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 The Authority (His Dark Materials) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, The Authority is the equivalent of God.
In his old age, The Authority appoints the tyrannical angel Metatron to act as regent of the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Authority was the first angel to come into existence, who (according to the angel Xaphania) seized power and claimed to be the creator of the multiverse. /wiki/The_Authority_(His_Dark_Materials)   (281 words)

 His Dark Materials - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
His Dark Materials is a trilogy of novels by the fantasy fiction author Philip Pullman, comprising Northern Lights (released as The Golden Compass in North America), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.
A film adaptation, titled His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, is slated for release in 2007 by New Line Cinema, the company behind the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and will be directed by Anand Tucker.
Some have called His Dark Materials the antithesis of The Chronicles of Narnia, the seven-book fantasy series by C. /wiki/His_Dark_Materials   (2799 words)

 His Dark Materials - Review
During après-show discussions, all were agreed that 'His Dark Materials' was superior in almost every respect to the concurrently running 'Aladdin', staring TV's John "I'm Free!" Inman as 'the Dame', at the New Theatre, Cardiff.
His Dark Materials runs at the National Theatre, London until March 20 2004 (extensions possible).
Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy was originally marketed at children aged 10-14, but its complexity, adult themes, and openly heretical portrayal of a corrupt Church in thrall to a bogus God quickly attracted a more mature readership. /mrtea/iblog/C1573419831/E1979120578   (786 words)

 Pullman, His Dark Materials (060pulp1)
The major strength of His Dark Materials is that Pullman never condescends, never relies upon allusion for the entire meaning of his complex prose, never answers questions about the core issues of the novel.
The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book III).
This includes, but is not limited to, translation or other creation of derivative works, use in advertising or other publicity materials without prior authorization in writing, or any other non-private use that falls outside the fair use exception specified in Title 17 of the United States Code. /reviews/060pulp1.shtml   (1183 words)

 His Dark Materials The Amber Spyglass Cast of Characters
Metatron: a mighty angel appointed by the Authority as regent of the kingdom of heaven.
Given power by the Authority to see the worst in everyone, No-name and her compatriots plague the souls in the world of the Dead.
Sattamax: Mulefa Elder who describes the inexplicable demise of the Seed Pod trees and enlists Mary to help his people find the cause and the solution to their dire situation. /features/pullman/amberspyglass/cast.html   (222 words)

 Telegraph Arts The Dark Materials debate: life, God, the universe...
In the sort of creation myth that underlies His Dark Materials, which is never fully explicit but which I was discovering as I was writing it, the notion is that there never was a Creator, instead there was matter, and this matter gradually became conscious of itself and developed Dust.
Last Monday, the Archbishop spoke at Downing Street about His Dark Materials and he recommended it, saying that he was delighted to see large school parties in the audience and found it vastly encouraging.
PP: I don't want to use just my story to hog the argument, but there's a passage in His Dark Materials, when Mary Malone is on her own wondering and speculating about the nature of this mysterious thing that she's investigating, this thing we call Dust. /arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2004/03/17/bodark17.xml   (5327 words)

 His Dark Materials The Alethiometer
It also symbolizes (2) authority, because the sun is the most powerful thing in the sky.
(4) kingship (or political authority of any kind), because the king is the sun around whom the court or the state revolves;
So, for instance, the sun symbolizes (1) day, because it is during the day that we see the sun. /features/pullman/alethiometer   (767 words)

 Cathy McSporran - The Kingdom of God, the Republic of Heaven...
  The Authority’s forces practise what in the universe of His Dark Materials is the ultimate cruelty: the process known as ‘intercision’, the severing of the psychic link between a human and his or her companion animal-spirit, known as the ‘daemon’.
  Religious law, in His Dark Materials, is the ‘life-hating ideology’ that Pullman perceives in The Chronicles of Narnia.
Asriel is one of the few morally ambiguous characters in His Dark Materials. /e-sharp/articles/autumn_2003/Cathy_McSporran-Kingdom_of_God.htm   (4582 words)

 "The Dark Materials of Children's Fiction"  by Sean O’Conaill
His Dark Materials pits two twelve-year-olds against a villainous power called 'the church', to break its cosmic hold over multiple universes in the name of 'the Authority', an arrogant, deceitful and decrepit 'God'.
However, a morning spent interviewing six young Catholic readers of His Dark Materials, ranging in age from 12 to 17, has convinced me that there is no need for extreme alarm over the impact of these books.
His Dark Materials consists of three novels by Philip Pullman: Northern Lights, (known as The Golden Compass in the US), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. /~sm.oconaill/othpieces/darkmats.htm   (2263 words)

 [His Dark Materials] The Bridge Through the Aurora
In theHis Dark Materials’ books, this is the object used by Lyra to help her on her quest.
We are seeking to make this the most complete compilation of information about His Dark Materials on the net.
Northern Lights- the title of the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy in countries that receive British editions of books. /realm/darkmaterials/encyclopaedia.html   (6797 words)

 IHS Discussion Boards :: View topic - 'His Dark Materials'
The God of "His Dark Materials" is not the "Creator" of the universe--the book is agnostic on whether there is a "Creator." The God of His Dark Materials is the first angel—the first sentient being--who simply seized power and declared himself a god who must be obeyed.
The anarchist Bakunin (reversing Voltaire's famous dictum) said "If there was a God, it would be necessary to abolish him." This is the position of the heroes of "His Dark Materials." There is a "God" and they are out to overthrow him.
"His Dark Materials," a trilogy by Philip Pullman, began as a series of young-adult novels but has turned into an international phenomenon and forced the author to move to a house with an unlisted address. /phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=175   (936 words)

 His Dark Materials [an unofficial fansite]
His Dark Materials, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass and all related characters, concepts, and commercial offspring are the property of Philip Pullman, Scholastic Books, Random House Inc, New Line Cinema and all other right-holders.
Luther was by no means the first to challenge the authority of the Papacy and the Roman Catholic hierarchy, but he was the first to succeed in breaking the power of that hierarchy in matters of faith.
There were literally hundreds of versions of Protestantism; sects multiplied over matters of scriptural interpretation and levels of authority, and wars were fought over questions of whether the communion wafer was the body of Christ or represented the body of Christ. /plintro03.htm   (1961 words)

 Is Dust God?
Several people responding to this feature have put forward the idea that the real parallel in 'His Dark Materials' is not between 'the Authority' and God, but between Dust and God.
The BBC 'His Dark Materials' web site, with audio of the Radio 4 broadcasts from January 2003, starring Lulu Poppleswell as Lyra, Dan Anthony as Will, Emma Fielding as Mrs Coulter and Terence Stamp as Lord Asriel.
Instead, the Authority represents all of the cruelties and atrocities commited over the years by people 'in the name of God', such as the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition. /ppfaq03.htm   (1011 words)

 The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, Book III) - PowerBookSearch!
Philip Pullman deftly brings the cliffhangers and mysteries of His Dark Materials to an earth-shattering conclusion and confirms his fantasy trilogy as an undoubted and enduring classic.
In concluding the spellbinding His Dark Materials trilogy, Pullman produces what may well be the most controversial children's book of recent years.
SHORT DESCRIPTION: In Pullman's astonishing finale to the His Dark Materials trilogy, Lyra and Will must journey to a dark and gray-lit world where no living soul has ever gone. /booksearch0440418569.html   (4413 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on His Dark Materials Boxed Set: The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass at
The Authority, or God (he's called different names in the different worlds the children travel to) is not really the creator- and Heaven is only a story.
We learn that the rebellion in Heaven is about to re-emerge as an actual war between Lord Asriel (a thinly veiled euphemism for Satan) and the Authority who is the head of the Church and that Lyra and Will are the focal points for both sides.
The war between the Authority and Lord Asriel ends in the deaths of God, the Devil and Babylon the Great. /content_95161454212   (535 words)

 Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy - Arts and Faith
The disintegration of "His Dark Materials" from gorgeously written, whimsically imagined, groundbreaking fantasy, with characters I cared deeply about, into a plodding, over-long, didactic diatribe against Christianity was the most crushing and disspiriting reading experience of my life.
I think those were both motivations, in addition to how interesting the idea inherently is. The physicality of the characters' souls is one of the important ways in which Pullman reduces everything to his Dark Materialism, and the name certainly doesn't hurt his cause.
His narrative and his characters glory in rebellion and successful deceit, they exult in their un-created (self-existing?), purely material nature, and the worlds of [almost all] the main characters are nasty places where the reader doesn't want to live. /index.php?showtopic=4301   (4825 words)

 His Dark Materials at Olivier, NT
Nicholas Hytner has dared to take Philip Pullman’s classic trilogy ‘His Dark Materials’ — what else can you call a book that polled third position in the BBC’s Big Read 100 most popular books — and attempt to bring this mythical epic to life on the Olivier stage.
In Pullman’s trilogy God is theAuthority’ worshipped by a powerful hierarchical corrupt church, which opposes knowledge and freedom of expression and views sex as a loathsome, impure and corrupting vice.
In one of the many dark moments in the play children have their daemons forcefully removed from them in a horrific operation that leaves the child in a zombie-like condition. /londontheatre/reviews/hisdarkmaterials04.htm   (1199 words)

 His Dark Materials
Such is Homer’s underworld, and thus is the underworld portrayed in the His Dark Materials trilogy.
To complete this parallel, the Authority (or God) and his angels live atop the mountain.
This is almost exactly the description furnished of the home of the Greek gods, Mount Olympus. /weird/homerlit/HDM.html   (204 words)

 BBC - Radio 4 - Arts and Drama - His Dark Materials
An angel, amongst the lower ranks,who rebelled against The Authority.
An angel, amongst the lower ranks, who rebelled against The Authority.
We would like to include as much detail as possible from the Trilogy in this dictionary, so if you find anything we've left out, or if you want to add something to the existing definitions (without giving away the plot!) please email us at this address: /radio4/arts/hisdarkmaterials/dictionary_b.shtml   (240 words) !!! His Dark Materials...
I regard HDM [His Dark Materials] as the most important work of my life, in part because it is one of the few books to have changed my life, and in part because...
New Line has received interest from a number of accomplished filmmakers about taking over the reins of His Dark Materials, and the studio is currently in the process of deciding on a new director.
The "Materials" trilogy (consisting of "The Golden Compass," "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass") is described as a "Harry Potter"-esque tale set against a much darker backdrop. /a-z/h/his-dark-materials   (2514 words)

 Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials: Ancient Gnosticism in Modern Atheist Clothing
The complex plot of the His Dark Materials trilogy resists simple summary.
By the last, however, the agenda is the central focus, even involving a death-of-God scene in which Lyra kills the Authority, revealed to be a decrepit, runny-eyed old creature, whose dissipation into the atoms is accompanied by his own sigh of relief.
She and the rebel angels, the followers of wisdom, have always tried to open minds; the Authority and his churches have always tried to keep them closed. /group/rec.arts.books/messages/471022.html   (2028 words)

 His Dark
HIS DARK MATERIALS is Nicholas Wright’s two-part adaptation of Philip Pullman’s multi-award winning trilogy of novels Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass (which was the first children’s book to win the Whitbread Prize).
HIS DARK MATERIALS explores the biggest questions of them all - existence, innocence, knowledge, grace, death and, last but by no means least, that of love.
The amateur production company Bench Theatre is bringing their own His Dark Materials two-part performance to the stage in mid-December of 2006.   (1156 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Philip Pullman's Dark Materials
Of course, God, or the Authority, no longer runs the daily affairs of the kingdom in His Dark Materials.
In his "worlds," there are computers that talk to elementary particles fashioned of the dark materials, flesh-eating "Cliff-Ghasts," flights of beautiful witches many thousands of years old, myriads of angels, talking ten-foot-tall armored bears, wheeled creatures — "mulefas" — with elephant-like trunks, "gyptians," "Specters," Africans, and Tartars.
Indeed, Pullman has taken the trilogy's overall title, His Dark Materials, from another account of the fall, Milton's Paradise Lost. /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=4004   (2119 words)

 His Dark Materials
Kaye concludes, “Ideally, I would like to see His Dark Materials books banned from every primary school in the England and experienced Christian counsellors made available to secondary schools where the book is being read, who can help pupils to work through the various myths and misconceptions presented.
Pullman writes, “The Authority, God the Creator, The Lord, Yahweh, those were the names he gave himself.
He was an angel like ourselves…He told all those who came after him that he had created them, but it was a lie”. /news/HisDarkMaterials.htm   (483 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Books By genre 'A near-miraculous triumph'
It is clear very early on that there is a plan to overthrow the Authority and that the Church is aware of this and determined to prevent it.
This set some animated discussion going: some of the group had noticed the scattered hints that "the Authority" in Philip Pullman's story had arrogated power to himself, or that he was not the actual creator.
Dust is threatened from one side by the Authority and the Church, who fear the everyday and its contingency, who fear even more the risk of error and tragedy that are part of the everyday, part of adult experience. /departments/artsandentertainment/story/0,6000,1166271,00.html   (1455 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Books By genre Rational magic
Julia Eccleshare hails heretical fantasist Philip Pullman in his final part of the Dark Materials trilogy, The Amber Spyglass
In his world, the temptation and fall are not the source of all human misery but the end of repression by what he calls "the Authority" and the beginning of liberation and freedom of thought.
One of the most eagerly awaited events of the children's publishing year will happen next week, when the third volume of Philip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy finally hits the bookshops. /reviews/childrenandteens/0,6121,388823,00.html   (850 words)

 The DVD Forums - His Dark Materials - Good news and Bad news
The director and screenwriter of the film adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is to remove references to God and the church in the movie.
His feeling, and I say this with absolute certainty that I am not unfairly paraphrasing him, is that the "Authority" in question could represent any arbitrary establishment that curtails the freedom of the individual, whether it be religious, political, totalitarian, fundamentalist, communist, what have you.
Weitz said he had visited Pullman, who had told him that the Authority could "represent any arbitrary establishment that curtails the freedom of the individual, whether it be religious, political, totalitarian, fundamentalist, communist, what have you". /forums/printthread.php?t=336540   (1656 words) His Dark Materials Trilogy: The Golden Compass / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass: Books: Philip Pullman
Now, for the first time, the HIS DARK MATERIALS Trilogy is available in a trade paperback edition.
His Dark Materials are a well thought out trilogy which can be enjoyed by adults and adolescents.
New material is available in all three books: The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife feature black-and-white chapter-opening art by Philip Pullman himself; The Amber Spyglass features chapter-opening quotes from the likes of Milton, Donne, Blake, Byron and the Bible, which did not appear in hardcover. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0440419514?v=glance   (1375 words)

 The Washington Monthly
The third book is something of a let-down as Pullman's "His Dark Materials" becomes "His Many Loose Ends".
How can "His Dark Materials" be "anti-religious" if there is a real God in these books.
I recall reading an interview with Pullman about a year ago wherein he signed off on the reduction of the Authority in the movie from a religious idea to a more general idea of "authority/authoritarianism", which he found to be perfectly in keeping with his theme anyway. /archives/individual/2005_08/006906.php   (12220 words)

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