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Topic: The City of Brussels

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In the News (Sun 17 Jun 18)

  Brussels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brussels (Dutch: Brussel, French: Bruxelles, German: Brüssel) is the capital of Belgium and is considered by many to be the headquarters of the European Union, as two of its four main institutions have their headquarters in the city.
Brussels is, first of all, a city located in the centre of Belgium and its capital, but it sometimes also refers to the largest municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Brussels is served by Brussels National Airport, located in the municipality of Zaventem, and by Brussels South Airport, located near Charleroi, some 80km from Brussels.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brussels   (1803 words)

 The City of Brussels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The City of Brussels (French: Bruxelles-Ville or Ville de Bruxelles, Dutch: Stad Brussel) is one of the municipalities (the largest one) of the Brussels-Capital Region in Belgium.
A bit like the City of London is different from London, the City of Brussels is different from Brussels.
As each one of Belgian municipalities, the City of Brussels is headed by a mayor which should neither be confused with the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region nor with the Governor of Brussels-Capital.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_City_of_Brussels   (279 words)

 Brussels Belgium Hotel and Travel - Brussels Tourist Information Guide Bruxelles
Brussels is considered the heartbeat and center of Europe – it is a very short distance from a number of European countries which is very convenient.
Brussels is also a major venue for The European Union, the European Parliment and the Commission are based there which gives a very cosmopolitan air to the city, particularly during weekdays.
Brussels is a slightly expensive city given its reputation for outstanding chocolate, waffles, world-renown beer, and top quality cuisine, but it is worth it.
www.brusselscitytourist.com   (371 words)

 The City Museum Brussels. Museum van het Broodhuis in Brussel. Musée de la ville de Bruxelles.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Brussels was between the late 15th and the 18th century the undisputed center of wall tapestry weaving in Europe.
Because of the presence of the Court of Brabant in the city, a lot of foreign monarchs visited the city on regular intervals.
The typical elements of a Brussels wall tapestry are the use of the colours red, blue and brown and the presence of a border which was decorated with fruits or plant motives.
www.trabel.com /brussel/brussels-museums-city.htm   (547 words)

 Watch Your Garden Grow - Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts, is a hardy, slow-growing, long-season vegetable belonging to the cabbage family.
Brussels sprouts, what an odd name for a vegetable that has the appearance of a "cute little baby" cabbage.
As a rule, when Brussels sprouts have lost the bright green color, they are overcooked and have lost a considerable amount of nutritional value as well.
www.urbanext.uiuc.edu /veggies/brusselssprouts1.html   (1379 words)

 Brussels Hotel and Travel, Brussels Belgium Hotel and Travel Information
Brussels Belgium Hotel and Travel Guide - Brussels is the capital of Belgium, which is also considered by many to be the headquarters of the European Union because two of its four main institutions have made this city home to their headquarters.
There are three official languages throughout Belgium: French, which is spoken primarily in the south of the country (Wallonia); Dutch, which is spoken in the north (Flanders) and German, which is spoken in a small area near the German border.
You will find that the locals in Brussels are bilingual, with both French and Dutch considered their official languages.
www.brusselshotelandtravel.com   (313 words)

 All Around Brussels (Attractions, Dining, Hotels, Motels, Nightlife & More)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Specific to the Brussels area and representing one of the world's oldest styles of beer manufacture, lambic beers are tart because they are brewed with at least thirty percent raw wheat as well as the more usual malted barley.
Brussels is easy to reach by plane, with flights arriving at its airport from every corner of the globe.
In addition, the city is on the main routes heading inland from the Channel ports and is well connected by train to major cities across Europe, including direct from London via the Channel Tunnel.
www.allaroundbrussels.com   (5551 words)

 Brussels City Facts
Brussels was proclaimed the capital of the new Kingdom of the Belgians in 1830.
Brussels shared in the great industrial boom of the 19th century, bringing prosperity to its large and thriving middle class.
His father promised to donate a statue of his son to the city in exactly the position the boy was found, and this was that position.
www.passports.com /weregoing/custinfo/cityfact/brussels.asp   (2904 words)

 A2Z Brussels City Break - Brussels Travel Breaks Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Brussels may not be Belgium’s architecturally best-dressed city (Bruges wears that particular crown), but the capital still boasts a number of fine cathedrals; including St Michael’s and St Gudule’s and the resplendent Grand-Place in the heart of the city.
In the sixth century Brussels was christened Broekzele (village of the marsh) and quickly grew to become an important staging post on the trade route between Cologne: Ghent and Bruges.
Brussels has over 1800 places to eat and the Belgians are said to eat out more than any other nation on the planet.
www.brussels-city-break.gb.com   (469 words)

 City of Beer  Brussels, Brussel, Bruxelles in Belgium.
City of Beer Brussels, Brussel, Bruxelles in Belgium.
Therefore, your stay in Brussels cannot be complete without a visit to one of the many typical and beautiful cafes and pubs that you will find here.
Try the local beers of Brussels Gueuze or fruit beer (cherry beer, raspberry beer, peach beer) or a wonderful Trappist beer, made in one of the Abbeys of Belgium.
www.trabel.com /brussel/brussels-cityofbeer.htm   (404 words)

 Things to see in Brussels
Brussels, the capital of Belgium and of the
European Union, is the second international city in the world, as measured by the number of headquarters of international organizations.
The most characteristic feature of Brussels is perhaps the rather anarchistically distributed architecture, sometimes splendid, sometimes ugly, but never boring, with medieval houses next to futuristic constructions, and with different houses of different heights, widths and styles, fraternally the one next to the other in any street.
pespmc1.vub.ac.be /BRUSSEL.html   (911 words)

Centrally situated in northern Europe, Brussels is internationally important as the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
University: vub.ac.be- Brussels is the capital of Belgium: Department of Justice
The people of Brussels gather here for their most important ceremonies and festivals, for the traditional bird market on Sunday mornings, and - perhaps most importantly - for no task more pressing than to sit, have a beer, and let the world pass.
www.2747.com /2747/world/city/brussels.htm   (153 words)

 Atlas - Belgium Map
The paintings of the Flemish masters are on display in museums throughout the country; Belgium's contribution to Art Nouveau is clearly evident in the Brussels cityscape; and folk culture is kept alive in a variety of indoor and outdoor museums.
In the city and suburbs of Brussels, both French and Dutch are officially recognized, although French speakers are the larger group.
The Belgian constitution was promulgated in 1831 and revised in 1893, 1921, 1970, 1971, 1980, 1989, and 1993.
atlas.freegk.com /world/europe/belgium/belgium.php   (2397 words)

 Brussels City Hotels - CentralR.com offers simple and secure online booking for Hotels in Brussels City, Belgium. ...
Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, live and appealing due to its role as a crossroads for all of Europe.
The centre of Brussels and the place to start visiting the city is the Grand'Place which is the focal point of the city's social and civic life.
Brussels is a city of markets: the flower market, the bird market, the flea market, the antique market and the horse market.
www.centralr.com /Brussels_City_Hotels.html   (402 words)

 Graphicalic Photo - Brussels, Belgium
Brussels is more than a 1000 years old.
Today the name Brussels stands for an agglomeration of 19 communes forming one of the three Regions of the federal Belgian state; the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium; the headquarters of the French and Flemish Communities.
Brussels also has an important international vocation : as the European capital the city is home to the European Commission and to the Council of ministers of the European Union (EU).
www.graphicalic.dk /pages/photo/belgium/brussels.html   (163 words)

 Brussels Hotels - Rates To Go   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Hotel has long established itself as Brussels first hotel and is indeed a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.
The hotel is ideally located in the historic heart of the city, only steps away from the medieval grandeur of the Grand 'Place.
Located right in the heart of Brussels, the Bedford Hotel is at a 3-minute walk from the historical centre, the Grand'Place.
www.ratestogo.com /City/EN/Brussels   (311 words)

 An Introduction to Brussels
Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, with a liveliness and an appeal that are intimately related to its role as a crossroads for all of Europe.
Every neighborhood has its own market as Brussels is a city of markets: the bird market, the flower market, the antique market, the flea market, and the horse market.
The statue has long been a beloved figure in Brussels, having come to be regarded as an honored citizen of the town.
www.interknowledge.com /belgium/bxbrus01.htm   (666 words)

 Invest in Brussels
Brussels is an international city like no other.
The Brussels Enterprise Agency (BEA) is ready to provide you with the assistance you need to start your business in the capital of Europe.
The BEA is responsible to the Brussels regional government.
www.investinbrussels.com   (247 words)

 destination brussels, brussels city guide, brussels guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Brussels, built along a pretty pentagon of boulevards called the Petit Ring, doubles as the capital of Belgium as well as that of the European Union.
More often then not Brussels is dismissed as the staid business capital of Europe, but one visit to the city and you will see how wrong that perception is. A stately yet modest city, Brussels represents the quintessential 21
With a colorful history behind it, this bilingual city is today considered the heart of the European Union and a resounding symbol of continental unity and crumbling barriers.
journeymart.com /DExplorer/Europe/Belgium/Brussels?...   (151 words)

 Brussels Brabant Bed & Breakfast - Brussels Bed and Breakfast Inns Hotels Accommodations Accomodations Lodging ...
In the center of the European capital, Brussels City.
The Grand Sablon Manor is situated in the center of historic Brussels on the Grand Sablon.
Located on a quiet street in the historical art district of schaerbeek, this beautifully renovated townhouse built in 1880 offers two nice rooms on the third floor; one is a duplex room suitable for three adults.
www.ibbp.com /europe/belgium/brussels.html   (327 words)

 Sightseeing in Brussels
Belgium is part of the European Union and Brussels is the head of the European Union.
The Beaux Arts Museum is located in the centre of Brussels and is a short walk from the Louise area and the Grand Place.
City Kart, Squares de Grées du lou 5a in Forest (neigbourhood).
www.geocities.com /brussels_guide/todo.html   (2438 words)

 All Brussels Hotels - a free guide to hotels in Brussels
The Métropole is situated at the very heart of Brussels and only a few minutes away from the Grand Place.
Situated in the historical centre of Brussels, only 2 steps from the famous Grand Place and from the Central Station, it fulfils all your needs.
The hotel is situated just 1.5 km from Brussels' Grand Place and a courtesy shuttle is available to take you there during evening hours.
www.all-brussels-hotels.com   (394 words)

 Brussels Street Map, Brussels City Map, Brussels Tourist Map, Street Map of Brussels Belgium, Brussels Map
This folded map of the city of Brussels is printed on laminated paper, making the map waterproof, untearable and ideal to take along on your trip to Brussels.
The high quality folded map comprehensively covers places of interest in Brussels and includes detailed inset maps of the centre of Brussels, the countryside around Brussels, and the location of Belgium in Europe.
The map also displays the average temperature, humidity and rainfall statistics of Brussels around the year and a list of places shown on the map of Brussels.
www.indiamapstore.com /berndtson-and-berndtson/IMS0222.html   (162 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Brussels stirs state aid furore by querying BT's rates bill
The European commission yesterday confirmed it is looking into a complaint by one of BT's rivals which alleges that the telecoms firm received illegal state aid, but stressed that it has not yet launched a full-scale investigation.
The commission has asked the government to provide direction as to whether there is any basis for the complaint by the end of the month.
News of the complaint sent BT shares lower in early trading but as it emerged that there was no formal inquiry the stock recovered to finish largely unchanged on the day.
www.guardian.co.uk /business/story/0,3604,1193124,00.html   (520 words)

 Cheap Brussels Car Hire - Book Car Rental in Brussels - Belgium
Parking is relatively cheap in Brussels, around 1 euro for public parking and around 2.5 for private ones.
Brussels diversity is exemplified by its layout, the city is essentially split into two separate towns, the traditionally wealthy upper town, with its boulevards and museum, and the medieval lower town with the extraordinary Grand Place at its centre.
Brussels has long been famed for its food and drink, especially by chocolate and beer lovers, and its restaurant scene must rank amongst the best in Europe.
belgium.carhireexpress.co.uk /brussels.html   (708 words)

 Brussels Hotels - Book Hotels in Brussels
Brussels hotels with room rates reduced up to as much as 70%.
Search for properties based on the city region, or utilize our proprietary quality scoring system to assist you in making a decision.
The City of Brussels is a great destination.
brussels.best-hotel-discount.com   (214 words)

 Archiduc Bar in Brussels
Friendly, unpretentious staff, well-made drinks (not the norm in Brussels, much as I love the city) cool sounds and cooler decor.
I live near Brussels and have been working in music business in the past years.
So if you're a tourist, you should stop by and have a drink there, or come to one of the numerous jazz concerts that are organised there.
www.worldsbestbars.com /city/Brussels/Archiduc.asp   (1227 words)

 Tourism and leisure
Brussels has two faces - on the one hand, it is a contemporary and historic metropolis, and on the other it is a human, friendly city.
This section introduces the people of and visitors to the city to its many cultural and tourist dimensions.
An event organised by the Brussels Museums Council and the Brussels’ museums.
www.bruxelles.irisnet.be /en/tourismeloisirs.shtml   (163 words)

 Nh Brussels City Center Brussels -- Hotel deals, discounts and reservations.
This recently refurnished hotel is located in the heart of Brussels, adjacent to the prestigious and fashionable boutiques in the commercial district of the Avenue Louise.
NH Brussels City Center is only five minutes away from the European headquarters.
The hotel has its own parking, an advantage in the city center of Brussels.
www.brussels-hotel-deals.com /brussels-hotels/nh-brussels-city-center-hotel.html   (191 words)

 Search Results for belgium - Encyclopædia Britannica
City (pop., 2000 est.: 133,900), capital of Belgium.
Belgium's capital city continues to display its traits as the age-old hub of western European trade.
Covers details on the currency, the cities, the hotels, and the food outlets.
www.britannica.com /search?query=belgium&ct=   (409 words)

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