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Topic: Textile

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  Textile Reference
A Textile document can then be converted to HTML for viewing on the web.
Textile is also available as RedCloth for Ruby or PyTextile for Python.
In each example, the Textile example is followed by the raw HTML it is translated into, followed by how the HTML appears in the browser.
hobix.com /textile   (0 words)

  textile - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Textiles, generic term (from Latin texere, “to weave”) originally applied to woven fabrics, but now also applied to natural and synthetic filaments,...
textiles, clothing, fashion, fiber, care and cleaning of fabrics, definition, eating disorder, fabric design, importance in Inca culture, moth...
Textiles, British textile mill owner, computerized, factory system, founder of Lowell textile mills, historical park containing textile mills,...
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=textile   (129 words)

  Textile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A textile is any type of material made from fibers or other extended linear materials such as thread or yarn (1).
Classes of textiles include woven, crocheted, knitted, knotted (as in macrame) or tufted cloth, and non-woven fabrics such as felt.
Textiles have been used in almost every possible context where their properties are useful.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Textile   (489 words)

 Textile (markup language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Textile converts its marked-up text input to valid, well-formed XHTML and also inserts character entity references for apostrophes, opening and closing single and double quotation marks, ellipses and em dashes.
Textile was originally implemented in PHP, but has been translated into other programming languages including Perl, Python, Ruby, ASP and Java.
Textile is distributed under the GNU General Public License, and is included with, or available as a plugin for, several content-management systems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Textile_(markup_language)   (310 words)

 Textile - Picture Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Textile is also a jargon term used by naturists or nudists to describe a person who wears clothes.
Classes of textiles include woven, crochet, knitted, knotted (as in macrame) or tufted cloth, and non-woven fabrics such as felt.
Dyeing –; adding colour to textiles: there is a vast range of dyes, natural and synthetic, some of which require mordants.
www.pictures.tiptophot.com /picture/index.php?title=Textile   (511 words)

The prehistoric textile from the Fayum in the Petrie Museum, UC 72770, has yarns of this type.
Study of surviving textiles has shown that at that very early period and in dynastic Egypt up until the New Kingdom the weft was not made from continuous threads but of short pieces in length being equivalent to just over twice the width of the cloth being woven.
A later depiction of a textile workshop, from a painting in the tomb-chapel of Thotnefer at Thebes (18th Dynasty, about 1425), makes clear that this workplace is indeed at a lower level than the main rooms of the house.
www.digitalegypt.ucl.ac.uk /textil/tools.html   (2299 words)

 The Textile Museum | Library
An internationally known resource for textile information, the Arthur D. Jenkins Library was established in 1925 by collector George Hewitt Myers, founder of The Textile Museum, and Arthur D. Jenkins, also a collector of rugs and textiles.
It is the only library in the United States to index journals and periodicals in the field of textiles, a service which identifies for the researcher the most current textile scholarship.
The Librarian compiles an annual bibliography of current textile literature, co-published by The Textile Museum and the Textile Society of America, which has an international distribution to textile scholars, museums, and cultural institutions.
www.textilemuseum.org /education/library.htm   (350 words)

Textile processes text in units of blocks and lines.
The best way to make sure you produce valid XHTML with Textile is to not use any HTML markup at all-- use the Textile syntax and let it produce the markup for you.
The Textile formatting syntax was developed by Dean Allen.
tbuddy.org /empty/docs/mtmanual_textile2.html#extended_blocks   (1722 words)

 Text::Textile - A humane web text generator. - search.cpan.org
Textile is shorthand for doing common formatting tasks.
The best way to make sure you produce valid XHTML with Textile is to not use any HTML markup at all-- use the Textile syntax and let it produce the markup for you.
It is an adaptation of Textile, developed by Dean Allen of Textism.com.
search.cpan.org /~bchoate/Text-Textile/lib/Text/Textile.pm   (2853 words)

 ArtLex on Textiles
Textile Fragment, 7th or 8th century CE, wool, cotton, 8 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches (22.2 x 11.4 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.
Textile fragment, second half of the 16th century, silk and metal thread, a compound weave (satin and twill), 48 x 26 1/2 inches (121.9 x 67.3 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.
Marla Mallett Textiles displays more than 1400 photos of tapestries and other textiles from around the world.
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/t/textile.html   (958 words)

 European Commission - External Trade - Trade Issues
Accordingly, all textile and clothing quotas lapsed on 31 December 2004 as foreseen under the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC).
It is worth recalling that textile has always been a significant sector in the world trade both for developed and developing countries alike.
The EU is the world’s second largest exporter of textile products in 2004, with EU-25 exports accounting for a 12.5% share of world textile exports, and the world’s second largest exporter of textile and clothing accounting for a 7% share.
ec.europa.eu /trade/issues/sectoral/industry/textile/index_en.htm   (466 words)

 Mt. Molelog :: Textile2 0+1i
The very first release of a textile 2 plugin for Blosxom is now available, based on Brad Choate's MT Textile 2 beta.
The textile2 syntax is both more regular and more extensive than the textile 1 syntax, and is intended to be at least mostly backwards compatible.
The Textile language was developed by Dean Allen; he has an online demo of the original implementation.
molelog.molehill.org /blox/Computers/Internet/Web/Blosxom/Plugins/Textile   (704 words)

 Textile Society of America
The word biji means seed in Indonesian and symbolizes a new definition of wealth — an economy of beauty, of cultural diversity and of sustainability — one that values the importance of traditional arts, their symbolic power and the highest standards of workmanship.
The Textile Study Group of New York is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting the fiber arts—the diverse professional activities, disciplines, and media that bring so much vitality and excitement to the world of fiber art today.
This site provides information about the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, a non-profit organization which was established in 1996 to aid in preserving and reviving Peruvian Inca textiles and through fair trade practices to contribute to a new economy in the weaving communities it works with.
www.textilesociety.org /resources_textilesites.htm   (1585 words)

As these regulations were issued without opportunity for public comment or input and because they do not provide a way for a company to challenge its inclusion on the list of banned entities, a court challenge to these regulations is expected in the near future.
In a recent announcement the Committee on the Implementation of Textile Agreements amended its rules to require that all visa quantities be reported in whole numbers.
As a result, 18 importers of textiles and wearing apparel which are large in size and import from Macao and Hong Kong are rumored to be selected for Customs audits.
www.skralaw.com /Articles/textile.htm   (2002 words)

 Textile - SWiK   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Textile is a web text markup-language that balances the strength of HTML with speed and ease of editing.
Textile is used by both blogs and a number of wikis, including the Ruby on Rails instiki powered wiki and by SWiK.
Textile is used by both blogs and a number of [[wikiwikis]], including the [[RailsRuby on Rails]] [[instiki]] powered wiki and by [[SWiK]].
swik.net /Textile   (1021 words)

 PROLINE Textile - Concepts EN469
PROLINE TEXTILE proposes many concepts for fire fighting clothing to fit the different requirements of their duties and their performing conditions.
: the FR membrane from PROLINE TEXTILE is used as an insert in a garment for all conditions.
It has been developed as an exclusive concept together with the FR membrane from PROLINE TEXTILE.
www.proline-textile.com /en/appli/pompiers/conceptsEN469.htm   (110 words)

 Apparel Apocalypse? (washingtonpost.com)
Fears that Chinese apparel and textile exports will swamp the U.S. retail market when international quotas on those products are eliminated at the start of next year have caused a growing chorus of industry leaders, members of Congress and now officials of the Bush administration to call for limits on Chinese imports.
The conventional wisdom on the future of the apparel and textile industries after quotas are lifted worldwide is simple: Exports from low-wage countries in general and China in particular will flood the United States, virtually wiping out those sectors.
Textile manufacturers that supply regional and domestic apparel producers have survived by investing in technology, allowing them to achieve some of the highest productivity in the world.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A58831-2004Nov17.html   (916 words)

Aug 2: A five-day 'environment law compliance' inspection by the Directorate of Environment has revealed that most of the textile factories in and around the capital Dhaka do not comply with the law...
KARACHI: The proposal to set up a textile city in the precinct of the Port Qasim industrial area has met with reservation from environmentalists....
The Bangladesh Textile Mills Association chief has accused the knitwear and readymade garment industries of misusing their bonded warehouse (BW) facilities and selling...
archive.wn.com /2005/08/04/1400/textiles   (406 words)

 Textile | drupal.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Textile module allows you to enter content using Textile, a simple, plain text syntax that is filtered into valid (X)HTML.
Brad Choate developed an advanced implementation of Textile in Perl, Textile.pm, which includes extra features beyond those of Dean Allen’s Textile 2 implementation.
The Textile module, because it uses TextilePHP (based on the code written by Brad Choate and used in his MovableType plugin), is designed to behave the same as the MT implementation.
drupal.org /project/textile   (146 words)

 Philadelphia University's Textile Engineering Department
The textile industry is undergoing a rapid change in the United States.
The textile engineer has to be proficient both in traditional and non-traditional textile applications.
In the technical textile area, the graduates will be able to analyze structure property relation ships of materials, develop and characterize novel textiles including woven, knitted and non-woven structures.
www.philau.edu /bste   (281 words)

 Bookstore - Inteletex.com
The new Encyclopedia of Textile Finishing is designed to bring some order into the confusion of technical terms in this sector.
The encyclopedia was devised with the specialists in mind and is a store of knowledge for the textile expert.
By virtue of its interdisciplinary character, this reference book is an irreplaceable aid for users from all fields of textile industry.
www.inteletex.com /bookstore/BookDetail.asp?id=b003&cat=Book   (112 words)

 The Textile Products Identification Act
(b) The term "fiber" or "textile fiber" means a unit of matter which is capable of being spun into a yarn or made into a fabric by bonding or by interlacing in a variety of methods including weaving, knitting, braiding, felting, twisting, or webbing, and which is the basic structural element of textile products.
(g) The term "household textile articles" means articles of wearing apparel, costumes and accessories, draperies, floor coverings, furnishings, beddings, and other textile goods of a type customarily used in a household regardless of where used in fact.
The exemption provided for any article by paragraph (3) or (4) of this subsection shall not be applicable if any representation as to fiber content of such article is made in any advertisement, label, or other means of identification covered by section 70b of this title.
ftc.gov /os/statutes/textile/textlact.htm   (1468 words)

 Brad Choate: Textile
The text formatter identified by "textile_2" invokes the Textile formatter.
Additionally, all attributes passed to this tag are processed as options for the Textile engine.
Set to ‘1’ to allow the Textile formatter to use CSS classes and style attributes to format any output.
bradchoate.com /mt-plugins/textile   (655 words)

Textile takes plain text with *simple* markup and produces valid XHTML.
Try it for yourself with the Textile quick reference and preview.
Commercial support contracts, testing, documentation and development for Textile and other web software.
textile.thresholdstate.com   (58 words)

 Textile Glossary Page 1 of 3 Pages
A highly sophisticated textile art, blending today is creating new fabric types, performance characteristics, and dyeing and finishing effects.
This loom differs from a plain loom in that it may have up to thirty-two harnesses and a pattern chain and its expensive weaving.
Dyeing of Textiles: The coloring of greige goods or fibers with either natural or synthetic dyes.
www.nvo.com /mertngvid/textileglossarypage1of3pages   (1178 words)

 Encyclopedia of American Industries - Textile Mill
Companies included in this category are those that dye and finish textiles, not elsewhere classified, such as bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing of raw stock, yarn, braided goods, and narrow fabrics, except wool and knit fabrics.
This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing woven, tufted, and other carpets and rugs such as art squares, floor mattings, needle punch carpeting, and doormats and mattings from textile materials or from twisted paper, grasses, reeds, coir, sisal, jute, or rags.
This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coated, impregnated, or laminated textiles and in the special finishing of textiles, such as varnishing and waxing.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /industries/Textile-Mill/index.html   (1260 words)

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