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Topic: The Boo Radleys

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 The Boo Radleys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That The Boo Radleys (of all people!) have decided to accept their own challenge and create a record as diverse and boundary-bending as this is, at first glance, staggering.
The Boo Radleys are sifting through time (the mid-'60s, mostly) and conjuring up something that's as cut-up and ambitious as anything you'd care to mention.
Despite such critical acclaim and a large cult fanbase, the Boo Radleys were still largely unknown to the general public by the time the Britpop phenomenon broke into the mainstream in 1995.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Boo_Radleys   (744 words)

 The Universal - Artists - The Boo Radleys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Their second album was released in 1991 to moderate success, but that was only the beginning for the Boo Radleys, as 1992 would proceed to show.
The new album was a first for the Boo Radleys, being a collection of 12 pop songs.
Kingsize, their sixth album, was released in November to extremely favorable reviews, NME labelling it "another pop classic," while Select praised "a welcome dose of sanity." The fourteen song album is the band's most practical effort to date, with a minimum of experimentation and solid song structures.
www.the-universal.com /artist.asp?id=booradleys   (727 words)

 'C'mon Kids,' the Boo Radleys are better than ever
Oh, sure, not all is changed; the Boo Radleys of old make an appearance on "Everything is Sorrow" and "New Brighton Promenade," and even lovely harmonized backing vocals grace many of the tracks.
Technically, it started with the Boo Radleys because C'Mon Kids was released in England months before it was released in America, but that is really not the issue.
The Radleys have gained a fair amount of critical acclaim for paying an incredible amount of attention to detail and songs like "Meltin's Worm" would be written off as nonsense if the band didn't go through such pains to create a stirring atmosphere.
www.usc.edu /student-affairs/dt/V131/N02/02-boo.02d.html   (636 words)

 The History of Rock Music. Boo Radleys: biography, discography, reviews, links
I Boo Radleys, formati a Liverpool nel 1988 per opera di Simon Rowbottom (voce) e Martin Carr (chitarra), furono protagonisti (almeno nei rotocalchi musicali) del periodo a cavallo fra il dream-pop dei Cocteau Twins e il Brit-pop degli Oasis, e ne espressero le contraddizioni e le incertezze.
I Boo Radleys stanno ancora sperimentando, ma bisogna scavare a fondo per rendersene conto.
The Boo Radleys revisit the ditties of Beach Boys and Mama's And Papa's through the baroque maquillage of the Squeeze.
www.scaruffi.com /vol6/booradle.html   (788 words)

 BOO RADLEYS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
And as such it's become both the Boos' boon and their bane ever since its hugely popular reception in England earlier this year.
(Columbia), the Boo Radleys' fourth album, may be resigned to such a fate.
The Boos have long played goofily fuzzy indie pop, layering guitars over speedy melodies and chiming harmonies, tossing in the odd bit of psychedelia to weirden things up here and there.
www.bostonphoenix.com /alt1/archive/music/reviews/12-01-95/Live&onRecord/BOO_RADLEYS.html   (438 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Wake Up! - The Boo Radleys at Epinions.com
The Boo Radleys were obviously clear on what would sell and what would get played on radio, and as such they put together an upbeat, appealing pop-rock disc.
What The Boo Radleys don’t do on this outing is impress with their creativity and innovative style on the whole, rather they entertain.
My personal preference for The Boo Radleys without considering their other works is the upbeat, rather than introspective ballad pop.
www.epinions.com /content_93435432580   (1025 words)

 tonevendor.com :. Boo Radleys - Wake Up! CD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
With their third album, the Boo Radleys abandoned the overt noise that obscured the pop sensibilities of their early work and scaled back the ambitions of Giant Steps.
Much of the darkness — both musically and lyrically — of their previous music has been lifted; in its place is a sterling piece of pure pop, with all the big choruses, bright melodies, and simple hooks that word implies.
The Boo Radleys were always a band with ambitions.
www.tonevendor.com /item/7830   (173 words)

 Boo Radleys | Find The Way Out
'Find The Way Out' is The Boo Radleys' anthology which is released on 4 July 2005 as a 2CD package, complete with a glossy booklet containing extensive background notes on the Boos' career.
Although The Boo Radleys were never one of Creation Records biggest selling acts, they achieved outstanding reviews in the music press throughout the 90s.
We are also inviting Questions from fans of The Boo Radleys on any topic related to their back catalogue.
www.booradleys.co.uk   (183 words)

 ★ Boo Radleys Polyphonic Ringtones ★   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Boo Radleys went from Shoegazer to Brit Pop to performing on children's television shows to breaking up.
Pop masters the Boo Radleys formed in Liverpool in 1988.
Boo Radleys Polyphonic Ringtones are held in our Pop category.
www.ringtones-world.com /pop_polyphonic_ringtones/boo_radleys_polyphonic_ringtones   (270 words)

 BBC - Nottingham Music - Boo Radleys
But one thing the Boo Radleys never were was predictable.
Throughout their career Boo Radleys had never conformed.
Sometimes they overstep the mark but The Boo Radleys are really a band worth discovering and you'll certainly be rewarded with repeated listens.
www.bbc.co.uk /nottingham/music/2004/06/boo_radleys.shtml   (230 words)

 Opus // Music Reviews // The Boo Radleys - Wake Up!
My first introduction to the music of The Boo Radleys was their album "Everything's Alright Forever." That album was a delightful mix of Beatlesesque harmonies and melodies and the ethereal noise of My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver.
From start to finish, the Boo Radleys explore the whole of pop, ranging from short, punchy numbers full of hooks to long ballads consisting of several different measures in the span of 5 or 6 minutes.
The Boo Radleys are much more deserving of such a title.
www.opuszine.com /blog/entry.html?ID=1351   (520 words)

 Adrian's Album Reviews : The Boo Radleys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Britpop was all the rage by now, so The Boo Radleys were expected to create their own chart topping hit songs, in addition to being brilliant, as if being brilliant alone wasn't enough.
The boo's lost their commercial edge, even though, with these two songs, they tried to assimilate the influence of Oasis.
Oh, this is still The Boo Radleys and there are some nice things here, but the album as a whole just doesn't move them forwards, quite the reverse.
www.adriandenning.co.uk /booradleys.html   (2584 words)

 Boo Radleys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Kingsize, the Boos' sixth and, as of February, final outing (they've broken up), embraces current dance-floor spice, chunky Oasis-style guitar, and contorted arrangements à la Burt Bacharach and Van Dyke Parks.
The single, "Free Huey!", which pays homage to the slain Black Panther leader, manages to be both insulting and artless by grafting the Army credo "Be all you can be" atop cloying Jesus Jones-style techno-rock.
The Boo Radleys may be remembered fondly by Britpop enthusiasts for years to come, but Kingsize will be best forgotten.
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/music/99/03/25/OTR/BOO_RADLEYS.html   (178 words)

 Boo Radleys
At the time the Radleys were pulling together as a band, the British music scene was undergoing convolutions.
In the spring of 1991, the band was finally given the go-ahead for an album.
While bands like Lush were making their name known in the U.S. with similar sounds, the Boo Radleys were rendered silent.
www.joabj.com /Music/9209BooRadleys.html   (614 words)

 TrouserPress.com :: Boo Radleys
The Boo Radleys somehow pull it off, weaving seventeen incongruous songs into a fascinating tapestry rather than sounding like seventeen different tribute bands.
Singer Sice croons impressively on such enigmatic, tense tunes as "Upon 9th and Fairchild" and the colossal "Lazarus" (dig those trumpets!) and such baroque ditties as "Best Lose the Fear." A far-reaching album as challenging as it is enjoyable, loud and pretty.
Alternately masterful and wonderfully strange, the album fits disparate parts together into an even flow, in much the same way the band's Liverpool ancestors could let George Harrison's Indian raga be followed by Paul McCartney pretending he was a dance-hall smoothie.
www.trouserpress.com /entry.php?a=boo_radleys   (686 words)

 Tour Dates: Boo Radleys offspring Brave Captain to open U.K. tour in March >> liveDaily
Boo Radleys offspring Brave Captain to open U.K. tour in March
LONDON--Former Boo Radleys frontman Martin Carr will take his new band Brave Captain on tour for the second time in six months beginning in March.
After the Boo Radleys disbanded in 1999, Carr and Brave Captain released the debut LP "Go With Yourself" in October 2000 to mixed reviews.
www.livedaily.com /news/Boo_Radleys_offspring_Brave_Captain_to_open_UK_tour_in_March-2515.html?t=7   (297 words)

 Creation Records - Boo Radleys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
After the intense success of their radio-friendly experiment in pop, 'Wake Up, Boo!', the Boos returned to the frazzled and often inaccessible noise of '93's 'Giant Steps'.
The Boo Radleys' video for their new single, 'Ride The Tiger', is a riot of computer-generated madness featuring imagery from every one of the band's record sleeves.
The picture see the Boos flying in the plane that was part of the artwork for 'Find The Answer Within'.
www.creation-records.com /archive/booradleys/press.html   (295 words)

 Nick Heyward & The Boo Radleys
Though, the Radleys are a tad more diverse - experimenting with dance and Curtis Mayfield-like funk as well as melodic pop - you can't help but wonder if they're spreading themselves a bit thin.
The Radleys' (or, guitarist-songwriter Martin Carr's, rather) melodic gifts are nothing to scoff at either.
Ed: Since this article was written, The Boo Radleys have called it quits.
www.rock-the-world.com /heyward.html   (441 words)

 Amazon.com: Kingsize: Music: The Boo Radleys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
I would recommend this album only to hardcore fans since it could give newcomers a completely different idea of what the Boo Radleys are all about but then again the choice is yours.
After 6 diverse and exciting albums the Boo Radleys caleld it a day, although Martin Carr's recently released 'Fingertip Saint sessions' discs under the name Brave Captain are worth a go.
The Boo Radleys split up shortly after this album was released after 10 years together (due to this album's poor record sales).
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00000G1G9?v=glance   (1820 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | 'I survived Britpop'
It was a sudden flush of success for the Liverpool band, already seven years into their career, who had become critical darlings without ever quite making it into the pop mainstream.
But thanks to Wake Up Boo!, the band - led by singer Sice and featuring guitarist Martin Carr, bassist Timothy Brown and drummer Rob Cieka - the Boo Radleys found themselves, unwillingly as it turned out, at the epicentre of Britpop.
The Boo Radleys had already released three albums before Wake Up Boo - Ichabod and I, Everything's Alright Forever and 1993's Giant Steps, which had been proclaimed album of the year by music weekly Melody Maker.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/music/4134418.stm   (839 words)

 The Boo Radleys - Find The Way Out - Stylus Magazine
This is both The Boo Radleys’ genius and their curse; it’s what made them incredible, inspiring and individual, but it’s also what kept them firmly away from mainstream success for the most part.
Reacting to their brief flirtation with success, The Boo Radleys made arguably their heaviest album in C’Mon Kids; the press were lukewarm in their reaction, but luckily for fans it’s up there with Giant Steps in terms of quality.
In his sleeve-notes essay, Brian Block (there is one other essay by Keith Cameron, plus a track-by-track rundown by Martin Carr) compares The Boo Radleys to XTC in the “overlooked genius” scheme of things.
www.stylusmagazine.com /review.php?ID=3352   (1161 words)

 Tour Dates: Ex-Boo Radleys guitarist takes new band on road >> liveDaily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
LONDON--Ex-Boo Radleys guitarist Martin Carr has announced the first live dates with his new group Brave Captain, beginning in Southampton, England, on Nov. 2 and finishing in London on Nov. 9.
Carr formed the Boo Radleys--along with vocalist Sice, bassist Timothy Brown and drummer Steve Hewitt--in Liverpool in 1988.
The band's trance-like guitar pop was commonly known as "shoe-gazers" rock in the U.K. The Boo Radleys made their commercial breakthrough in 1995 with the album "Wake Up!" Before their split last year, their last release was the 1998 LP "Kingsize."
www.livedaily.com /news/ExBoo_Radleys_guitarist_takes_new_band_on_road-1830.html?t=7   (311 words)

 The Boo Radleys - Kingsize - On Second Thought - Stylus Magazine
Martin Carr, songwriter and guitarist of The Boo Radleys, had that same passion for success for many years.
Faced with what he always wanted, Carr came to the conclusion that this was not the stuff dreams were made of.
Throughout their career The Boo Radleys had a tendency of writing uplifting melodies.
www.stylusmagazine.com /feature.php?ID=364   (934 words)

 Boo Radleys in general - Archive Music Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
This, their last album (and one of the last worthwhile releases on Creation) didn't seem to do too much.
Boo Radleys in general : Giant Steps (1993)
One Giant Leap For Mankind For many the Boo Radleys will always be remembered for their throwaway hit 'Wake up Boo'.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /archive-music/boo-radleys-in-general   (182 words)

 The Boo Radleys: Wake Up! ---Ink Blot Magazine
Martin Carr, the force behind the Boo Radleys, formed his band with Sice, Tim Brown, and original drummer Steve Hewitt in Liverpool and entered the fray in 1989 with the independent Ichabod and I.
This album can't really be separated from its history: head Boo Martin Carr, having just kicked the ass of anyone who cared to listen with the masterpiece Giant Steps, still found himself lonely up in northern England without his bandmates and wanting to make a huge pop breakthrough.
But it sounds happy most of the time, and so people loved it, and so the Boos found themselves playing "Wake Up Boo!" on children's shows with dancing strawberries.
www.inkblotmagazine.com /rev-archive/Boo_Radleys_Wake.htm   (433 words)

 Amazon.com: Wake Up!: Music: Boo Radleys   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
These guys broke the bank in the UK with their #1 hit "Wake Up Boo!" But in America, this band was nowhere to be found.
That's a shame too, because Wake Up!, the Boo Radley's third LP, is a little masterpiece.
The Boo Radleys are simply one of the best bands of the 90's bar none.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000262XK?v=glance   (1329 words)

 The Boo Radleys: Giant Steps ---Ink Blot Magazine
Shoehorned into the "noise-pop/dream-pop/shoegazer" scene that briefly ruled the U.K. but never really caught on in the US, the Boos gratified their cult with several EPs and 1992's Everything's Alright Forever on Rough Trade.
The Boos re-surfaced in 1998 with Kingsize, which is either brilliant or a huge disappointment, depending on who you are.
It's a guy who really loves music and is trying to save his soul by believing that music can actually help you get through life.
www.inkblotmagazine.com /rev-archive/Boo_Radleys_Giant_Steps.htm   (388 words)

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