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Topic: Thames Valley University

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In the News (Tue 24 Apr 18)

  Thames Valley University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thames Valley University is a University based on campuses in Ealing, Slough and Reading.
In 1997, the university was threatened by the QAA Quality Assurance Agency with closure, as its quality standards became eroded and students were able to progress without resits or examinations taking place, such as the goot ham.
Thames Valley University Students' Union represents all the university's 47,000 students, the union website can be found at www.tvusu.org.uk [2]
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thames_Valley_University   (199 words)

 Institutional Review Reports - Thames Valley University
4 Thames Valley University was formed in June 1992 from the former Polytechnic of West London as a result of the award to the Polytechnic of university status.
The SED stated that 'the University has a vision of academic and administrative staff empowered to manage and lead their own operations in an increasingly decentralised environment', and the team saw evidence that the University was developing initiatives to achieve this aim.
The University reported to the team that it has instituted a mechanism whereby an annual agreement is formulated for each external examiner, which impresses upon them the importance of timely submission of reports, and noted this already has had a positive effect.
www.qaa.ac.uk /reviews/reports/institutional/tvu_03/tvu03.asp   (14273 words)

 Thames Valley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Thames Valley is generally the region that drains into the River Thames, England, but is used in a more specific term by the government.
In its more specific sense, as used in the name of Thames Valley Police, it refers to the areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Borough of Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire.
There is also a Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce that covers this area, a Thames Valley Business Partnership and a Thames Valley University.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thames_Valley   (186 words)

 BBC News | Education | University in turmoil after resignation
Thames Valley University is struggling to overcome the negative impression given by a highly critical report into its standards.
The university, based at campuses in Ealing and Slough, had invited the quality agency to investigate allegations of insufficiently rigorous standards, following an industrial dispute over plans to merge departments and introduce a complex system of course modules, and delays in marking students' work.
The university's Chair of Governors, Sheila Forbes, stresses that the report is not about the standard of degrees and that it was the governors themselves who had invited in the quality agency to help them improve a situation they knew to be unsatisfactory.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/low/education/213167.stm   (529 words)

 Thames Valley University in London   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The International Office is here to provide you with information on the courses and advice on the University and to support you through the application process and during your stay with the University.
We currently have students from over 80 countries studying with us and we are very proud that TVU is a truly multi-cultural university and hope that you will soon be a part of that.
If you are interested in TVU, studying with us or are an alumnus, we would love to meet up with you.
www.internationaleducationmedia.com /unitedkingdom/thames_valley_uni.htm   (689 words)

 TL Forum 2000: Webster - integrating hard and soft technologies at Thames Valley University
At the level of the academic staff, one example was the perception that the university newspaper, formerly a robust and useful forum for communication, had become little more than a managerial mouthpiece after the replacement of the previous, independent, editor.
The normal process at TVU might have involved taking the staff and students along and recognising that the working values and culture were important and needed addressing.
The cost to the university in terms of the day-to-day running of it's administrative information systems and thus the university itself, was severe.
lsn.curtin.edu.au /tlf/tlf2000/webster.html   (2853 words)

 CCIS England
Thames Valley University is located in the borough of Ealing, on the west side of London, an area filled with attractions like Richmond Park, Kew Gardens and Windsor Castle.
Thames Valley University, with some 27,000 students, is becoming one of the largest universities in the region and has one of the most internationally diverse student populations in Britain.
TVU offers a number of sports and recreational activities as well as student clubs and societies.
www.ccisabroad.org /londonsemester.html   (703 words)

 Thames Valley University - Chamberlain Educaitonal Services Centre
TVU is one of the UK¡¦s largest universities with over 44,000 students.
The University works closely with employers to ensure our programmes of study are highly relevant to the professions and world of work, making the graduates highly sought after.
TVU has invested heavily in its library and social/sporting facilities and provides computing and media facilities at the learning resource centres on each of its campuses.
www.chamberlain-edu.com /english/thames_valley_university.html   (613 words)

 Education UK - The best you can be
Thames Valley University (TVU) is one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most diverse universities with more than 47,000 students, from over 140 countries.
The University is funded by the British Government, through the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the Learning and Skills Councils; the Quality Assurance Agency, monitors the University as a high quality education provider.
TVU works closely with employers to ensure our programmes of study are highly relevant to the professions and world of work, making our graduates highly sought after.
www.educationuk.org /pls/hot_bc/bc_profile.page_pls_profile_details?x=81520054902&y=0&a=81&z=5167&p_lang=31&sec_id=   (460 words)

 Education | Thames Valley University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
At the start of last year, Thames Valley University merged with the Reading College and School of Arts and Design, creating a third campus in addition those in Ealing and Slough.
Times have been tough at TVU in recent years, it has not given up the fight and is focusing its energy firmly on vocational courses and outreach activities, with the aim of continuing to extend access to higher education.
TVU is one of a handful of universities to set its fee level below the maximum figure of £3,000 a year, possibly the hope of continuing to attract applications from under-represented groups.
education.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4189707-111319,00.html   (187 words)

Thames Valley University supports mass participation in higher education as a contribution to equality and social justice, The University aims to become a student-driven institution, committed primarily to teaching and learning and playing a major part in the educational, cultural and economic life of the region.
TVU recognizes the burden that the overseas tuition fee places on some students.
To be eligible you must be enrolled at Thames Valley University on any programme, except in the final year of a full-time programme, and be required to pay overseas tuition fees.
www.ceebd.co.uk /ceeed/un/uk/uktv0027.htm   (1410 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The university Thames Valley University is a major regional provider of further and higher education in west London and the Thames Valley area, and one of the UK's foremost centres for healthcare, management and business education.
The university aims to widen and increase participation in further and higher education, and to bring new opportunities for study to all individuals, cultural groups and organisations within our region.
Through working in partnership with other organisations, in public, private and voluntary sectors, TVU is a major contributor to the educational, cultural and economic life in the region.
www.nmas.ac.uk /instit/T40.html   (674 words)

 STUDY ABROAD - Thames Valley University, England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
TVU aims to be a fine higher education institution focused on a limited array of disciplines that are very important to modern society.
TVU students have free access to the materials that best suit their individual needs and interests.
Students who have completed one full academic year of university level work with a minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale by the time they begin studies at Thames Valley University are eligible.
www.montana.edu /wwwoie/TVU.htm   (955 words)

 Progress File Project - HomePage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In August 2000 Oxford Brookes University and Thames Valley University embarked on a project to develop a Web-based tool that will be used by students to maintain online a Personal Development Record (PDR).
Whilst the two universities are working on the production of a similar tool, there are significant differences in the institutional contexts (administrative and pedagogical) in which the tool will be used.
Oxford Brookes and Thames Valley Universities wish to acknowledge with gratitude the support and guidance of those Universities who are Associate members of the network involved with this project.
www.brookes.ac.uk /fdtl/!   (293 words)

 Thames Valley University, The University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
With 45,000 student registrations, the University is one of the largest institutes in Europe
The University is now the largest single source of skilled and qualified people for employers in the Thames Valley and West London
TVU is a university for our region, working closely with local government, the Regional Development Agencies and regeneration bodies to enhance the social, cultural and economic lives of the communities we serve.
www.tvu.ac.uk /about/learning_resources.html   (92 words)

 UK Study - Thames Valley University
TVU and Reading College and School of Arts & Design merged in January 2004.
We are one of the UK's largest Universities with over 45000 students studying a wide range of programmes.
TVU is "charting a course for others to follow" (Times Higher Education Supplement)
www.ukstudy.com /universities/thames_valley_university_london.asp   (281 words)

 unofficial-guides.com - Thames Valley University
Thames Valley must be a good university because it lets students in an E at 'A' level.
Senex is a TVU grad, he pretends he went to Oxford.
The story of Jodie retold, She thought she was daring and bold, TVU was the university she signed...
www.unofficial-guides.com /guides/tvu-comments.html   (1475 words)

 Pleistocene History of the Lower Thames Valley - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Lower Thames Valley is a classic area for British Pleistocene studies.
The valley contains a sequence of River Thames deposits representing approximately the last 300,000 years, including older, highly fragmented and eroded sediments derived from Thames tributaries and glaciation.
Palaeogeographical evolution of the Lower Thames Valley; 9.
www.cup.cam.ac.uk /catalogue/print.asp?isbn=0521402093&print=y   (212 words)

 Aimhigher: Thames Valley University
The new institution was based upon the Polytechnic of West London, created in 1991 from a merger of Ealing College of Higher Education, Thames Valley College, Queen Charlotte's College of Health Care Studies, and the London College of Music.
A learning resource centre designed by Sir Richard Rogers was opened in 1996, and in summer 2003 the site underwent major renovations, with a new entrance and landscaped gardens.
Following the merger of Thames Valley University and Reading College, the Reading College campus is the third site, offering an LRC, student accommodation, a one-stop-shop for student advice and guidance, a radio station and specialist teaching facilities.
www.aimhigher.ac.uk /universities___colleges___hei/london/thames_valley_university.cfm   (594 words)

 CCIS England Summer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Thames Valley University, with approximately 5,000 full-time and 4,000 part-time students, has one of the most internationally diverse student populations in Britain.
The summer program at Thames Valley University offers CCIS students courses designed to take advantage of the London location.
Further information on Thames Valley University may be found at http://www.tvu.ac.uk/international/Study_abroad_and_exchange_schemes/London_Program_for_American_students.jsp.
www.ccisabroad.org /summenglandsemester.html   (617 words)

 BRAIN - Thames Valley University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Thames Valley University (TVU) supports mass participation in higher education and aims to contribute to the educational, cultural and economic life of its region.
TVU also provides a range of vocational courses that meet many business needs.
We offer internships, temporary, part-time and full-time employment through the TVU Work Bureau; research and consultancy; teaching company schemes; meeting and conference facilities and training and staff development.
www.brentbrain.org.uk /brain/webpages.nsf/0/52FBCA4B3D5C60B980256C5B00438665?opendocument&Z=1   (245 words)

 EducationGuardian.co.uk | Higher | Thames Valley University
TVU offers further and higher education to 47,000 students.
About 45% come from ethnic minorities, 60% are female, 60% study part-time and 50% are over the age 30.
There are no halls of residence at TVU, as many students are local and live home.
education.guardian.co.uk /higher/universityguide/profile/story/0,9988,494065,00.html   (187 words)

 Apple (UK and Ireland) - Education - Thames Valley University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Students at Thames Valley University’s Music Department work on some of the most sophisticated training equipment in the country.
Ten years ago, when Richard Liggins joined the Music Department at Thames Valley University (TVU) as a studio course module writer, he had to fight to work on a Mac.
And because all the elements are of such a high quality, the students can do all their assignments in one program.
www.apple.com /uk/education/articles/tvu   (524 words)

 MBA Courses Worldwide - StudyLink Business School and Course Search   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We believe that education should enable you to improve your knowledge, develop your skills and help you to achieve your aspirations - whether these lead you to a more fulfilling job or to a better quality of life.
The Faculty of Professional Studies is one of the largest providers of training in the South-east due to its position in the heart of the UK's most dynamic region, West London and the Thames Valley.
TVU has long recognised the importance of providing extensive learning support and has invested heavily in facilities and services to underpin your development.
mba.studylink.com /display/provider/provider-info.html?pid=pid-si-20-tham   (495 words)

 London - Thames Valley University London
CCIS - London Thames Valley University Kingston University Experience British culture study a semester, year or summer London has always captured the imagination of U.S. students.
Thames Valley University The London School of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Address St. Mary's Road, Ealing, London W5 5RF
www.mylondononline.com /guide/thamesvalleyuniversitylondon.html   (250 words)

 Thames Valley University - Substance Use and Misuse Studies
Thames Valley University - Substance Use and Misuse Studies
The increasing use, misuse and normalisation of legal and illegal substances has enormous impact on individual and societal life.
The Substance Use and Misuse Team at Thames Valley University offers a range of services for people from a variety of professional backgrounds (including the health and social sector, criminal justice system, and education), who work in the field of drugs and alcohol, or whose work brings them in contact with the abuse of substances.
www.wolfson.tvu.ac.uk /sums/old   (232 words)

 tvu Gaming Society - Thames Valley University's Gaming Community
Our initial plans for the first financial proposal is targeted at the PC section of the society, which happens to be the most popular.
I've been contacted by the university of central Lancashire's LAN Gaming Soceity through the Students' Union and they asked if we'd be interested in setting up a cross university LAN gaming ladder.
There isn't enough information for me to fully understand the whole thing and, as I had a check on their website for more information I suspect that there's some kind of gaming event involved, including a trip to err...well, find out yourself.
www.tvugaming.co.uk   (1266 words)

 Thames Valley University in general - Universities Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Thames Valley was actually founded as an institution in 1860 but only received university status in 1992.
The university has a strong emphasis on vocational courses, in particular the following subject areas: music, digital arts, management education, hospitality and healthcare.
I attended Thames Valley University for a year in 1998/1999 studying for an MA in...
www.dooyoo.co.uk /universities/thames-valley-university-in-general   (160 words)

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