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Topic: Conservative Party (UK)

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

The Conservative party admitted last night that it fought the last general election partly with the use of foreign loans which have now been hurriedly repaid to clean up the party's accounts.
Tory party officials insisted it had taken so long to resolve the question because many of the lenders did not want their names to be made public and asked for their money back.
Jonathan Marland, the Conservative party treasurer, said last Monday that he would never reveal the names, but Tory sources said yesterday that he was playing for time to negotiate a deal.
www.solarnavigator.net /embassies/conservative_party_politics.htm   (0 words)

 [No title]
The official party colours are red, white and blue, though blue is most generally associated with the party in contrast to the red of the historically-socialist Labour Party.
The Conservative Party is descended from the Tory Party, one of the two ruling parties of 18th and 19th Century British Politics, and its members are still commonly referred to as Tories.
Though the Conservatives were considered to be the dominant governing party in the United Kingdom for much of the 19th and 20th Centuries, since losing the 1997 election to the Labour Party under Tony Blair, they have been in 'opposition' in Parliament.
www.lycos.com /info/conservative-party-uk.html   (565 words)

 UK Conservative Party, Overview
The Conservative Party was one of the original parties in Janda's 1950-1962 ICPP study.
The defeat of the Conservative Party in the elections of 1964 was attributed to splits within the Conservative party that Douglas-Home was not able to handle, ethics scandals involving War Minister John Profumo and mounting trade deficits, as well as social unrest.
She constructed a new social base of support for her party that came less from the traditional conservatives' backers, the upper classes and landed gentry, than from the middle classes and skilled workers who felt increasingly discontent and unrepresented by the traditional policies and orientations of the two major political parties.
www.janda.org /ICPP/ICPP1990/01-UK/Party012/Party012-hj.htm   (520 words)

 The Insider - UK Conservative party secret loans to keep details from police
The party had been under pressure from the Electoral Commission to reveal details of the loans after Labour revealed it had been lent nearly £14m ahead of last year's election.
The party revealed it had borrowed nearly £16m from a bank to buy the freehold on its former headquarters in Smith Square which, together with the next door property, it says is worth £30m.
It refused to say which parties were being investigated but it has emerged that Labour MP Rosemary McKenna has asked the force to look at the Tories too.
www.theinsider.org /news/article.asp?id=1958   (685 words)

 Burmanet » UK Conservative Party Human Rights Commission Burma ranked worst human rights violator in UK ...
In the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission’s first Annual Report, to be launched today by the Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague in the House of Commons in London, Burma outranks North Korea, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Eritrea and Tibet in a league table of dictatorships.
Conservative MPs have tabled numerous Parliamentary Questions and several Early Day Motions on Burma in the House of Commons this year, and in October Stephen Crabb MP, a Conservative, introduced a debate on Burma in Parliament.
The Party issued an open invitation to democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi to address the Party Conference, and party activists have participated in several demonstrations at the Burmese Embassy in London.
www.burmanet.org /news/2006/12/12/uk-conservative-party-human-rights-commission-burma-ranked-worst-human-rights-violator-in-uk-conservative-party-human-rights-commission-report   (959 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Conservative party policy allows state support for “faith schools” as long as they accept inspections by Ofsted, the national school inspection department.
Other Conservative policy requirements for faith schools are the use the national curriculum and admission of at least 10 percent of students from other faiths or no faith.
Originally a member of the Conservative Party, he contested the constituency of Pendle for the Referendum Party at the 1997 General Election, narrowly losing his deposit.
www.lycos.com /info/conservative-party-uk--miscellaneous.html   (412 words)

 Maldivian Democratic Party
The Conservative Party compliments the MDP, the first political party to be established in the Maldives, for its achievements during its short history and recognizes the contribution made by the MDP in bringing much needed political and constitutional reform and protecting human rights.
The British Conservative Party and the MDP reiterate their shared beliefs in Centre-Right principles including respect for democracy, human rights and individual freedoms, the protection and preservation of cultural and national heritage, and the promotion of private enterprise.
The party is deeply disappointed that the DRP failed to attend yesterday’s meeting with the MDP to discuss the agenda for formal negotiations.
www.mdp.org.mv /content/blogcategory/6/34   (2093 words)

 Race to Lead UK Conservative Party Takes Shape
For Conservatives who have been defeated by Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor Party in three successive elections, the choice of leader to take the party into the next election is crucial.
Conservative lawmakers voting on Thursday evening will eliminate one of the three, and then the party's full membership of 300,000 will vote in a postal ballot to choose a leader from the remaining two candidates.
In his speech, Cameron called for the Conservatives to embrace change if they were to avoid a fourth consecutive election defeat, warning that a move to the right would turn the party into a "fringe group." The speech brought a three-minute ovation from party members.
www.crosswalk.com /1357385   (860 words)

 UK - Conservative Party promise immigrant health screening
The UK's main opposition party the Conservative Party has promised it will introduce mandatory HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis testing for people entering the UK from outside the European Union if they win the General Election, United Press International reports.
Announcing the policy on February 11, Conservative leader Michael Howard said it would reduce public health threats and prevent Britain's National Health Service from becoming a "world health service." Visitors spending six months or more in Britain coming from areas with high TB risk would have to undergo chest x-rays and possibly follow-up tests.
Howard, the son of immigrants himself, denied his party was pandering to racist sentiments ahead of a General election expected in May, and claimed the policy was similar to those in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
www.workpermit.com /news/2005_02_16/uk/tories_promise_immigrant_health_screening.htm   (385 words)

 Correspondents Report - UK Conservative Party attempts recovery
In Britain, this means there's been yet another attempt to refloat the troubled Conservative Party, which hasn't been held in high esteem since the heyday of Margaret Thatcher back in the 1980s.
But despite these limitations, Iain Duncan Smith's Conservatives have won an extra 560 seats on local councils, after previously dampening expectations by predicting that a mere 30 extra seats was on the cards.
Pressure within and outside the Party to have Mr Legg removed unsurprisingly grew to such an extent that this past week saw the inevitable outcome.
www.abc.net.au /correspondents/content/2003/s851664.htm   (969 words)

 Open Directory - Regional:Europe:United Kingdom:Society and Culture:Politics:Parties:Conservative
The Conservative Party is a UK-based centre-right political party.
Conservative Future is the 'youth' wing of the Conservative Party in England and Wales.
The Conservative Party, in common with most other UK political parties, organises most of its campaigning and social activities around the 659 voter catchment areas (constituencies) for the UK's lower house (the House of Commons).
dmoz.org /Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Society_and_Culture/Politics/Parties/Conservative/desc.html   (1000 words)

 Conservative resources - Liberty.com
In the United States, conservatives usually emphasize free-market economic principles and often prefer state and local governmental power to federal power.
Of the two main political parties, the Republican Party is regarded as being the more conservative.
Conservatives tend to uphold tradition and oppose major changes in laws and institutions.
www.liberty.com /resources/conservative.html   (159 words)

 CNN.com - UK Tories get Euro choice - July 17, 2001
LONDON, England -- The final round of the UK Conservative Party's leadership battle is to be fought between a euro-sceptic and a euro-phile.
Under party rules, only parliamentary MPs take part in the first rounds of voting and after each poll the candidate with the lowest number of votes is ejected from the race.
Since the party's election defeat in 1997 Clarke had been content to serve on the backbenches.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/europe/07/17/uk.conservative   (557 words)

 Lynton Crosby - SourceWatch
Crosby was the campaign director for the U.K. Conservative Party for the May 2005 election.
Conservative Party (UK), "Michael Howard appoints General Election Campaign Director", Media Release, Tuesday October 19, 2004.
David Fickling, "Marginals are the key to victory", The Guardian (UK), November 18, 2004.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Lynton_Crosby   (494 words)

 Conservative Party seeks UK government help for pension-starved consumers - Insurance Business Review
David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, has called on UK prime minister Tony Blair to seek a fair compensation package for the 125,000 victims of Britain's collapsed final salary pension schemes.
Senior Conservative members intervened after the High Court ruled that ministers have no power to completely reject a report from the parliamentary ombudsman, Ann Abraham, which declared the government guilty of maladministration, and urged it to consider compensation for the victims.
In response to Mr Cameron, Mr Blair said that the government was still considering the terms of the court judgment but emphasized that it was important that the newly assembled package was affordable.
www.insurance-business-review.com /article_news.asp?guid=AE9FDD76-EA2D-4D5A-8385-25D4EE9F57A4   (332 words)

 The World Today - UK Conservative Party has new leader
ELEANOR HALL: In Britain, the Conservative Party has a new leader and he is vowing to subject the Opposition to a major shake-up.
The fifth Conservative leader in eight years, David Cameron, is only 39-years-old and is relatively inexperienced in politics having been in the Parliament for just four years.
But now he inherits a sclerotic Tory Party, with more than half of the 450 local branches having less than 100 members who've endured three leadership contests in the last four years.
www.abc.net.au /worldtoday/content/2005/s1525745.htm   (646 words)

 UK Conservative Party woos Indians - Sify.com
London: Britain's opposition Conservative Party is making a serious bid to woo Asians, particularly Indians here, saying it needed more women, fl and Asian MPs in its rank in the next general elections.
Now is the good time to invest in the Conservative party your energy, money and talent and we do need more women, fl and Asian MPs," Gary Streeter, MP and Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party said last night.
He also wanted the party to come out with radical policies in the fields of education, law and order, health, environment and transport.
sify.com /fullstory.php?id=13248550   (300 words)

 The Conservative Party
He proposed improving financial regulation and transparency, putting stability at the heart of economic policy, and reducing personal, corporate and Government debt.
On Monday morning, David Cameron made a speech on the challenges facing Britain in a new globalised economy.
David Cameron has set out his programme for government and stressed the Conservatives are ready to fight an election.
www.conservatives.com   (239 words)

 UK's Conservative Party leader David Cameron visits TCS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
British Conservative lawmaker David Cameron on Tuesday visited the premises of the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Pune, in a visit aimed at boosting business ties between India and the UK.
Reports say Cameron is looking to shift the Conservative's foreign policy from the traditional European and western allies to the prospering east, and boosting trade with India is high on his agenda.
Reports say Cameron, who is trying to revitalise his party after three successive election defeats to Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party, will also pitch for a trade agreement between the European Union and India.
news.webindia123.com /news/Articles/business/20060905/441809.html   (217 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
UK: Conservative Party leader says party should support Israel
David Cameron, newly elected leader of Britain's Conservative Party, was the guest of honor an annual business lunch held by the Conservatives Friend of Israel on Monday.
In the lunch, which was attended by more than 500 people, Cameron said that "Conservatives should be friends of Israel because Conservatives believe in supporting democracy, defending freedom and standing up against terrorism.” He added that he plans to visit Israel in the near future.
www.ynetnews.com /articles/0,7340,L-3210190,00.html   (94 words)

 Conservative Commentary - www.truthunvarnished.com
My interview with Donal Blaney on the report can be viewed on 18 Doughty Street at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 5th September - the permanent link to the interview is here.
I make the case for including Frank Field in the next Conservative government.
I recommend Polish participation in missile defence, in spite of Russian bullying.
concom.blogspot.com   (0 words)

 IHRC - UK Conservative Party Backs Russian Genocide in Chechnya
Please write to the Leader of the Conservative Party, William Hague MP (Specimen letter below).
To encourage the total annihilation and destruction of a country and its people is unthinkable, yet John Maples statements indicate that this is precisely what the Conservative Party believes in.
I strongly urge you to disassociate the Party from these statements and take appropriate action against a member of your party who seems to be advocating no less than genocide.
www.ihrc.org.uk /show.php?id=731   (378 words)

 UK's Conservative party web site contained security flaws. | Government from AllBusiness.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A technical consultant advising the party on the running of its web site has conceded that recent claims by an anonymous cracker who goes by the name of 'killingtime' were correct.
The cracker had alleged that the site was lacking files that would keep it secure and said that anyone who wanted to deface the site in the run-up to the general election on 7 June could do so.
The technical consultant has stressed that the missing security patches were applied very soon after the party discovered that its site was vulnerable, and denied that any system files or files containing confidential information were at risk, the BBC reported.
www.allbusiness.com /government/782704-1.html   (412 words)

 Better NHS access would improve nation's health, UK Conservative Party says
Patients need better access to the NHS if they are to improve their own health, a Conservative party conference fringe meeting heard.
Donna Covey of Asthma UK stressed that long-term patients require better information on how the NHS can help them deal with their own chronic illnesses and improve self-care techniques.
Finally, Ms Dixon emphasised the vital role of the NHS as the country's largest employer and the impact it could have itself on the level of public health in the UK.
www.medicalnewstoday.com /medicalnews.php?newsid=14485   (268 words)

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