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Topic: The Terrorist

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  CNN.com - Paige calls NEA 'terrorist organization' - Feb. 23, 2004
Education Secretary Rod Paige called the National Education Association a "terrorist organization" Monday as he argued that the country's largest teachers union often acts at odds with the wishes of rank-and-file teachers regarding school standards and accountability.
Paige later issued a written release saying that statement, made during a conversation with governors, "was an inappropriate choice of words" but reiterated his criticism of the NEA and its Washington lobbyists.
An administration official said the secretary was "clearly joking" but he should not have used the "terrorist" label in taking issue with the NEA -- which is not only the largest teachers union but also a major player in Democratic Party politics.
www.cnn.com /2004/EDUCATION/02/23/paige.terrorist.nea   (439 words)

  Terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Those who are accused of being "terrorists" rarely identify themselves as such and, instead, typically use terms that refer to their ideological or ethnic struggle, such as: separatist, freedom fighter, liberator, revolutionary, vigilante, militant, paramilitary, guerrilla, rebel, jihadi or mujaheddin, or fedayeen or any one of similar-meaning words in a number of languages.
For instance, the FBI asserts that for an act to be considered terrorist, it must be perpetrated by a like-minded group, and not a single individual acting alone.
Terrorists also attack national symbols to show their power and to shake the foundation of the country or society they are opposed to.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Terrorism   (6629 words)

 List of terrorist organisations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most organisations that are accused of being a "terrorist organization" will deny using terrorism as a military tactic to achieve their goals, and there is no international consensus on the bureaucratic definition of terrorism.
Therefore, this list is of organisations that are, or have been in the past, proscribed as "terrorist organizations" by other organizations, including the United Nations and national governments, where the proscription has a significant impact on the group's activities.
Groups which have used principal religious motives for their terrorist acts and were deemed as such by supranational organizations and governments are listed here in alphabetical order by religion.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_terrorist_organisations   (1970 words)

 RAND | Monographs | Beyond al-Qaeda: Part 2, The Outer Rings of the Terrorist Universe
This book examines terrorist groups that, while not formally allied with al-Qaeda, pose a threat to Americans, at home and abroad, and to the security of our friends and allies.
Although the temptation for policymakers is to set aside as less dangerous those groups that have not chosen to join al-Qaeda, such terrorist or insurgent groups and criminal organizations still pose a threat to the United States, its interests, and its allies.
They then examine a number of non-Islamist terrorist groups — for example, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the FARC and ELN in Colombia, Maoist insurgencies, and the violent antiglobalist movement — and explain how these groups might fit into the al-Qaeda agenda and how they use criminal organizations and connections to finance their activities.
www.rand.org /pubs/monographs/MG430   (565 words)

 Tracking Down Terrorist Financing - Council on Foreign Relations
Many terrorist organizations attempt to operate legitimate businesses, which generate their own profits and can also be used as a front for money laundering.
These included passing legislation specifically criminalizing terrorist financing, requiring financial institutions to report suspicious transactions, creating a greater degree of international cooperation in tracking down terrorist financiers, and ratifying the UN convention on financing terrorism, a step that has been taken by 150 countries.
Terrorists have increasingly relied on illegal activities, like smuggling or counterfeiting, to generate revenue that is difficult to track through the financial system.
www.cfr.org /publication/10356/tracking_down_terrorist_financing.html   (1874 words)

 Chronology of Thwarted Terrorist Attacks in Israel
Although news about deadly terrorist attacks in Israel is beamed around the world moments after the attacks happen, there have been literally dozens of thwarted attacks against Israel that go largely unreported by the world's media.
The terrorists were captured on their way to the towers in a truck filled with explosives.
The terrorist was carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle, ammunition clips and grenades.
www.adl.org /Israel/israel_thwarted_attacks.asp   (3258 words)

 Terrorist Timeline
Three terrorist groups: Islamic Movement for Change, the Tigers of the Gulf, and the Combatant Partisans of God claim responsibility for the bombing of this military center.
The USS Cole was docked in Aden Yemen for refueling.
The two terrorists were killed and so were 17 U.S. Navy seamen when the explosion blew a 20 by 40 foot hole in the side of the ship.
library.thinkquest.org /CR0212088/tertime.htm   (1016 words)

 Amazon.ca: Terrorist: Books: John Updike   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Terrorist masterfully depicts the life of a young man cuaght in a circle whose intrigues he never really understood but unfortunately committed himself to the futile path.
Updike points a chilling portrait of a would be terrorist and also causes readers to wonder why no one had evidently seen the signs of this boy's mind set.
Terrorist is an eerie dissection of an obsessive mind, a troubling story yet a necessary one as it relates to our world today.
www.amazon.ca /Terrorist-John-Updike/dp/0307264653   (1408 words)

 Terrorist Trouble Spots Around the World
In the wake of the September 11, 2001, attacks, the State Department issued a worldwide travel caution, urging Americans traveling outside the U.S. "to maintain a high level of vigilance and to increase their security awareness." Specific warnings were issued for Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.
One of the IRA members was reportedly teaching English to terrorists at a FARC camp, while the others had apparently been showing the Colombians how to manufacture gasoline bombs.
One of those arrested, Niall Connally, is said to be the IRA's chief operative in Latin America, coordinating terrorist operations from Cuba.
www.infoplease.com /spot/terrorism1.html   (766 words)

 Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Foreign Terrorist Organizations are foreign organizations that are designated by the Secretary of State in accordance with section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended.
The organization must engage in terrorist activity, as defined in section 212 (a)(3)(B) of the INA (8 U.S.C. § 1182(a)(3)(B)),* or terrorism, as defined in section 140(d)(2) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989 (22 U.S.C. § 2656f(d)(2)),** or retain the capability and intent to engage in terrorist activity or terrorism.
The organization’s terrorist activity or terrorism must threaten the security of U.S. nationals or the national security (national defense, foreign relations, or the economic interests) of the United States.
www.state.gov /s/ct/rls/fs/2004/35167.htm   (1457 words)

 The Network of Terrorist Financing
Halting the flow of terrorist funding from charitable and humanitarian organizations is difficult, particularly since terrorist front organizations actively conceal their illegitimate activities under legitimately funded causes.
According to U.S. officials, intelligence information indicates that terrorist operatives are finding it increasingly difficult to access the funds they need to conduct further attacks, to escape the international dragnet targeting them, or to communicate effectively with cells in different parts of the world.
For example, by distinguishing between the terrorist and welfare wings of Hamas, the EU lends legitimacy to the activities of charitable organizations that facilitate terrorist operations.
www.ict.org.il /articles/articledet.cfm?articleid=451   (1057 words)

 Terrorist Attacks
N.Y.-bound Pan-Am Boeing 747 exploded in flight from a terrorist bomb and crashed into Scottish village, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on the ground.
The list of casualties dropped to 2,752 from 2,792 for a variety of reasons: some people initially reported missing have been found, there were duplicate names, there was no proof that a person was at the World Trade Center that day, and because of fraud.
Terrorist Attack - 2001 Sept. 11, New York City, Arlington, Va., and Shanksville, Pa.: hijackers crashed 2 commercial...
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0001454.html   (1002 words)

 The CIA as a Terrorist Organization
Terrorist action differs from military action in two respects: (1) In military action the target is military (or provides direct support to the military), not civilian; in military action the military forces of some organization, usually (but not necessarily) a state, target the military forces (and supporting infrastructure) of an opposing organization, usually a state.
From the point of view of the occupying power such groups are composed of "terrorists", but from the point of view of the inhabitants of the occupied territory they are "freedom fighters" — militant groups engaged in armed conflict with an occupying enemy state (Israel, Spain, India, etc.).
That the CIA is a terrorist organization is clear from its record of terrorist activities (sometimes called "counterinsurgency" or "low intensity conflict").
www.serendipity.li /cia/cia_terr.html   (1370 words)

 Terrorist Takedown for PC Review - PC Terrorist Takedown Review
Terrorist Takedown promises to let you "push back against today's face of evil" by manning High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles or, as the military refers to them in a real mouthful of an acronym, HMMWVs.
And about a quarter of them mention the word "ass," which must be the one sort of swear word you can employ with alarming frequency and still get a Teen rating.
Terrorist Takedown's mission design, visuals, and sound effects are simplistic and completely devoid of any atmosphere-building details other than the bare minimum necessary to make you feel like you're in a desert shooting at people.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/terroristtakedown/review.html   (762 words)

 Another Terrorist Timeout
Terrorists are mostly men, Muslims and immigrants or foreign visitors, so some argue that we should focus our counterterrorism efforts on them.
Terrorist groups, according to a report by Robert Leiken at the Nixon Center, have been seeking to recruit non-Arab Europeans, including women.
Better to invest in counterterrorism efforts that can stop the terrorists before they get to the attack stage and to ask state and local government and the private sector to do reasonable things to enhance security.
www.heritage.org /Press/Commentary/ed081105a.cfm   (723 words)

 Terrorism - Terrorist Organizations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
GOALS: A radical leftist group, 17 November is described as Anti-Greek establishment, anti-United States, anti-Turkey, anti-NATO, and committed to the ouster of U.S. bases, removal of Turkish military presence from Cyprus, and severing of Greece's ties to NATO and the European Union (EU).
In the mid-1980s, the group did not mount terrorist operations in Iran at a level similar to its activities in the 1970s.
COMMENTS: Terrorist group formed as a faction of the mainstream loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), the LVF did not emerge publicly until February 1997.
www.cdi.org /terrorism/terrorist-groups.cfm   (6613 words)

 Terrorist Screening Center fact Sheet
The TSC will ensure that America's government screeners are working from the same unified set of anti-terrorist informationHBCcomprehensive anti-terrorist list when a suspected terrorist is screened or stopped anywhere in the Federal system.
For example, better access to information will make it easier for a consular officer posted in another country to determine whether to grant a visa, or an immigration official at a U.S. airport to decide whether a person is eligible to enter the United States.
The TSC will consolidate this information into an unclassified terrorist screening database and make the database accessible to queries for federal, state, and local agencies for a variety of screening purposes.
www.fbi.gov /pressrel/pressrel03/tscfactsheet091603.htm   (745 words)

 Terrorism - Islamic Terrorist Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
In the non-Islamic world, its task is to compel governments there to withdraw their culture, influence, and military ties from the Islamic world.
This premier international terrorist network and the one focusing principally on the United States is the brainchild of Osama bin Laden, a 49 year-old Saudi ex-patriot determined to remove any non-Muslim penetration of the Islamic world.
These cells operate independently of other established terrorist groups, and, to avoid a mass roundup, independently of other cells in the same country.
www.cdi.org /terrorism/terrorist-network.cfm   (875 words)

 Military.com Resources
Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington DC, the names of Osama bin Laden and his terrorist organization Al Qaeda have filled newspaper headlines.
This terrorist organization led by Osama bin Laden is the primary suspect in the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Al Jihad is a Cairo-based terrorist organization considered a key component of Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network.
www.military.com /Resources/ResourceFileView?file=Terrorist_Reference.htm   (307 words)

This condition applies when there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity against personnel and facilities, the nature and extent of which are unpredictable, and circumstances do not justify full implementation of FPCON BRAVO measures.
This condition applies when an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action against personnel and facilities is imminent.
This condition applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely.
www.globemaster.de /threatcon.html   (271 words)

 Foreign Affairs - The Terrorist Attack on America
Argues that the global economy has opened national borders to goods and people, legal and illegal; terrorists and their weapons enjoy easier passage than ever before.
Describes the birth of a new type of terrorist at the end of the Cold War: one less ideological, fired by apocalyptic visions, harder to distinguish from common criminals, armed with new weapons, and ready to use them indiscriminately.
For terrorism, however, the consequences of the violence are themselves merely a first step and for a stepping stone toward objectives that are more remote.
www.foreignaffairs.org /home/terrorism.asp   (1259 words)

 Iran: US Has Announced MKO a Terrorist Group, Should Treat It Accordingly
treatment of the terrorist group,” he said at a weekly briefing, adding, all countries should treat terrorists in accordance with the international law.
The notorious terrorist Maryam Rajavi is a dangerous cult figure who, with her husband, Massoud Rajavi, has led a terrorist movement that sold out to
In a contradiction in American policy, the State Department lists the group's political arm as part of the Mujahedeen's terrorist network, but it is allowed to function openly in the United States and is even registered with the Justice Department as a lobbying organization.
www.mehrnews.ir /en/NewsDetail.aspx?NewsID=9558   (1450 words)

 George W. Bush - World's Leading Terrorist
And if he is truly a terrorist, it is only fitting that George W. Bush be scrutinized in terms of his success in that capacity.
On Tuesday, the number of civilians killed by terrorists totaled 38 — 10 at a subway entrance bombing in Moscow, 16 in a bus bombing in Israel and 12 Nepalese executed in Iraq.
Even if we were attacked by terrorists again, it is unlikely the death toll would be high enough to come close to the number of Americans Bush himself has killed with his narcissistic obsession with Iraq.
www.tvnewslies.org /html/george_w__bush_-_world_s_leadi.html   (2630 words)

 USNews.com: In oil-rich Venezuela, a volatile leader befriends bad actors from the Mideast, Colombia, and Cuba
Middle Eastern terrorist groups are operating support cells in Venezuela and other locations in the Andean region.
Venezuela is supporting armed opposition groups from neighboring Colombia; these groups are on the official U.S. list of terrorist organizations and are also tied to drug trafficking.
The Venezuelan government denies supporting Middle Eastern terrorist groups and says that no Cubans are operating inside its intelligence agencies.
www.usnews.com /usnews/news/articles/031006/6venezuela.htm   (591 words)

 Criminal Justice Resources: Terrorism Groups and Related Issues
Terrorists, however, are not the only ones who should be using the techniques of debate and discussion.
The attached analysis, entitled Project Megiddo, is an FBI strategic assessment of the potential for domestic terrorism in the U.S. undertaken in anticipation of or response to the arrival of the new millenium.
A million people could die if terrorists launch a biological attack that widely disperses smallpox, anthrax, ebola or other agents, according to a new study that analyzes the damage that could be caused by the use of weapons of mass destruction.
www.lib.msu.edu /harris23/crimjust/terror.htm   (5042 words)

 Amazon.com: Terrorist: Books: John Updike   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
As for his belief that elaborate descriptions of skin color are a form of insight, it is not wholly without merit, for it does serve to occasionally enliven the prose.
The flow of Terrorist is constantly punctuated with riffs and diatribes on the state of contemporary America, national security, foreign policy, popular culture, technology and so on.
When the terrorists' arguments are answered at all, it is usually in a register of sardonic and grudging nationalism, by conjuring up images of a past or future America.
www.amazon.com /Terrorist-John-Updike/dp/0307264653   (2794 words)

 The Essential Terrorist
In short, the elevation of terrorism to the status of a national security threat (though more Americans drown in their bathtubs, are struck by lightning or die in traffic accidents) has deflected careful scrutiny of the government's domestic and foreign policies.
Whether the deflection will be longstanding or temporary remains to be seen, but given the almost unconditional assent of the media, intellectuals and policy-makers to the terrorist vogue, the prospects for a return to a semblance of sanity are not encouraging.
To reduce the whole embroiled history that connects "us" with terrorists (or Israelis with Palestinians) to Midge Decter's tiny, scornful phrase, "the theory of grievances," is to continue the political war against history, ours as well as theirs, and leave the problem of terrorism unsolved.
www.thenation.com /doc/19860614/said   (2685 words)

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