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  IRIS : Greek goddess of the rainbow ; mythology ; pictures
Iris was a goddess of both the sea and sky - her father Thaumas "the wondrous" was a sea god, and her mother Elektra "the amber" a shining cloud godddess.
[1.1] THAUMAS and ELEKTRA (Hesiod Theogony 265, Apollodorus 1.10, Hyginus Pref, Nonnus Dionysiaca 26.350)
"From Thaumas and Electra: Iris, Harpyiae Celaeno, Ocypete, Podarce." - Hyginus, Preface
www.theoi.com /Pontios/Iris.html   (6179 words)

 Iris Homework Page
She is able to change shapes and when delivering messages to mortals Iris assumes the appearance of a mortal known to those who receive the message.
Iris is the daughter of the Titan Thaumas and the nymph Electra.
Thaumas (his name means "wonder") is a Greek sea god and the son of Pontus and Gaia (Mother Earth).
www.thanasis.com /iris.htm   (915 words)

 Iris, Ancient Greek Messenger of the Gods
She was the daughter of Thaumas and Electra, one of the Oceanids and not the daughter of Agamemnon.
Answer: She was the daughter of Thaumas and Electra and was born in the mists of the sky just when the sun came out.
Thaumas is the son of Gaia and Pontos while Electra is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys.
www.fjkluth.com /iris.html   (1416 words)

 Harpies - Crystalinks
They are often referred to as the three daughters of the Giant Thaumas and the Okeanid nymph Elektra.
On a vase in the Berlin Museum, a harpy has a small figure of a hero in each claw, but her head is recognizably a Gorgon, with goggling eyes, protruding tongue and fangs.
The Harpies were sisters of Iris, daughters of Electra and Thaumas.
www.crystalinks.com /harpies.html   (578 words)

 Das Schwarze Netz - Thaumas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Seine Geschwister sind Nereus, Phorkys, Keto und Eurybie.
Mit der Okeanine Elektra ist Thaumas Vater der schöngelockten Harpyien Aello und Okypetes und der raschen Iris (HESIOD, Theogonie, 265ff.), die später als Regenbogen Botin der Hera wurde, nachdem die Olympier die Herrschaft angetreten hatten.
Thaumas heißt auch ein Kentaur, dem es gelingt, dem Gefecht auf der Hochzeit des Perithoos lebendig zu entrinnen.
www.sungaya.de /schwarz/griechen/thaumas.htm   (83 words)

After Uranus' castration, Gaia gave birth to Echidna and (sometimes) Typhon by Tartarus.
By Pontus, Gaia birthed Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Ceto and Eurybia.
As Uranus had been deposed by his son, Cronus, so was Cronus destined to be overthrown by his son.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ga/Gaia.html   (505 words)

 La Thaumassière
The Hôtel (mansion) de la Thaumassière was constructed circa 1590 under the reign of King Henri IV by César Thaumas de la Thaumassière, personal physician to the Prince of Condé.
César Thaumas de la Thaumassière also appreciated beauty: sculpted stone mantels graced the many fireplaces, ornamental metal work adorns the roof peak and a beautifully proportioned tower housing the spiral stone staircase still dominates the courtyard.
The son of César Thaumas, renowned French historian Gaspard Thaumas de la Thaumassière (Viscount of Esteuf, Lord of Puyferrand and Barrister to Parliament), was born at La Thaumassière.
www.coeurdefrance.com /Lathaumassierehistory.htm   (1440 words)

 Enfolded in the Sea
The sons of Tethys and Oceanus included the sea-deities Phorkys, Nereus and Thaumas, "Sea Wonder." Like Proteus, whose parents were not named in myth, Phorkys and Nereus had the power to change shape, which Nereus used in wrestling the hero Hercules.
Her maternal great uncles were Nereus, Phorkys and Thaumas, her maternal great aunt "Sea Monster" Keto.
Hecate's first love-affairs were with gods of the sea; she dallied with Triton and bore to Phorkys the sea-monster Scylla, who ate six of Odysseus's men on his long journey home.
www.widdershins.org /vol4iss8/01.htm   (1919 words)

 Gaia, Greek Mythology Link - www.maicar.com
Some say he was the offspring of Oceanus and Tethys.
Thaumas 1 consorted with the Oceanid Electra 1 and had by her the HARPIES [see BESTIARY], Iris 1 and Hydaspes 1, an Indian river god.
Some have said that Thaumas 1 had the HARPIES by Ozomene.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Gaia.html   (1690 words)

 Thaumas - Wikipedia
Thaumas ist in der griechischen Mythologie an verschiedenen Stellen zu finden:
Thaumas heiratete Okeania Elektra und zeugte mit ihr die Harpyien und Iris.
Der griechische Begriff Thaumas steht für Wunder, das für den menschlichen Verstand Unfassbare.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thaumas   (81 words)

He who said that Iris (the messenger of heaven) is the child of Thaumas (wonder) made good genealogy.
Thaumas is the ancient Greek god of wonder, who fathered Iris, the rainbow.
In accordance with Socrates' metaphorical approval, the rainbow --a glorious encyclopedia of primary colors-- represents philosophy, as something that emerges from the obscurity of wonder, the deep sea that Thaumas called home.
www.emmetcole.com /onwonder2.htm   (887 words)

 Magical Languages for GURPS
Imperial Thaumas: M/H. This language is a jealously-guarded secret of court wizards; the difficulty of finding an experienced mage makes court magics hard to undo.
It's rumored that the Thaumas reduce the energy needed for ceremonial magics, but are near-useless for individual castings -- perfect for a paranoid Emperor who knows that no two wizards are likely to agree on how to do in their ruler!
These thaumas require keen mental visualization of certain mathematical concepts; language skill may never be higher than Mathematics skill.
www.gamesdiner.com /gurps/maglang.htm   (954 words)

 [No title]
In Greek and Roman mythology the Harpies were creatures employed by the higher gods to carry out the punishment of crime.
They were three in number : Aello, Ocypete, and Celaeno, or Podarge; and were said to be daughters of the giant Thaumas and the Oceanid nymph Electra.
Their body was that of a bird, their head that of a woman; and it would seem that they were originally goddesses of the storm, which carries everything along with it.
www.lycos.com /info/greek-sculpture--gods.html?page=2   (629 words)

 PONTUS : Greek protogenos god of the sea ; mythology : PONTOS
[1.1] NEREUS, THAUMAS, PHORKYS, KETO, EURYBIA (by Gaia) (Hesiod Theogony 233, Apollodorus 1.10)
PONTUS (Pontos), a personification of the sea, is described in the ancient cosmogony as a son of Gaea, and as the father of Nereus, Thaumas, Phorcys, Ceto, and Eurybia, by his own mother.
And yet again he got great Thaumas and proud Phorkys, being mated with Gaia, and fair-cheeked Keto and Eurybia who has a heart of flint within her." - Hesiod, Theogony 233
www.theoi.com /Protogenos/Pontos.html   (591 words)

 Thaumas * People, Places, & Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Thaumas * People, Places, and Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Cut and paste the following text for use in a paper or electronic document report.
"People, Places and Things: Thaumas", Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant.
www.messagenet.com /myths/ppt/Thaumas_1.html   (235 words)

 Illusion and Creation 575: Epistemological Calculus: So You Want To Be A Wizard?
Well, the Earth would still be there, and the thing would still look the same -- its form was given by the Earth; none of the illusion appearance thaumas were used -- but the animatory.
Creations are not derived from Illusions; rather, they are two separate types of spells that use a common body of thaumas.
Every one of the "illusionary" thaumas used in the Creation spells is also found in the Independence spell.
www.sjgames.com /gurps/Roleplayer/Roleplayer27/Illusion-Creation.html   (908 words)

 Theogony-Sea Deities-THAUMAS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Thaumas was the son of Pontus and Earth and Phorcy's brother.
He wedded Helectra, Oceanus' daughter, who gave birth to Iris, Harpies and Arce.
People gave him the name of "Thaumas" (=Wonder) because they related him with the clouds and other meteorological phenomena which always excited their admiration (wonder).
www.greece.org /poseidon/work/argonautika/cosmo8_4.html   (67 words)

 iris - Search Results - MSN Encarta
The entire eye, often called the eyeball, is a spherical structure approximately 2.5 cm (about 1 in) in diameter with a pronounced bulge on its...
Iris (mythology), in Greek mythology, goddess of the rainbow, the daughter of the Titan Thaumas and Electra, daughter of the Titan Oceanus.
See all search results in Photos and more (5)
ca.encarta.msn.com /iris.html   (158 words)

 The Pleiades: The Seven Sisters
The name means "The Queen who wards off storms".
Electra was the wife of Thaumas, mother of the goddess Iris and the Harpies.
She gave birth to Dardanus, founder of Troy.
waltm.net /pleiades.htm   (521 words)

 RealMagick Article: Iris by Obsidian
(rainbow) Daughter of Thaumas, and Goddess of the rainbow.
Like Hermes, she was a messenger and herald, and she served as an oath-taker on solemn occasions among the Gods, bearing a jar containing water from the River Styx, which would render a Divinity comatose for a year should they foreswear themselves.
If you find an article in violation of a copyright, please inform Gwydion and we will resolve the situation promptly.
realmagick.com /articles/91/1091.html   (249 words)

 Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, page 270   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Homer only names one of them, Podarge, or the swift-footed, who, in the shape of a mare, bore to Zephyrus the horses of Achilles.
In Hesiod the Harpies appear as winged goddesses with beautiful hair, daughters of Thaumas and Electra, sisters of Iris, with the names of Aello and Okypete.
In the later story their number increased, their names being Aellopus, Okrthoe, NikothSe, and Ceteno.
www.ancientlibrary.com /seyffert/0273.html   (836 words)

 Iris : la nymphe messagère on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
In greek mythology, Iris is the daughter of Thaumas and the ocean nymph Electra, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.
I've found this faded iris looks like a chrysalid, a nymphe...
Dans la mythologie grecque, Iris, fille de Thaumas et d'une nymphe océanide Electre, est la messagère des dieux.
www.flickr.com /photos/armonya/321276956   (367 words)

3/5/2005 — Thaumas NotRiders of a Cold and Violent Wind
3/5/2005 — Thaumas NotIn einem Friedhof - Errance
This site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
terathaumas.free.fr /get.php?title=news   (27 words)

 Theogony study guide
Children of Gaia and son /consort Ouranos: l2 Titans (Kronos); 3 Kyklopes, 3 l00 Handers
Children of Gaia and son/consort Pontos: Nereus, Thaumas, Phorkys, Eurybia, Keto
Phorkys and Keto: children and grandchildren (monsters associated with heroes
www.luc.edu /faculty/pgraha1/myth/Theogonyguide.html   (336 words)

 Aeneid Pictures
Book IX "Juno from high on air/ sent Iris down to Turnus....
There Iris, rose lipped child/ of Thaumas, told him:/ 'Turnus...
Now is th time to sound/ the call for cavalry"(ln.
www2.bc.edu /~ruddym/Aeneid_Pictures.html   (379 words)

Painting above by Linda Garland from She - The Book of the Goddess
The ancient Greeks personified the rainbow as the goddess Iris, daughter of the Titans Thaumas and Electra.
She was sister to the dreadful Harpies, monstrous hags with birds' bodies, but was as unlike them as possible.
www.geocities.com /dragonpaw.geo/iris.html   (519 words)

 : Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Sailor Aphrodite - Kyoudaiai Mikata (Revisions) - ACCEPT
Thaumas Eleusian- Kiyoshiiro Botan - Reject for Revisions!
Thaumas Eleusian- Kiyoshiiro Botan (revised) - Reject for Revisions (please revise!)
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