the backbone of the continent from the Columbia River to the Isthmus of Panama.
In the same way the Apache and Navajo of the Mexico border are known to have emigrated from the frozen shores of the Yukon and Mackenzie.
The only apparent exceptions to the general rule of decay are the Iroquois, Sioux, and Navaho, the first two of whom have kept up their number by wholesale adoptions, while the Navaho have been preserved by their isolation.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/07747a.htm   (10210 words)

Beginning with a lauded performance of his tenor saxophone concerto in 1997, Mr.
Waddle's tenure at the University of Texas he served as Principal Bass of the UT Symphony, Solo-Bassist of the UT New Music Ensemble (a highlight of which was Mr.
After conducting a lauded performance of his tenor saxophone concerto in 1996 during the South Carolina Conductor/Composer Symposium he was invited to Cleveland to guest conduct the Contemporary Youth Orchestra and served the Associate Conductor of The Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Austin, Texas for the 1997-98 season.
www.under.org /cpcc/pkwaddle_right.htm   (2471 words)

 Letters to the Editor
As I said in the beginning all these facts are common knowledge and only ideologically biased or totally illiterate person could argue against it in principle.
I accept that there is always a possibility to argue about some particular details or interpretations of the facts, but from general tenor of your statements I understood that you are dealing mostly with people for whom your views look like sacrilege and heresy to be cursed outright.
Actually Salim, Professor Wheeler Thackston of Harvard pushes your analogy (of Latin and Italian) a bit further and argues that "the languages the 'Arabs' grow up speaking at home, are as different from each other and from Arabic itself, as Latin is different from English." A seemingly preposterous claim, but oh so true.
www.phoenicia.org /letters.html   (9889 words)

 Leiter Reports: A Group Blog: Philosophical Gourmet Report
It is probably correct that the overall tenor of the piece is far more positive than the excerpts I commented on would suggest.
Instead, there were two categories, Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, and Philosophy of Language and Mind.
If people ranking a department continue to take into account affiliated faculty in linguistics, then this a strategy to consider for other departments seeking to move up in this area that are in universities with excellent linguistics departments.
leiterreports.typepad.com /blog/philosophical_gourmet_report/index.html   (11450 words)

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