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  Congo, Democratic Republic of the
This Warning supersedes the Travel Warning for the Democratic Republic of the Congo issued April 24, 2007.
U.S. citizens are warned particularly against travel in Eastern Congo as fighting there is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.
Armed groups and active duty and demobilized Congolese troops in parts of the country, including Eastern Congo, are known to pillage, carjack, and steal vehicles, kill extra-judicially, rape, kidnap, and carry out military or paramilitary operations.
travel.state.gov /travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_2198.html   (723 words)

  Congo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Congo is a name shared by two neighbouring countries in Central Africa, largely drained by the Congo River, and usually distinguished by their full official names and occasionally by adding their capital cities; the name is also used in prior political entities.
Belgian Congo, former colony of Belgium in the present-day area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
French Congo, former French colony in the present-day area of the Republic of the Congo (ROC).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Congo   (479 words)

 Democratic Republic of the Congo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At its greatest extent, the empire reached from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Kwango River in the east, and from the Congo River in the north to the Loje River in the south.
The Congo territory was acquired formally by Leopold at the Conference of Berlin in 1885.
The Congo is situated at the heart of the west-central portion of sub-Saharan Africa and is bounded by (Clockwise from the west) Angola, the Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania across Lake Tanganyika, and Zambia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo   (4951 words)

 Republic of The Congo Encyclopedia Article @ NaturalResearch.org   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, and Congo (but not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire, which was also at one time known as the Republic of the Congo), is a former French colony of west-central Africa.
Its borders are Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola and the Gulf of Guinea.
To the south and east it is bounded by the Congo River and its tributary the Ubangi River, across which is the larger Democratic Republic of the Congo.
www.naturalresearch.org /encyclopedia/Republic_of_the_Congo   (1648 words)

 Congo, Democratic Republic of the on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE [Congo, Democratic Republic of the] formerly Zaïre, republic (2005 est.
It borders on Angola in the southwest and west, on Cabinda and the Republic of the Congo in the west, on the Central African Republic and Sudan in the north, on Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania in the east, and on Zambia in the southeast.
Congo lies astride the equator, and virtually all of the country is part of the vast Congo River drainage basin.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/C/Congo-K1in.asp   (4764 words)

 The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition: Congo @ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: )
CONGO [Congo] or Zaïre, great river of equatorial Africa, c.2,720 mi (4,380 km) long, formed by the waters of the Lualaba River and its tributary, the Luvua River, and flowing generally N and W through Congo (Kinshasa) to the Atlantic Ocean.
The Lualaba River, considered to be the upper Congo River, rises in SE Congo (Kinshasa), flows north over rapids and falls to Bukama, and thence across a vast plain and through a series of marshy lakes (Kabwe, Kabele, Upemba) to receive the Luvua River at Ankoro.
Below Matadi (83 mi/134 km inland) the Congo is navigable by oceangoing vessels and, despite such hazards as the whirlpools of the Devil's Cauldron, shifting sandbars, and sharp bends in the river, forms one of the largest natural harbors in Africa.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1E1:Congo&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (793 words)

 Congo, Democratic Republic of the
The Congo, in west-central Africa, is bordered by the Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, and the Atlantic Ocean.
Congo, Democratic Republic of the - Congo, Democratic Republic of the, formerly Zaïre, republic (2005 est.
Congo, Democratic Republic of the: History - History Early History The indigenous inhabitants of the region of the Congo were probably Pygmies,...
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0198161.html   (1592 words)

Congo had been considered an arid, uninhabited desert; Stanley found there rich forests, an immense river, vast lakes, and millions of human being to be civilized.
Briefly, the successive stages of the foundation of the Congo Free State were as follows: As a consequence of the expeditions (1840; 1 May, 1873) of Livingstone and Stanley, public attention began to be drawn to Central Africa, and Leopold II divined the greatest possibilities of the newly-discovered country.
The innumerable rivers of the Congo are rocky in their upper courses and cut their way by rapids from one terrace to another, until, on the great alleuvial plains of the centre, they form an immense network of from 9,000 to 11,000 miles of navigable water-ways and spread out fan-like from Leopoldville.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04228a.htm   (10042 words)

 Congo War
The Northeastern part of the Congo is possibly the richest part of the DRC both in terms of mineral and agricultural resources, and therein may also lie the reasons for promoting conflicts.
Western analysts in Congo say the new fighting and the apparently deep disagreements over the new government, it is difficult to see how the Congo peace process can be put back on track, even with an international peacekeeping force on the way to try to solve one of the country's problems.
Congo's five-year war is officially over and a transitional government is trying to shepherd the vast African nation to elections next year, but the peace process has come to a halt, largely because of the continued presence of armed groups in the east.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/war/congo.htm   (5297 words)

 CBC News Indepth: Congo
Congo Free State established under Leopold after being formally recognized by European powers at Conference of Berlin.
Separate peace deals are reached between the Congo and Rwandan and Ugandan-backed troops for their withdrawal.
Congo's two main rebel leaders are sworn in as vice presidents in a new power-sharing government.
www.cbc.ca /news/background/congo   (1225 words)

 Congo-Brazzaville Country Analysis Brief
Because all major operators in Congo have signed PSAs for their respective field developments, approximately one-third of the oil produced goes directly to the government and is sold by SNPC on the state's behalf.
Most of Congo's natural gas output is currently vented or flared because of a lack of infrastructure; the government plans to reduce this by utilizing the natural gas for electric power production in the future.
Congo's electricity consumption currently is low, as most people in rural areas rely on wood as their primary source of fuel.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/cabs/congo.html   (2727 words)

 An MBendi Profile: An MBendi Country Profile for Congo including economic and travel overviews and directories of ...
Congo is an independent republic with a democratic government which lies between Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) and forms part of the West Central African Region.
The oil industry in Congo, the fourth largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa, is key to the economy of the country.
Congo was rated 140th on the Human Development Index in 2003.
www.mbendi.co.za /cycocy.htm   (919 words)

 Congo News
March 20, 2006 Brazzaville: European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana arrived in Congo yesterday to discuss plans for the EU to reinforce the United N ations peacekeeping mission during the war-battered...
DAR ES SALAAM, March 20 -- The Confederation of African Football is to decide on the fate of the match between Tanzania's Moro United Club and Democratic Republic of the Congo's TP Mazembe Club.
DR Congo's infrastructure has been wrecked by war and misrule Democratic Republic of Congo election officials are meeting later to discuss extending the deadline for candidates to register for June's polls.
www.topix.net /world/congo   (681 words)

 CONGO - Welcome
The 23rd CONGO General Assembly, held through 5-7 December 2007 at the International Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva, ended its proceedings with the election of a new President, Liberato Bautista from the United Methodist Church/General Board of Church and Society and of a new Board.
The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO) and the African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) organized in cooperation with the Economic Commision for Africa (ECA) and the African Union (AU) the African Civil Society Forum on 22-24 March 2007 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
CONGO members receive special invitations to CONGO organized and other UN-affiliated events, our weekly e-Update email bulletin, specialized access to resources and news on the CONGO website, and direct connection to a worldwide community of more than 500 CONGO members and regional networks.
www.ngocongo.org   (420 words)

 Congo: A Continuing Human Rights Disaster (Human Rights Watch, 2001)
Congo Ratifies Ban on Child Soldiers: Urged to Demobilize Children in it's Forces
Uganda is one of six foreign governments that have intervened in the civil war in the Congo (DRC) where its troops now control a sizable portion of the northeast.
In the past two years, Ugandans have recruited and trained both Hema and Lendu to serve in the forces of the Congolese Rally for Democracy-Liberation Movement (RCD-ML), a rebel group which is backed by Uganda and which nominally controls this area.
www.hrw.org /campaigns/congo   (757 words)

 Congo, Republic of
The Congo is situated in west-central Africa astride the equator.
It borders Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Angola exclave of Cabinda, with a short stretch of coast on the South Atlantic.
After the Portuguese located the Congo River in 1482, commerce was carried on with the tribes, especially the slave trade.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0107427.html   (1004 words)

 United Nations - OCHA IRIN Africa News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BRAZZAVILLE, 22 Mar 2006 (IRIN) - The government of the Republic of Congo has awarded a contract to rebuild 72 km of road from the capital, Brazzaville, to Kinkala, the main town in the country's troubled southern Pool region, according Planning Minister Pierre Moussa.
BRAZZAVILLE, 2 Feb 2006 (IRIN) - Authorities in the Republic of Congo have banned soldiers of the Congolese Armed Forces from carrying weapons and wearing military fatigues in public, military officials said.
IRIN is a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
www.irinnews.org /frontpage.asp?SelectRegion=Great_Lakes&SelectCountry=Congo   (581 words)

The basic mission of CONGO is "to ensure that NGOs in consultative status enjoy the fullest opportunities and all appropriate facilities for performing their consultative functions," which stem directly from Article 71 of the Charter of the United Nations.
IIowever, the numerous "NGO Committees", established under the auspices of CONGO, provide fora for discussion of substantive matters by non-governmental organizations as well as for dialogue with representatives of Member States and members of the United Nations Secretariat.
CONGO) is open to all NGOs in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
www.ngo.org /CONGO.html   (418 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Q&A: DR Congo conflict
What complicates matters further is that there are many different militia groups - in the east - each claiming to be a self-defence group for their community - but whose real aim is often to extract money for warlords who control them.
All of the countries and rebel groups involved in the DR Congo war agreed to stop fighting and a power-sharing government was set up.
Rwanda has denied this but has repeatedly threatened to send its troops into DR Congo, unless the Interahamwe are disarmed - this was part of the deal under which Rwanda withdrew its troops from Congolese territory.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/3075537.stm   (943 words)

The early history of the Congo was focused on three ancient kingdoms-the Kongo, the Loango, and the Teke.
The Kongo Kingdom was established in the 14th century A.D. and developed a close commercial relationship with the Portuguese, the first Europeans to explore the area.
Later in the 1950s, Middle Congo, under the name Republic of the Congo, and the three other territories of French Equatorial Africa became fully autonomous members of the French colonial community.
www.uiowa.edu /~africart/toc/countries/Congo.html   (330 words)

 Congo 1960-1964 KH
The CIA station in the Congo cabled Washington in August that "Embassy and station believe Congo experiencing classic communist effort [to] takeover government." CIA Director Allen Dulles warned of a "communist takeover of the Congo with disastrous consequences...
The UN officials who led the Congo operation were Americans, in secret collaboration with the State Department, and in exclusion of the Soviet bloc; the latter's citizens who worked at the UN Secretariat were kept from seeing the Congo cables.
As matters evolved in the Congo, the virus was never used, for the ClA's Congo station was unable to come up with "a secure enough agent with the right access" to Lumumba before the potency of the biological material was no longer reliable.
www.thirdworldtraveler.com /Blum/Congo_KH.html   (1824 words)

 Congo map and information page
The land we now call the Republic of the Congo was first settled by the illusive and mysterious Pygmies.
Subsequently, the Congo's population suffered through forced labor, and the country's valuable rubber and ivory resources were exploited.
The Congo River, and its major tributaries (the Ubangui and Sangha), nourish the land.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/africa/cg.htm   (537 words)

 African Studies Center | Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) Page
Democratic Republic of the Congo and the IMF
Rainforests in the central and northern regions of the Congo Democratic Republic, (formerly Zaire), occupy more than half of the countrys total area of nearly one million square miles.
As a result of the long distances between CDRs forests and commercial harbors, as well as a political crisis and armed conflicts in the region during the 1990s, most of the countrys forests remain relatively untouched.
www.africa.upenn.edu /Country_Specific/Zaire.html   (690 words)

 African Studies Center | Congo Page
The new Constitution of the Congo was approved by referendum on 15 March 1992 with more than 96% assent.
Situated in the north of the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), the Nouabal-Ndoki National Park was created in 1993 to conserve, in its natural state, one of the last examples of an untouched wilderness in the world.
The Nouabal-Ndoki National Park is one of the largest parks in the forested regions of central-west Africa, and contains almost 2 % of all Congo's forests.
www.africa.upenn.edu /Country_Specific/Congo.html   (260 words)

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