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The Bible was written by authors who were intent on promoting their own religious and spiritual beliefs.
The Bible as the actual Word of God and is the prime source of all religious, spiritual and moral truth.
Allowing sexually active gays and lesbians to be ordained, or to have their committed relationships recognized by the church would involve a drastic and unacceptable lowering of church standards.
www.religioustolerance.org /hom_bibl.htm   (788 words)

  Bible - MSN Encarta
The Bible of Judaism is in three distinct parts: the Torah, or Law, also called the books of Moses; the Nebiim, or Prophets, divided into the Earlier and Latter Prophets; and the Ketubim, or Writings, including Psalms, wisdom books, and other diverse literature.
Many confess that the Bible is the full and sufficient guide in all matters of faith and practice; others view the authority of the Bible in the light of tradition, or the continuous belief and practice of the church since apostolic times.
The actual doctrine of the inspiration of the Bible by the Holy Spirit and the inerrancy of its words arose during the 19th century in response to the development of biblical criticism, scholarly studies that seemed to challenge the divine origin of the Bible.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761566700/Bible.html   (853 words)

  Bible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bible (Hebrew: תנ״ך tanakh, Greek: η Βίβλος hē biblos, "the book") (sometimes The Holy Bible, Scripture, The Word of God), is the name used by Jews and Christians for their differing (and overlapping) canons of sacred texts.
The Bible as used by the majority of Christians includes the Hebrew Scripture and the Deuterocanonical books (various writings important in the Second-Temple period of Judaism); and the New Testament, which relates the life and teachings of Jesus, the letters of St Paul and other disciples to the early church and the book of Revelation.
The Living Bible and The Message are two paraphrases of the bible that try to convey the original meaning in contemporary language.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bible   (5068 words)

 Mega site of Bible studies and information
Let's prove the Bible is true and we are nearing the end of the last generation before Christ returns.
The Bible indicates that from Israel’s rebirth a generation would not pass till all be fulfilled.
Some famous ministers and Bible schools think this is the best church age ever, yet the Bible clearly shows it is the worst and most deceived.
www.amazingbible.org   (5178 words)

 The Jefferson Bible
In compiling what has come to be called "The Jefferson Bible," he sought to separate those ethical teachings from the religious dogma and other supernatural elements that are intermixed in the account provided by the four Gospels.
This presentation of The Jefferson Bible offers the text as selected and arranged by Jefferson in two separate editions: one edition uses a revised King James Version of the biblical texts, corrected in accordance with the findings of modern scholarship; the second edition uses the original unrevised KJV.
The Jefferson Bible is also available in a 161 Kbyte plain text.txt file, which can easily be read in any format that accepts large ASCII text files (such as Wordpad in Windows).
www.angelfire.com /co/JeffersonBible   (681 words)

 Bible - Simple English Wikipedia
The Bible was written long ago in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and translations were made later into Latin and some other languages.
This part of the Bible is considered to be holy by Jews as well as Christians.
Others spend a lot of their time on in-depth Bible study or meditation on the words.
simple.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bible   (429 words)

 BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible in over 50 versions and 35 languages.
Bible book list for your default version (New International Version).
Listen to this chapter Audio is taken from the Listener's Bible narrated by Max McLean.
Bible Gateway stories: using the BG to enhance ministry
www.biblegateway.com   (389 words)

The inerrancy of the Bible follows as a consequence of this Divine authorship.
The Bible is plainly a literature, that is, an important collection of writings which were not composed at once and did not proceed from one hand, but rather were spread over a considerable period of
It is also a well-known fact that the Bible is so replete with pieces of transcendent literary beauty that the greatest orators and writers of the last four centuries have most willingly turned to our sacred books as pre-eminently worthy of admiration, study, and imitation.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02543a.htm   (1412 words)

 Bible - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
The Bible (also known as The Holy Bi[b]le) is a long-running series of controversial science fiction books, the first being published by Stone Tablets Press in 200 BC.
It's worth noting again that The Bible was intended to be a piece of fiction, and was never meant to be taken seriously to the extent that it has already.
Some Americans who seek to protect their children from violence, sex, etc. have demanded a politically correct version of The Bible, which is expected to be released in the near future.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Bible   (2090 words)

 English Bible History: Timeline of how we got the English Bible
One of Wycliffe’s followers, John Hus, actively promoted Wycliffe’s ideas: that people should be permitted to read the Bible in their own language, and they should oppose the tyranny of the Roman church that threatened anyone possessing a non-Latin Bible with execution.
It is truly the “Bible of the Protestant Reformation.”; Strangely, the famous Geneva Bible has been out-of-print since 1644, so the only way to obtain one is to either purchase an original printing of the Geneva Bible, or a less costly facsimile reproduction of the original 1560 Geneva Bible.
Although the first Bible printed in America was done in the native Algonquin Indian Language by John Eliot in 1663; the first English language Bible to be printed in America by Robert Aitken in 1782 was a King James Version.
www.greatsite.com /timeline-english-bible-history   (5639 words)

The two collections vary between the two religions in that the Hebrew Bible represents the first of two parts in the Christian.
The Greek took this word from the Phoenician city of Byblos, which in the 1st millennium BCE was the main trading port for papyrus.
The canonical Hebrew Bible consists of 24 books, while the one in use today has 39 books, as prophetical books have been added to both the Christian Old Testament and the Hebrew Bible.
lexicorient.com /e.o/bible.htm   (118 words)

 Talking Bible - Real Audio Bible
The King James Bible has been divided into chapters, but not the WEB version..
Have you wanted to read through the entire Bible cover to cover, but felt is was just to big of a task to undertake.
It even allows you to go through the Bible while you are working around the home.
www.talkingbible.com   (410 words)

 Virtual Christianity: Bibles
The many study guide tools include study Bible with incorporated maps and (blue) notes, topical presentation of verses, the story of Jesus (incorporating in rough order the content of all four Gospels, the story of the NT church (coming soon) (which similarly will incorporate content of the entire NT), and background commentary on the NT.
Bybel in Afrikaans - Bible in the language of South Africa.
Czech Bible of Kralice - Bibli Svata, trans.
www.internetdynamics.com /pub/vc/bibles.html   (3491 words)

 Dictionaries available from StudyLight.org
Although written in 1859 by William Rand, this dictionary of the Bible from the American Tract Society is still relevant today.
The product of over 6 years of work by hundreds of people, the Holman Bible Dictionary manages to be readable and easy to use, yet take advantage of the finest modern Bible scholarship without heavy technical language.
Bible students have used "Smith's Bible Dictionary" since its introduction in the 1880s, making it a trustworthy classic.
www.studylight.org /dic   (234 words)

 oremus Bible Browser
Version 2.2 has a new feature which alllows you to dynamically toggle the display of verse and chapter numbers, footnote markers, and section headings after you have displayed a bible passage rather than having to decide in advance.
New in version 2.1.5 is an option to show links to the bible passages before and after the passage requested.
From the oremus Bible Browser http://bible.oremus.org v2.2.3 31 July 2007.
bible.oremus.org   (217 words)

 Amazon.com: Boldtext Pew Bible: King James Version: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
However, over the years I increasingly faced objections from students who felt that using the Bible as a reference book, or studying it as literature, was a waste of time since the Bible was not "true" (as near as I can tell the distinction between "true" and "True" is not germane to their position).
It should be kept in mind that while the Bible can be considered as literature as well as sacred writing there is also value in using the critical techniques of literature to read the Bible as scripture as well.
The Bible is also important to the study of comparative religion, history, archeology, cultural anthropology, and other studies of the human condition.
www.amazon.com /Boldtext-Pew-Bible-James-Version/dp/0834003465   (2215 words)

 Open Directory - Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity: Bible   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Bible Basics - Information about the Bible, where it came from, where to find various books or topics, and overviews of each of the books it contains.
The St. John's Bible - Being created by scribes in a scriptorium in Wales, the St. John's Bible will be the first handwritten, illuminated Bible in the modern era.
Stewarton Bible School - Introduction to ancient manuscripts and modern translations of the Bible, and large collection of topical articles and studies.
dmoz.org /Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Bible   (1445 words)

 Bible Browser
The Bible Browser was written by Richard Goerwitz and maintained by him while he was with the Brown University
With Richard's departure from Brown in 2000 and the changes in the organization of STG in 2002, the Bible Browser can no longer be supported and has therefore been retired.
It was produced with funding from the Society of Biblical Literature and the National Council of Churches.
www.stg.brown.edu /webs/bible_browser_message.html   (216 words)

 Bibleresources NIV
Responsibility for the version was delegated to a self-governing body of fifteen Biblical scholars, the Committee on Bible Translation, and in 1967, the New York Bible Society (now International Bible Society) generously undertook the financial sponsorship of the project.
The translation of each book was assigned to a team of scholars, and the work was thoroughly reviewed and revised at various stages by three separate committees.The Committee submitted the developing version to stylistic consultants who made invaluable suggestions.
The translators were united in their commitment to the authority and infallibility of the Bible as God's Word in written form.
bibleresources.bible.com /bible_niv.php   (1600 words)

 BiblePlaces.com - Photos of Israel from the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands
The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is an extensive collection of more than 6,000 high quality, high-resolution photographs of geographical and archaeological sites related to the Bible.
Learn the details, read the reviews, see why the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is unique and what similar products are (not) available.
Purchasers of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands are granted liberal usage rights for the images for personal and educational purposes.
www.bibleplaces.com   (460 words)

 The Holy Bible: King James Version. Bartleby.com
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
The culmination of English translations of the Bible, the Bartleby.com publication of the American Bible Society’s King James Version features full-text searchability, content-based tables of contents and a quick verse finder.
www.bartleby.com /108   (113 words)

 Catholic bible, catholic encyclopedia, catholic book store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Should someone you love have difficulty with the fine print in a standard Catholic bible, then you may wish to consider a large print bible or a bible on CD for those who wish to hear the word.
A Catholic bible - a treasured family heirloom to pass from this generation to the next.
A Bible on CD incorporates technology to help with bible reading, study information and faith development.
www.a-catholic-store-review.com /p-catholic-bible.htm   (371 words)

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